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By John Rolls (Reporter)
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Obama Is Trying to Provoke a Revolution

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 7:41
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Dave Hodges

October 9, 2013

The Common Sense Show

In the midst of the so-called government shut down, Obama has lashed at innocent American citizens. The President’s actions are so egregious that it is difficult to believe that he is not trying to provoke mainstream America into a confrontation with the forces of his administration. After Obama was confronted, in the mainstream media in May, with no less than five Watergate type scandals, coupled with his inability to give the central bankers the war they so desperately desire in the Middle East, the imposition of martial law may be the only way from which Obama can move squelch all meaningful opposition to his continuing reign of terror. In the midst of the government shutdown, it is apparent that Obama is determined to inflict significant pain upon America.

Good News and Bad News

Obama's government shutdown gift to military families.

Obama’s government shutdown gift to military families.

The wives of deployed soldiers to Afghanistan can no longer shop at the Commissary because the grocery store of our military bases is a casualty of the shutdown. This is indeed bad news for the nation’s military families because they now will have to pay about 20% more for groceries because of Obama’s selective distribution of pain associated with the present crisis. Having grown up in a military family, I can honestly state that at the end of the month, most military families do not have two nickels to rub together. Obama would have had a very difficult time choosing a more vulnerable population to attack.

A man has to have his priorities.

A man has to have his priorities.

There is however, a silver lining to the budge crisis as President Obama’s federally funded golf course is still open for business and its federally funded staff at the pro shop are anxiously awaiting the President’s next round of golf as he is teeing off today right after lunch.

Also, Congress is still getting paid. In the Obama administration, they make certain that the country has their priorities straight; Government before people, privilege before duty and treason before honor.

Duplicity of the Highest Order

As the Obama forces arrest veterans for “trespassing” as they try to honor their fellow comrades on the war memorials, his minions allowed non-citizens to march on the very mall that is off limits to our veterans.

No reasonable person is arguing against immigrants right to protest. However, why are we allowing non-citizens to occupy the same piece of American land that we are denying to those who have defended our country?

No reasonable person is arguing against immigrants right to protest. However we must ask the question as to why are we allowing non-citizens to occupy the same piece of American land that we are denying to those who have defended our country, namely, the veterans?

Even though there were barricades with “closed” signs on the National Mall on Tuesday, the National Park Police setup for a pro-immigration reform rally spoke to the double standard being imposed as a result of the shutdown. In short, immigrants were allowed to protest on the mall, veterans honoring their fallen comrades, were arrested for being on the mall. The National Park Police even set up more than 100 portable potties which were set up for immigrant protesters. Even a giant stage with lights and an “Immigration Reform Now” banner was set up in the center of the mall the morning after several veterans were hauled off to jail for being on the same piece of land. What kind of upside down administration are we living under?

The arresting of our vets on the mall, another disgusting act of treason by this current president.

The arresting of our vets on the mall, another disgusting act of treason by this current president.

The Washington Examiner reported that immigrant rally organizers said that they would be allowed by the National Park Police to carry out their protest under their First Amendment rights. Did I miss the memo where the veterans forfeited their First Amendment rights? If you think this is an outrage, we are just getting warmed up. Every American who lives within an hours drive of the capital should show up to the mall and defy the National Park Police and stand arm in arm with our veterans.

Money for Our Enemies but Not to Keep Our Memorials Open

US taxpayer money for me, but not for thee.

US taxpayer money for al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria but no money will be spent to keep the war memorials open!

Meanwhile, half way across the world, we have all the money we need to supply the al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels with weapons and supplies. Wait a minute, didn’t the government accuse al-Qaeda of perpetrating 9/11? Yet, we continue to arrest our veterans and supply our enemies. This is treason.

There are other selective acts by the Obama administration, resulting from the budget crisis, which are designed to inflict as much pain as possible on the American people. For example, the National Park Service has shut down the national parks, which technically, they have a right to do. However, the National Park Service is now shutting down private businesses in and around the national parks. This is something that they have no right to do.

Obama’s Biggest Crime

Obama, a traitor to the very troops under his command.

Obama, a traitor to the very troops under his command.

Families of fallen military heroes receive a death benefit to transport the body of their loved ones from the battlefield to the cemetery for final disposition. In the ultimate act of betrayal against our soldiers, Obama has taken away the death benefit from military families, thus forcing the military families to come up with the money on their own or to simply allow the military to bury their family member on the battlefield where they fell. I am almost angry beyond words, as this impostor of a president is allowed to continue to so dishonor America’s finest citizens.


