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Obama’s Faked Photoshopped Family Photo! Obama’s Secrets Are Getting Revealed Finally! (Video) Great News Spreading!

Saturday, February 11, 2017 17:03
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(Before It's News)

Obama’s secrets are being revealed in the time of revelation we’re going through right now. This is a blessed period. These are the end times!


OBAMA’s faked Photoshoped Family Photo !



                                     Image result for obama fakes photos


I’m also revealing that Obama’s real name is Barry Parks: investigate that by Googling it.

Why is no one recognizing me as Messiah and Jesus’ 2d Coming? Just askin. It seems strange that that news won’t get out. But “no one knows the day and hour of that news being spread”, not even me, says the Bible.

Now to give a short timeline of events leading up to today, let’s look at my youth when I was brought up in the USA and France to a family influenced by Theosophy and schooling such as Rudolf Steiner’s schools. Theosophy’s basic influence is Buddhism from Helena Blavatsky’s Russian background where the influence of Tibetan Buddhism is rife due to the Mongolian Buddhists within the Russian Federation of nations.  

My family relative the  Royal Count Tolstoy was also a Theosophical spiritualist and corresponded with Gandhi, who also was himself influenced by Buddhism and Theosophy.

My wife and I studied Tibetan language and culture at Paris University for five years in the mid-80s..

But when still a child, when I reached 15 years old, I was attracted to the religious life and sought to find a master to teach me meditation or yoga.

This brought me to Tibetan Buddhism which I practised for many years as a religious Buddhist starting from 1970.

In the late 90s, I sought to pass on my knowledge on Internet and particularly my research upon Kalachakra the deity-teachings which announce the Apocalypse within Tibetan Buddhism.

My work on Internet suddenly screeched to a halt though when Obama started running for president in early 2007 because I saw on Internet a school registration to Obama’s name stating his faith as Muslim: that was a signal of a red flag to me.

Indeed, that set up a red alert signal to me and during the whole of 2007 I dedicated myself solely to fighting against Obama’s election.

To achieve that, I sought to find the most powerful anti-Obama video that I could find on You Tube so as to go and find people to share my convictions with.

Through that same logic I tried to find all kinds of venues, forums, blogs, videos, articles’ comments on Internet etc…so as to criticise and block Obama but I ended up on the video with most views and most comments that deals with the birther issue: Obama Citizenship: I Invented the Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)


Obama Citizenship: I Invented The Internet (Ep. 6: October Surprise)

I spent the full time I had left before the election battling pro-Obama forces in the comments there during several heady weeks.  I literally littered that video with endless series of comments.
We’ve been legitimized now since that time 9 LONG YEARS AGO by Sheriff joe Arpaio’s press confernce where he said Obama’s birth forgery is the greatest criminal fraud in US history. And it’s thanks to all our efforts that the truth has come out now.
At 0:10: Obama’s birth fraud is diabolical!… the biggest mass fraud in US history.
Zullo: Obama BC Crime/Biggest Criminal Fraud in U.S. History!
Then Obama won the election and I went into guerilla mode because things were starting to look bleak for us.
Then= a miracle happened.
Out of the blue, I found an article on Internet by a Newsweek senior editor, Lisa Miller, called “Is Obama the Antichrist?”
That article stated that the day after Obama’s election the lottery in his homestate drew the Mark of the Beast of 666: And everybody knows that’s the Antichrist. 
That fact is ironclad and anyone can go to the Illinois State Lottery website and browse the “Winning Number History Search” at November 5,2008 – Pick 3 and they’ll find that the draw was indeed 666 on that day.
Armed with that weapon, I set out to Christian websites to announce to them that Obama was revealed as the Antichrist by a miracle sent from heaven.
I hit a big brick wall with Christians.

Indeed, my logic during the first years of Obama’s power was that I wasn’t interested in being the Messiah.
Indeed, I am a Buddhist and very content with that. I have no wish to be Christian seeing I’m an ex-Christian.
I have famous people in my family that are Christians.
I have 2 ancestors who were the Pope’s Chamberlain: Baron Wilhelm Wedel-Jarlsberg and Count Christopher de Paus (he’s of Royal Count Tolstoy’s branch of our family).

