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Obama Crimes Exposed: “Warning: The Pictures That You Are About To See Are Illegal”

Friday, December 13, 2013 12:25
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These are the Pictures Your Government does not want you to see. Remember when the progressives/Liberals where all over George Bush for torture pictures that were released from GITMO?  Well you haven’t seen anything yet.

Anything George Bush can do, Barack Obama can do better and here are the pictures to prove it.

Understand that voting just ensures the continuation of one corrupt party or the other. The puppets in charge (So Called Politicians) are just that-puppets. The Republican party and the Democratic party are to heads of the same beast. They continue with the same actions, the same agendas, only the names are changed. The pictures of torture under the Obama adminstration are below. Warning: You maybe offended by some of these pictures, they are very graphic in nature.

One recent example is from The Guardian  June 22, 2013: Increasingly brutal tactics are being used in an attempt to break the hunger strike by detainees at Guantánamo Bay, according to fresh testimony from the last British resident still held in the camp.

The following torture photos are from By Christopher Rice and Shanequa Nelson from General Strike USA. You can clearly see that the tactics G.W. Bush used are still being used today and then some. Would you rather be water boarded or beat Black n Blue?

After pledging to run the most transparent administration in history, President Obama is blocking the release of RECENT detainee abuse photos.


The Pentagon admits to 34 deaths caused by torture, we have counted over 100. Pentagon admits to holding 8 children ages 12-17 at Gitmo, we count 21.


Q. What’s worse than a TERRORIST?  A. a TYRANT.
Tyranny of the people does not happen violently or suddenly. Tyranny is gradual and silent. President Obama says America does not torture. This is a lie. We were told that Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were only used on 3 high level terrorists. We were told that the worst was WATERBOARDING. These are all lies designed to protect the guilty. We were told that the prisoner abuse in Iraq was an aberration, not systematic. This is a lie.
Tyranny is the complete absence of limits of government. As things stand now, President Obama and every President thereafter has the authority to deem anyone, whether they are a U.S. citizen or not, a terrorist. And to kidnap, detain without charges, deny bail, trial, legal reps and torture anyone. The government claims sweeping authority under the Patriot Act to collect a record of every single phone call made by every single American “on an ongoing daily basis.” This program not only exceeds the authority given to the government by Congress, but it violates the right of privacy protected by the Fourth Amendment, and the rights of free speech and association protected by the First Amendment.
The Justice Department filed a petition with the Supreme Court asking it to overturn an appeals court decision requiring the Pentagon to disclose the photos, which depict abuse of prisoners in U.S. military custody in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo and elsewhere.  In September, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit upheld a district court decision requiring the photos to be released.

“The appeals court soundly rejected all of the government’s arguments for withholding the photos, and it’s unfortunate that the government has chosen to contest that decision,” Amrit Singh, an ACLU attorney, said in a statement e-mailed to reporters. “These photos would provide visual proof that prisoner abuse by U.S. personnel was not aberrational but widespread, reaching far beyond the walls of Abu Ghraib. As disturbing as the photos may be, it is critical that the American people know the full truth about the abuse that occurs in their name.

“WARNING: The pictures that you are about to see are ILLEGAL
Would any member of the U.S. Senate confront President Obama about his actions to conceal photographs of torture by the U.S. military?  The Senate passed S. Amdt. 1157 to H.R. 2346, a bill that provides supplementary military spending for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Amendment 1157, entitled the Censorship of Photographs of Future Torture Amendment and creates a loophole in the Freedom of Information Act. With this loophole, the Secretary of Defense is granted the power to conceal photographs of any torture of prisoners whether those photographs were taken in the past, or will be taken in the future.
Fact: this amendment was approved unanimously
This legislation marks the end of the Democrats’ claim of opposition to torture. What I’m about to show you is illegal. It does us no good to write to our Representatives in Washington. Voting only ensures the continuation of one corrupt party or the other. We’ve thrown out the whole top tier of government, but the crooks & thugs are still there. Still in power, as brutal as ever.07
WARNING: These are actual pictures of torture
The CIA admits it misled the White House, the Department of Justice, and Congress about the “effectiveness” of waterboarding, wall-slamming, shackling in painful positions, and other methods of torture and abuse.
Prisoners are held in isolation and secrecy locked into a system of punishment before any evidence of guilt is established. These techniques, born in the gulag, only elicit false confessions, not actionable intelligence.
The Uniform Code of Military justice prohibits U.S. Armed Forces from engaging in cruelty, oppression or maltreatment of prisoners, assaulting prisoners and communicating a threat to wrongfully injure a detainee.
We must not allow them to brazenly trample on everything that this great country stands for, everything that our fathers fought and DIED for. Only a politician would have the gall to brag about his crimes and still get away with it.
President Barack Obama says he will: keep in place the secret rendition program Bush used to torture detainees; keep the government spying on citizens; deploy nuclear carriers with enough firepower to annihilate any country, refuse to investigate & prosecute the war and torture crimes of the Bush regime.
WARNING: What I’m about to show you is GRAPHIC
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2,500 juveniles detained in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay since 2001
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(What is) Torture  
The U.S. is holding 27,000 kidnapped people in secret prisons


