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Has Obamas Message Of Last 8 Years Been Christian Or Anti-Christian? 2 Call Him Antichrist: Article. Mayhem (Video)

Saturday, January 7, 2017 17:47
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This is a hair-raising first article I’ve  seen in EIGHT YEARS of OBAMA-RULE by a Christian saying Obama’s the Biblical Antichrist and giving proof of it in the article below.

One proof it gives is that a  poll showed one in eight Americans say Obama’s the Antichrist.

The article starts out by saying another person came to the writer to say Obama’s the Antichrist too.

This is hair-raising, so spread this fast….it’s HISTORICAL!!!!!!


Kid Asks Barack Obama Why Everyone Hates Him – WATCH THIS SHOCKING VIDEO



Have you ever seen a KID so bold to speak with the president in person?


Has the message of the last 8 years been Christian or anti-Christian?  







LARRY PHILLIPS, Editor Emeritus


I was discussing the damage Obama has done to this country and, actually the whole world, with a woman I respect greatly – a former life-long Democrat – when she said, “He’s the AntiChrist.”

Obama is the AntiChrist?

It struck me that term is as close to a description of anything I could ever use to describe the ruinous person who is named Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

According to, the definition of AntiChrist is:

1. One who denies or opposes Christ; specifically: A great antagonist expected to fill the world with wickedness but to be conquered forever by Christ at his second coming

2. A false Christ.

I, and probably most of Americans, would see Obama in definition No. 1; Michelle sees him as No. 2.

When you look at all the death and chaos around the world that this man has allowed through apathy and disinterest, AntiChrist seems appropriate to many.

In fact, according to a report by Meredith Bennett-Smith posted at, she noted a poll conducted by liberal-leaning automated polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) a couple of years ago reveals 20 percent of Republicans said they believed Obama is the AntiChrist, but get this … 6 percent of Democrats agree.

Six percent, folks.

Of course the poll goes on to say all conservatives are knuckle-dragging neanderthals who also believe in Big Foot.

My deepest concern is not whether Obama is the modern AntiChrist or not, it’s the fact that he is the idol of the Democrat Party. Larry McMurtry wrote in the movie “Hud” that a society – more or less – is judged by the men it holds up for adoration.

That’s my worry for the future of Black culture in America. Who do young (and/or old) Blacks look up to and want to emulate?


I pray not. 

Nobody should ever adore a man who bows and acquiesces to leaders of countries whose people want to kill us and then stabs leaders who are our friends in the back. Netanyahu for example. Especially not just because of his color.

Let’s look at more Black leaders.

How about Jessie Jackson?

The most telling report of Jackson is included in a book titled “Shakedown” in 2000 by Kenneth R. Timmerman. Timmerman’s work and research with footnotes is unbelievable, and most Black youths have been shielded by its truths and facts. 

Two of the most damning quotes about Jackson comes from two separate Black Reverends. They sum up Jackson’s worth appropriately:

The Rev. Johnny Hunter, a black pastor from Virginia Beach: “Jesse virtually invented black racism.”

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a black conservative, calls Jackson a “gatekeeper of black progress” and a “race hustler” who has cashed in on white guilt to fund an opulent lifestyle and a personal power base. “He is really just a David Duke in black skin.”

Do your own research and go to

You can read – in great detail – how Jackson and his operatives have put the “shakedown” on companies like Coca-Cola, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, and the 7-Eleven chain, just to mention a few.

And then there is his use of tax-payer funds for personal business, like supporting his love child born in 2001 with an employee – and illegally using funds from the Department of Education. He also supported and praised leaders like Fidel Castro and Syria’s Hafez al Assad.

Timmerman writes: “For there is a dark side to Jesse Jackson, and it has gone unreported from the very start. It began in Chicago in the late 1960s, when Jackson began consorting with a street gang known as the Black P Stone Rangers, whose leaders one by one were thrown in jail with life sentences for murder, extortion and racketeering. 

“Among them was Jackson’s own half brother and early partner in the shakedown game, Noah Robinson Jr.”

Robinson got all kinds of deals and cash from his co-extortion policies with his brother, Jessie.

Something the Lame Stream Media keeps hidden from the public is that Robinson was also involved in running a violent street gang in Chicago called the El Rukn, a Sunni Moslem group formerly known as the Black P-Stones.

In 1988, Robinson was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for ordering gang members to murder two people.

Jackson’s brother is still in prison.

Some Black leaders, hum?

Then we have Al Sharpton.

Sharpton’s rise to fame involved a national scam that included false accusations by Tawana Brawley, that she was raped by four white men. Sharpton became her Public Information Officer” and lied throughout the ordeal to the American People to his own financial gain.

Michael Tracey reported in 2014 that “Al Sharpton Is a Huge Fraud.”

( for more details)

“… despite the self-anointed ‘reverend’ title, Sharpton has never actually administered a church.