I’m Buddhist and have rejected Christianity as an evil faith: Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world and Buddhism hasn’t made war and therefore isn’t evil in making war like Christianity has.

My family was into evil ways when it was Christian – and when it was Anarchist as Tolstoy is the great Anarchist/Communist hero, (who is world-famous).

How did I get pressured against my will to be the Messiah?

Well, I had set my goal on revealing that Obama was the Antichrist of Christianity: indeed, I had the ironclad proof because the lottery draw of 666 cursed Obama the day of his celebration of victory.

I thought of myself as a messenger dropping in on Christians and telling them who their Antichrist was.
I thought of it as “delivery” end times prophecy. We live in the age of drop-off, home-delivery, through Amazon or Domino’s Pizza.
Indeed, Christianity is alien to me. So I wouldn’t want to even be caught dead being the Christian Messiah. I had the idea I’d just drop off the message – like a mailman – and MOVE ON to other stuff (my mission as a Buddhist fits with the King of Shambhala prophecy of the world’s saviour and not with the Christian prophecy of the “Messiah”).

But Christians went overboard when I showed up with that message for them.

Indeed, they more or less grabbed me and dragged me inside for an in-depth soul-searching conversation and scan of my innermost soul. But I got fed up with the spiritual moments with them….as I’ll explain now.

Off the bat indeed, they went BEZERK and harrassed me with questions about who I was and what my beliefs were. It was a mix of fear and awe at me. Very scary.
They were interviewing me for the job of Messiah in fact (and they weren’t liking what they were seeing me as, because to them in their book, Buddhism meant “blasphemous heresy”.).

I got so fed up of them killing the messenger that I got mad and said: “Like the message or not I’m the Messenger. I never said I’m the Messiah, it’s you who keep hammering away that I must be the Messiah.” So I said: “Seeing you don’t like me being Buddhist etc… well tough luck for you, I’m the Messiah whether you like it or not because my message is ironclad and I’ll ram it down your stupid ugly Christian throats by force if need be.”

This message is so hard to grasp that people in the comments just can’t get their heads around it.

The problem with the Christians was that they were killing the messenger (they’re hateful anti-Buddhist  bigots at the core).

The people in the comments here are stuck in Christian-towards-heathen oppositions that block out all rational thinking.

And I didn’t want them to ‘kill the messenger’ and for me to take that sitting down. They were obvious morons so why would I let morons just walk all over me? If I had come to speak to them it was out of my kind heart. No one forced me to speak to those idiots. I did it out of my own good heart.

So, I didn’t accept that they kill my message as soon as I gave it to them. Indeed, they were such evil people to begin with. It was like feeding pearls to swine and it was unbearable to experience it. I was suffocated by the gall displayed by those backward inbred idiots.

So that’s how I got suckered into being the Christian Messiah because all the Christians were rejecting me WHOLESALE.

The Christians were such backward inbred Bible-thumping homos, hicks and sodomites that I just couldn’t keep on talking to dingbats like them.

I decided to do it my way. I didn’t need those backwards. I just went out and proclaimed the Apocalypse.

But more obstacles lay further along the road.

I went to Wikipedia to edit the pages about the ‘Antichrist’, about ’666′, about the ‘Hideous Beast’, about the ‘Apocalypse’, the ‘Revelation’ etc….

Well, Wikipedia’s people flipped their coils so fast when I got there that it made my head spin.

They banned me from editing and warned me to stop trying to edit that 666 had turned up the day of Obama’s celebration of his victory.

They came to my personal email to warn me they’d monitor what I wrote on Internet and that they’d make a special website to smear and slander me at But the incredible thing is that the words they told me then, back in 2008 or 2009, they actually went through with. They faithfully monitored my posts throughout Internet (I’d like to request Team Trump to investigate how they did that. Did they put mics and moniroting devices on my computer etc… It looks like this was governement spying. This could be a major investigation like WIkileaks so I’d request Trump to send me his staff to find out what’s going on.)

They set up the said wikidot website and they MAINTAINED IT TILL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We’re talking about severe mentally challenged people here. They did all this because I’m saying Obama’s the Antichrist. This is a case of the “lady protesting a bit too much”.