CIA Promotes Person Who Destroyed Torture Tapes
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Army Now Says G.I. Was Beaten in Role
Former Interrogator Rebukes Cheney for Torture Speech


C.I.A. in contempt


C.I.A.s Real Role in the Afghan Heroin Trade
C.I.A & the MAFIA & the Global Drug Trade (Then & Now)


Hinchey Report SUBJECT: CIA Activities in Chile FOIA U.S. Dept. of State


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DONATE ($5. or more) NOW (Click link)
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Pres. Barack Obama has condoned TORTURE  
Torture Pics BANNED by Obama-Obama has effectively decriminalized torture


New report: Gitmo costs U.S. $2.7 million per prisoner

27Soldier admits Afghan massacre

Leaked CLASSIFIED Report: U.S. Drone Strikes not against al-Qaeda


Traitors (How Congress Profits from Never ending War)
237 Millionaires in Congress
6 Brave Govt. Whistleblowers Charged Under the Espionage Act by Obama’s Administration

Verizon is turning your phone records over to the government

U.S. intelligence mining data from nine U.S. Internet companies in broad secret program


How Google and Facebook Cooperated with the NSA and PRISM
Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks, Get a Visit from the Feds


DEA Agents Urged to Cover Up Use of NSA Intel in Drug Probes


The Supreme Court Decided Your Silence Can Be Used Against You
Warrantless Surveillance: Project SHAMROCK


U.S. government to fight for warrantless GPS tracking
Know Your Rights: CISPA Passes


Who’s a TERRORIST? Pentagon Says: You Are
Know Your Rights: FISA passes


CISPA and the NSA’s Ability to Read Your Emails
What should be done about this? I would love to hear from you below. In case you haven’t seen enough pictures, there are more here Obama War Crime Torture Pics.

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  • ‘Murika!

    • If any of you BIN people think they won’t do this to Americans you had better wake up!

      • Indeed Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th I can’t speak for B4INS because B4INS is open to the public, anyone can share their research here. Therefore one can only speculate that the people who frequent B4INS have access to this type of research each and every day. Therefore B4INS readers probably understand better than most, whats to come. Our audience has access to these reports from independent sources each and every day. Now because B4INS is the last frontier of free press, and it’s open to everyone to post as they like, B4INS is ripe for abuse by those who truly oppose free press. There are trolls on every network and BIN is not exception. But with freedoms come risks, our audience understands this and they prefer to think for themselves. They look at all the information available, they sort out the BS from the important issues, then they make their own decisions from the facts they receive from uncensored alternative media. Isn’t that what freedom is all about?

      • karmically speaking, they had BETTER DO THIS TO Americans, for their refusal to control their govt and protest their country’s abuse and slaughter of millions around the world. Let Jesus Bring It On!
        Let them drind up double that which they have served to others.

      • Plastics Man

        Dr. fluffy,
        The military uniformed character who has bragged of his ‘service’ to the “Holy Roman Pedophile Church” (those who have sex with children. for jesus), is “worried” this will happen to you!

        Hey dr. fluffy, you must have drunk a WHOLE CASE from the cans labeled “MORON”, didn’t you!

        I ONLY HOPE that YOU are ‘rounded up. Dr. fluffy, for a little “re-education”, just like your catholic buddies have done to millions of people for the last 1,600 years!
        I want to see your back side BEAT TO A PULP, dr. fluffy!
        I want to hear you cry out for “help” from jesus!