“Sharpton infamously lavished his then girlfriend, who was also executive director of NAN, with luxury hotel stays valued at $4,000 per night – not to mention ‘a Mercedes, a Caddy, a $7,000 Rolex, mink coats, David Yurman jewels and a Trump apartment.’”

Sharpton is also facing lawsuits for robbing an Arizona man of $16,000 and owes the IRS more than $4 million.

Another swell Black Leader, hum? 

Someone to look up to?

I challenge all the young Black youth out there to start looking up facts about these “chosen” leaders and see if you really want to emulate their corrupt pathetic lives or become prosperous, respected and honest American citizens.

I dare you!



Now to give a short timeline of events leading up to today, let’s look at my youth when I was brought up in the USA and France to a family influenced by Theosophy and schooling such as Rudolf Steiner’s schools. Theosophy’s basic influence is Buddhism from Helena Blavatsky’s Russian background where the influence of Tibetan Buddhism is rife due to the Mongolian Buddhists within the Russian Federation of nations.

My family relative the  Royal Count Tolstoy was also a Theosophical spiritualist and corresponded for long years with Gandhi who also was influenced by Buddhism and Theosophy.

My wife and I studied Tibetan language and culture at Paris University for five years in the mid-80s..

But when still a child, when I reached 15 years old, I was attracted to the religious life and sought to find a master to teach me meditation or yoga.

This brought me to Tibetan Buddhism which I practised for many years as a religious Buddhist starting from 1970.

In the late 90s, I sought to pass on my knowledge on Internet and particularly my research upon Kalachakra the deity-teachings which announce the Apocalypse within Tibetan Buddhism.

My work on Internet suddenly screeched to a halt though when Obama started running for president in early 2007 because I saw on Internet a school registration to Obama’s name stating his faith as Muslim: that was a signal of a red flag to me.

Indeed, that set up a red alert signal to me and during the whole of 2007 I dedicated myself solely to fighting against Obama’s election.

To achieve that, I sought to find the most powerful anti-Obama video that I could find on You Tube so as to go and find people to share my convictions with.

Through that same logic I tried to find all kinds of venues, forums, blogs, videos, articles’ comments on Internet etc…so as to criticise and block Obama but I ended up on the video with most views and most comments that deals with the birther issue: Obama Citizenship: I Invented the Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)


Obama Citizenship: I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)