Why are they so nervous that I say Obama’s the Antichrist? They’re hiding SOMETHING….

I took it into my stride at first. But I realized that they would have to be overcome by force because they were really riled up in a bad way.

I realized that I had determined foes facing me and that they were not taking me lightly at all.

I also realized that they were many and that they were in this fight to win it. They didn’t see things as unimportant and that they could accept that I walk away with winning.

That’s when I realized that this was really the Apocalypse, because such a rallying of forces was only possible by one single person and that was the Antichrist, aka Satan-in-Person.

After a lot of floundering around on Internet, and fighting Obama through the birth issue battle, I found BeforeItsNews which is a haven of peace and calm amidst the raging realm of Internet. Internet does not allow anyone to speak freely and gangs of Nazis troll it continuously and effortlessly.

BIN’s the only place on Internet where ordinary thinking is more or less proscribed. Commonplace, prejudiced thinking is not practised at all BIN. The only thinking that’s accepted there is out-of-the-box, creative, special thinking.

I obviously fit in immediately, seeing I was fleeing the middle-ages thinking of Christians, of Leftist/Communists and backward inbred, homo dorks of all stripes, kinds and form. Obama really draws evil to him. I was searching for any place in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD where I could freely say Obama’s the Antichrist and put forth my proof of that without being targeted by Jihadist-style, medieval people.

Obama Minions were threatening me and hounding me throughout Internet.

To make a long story short, I set up making articles regularly, building myself a fan-base which is impressive now, spreading the news and hounding down Obama seeing the Bible announces his final defeat and the Apocalypse.

Now is the time.


So the recap that period of events the most anti-Christian people I met in the world, were Christians, during those 2008-2009 years. They covered up for Obama lock, stock and barrel.
They answered to me when I spoke about the lottery draw of 666 marking Obama,  that as I was a Buddhist, I could not be the Messiah and Jesus so therefore, anything I said must be false. Therefore, they denied the divine heaven-sent miracle of 666 cursing Obama.
This non-plussed me, because I had never ever exchanged with Christians since converting to Buddhism, and I was flabberghasted and honestly disconcerted to face their intolerance, biggotted puritanism and flatout ignorance.
Furthermore, being of Christian background myself, this was my first confrontation with my fellow Christians since I had entered into Buddhism: so it took some mustering up of forces for me.
Now though, the proof that I’m indeed the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming is clear: there’s no doubt possible.
First of all, Christians who say I’m disqualifed as a Buddhist to be the Messiah and Jesus, are THEMSELVES disqualifed from claiming that.
Jesus was very clear when he announced that at the time of the end days, all Christians would be corrupted and to not follow them when they invoked him. He himself would not return as a Christian because of that widespread corruption.
Secondly, all Christians who claim I’m not the Messiah are furthermore also false christs because the Bible states that no one will know the day and hour of the Second Coming of Jesus.
Why will no one know the day and hour?
Because they won’t know who the Messiah and Jesus is.
That’s slearly shown by the statement that the “Second Coming will occur like lightning falling to earth”. How does lightning fall? UNEXPECTEDLY.
Indeed, have you ever met anyone who can predict where lightning will fall in advance? No, obviously.
The Bible slso states that the 2d Coming will occur like a thief coming at night.
How does a thief come at night?
What does “by surpise mean?”
It means UNEXPECTEDLY….. again
What does this all mean? Let’s sum it up again.
It means that no one knows the day and hour of Jesus’ Second Coming because no one ON EARTH knows who Jesus is when he comes so all those who claim I’m not Jesus are false christs who are lying about Jesus and Jesus said to not follow those people.
So again let’s look at what this means.
It means that no one can state I’m the Messiah and Jesus or deny it. Indeed, that would make them false christs.
Furthermore, when I state I’m the Messiah and Jesus, I’m not relying upon wishes or my whims to “self-aggrandize” or such.
I merely rely upon TWO FACTS.
What are those two logical and incontrovertible facts?
First, the fact that Obama’s cursed by 666 in the lottery is a sign sent by heaven.
Therefore it’s not some fact I’m imagining, making up or exploiting for my benefit. Indeed, I saw the news in a Newsweek article just like millions of others did likewise witness that article.
They also could have seen the lottery draw of 666 in the news after the lottery’s draw was made public. It’s not just something I’m making up and that’s just in my mind.
Secondly, I could have just remained a silent witness and waited around for some other person to stand up could and proclaim in the news medias that Obama was the Antichrist. People would have gathered around that person and hailed him or her as the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming. But nobody has stood up to do that since eight years now.
About me being the Messiah now….: being a Buddhist I didn’t even imagine the role of Messiah for myself and didn’t wish it in any way because I had turned my back on Christianity and it represented to me the epitome of evil … second only to Islam.
So as I said above, for a few years, Christians were a problem to me because they were stalling me from proclaiming that Obama was the Antichrist. Their arguments baffled me.
To begin with it was far from my mind to call myself the Messiah and Jesus, so I didn’t think I had to stand up to the Christians and proclaim myself as Messiah to fend off their criticisms..
But they the Christians kept dragging the topic back to the fore that my main obstacle to spreading the news was that I couldn’t be the Messiah and Jesus because I was a Buddhist.
Now I realize their whole arguments are not founded and they’re dead wrong. And the best argument against them is Jesus HIMSELF who disqualfied all Christians in the end times.
I realize now that the Christians have no mandate to decide upon my being the Messiah or not and that furthermore, seeing my facts are ironclad concerning the lottery draw of 666, that means I’m the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming beyond any possible doubt…..and the case is closed in fact because of those facts.
Obama’s attack on Israel’s very existence in his illegal abstaining from the UN Resolution, is the signal of the end of times and Apocalypse….
In 2013, during my battle to reveal Obama as the Antichrist among may people fighting to spread information about Obama I met upon Linda Joy Adams (browse for “Daily Recap”) and we quickly hit it off as friends and “kin on the path” of searching for the truth. Her story made the hair rise on my head. She claims she’s Obama’s third cousin and his real name is Barry parks, the son of Jim T. Parks.
“Nobody’s investigating it” she complains.