Have you had enough America? Well, that is what Obama wants. He wants you to take to the streets. He is waiting to crush all opposition to his “in-your-face-tyranny” approach to governing the American people.

impeach obama nowDon’t give into this despot. We can strike back at this illegitimate president through non-violent means. Do not give this dictator any excuse to further crackdown on the American people. I am also calling for all active duty military to refuse their orders to enter into combat. Lay down your arms until your country gives you the respect that you have earned. I am also calling for Congress to draw up articles of impeachment against Obama based upon the murder of Ambassador Stevens at Benghazi, the IRS spy-gate scandal, the continuing of the NSA illegal spying on American citizens, for spying on AP reporters, for Fast and Furious gun running to the Mexican drug cartels, for supplying aid and comfort to al-Qaeda and on and on and on.

In case you have not heard, martial law signs are being seen around the country. We are out of time!

Stop him before he completes his mission.

Congress: Stop him before he completes his mission.

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  • Get real already.

    Congress shut down the govt, not Obama, & the Washington Mall is CLOSED.

    Quit promoting baseless hysterical LIES.

    • The point is that BHO still has money to operate with and has chosen to be vindictively selective in his priorities — even reaching beyond his authority. His chutzpah is malicious.

    • Pull your head out of your ass, already. America’s first gay president has refused all bills funding every aspect of government EXCEPT Obamacare. The Mall is only closed for Americans–wetbacks can demonstrate there–and did, just yesterday. No se puede…

  • There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political can cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means the “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” Issac Asimov

    • Yeah from down here in New Zealand you right wing republicansa and ea parties come across as a bunch of nut cases.

  • A code that binds our soldiers more than any other is that they will leave no comrade behind. That includes all-the-way-home. There is the matter of the ‘oath takers’. These million or more are pledged to defend against enemies both foreign AND domestic. Barry’s actions can be accomplishing nothing less than the steeling of soldiers determination to honor their dead – and further cementing their knowledge that we DO have enemies within – and it ain’t just terrorists! The detritus installed in our House is sealing his own fate. Exactly whom would the dung pile use to enforce martial law? My take is that such an order would bring about a display of dissent and insubordination within our services. The first battle could well be there – and not among the citizenry or the citizenry and government.

    • Maybe this is the purpose of the rumored foreign troops on our soil.

      BTW, did the Mexican troops ever go home after Katrina? Never could understand why we need them. :roll:

  • “In May, Obama was confronted with no less than five Watergate type scandals.”

    Let’s see, in Watergate, the President of the United States ordered the break-in of the opposing party’s headquarters. Then he tried to get the FBI and the CIA to look the other way, and then he tried to finance the defense of the people who got caught. That’s the “Watergate” they’re talking about, right?

    So exactly when did this happen? I know “in May” but exactly when, in May? Who did he order broken in to, what did he order stolen? Which organizations were involved? And who were the whistle-blowers?

    Its not enough to just ‘say’ something happened. That’s like throwing crap at a wall and hoping
    ‘something’ will stick. :roll: Better have your facts to back it up. If you don’t want to get into it in your article, putting in a reference to the actual article you read it in, or wrote yourself, might help.

    • You just have to get for, truly….insightful information, from……Fox News? lol

  • Why else would he, at the same location, shut down the area from use by WWII vets …while ALLOWING a pro-amnesty march by ILLEGAL aliens (rather than arresting & deporting them)?

  • RobiMac

    Well, he’s going to have a long wait cuz there just ain’t enough people in this country that give a rats ass!

  • Evidence indicates that the Obama administration has been preparing to squelch opposition to his attempts at dictatorial rule. Obama has been arming his agencies that follow his edicts in lock step. For what good reason dos FEMA need all those guns, ammo, and attack vehicles? I can see only one goal that they are working towards. That is total physical subjugation of the people. There is an immediate need for a change in the makeup of Congress and the White House. Be sure to pick the right candidates for congress and president, vote for the right ones, and keep in touch to let them know that we elected the into office and we can get rid of the.

  • And you are not?

  • Once he declares the country in a state of emergency and thus martial law,I wonder if his “approval rating” will still be 37%
    Who are these people anyway?
    I hope all you who voted for him still feel his promises are worth the pain he is inflicting on this country.
    Hiltler spoke in great and swelling wiords too and the people thronged to hear him talk.
    Wake up peoploe,before it’s too late!!!

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