I spent the full time I had left before the election battling pro-Obama forces in the comments there during several heady weeks.  I literally littered that video with endless series of comments.
We’ve been legitimized now since that time 9 LONG YEARS AGO by Sheriff joe Arpaio’s press confernce where he said Obama’s birth forgery is the greatest criminal fraud in US history. And it’s thanks to all our efforts that the truth has come out now.
At 0:10: Obama’s birth fraud is diabolical!… the biggest mass fraud in US history.
Zullo: Obama BC Crime/Biggest Criminal Fraud in U.S. History!
Then Obama won the election and I went into guerilla mode because things were starting to look bleak for us.
Then= a miracle happened.
Out of the blue, I found an article on Internet by a Newsweek senior editor, Lisa Miller, called “Is Obama the Antichrist?”
That article stated that the day after Obama’s election the lottery in his homestate drew the Mark of the Beast of 666: And everybody knows that’s the Antichrist. 
That fact is ironclad and anyone can go to the Illinois State Lottery website and browse the “Winning Number History Search” at November 5,2008 – Pick 3 and they’ll find that the draw was indeed 666 on that day.
Armed with that weapon, I set out to Christian websites to announce to them that Obama was revealed as the Antichrist by a miracle sent from heaven.
I hit a big brick wall with Christians.
The most anti-Christian people I met in the world, were Christians. They covered up for Obama lock, stock and barrel.
They answered to me that as I was a Buddhist, I could not be the Messiah and Jesus so therefore, anything I said must be false. Therefore, they denied the divine heaven-sent miracle of 666 cursing Obama.
This non-plussed me, because I had never ever exchanged with Christians since converting to Buddhism, and I was flabberghasted and honestly disconcerted to face their intolerance, biggotted puritanism and flatout ignorance.
Furthermore, being of Christian background myself, this was my first confrontation with my fellow Christians since I had entered into Buddhism: so it took some mustering up of forces for me.
Now though, the proof that I’m indeed the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming is clear: there’s no doubt possible.
First of all, Christians who say I’m disqualifed as a Buddhist to be the Messiah and Jesus, are THEMSELVES disqualifed from claiming that.
Jesus was very clear when he announced that at the time of the end days, all Christians would be corrupted and to not follow them when they invoked him. He himself would not return as a Christian because of that widespread corruption.
Secondly, all Christians who claim I’m not the Messiah are furthermore also false christs because the Bible states that no one will know the day and hour of the Second Coming of Jesus.
Why will no one know the day and hour?
Because they won’t know who the Messiah and Jesus is.
That’s slearly shown by the statement that the “Second Coming will occur like lightning falling to earth”. How does lightning fall? UNEXPECTEDLY.
Indeed, have you ever met anyone who can predict where lightning will fall in advance? No, obviously.
The Bible slso states that the 2d Coming will occur like a thief coming at night.
How does a thief come at night?
What does “by surpise mean?”
It means UNEXPECTEDLY….. again
What does this all mean? Let’s sum it up again.
It means that no one knows the day and hour of Jesus’ Second Coming because no one ON EARTH knows who Jesus is when he comes so all those who claim I’m not Jesus are false christs who are lying about Jesus and Jesus said to not follow those people.
So again let’s look at what this means.
It means that no one can state I’m the Messiah and Jesus or deny it. Indeed, that would make them false christs.
Furthermore, when I state I’m the Messiah and Jesus, I’m not relying upon wishes or my whims to “self-aggrandize” or such.
I merely rely upon TWO FACTS.
What are those two logical and incontrovertible facts?
First, the fact that Obama’s cursed by 666 in the lottery is a sign sent by heaven.
Therefore it’s not some fact I’m imagining, making up or exploiting for my benefit. Indeed, I saw the news in a Newsweek article just like millions of others did likewise witness that article. They also could have seen the lottery draw of 666 in the news after the lottery’s draw was made public. It’s not just something I’m making up and that’s just in my mind.
Secondly, I could have just remained a silent witness and waited around for some other person to stand up could and proclaim in the news medias that Obama was the Antichrist. People would have gathered around that person and hailed him or her as the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming. But nobody has stood up to do that since eight years now.
About me being the Messiah now….: being a Buddhist I didn’t even imagine the role of Messiah for myself and didn’t wish it in any way because I had turned my back on Christianity and it represented to me the epitome of evil … second only to Islam.
So as I said above, for a few years, Christians were a problem to me because they were stalling me from proclaiming that Obama was the Antichrist. Their arguments baffled me.
To begin with it was far from my mind to call myself the Messiah and Jesus, so I didn’t think I had to stand up to the Christians and proclaim myself as Messiah to fend off their criticisms..
But they the Christians kept dragging the topic back to the fore that my main obstacle to spreading the news was that I couldn’t be the Messiah and Jesus because I was a Buddhist.
Now I realize their whole arguments are not founded and they’re dead wrong. And the best argument against them is Jesus HIMSELF who disqualfied all Christians in the end times.
I realize now that the Christians have no mandate to decide upon my being the Messiah or not and that furthermore, seeing my facts are ironclad concerning the lottery draw of 666, that means I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming beyond any possible doubt…..and the case is closed in fact because of those facts.
Obama’s attack on Israel’s very existence in his illegal abstaining from the UN Resolution, is the signal of the end of times and Apocalypse….
In 2013, during my battle to reveal Obama as the Antichrist among may people fighting to spread information about Obama I met upon Linda Joy Adams (browse for “Daily Recap”) and we quickly hit it off as friends and “kin on the path” of searching for the truth. Her story made the hair rise on my head. She claims she’s Obama’s third cousin and his real name is Barry parks, the son of Jim T. Parks.
“Nobody’s investigating it” she complains.

King of Shambhala


also see here for me…. Mentally ill and criminal trolls have been heckling me for years because they object to the fact I’m the Messiah and nothing they say, can change that truth because I alone reveal that the lottery in Obama’s homestate drew 666 (the Mark of the Beast aka the Number of the Antichrist) the day after his election. Wikipedia says that to troll is a pathological behaviour. Ignore the trolls: they’re crazy. 

I’m a person of high spiritual realization (University Tibetan culture/language studies, 8-month meditation retreat, foremost Buddhist Kalachakra authority). My family is a royal family (our relative Count Leo Tolstoy is the highest/ most ancient royal aristocratic lineage in Russia) from Norway, and among others my grandmother’s aunt Else Werring was the Royal Norwegian Palace’s “Mistress of the Robes” (the hostess/organizer of the royal palace’s events) for 27 years, until 1985.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has just started blasting Obama with the full force, so now Team Trump, Larry Klaymann and Orly Taitz and us all will have to sue Obama together for stealing our lives by his forged birth certificate. Follow me in revealing the Antichrist Obama and his forged birth certificate which proves his High Treason.


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  • Geeper

    “the definition of AntiChrist is:

    1. One who denies or opposes Christ; specifically: A great antagonist expected to fill the world with wickedness but to be conquered forever by Christ at his second coming

    2. A false Christ.”

    Thanks for sharing. So you are literally an antichrist yourself, both for hating Jesus and pretending to be him.

    Good to know! Write that one down.

  • Big dog.../small fish...


    Someone who spews hatred, disrespect and intolerance. He belittles all and his EGO is HUMONGOUS.


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