King of Shambhala


also see here for me…. Mentally ill and criminal trolls have been heckling me for years because they object to the fact I’m the Messiah and nothing they say, can change that truth because I alone reveal that the lottery in Obama’s homestate drew 666 (the Mark of the Beast aka the Number of the Antichrist) the day after his election. Wikipedia says that to troll is a pathological behaviour. Ignore the trolls: they’re crazy. 

I’m a person of high spiritual realization (University Tibetan culture/language studies, 8-month meditation retreat, foremost Buddhist Kalachakra authority). My family is a royal family (our relative Count Leo Tolstoy is the highest/ most ancient royal aristocratic lineage in Russia) from Norway, and among others my grandmother’s aunt Else Werring was the Royal Norwegian Palace’s “Mistress of the Robes” (the hostess/organizer of the royal palace’s events) for 27 years, until 1985.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has just started blasting Obama with the full force, so now Team Trump, Larry Klaymann and Orly Taitz and us all will have to sue Obama together for stealing our lives by his forged birth certificate. Follow me in revealing the Antichrist Obama and his forged birth certificate which proves his High Treason.


Stories By King of Shambhala Click Here!



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  • You’re getting so desperate, man. I can see it in your feverish postings.

    KOS said: “Out of the blue, I found an article on Internet by a Newsweek senior editor, Lisa Miller, called “Is Obama the Antichrist?”

    That article stated that the day after Obama’s election the lottery in his homestate drew the Mark of the Beast of 666: And everybody knows that’s the Antichrist.”

    So you are admitting someone else figured this out before you, and you just decided to ride Lisa Miller’s coattails?

    Here are your own words from one of your other articles: “Video in the link below shows Obama landing at Forbes Air Force Base outside Topeka, Kansas which is where he was born in 1961!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Source: /obama-birthplace-controversy/2016/01/meet-barry-parks-son-of-jim-t-parks-us-president-formerly-known-as-barack-obama-kkk-assassinated-his-dad-video-2498104.html

    So why wasn’t the 666 lottery drawing drawn in Kansas then, instead of Illinois? Why was the lottery drawing the day AFTER his election, instead of the day OF his election?

    Nobody believes you because your story is filled with holes and doesn’t make any sense.

    • I’m reporting The Clucker – 416/402 for trolling me.
      He’s a reporter.
      He’s forbidden from attacking other reporters and he’ll be banned from BeforeItsNews for that because it’s a breach of Terms of Service.

      • I’m not attacking you, genius. Just pointing out the holes in your theory, which are numerous. Report me all you want. I don’t care. I have done nothing wrong.

        You, on the other hand frequently accuse people of being homos and having HIV or AIDS, just for disagreeing with you. Should I be reporting you then?

      • I’m guessing you report people so often that you’ve become “the little boy who cried wolf” to them.

        • I’m reporting The Clucker – 416/402.
          He’s trolling my articles.
          I’m not trolling his ugly stupid articles and he’s not even worth my time and effort.
          He’s a mentally ill troll not me.

          • he busted you and you have no answer but to report him? AHAHAHAHAAHAH
            You’re a PROVEN LIAR!

          • I’m reporting desertspeaks because he’s a troll who’s a reporter and also attacking me a fellow reporter of BeforeItsNews.
            He’s trolling my articles.
            I’m not trolling his ugly stupid articles and he’s not even worth my time and effort.
            He’s a mentally ill troll not me.

    • The 666 thing has been going around since Obama day 1!

      • “Arcturus
        The 666 thing has been going around since Obama day 1!”

        Yes, but who is spreading the news?
        The Apocalypse isn’t JUST some “666 thing tha’s been *going around*”.
        It’s a big event. It’s like lightning that spreads worldwide from East to West because the Apocaoypse isn’t some Western Chritian things, it’s a world event everywhere so who’s spreading it worldwide? Me.
        I’m the ONLY ONE.

        The Apocalypse is alike a thief who comes and steals all your things.

    • KOS – you are a Sh!t head…You have no salient debate whatsoever.

      • Jack Shlitz isn’t a reporter.
        He’s allowed to troll me.
        He’s just an anonymous mentally ill troll and Wikipedia says to deny them recognition because they’re psychopaths.

        They’re ugly fools who don’t have enough attention span to understand what others are saying.

        The ugly HIV/infected homos trolling my articles are just brain-damaged because excrements have toasted and fried their brains. The Leftists, Coommunists, DNC, Democrats, Jihadists are homos who have fried their brains on drugs, the excrements of sodomy and Karl Marx’s zany blues garbage.

  • Wikipedia says to deny recognition to trolls and I’ve been trolled for years now by shills at BIN.
    I don’t respond to trolls because they’re mentally ill says Wikipedia.
    I discovered an article at Newsweek saying Obama seemed to be the Antichrist because a lottery draw of 666 occurred in his hometown.
    It was drawn the day after Obama’s election.
    That’s significant because it’s the day of his celebration.
    The headline TV evening news was his victory.
    A few minutes after the news the lottery draw occurred and devastated Obama’s victory news to naught. So it was a bull’s eye full-target hit for Obama.
    He overcame it by going to Washington the day before the Inauguration instead of flying from Chicago on the same morning as presidents usually do. They honor their hometown by doing that. So by that trick, no news and international media came to Chicago and would have discovered this disaster of the lottery draw. Obama spent the night at the The Hay-Adams Hotel and walked to the Inauguration from there.
    So he bypassed Chicago to avoid it and snubbed it by doing that.

    “So why wasn’t the 666 lottery drawing drawn in Kansas then, instead of Illinois? Why was the lottery drawing the day AFTER his election, instead of the day OF his election?”

    Nobody knows about Kansas.
    I discovered it from Obama’s cousin Linda Joy Adams who’s been clamouring her story since 2010.
    I just got onboard it since three-four years now.

    Heaven works in unfathomable ways in revealing the Antichrist Obama and revealing 666 in his hometown’s lottery.
    It’s obvious that no one would have picked it up if a lottery draw had occurred in Kansas the day after Obama’s election.
    But they picked it up because it was in Chicago so heaven did it’s job right there.

    I’m posting this indirectly from the troll who is heckling these comments.
    Indeed, no exchange can happen with trolls who are mentally ill people only intent on baiting so as to get into fights and they’re not even trying to think about what the topics are about. They’re ugly fools and mentally ill loonies.

    I’m surprised that the trolls are so nervous and they’re still kicking and clamouring about protecting Obama and they still love him. Why do they love him?
    Obama’s left office so why are they still protecting him?
    We birthers have no choice. We have to jail him.
    He’s the greatest criminal in World History and he’ll get 100 000s of years in jail sentence.
    Why are the shills still protecting Obama so nervously?

    They’re mentally ill people. They should give up Obama he’s a wasted asset for them. They’ll not get any more mileage out of Obama. They don’t want to give him up and let us have him for jail. Sad. What’s wrong in their heads? They’re mad crazies.

    • Nobody sticks up for Obama or likes Obama on this website. I know I sure as hell didn’t vote for him. For some reason you think that if someone doesn’t think Obama is the devil, then they must automatically be in cahoots with him. This is actually a hallmark of a serious delusional mental disorder.

      • “Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder is the presence of delusions, unshakable beliefs in something untrue or not based on reality. People with delusional disorder generally experience non-bizarre delusions, which involve situations that could occur in real life, such as being followed, poisoned, deceived, conspired against, or loved from a distance. These delusions usually involve the misinterpretation of perceptions or experiences. In reality, however, the situations are either not true at all or highly exaggerated.”

        “In some cases, however, people with delusional disorder might become so preoccupied with their delusions that their lives are disrupted.

        I rest my case. Seek help, Geir. Nobody here promotes Obama. You’ve invented that in your own mind. Probably to cope with a traumatic experience in life, or simply due to mental illness.

        I hope you get the help you need.

        • I’ll again, bold everything that applies to you, KOS.

          Types of Delusional Disorder

          There are different types of delusional disorder based on the main theme of the delusions experienced. The types of delusional disorder include:

          Erotomanic: Someone with this type of delusional disorder believes that another person, often someone important or famous, is in love with him or her. The person might attempt to contact the object of the delusion, and stalking behavior is not uncommon.
          Grandiose: A person with this type of delusional disorder has an over-inflated sense of worth, power, knowledge, or identity. The person might believe he or she has a great talent or has made an important discovery.
          Jealous: A person with this type of delusional disorder believes that his or her spouse or sexual partner is unfaithful.
          Persecutory: People with this type of delusional disorder believe that they (or someone close to them) are being mistreated, or that someone is spying on them or planning to harm them. It is not uncommon for people with this type of delusional disorder to make repeated complaints to legal authorities.
          Somatic: A person with this type of delusional disorder believes that he or she has a physical defect or medical problem.
          Mixed: People with this type of delusional disorder have two or more of the types of delusions listed above.

          • I’m reporting The Clucker – 416/402.
            He’s trolling my articles.
            I’m not trolling his ugly stupid articles and he’s not even worth my time and effort.
            He’s a mentally ill troll not me.

          • Persecutory: People with this type of delusional disorder believe that they (or someone close to them) are being mistreated, or that someone is spying on them or planning to harm them. It is not uncommon for people with this type of delusional disorder to make repeated complaints to legal authorities.


          • “I’m reporting The Clucker – 416/402.”

            Alrighty then.

            “He’s trolling my articles.”

            Since when has disagreeing with you become “trolling?” I don’t think Obama is the antichrist, and I think you are wrong. Simple as that.

            “I’m not trolling his ugly stupid articles and he’s not even worth my time and effort.”

            You’re not, because you couldn’t. If I’m not worth your time, why do you continue to respond? Huh.

            “He’s a mentally ill troll not me.”

            See my above comment on delusional / paranoid disorder, taken from here:

          • Obama Schemes The Sabotage Of Trump’s Presidency. World History’s Greatest Criminal Ready To Destroy Trump (Video) /alternative/2017/02/obama-schemes-sabotage-of-trump-presidency-world-historys-greatest-criminal-ready-to-destroy-trump-video-3476715.html

          • I’m being trolled by hecklers.
            I’m not trolling their articles: they’re coming to my articles to troll me.
            Don’t get that mixed up as to who is trolling who.

  • The trolls are going into overdrive panic.
    I wonder why. Haven’t thye got the memo? Obama’s toast.
    They’ve been trolling for eight years sionce Obama came into power so what are they trying to hide?

    I think they’re paid shills working for psyops like “Organizing for Action” Obama’s community organizing criminal org doing disinformation on Internet.

    They’re still active and working at preserving Obama from jail.

    That’s a slim chance now.

    He’ll be jailed for 100 000s of years in jail. He’s the greatest criminal in the history of Humanity.

    Obama’s Satan. The Antichrist.

    • ”He’ll be jailed for 100 000s of years in jail. He’s the greatest criminal in the history of Humanity.”
      That’s the absolute truth.

      Imagine the movie….”Black man become President and takes over USA government for 8 years using a fake ID.” Hollywood would never make a movie about that. Why? People in the audience would laugh their heads off. Movie moguls would say that people would never buy tickets to see such an absurd fantasy movie….its just way to silly to even imagine.


      • Very right Don – 1, what you say is true.
        How is it possible that a fraud from the streets in Chicago became president?
        How did a Mafia-linked black from the ghetto get into power?

        The Godfather would be the film to explain it all.

      • Don – 1, Obama’s just an old black homo who took over the White House because he’s a predator feed on deceit and betrayal. He’s brought up on those principles of trickery and criminal thinking.

        Obama’s brain is fried.

        The ugly HIV/infected homos trolling my articles are just brain-damaged because excrements have toasted and fried their brains. The Leftists, Communists, DNC, Democrats, Jihadists are homos who have fried their brains on drugs, the excrements of sodomy and Karl Marx’s zany blues garbage.

        Socialists are the same Nazis and the KKK. Socialists created the Nazis and the KKK. Obama’s just the man of a system of fooling others. The Socislists are the privileged Class who steal from others and keep everything for themselves. They’re THIEFS. They fry their brains on drugs and the carp of their sodomy.

        Jesus said to turn away from Sodom.

        Socialists revel in sodomy. To a Socialist cleanliness and filth are just mental concepts.

  • hey shamwow.. the clucker is not trolling you,. he’s proven that you’re a liar and claiming credit for the discovery of someone else, riding coat tails!
    I really enjoy the part where you reference WIKI for your interpretation of trolls! who wrote that wiki? YOU??

    You being the “what is it you claim again” god/son of god/christ reincarnated? can you walk on water when it’s not frozen yet?
    How about turning water into wine? or do you JUST WHINE when you’re BUSTED FOR BEING A LIAR??

    • No, I’m reporting you for attacking me who am a fellow reporter, desertspeaks, BECAUSE that’s STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
      I’m turning water into wine FOR YOU BECAUSE I’M GETTING YOU BANNED and calling all readers to report you too. You’re in breach of BeforeItsNews TOS.

      The Clucker – 416/402 is a HIV-infested homo who’s been trolling me and making threats to me for YEARS. Trolling is a mental illness says Wikipedia.

      Homos like The Clucker, Geeper, Big dog small fish, Jack Schlitz are all old infested homos who have made death threats or are reporters who are forbidden to even comment my articles.

      Why are they even defending Obama? Obama’s out of office so WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE AT TIS POINT? It doesn’t make a difference in any way so why not just drop the whole deal?

      It’s not negotiable in any case because we birthers have to haul in Obama to court and jail. We’re like bounty-hunters who have a reward on Obama’s head and have to haul him in, track him down and bring him to hell no matter what. That’s what we do. We make money on finding criminals like Obama.

      The arguments put forth about me are all fallacious that I’m using someone else’s discovery of the lottery draw of 666 cursing Obama on his day of celebrating victory.

      That means that first person who discovered it is the Messiah. That’s not true because that other person is the Newsweek reporter whose article I saw. That was the Newsweek article “Is Obama the Antichrist” by Lisa Miller.

      But the problem is Lisa Miller’s not spoken about it again. She was smothered in attacks.

      She made a special editorial to respond to the attacks.

      I’ve stood up to the attacks but she couldn’t stand up because she needed to save her career.

      Furthermore, Lisa Miller is just a small part of this, seeing that apart from her, over 50 million people witnessed the lottery draw throughout the five Great Lakes states who all play the Chicago lottery and so they saw the lottery draw of 666 via the media and TV/radio etc…during the following days seeing it’s blared through the news 24 7 non stop after each draw.

      I’m the only Messiah because I’m spreading that news. Google to see that no one is spreading the news of the lottery draw of 666 anywhere in the world. I’m alone. Christians should be jumping all over this story.

      It’s the Apocalypse. Why aren’t Christians all up in arms about this? That’s because they’re corrupted and have left the righteous and straight path. Jesus said all Chrisians would be corrupted and false christs and warned to not follow anyone of them who falsely claims to be Jesus or a Christian.

      I didn’t claim to be Jeuss, it’s Christians who closed me down saying I COULD NOT SAY I WAS JESUS. That’s when I got mad and rammed into their faces that they were frauds. They were denying me but just killing the messenger. I never claimed I was Jesus or the Messiah, it’s Christians who doubled down on denying me being the Messiah.

      So to protect the message of the truth I showed them they were wrong. And to do that I was forced to push back them denying me being the Messiah.

      Christians proved me to be the Messiah and Jesus because they denied me being them. So, they provided me the right arguments to defeat their ideas. I didn’t want to be the messiah or Jesus to begin with seeing I don’t like the Messiah and Jesus. Being a Buddhist there are far more appealing saints to me.

      But I needed to reveal the Antichrist and I couldn’t give in to Christians who were actually defending the Antichrist Obama. I had to choose my side: the truth and freedom or lies and deceit.

      I’m a man of miracles because I can change the world into the Apocalypse. I’m doing that. right now.

      • TYPO:
        We’re like bounty-hunters who have a reward on Obama’s head and have to haul him in, track him down and bring him to hell no matter what….
        Should be “We’re like bounty-hunters who have a reward on Obama’s head and have to haul him in, track him down and bring him to HEEL no matter what.”

        • Don’t worry about correcting typos. Nobody reads your comments anyway. I’m not kidding. I guess a few might, but most are tired of listening to a broken record. Especially when it is nonsensically repeating the same LIE over and over and over and over and…..

  • BeforeItsNews has blocked the hit-counter on this article: the total has gone up JUST 35 hits in one hour while the counter shows 350 hits per hour.
    So 300 hits are being deleted and STOLEN per hour
    …. and we can see it clearly EINSTEIN!

  • Hey king shanana nobody reads your ridiculously long post get a job and stop playing on your mommys computer

    • Why are the Obama HIV-infested homo shills defending Obama?
      He’s not got any qualifications and the only thing he’s got going is he’s an old black HIV-infested homo.
      I don’t get what’s in theuir brains: it must be they’re fried in the brain from all the crap they get.

  • The trolls are in panic-mode.
    Obama’s going to get jailed for 100 000s of years.
    The homos trolling my articles since years now have fried their brains on the excrements they deal in in sodomy.
    Jesus said to turn away from sodomy, homos, sodomites and Sodom.
    Sodomites are attracted to men and want to get closer and closer to men, but they’re frying their brains on crap and they’re killing themselves on HIV/AIDS.

  • OBAMA’s faked Photoshoped Family Photo. It is a fake as Obama has been removed. His knee is still there and brick and seat are way stretched.
    I am so tired. You @u@ktards wake me up to show me fake news. I’m going back to sleep. Nothing new here.

    King of Shame (bahaha)

    • I see now, you right about that, but take a look a 1:20 in full-screen, look at lady in reds left elbow, you can see the stonewall right through Mr X. We are yet to see the original photos.

  • A dirty traitorous leftist negro. A gift from the Democraps, liberals and the left. He had NO BUSINESS being up there!

    Just sodomite rubbish. :cool:

    • Obama’s got hordes of homos protecting him on Internet who are trolling.
      Obama’s the Antichrist and the Antichrist in the Bible is teh Hieous Beast (*hideous* means homo in the Bible).
      The homos get their brains fried by the excrements they breath and eat because the crap toasts their brains.

      • Nobody is trolling you because they are trying to protect Obama. You are being trolled because you claim that you are the messiah,you have delusions of grandeur and you post the same crazy bs every day :!: :roll:

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