      • You stuck your foot in your mouth. If you have some opinion to express, you should clarify it. You should refrain on how others should react because of your type of mindset, or your personal views. I for one can express my opinions, without fear. I can say I received better training, and extensive training in the rules of war, the Geneva Convention, Humanitarian treatment.
        I have my opinions, Ideas, although I am no one, just a voice in the wind.

      • MJ

        That is IT in a nutshell

      • The Even Sicker Thing Is Those Who Would Resist Tyranny,Are Being Weakened By Chemtrails,And Secret Visits To Your House Poisening You,When You Aren’t Home.
        They Have Tried It With Me,So Believe Me It’s Already Happening.My Advice is Secure Your
        Home Even More Than Just A Key,I Have Had To Do This.Look Out For Gangstalkers Too.
        These Are Hoods In Your Neighborhood Used As Ustachi Henchmen.Google It.
        You Know Pilate Has To Keep His Hands Clean,So They Are Using These Thugs As tools For Their Arsenal For PSYOPS,But Hey!,Every Dog Will Have Their Day,Hopefully Before They
        Before Me. :sad:

      • Because we are different, We torture people for the good of man. What are you on? You thought about being a politician? With people like him you wonder why there is so much violence, too bad you were born in the rich country.

      • Think about this… If the military were committing such crimes, they CERTAINLY wouldn’t have any photos of them! Jeez! THINK for a change.

        Now don’t think I’m taking up for the US military. They have been guilty of crimes… but crimes that you don’t know about and that will never be proven because THEY HAVE NO PHOTOS of them.

        This is just misinformation to keep your mind off what is REALLY happening right now.

  • Rumplestilskin

    Just because those bstrds haven’t started to do that to Americans yet, doesn’t mean it won’t happen here. Idi Amin, that cannibal piece of “S” would be proud. When humans have lost all compassion for their fellow man, this is what you’ll get, young men brain washed by the Military Industrial Complex to be no more than animals.

    And here Americans think that our countrymen are pious and Christian. We are not in the least Christian and verge on being no better than the terrorist they claim they are fighting. Our psychopathic government needs to have its underpinnings yanked out from underneath it, or this National Security Apparatus will continue unabated until other nations get together and bomb us into oblivion for our war crimes.

    I’m embarrassed to be an American, knowing full well that if I disagree with its operation or or make disparaging remarks that could be construed as being insurrectionist I could be taken out, as are those investigative reporters who have been, when they are about to expose the corruption.

    We have created a lion as a government which will use its teeth and claws to shred and eat whomever bothers to try and corral or cage it. What we are left with is either being eaten, or to declaw and defang it if we dare get close enough. The only other alternative is………….. Yeah you guessed it, but I cannot put it in print !

    • There is one easy peaceful alternative: Starve the beast! If everybody stopped paying their taxes in protest, stopped paying their mortgage in protest, and pulled all of the cash out of the banks it would be a start. Only through a coordinated effort like that can we get their attention.

      It would never happen though because we are a nation of cowards now. Unfortunately it will be a small percentage of patriots like in 1776 that lend any resistance. We can only pray that God will be on our side a second time.

      • No, if everyone stopped paying taxes, The man would take everyone’s home and possessions and sell them abroad…Bullets are cheap for them, It’s all on your dime…

        The supposed “patriots” of 1776 is a horsehockey! This country was never free, although we were legally more free in those latter parts of the 18th and early 19th century…But, the Traitors, Franklin, Guy and Adams sold their’s and our souls when they signed the Paris peace treaty of 1783…

        There is no god so, “it” ( glory on high) won’t be on anybody’s side… If you want to straighten it out, whatever it is, do it.

      • This is true and possible. PEOPLE have the power, not goverments.

    • They do this to Americans, and have done it here. If you read the real history of Muslims, and the Koran, they do some really evil killings themselves. Look at all the reporters that got beheaded. People forget about all the be-headings, so how can one judge who is more evil. I am sure no one agrees with all that goes on. It is just sad about all the war. The Muslims are so mixed up in it, they have their clans, and will slay each other without blinking an eye. Maybe there should be some more broader reporting, tell the story about the Muslims killing Muslims, and taking money under the table.

    • They Have Started Already,Read My Post Above,They Almost Had My Life Back In 2006.
      I’m An Ex-Cop Not One Of The Bad Ones Though,But I Could Not Live Being Still A Cop,
      With The Big Lie That 911 Was,So I Resigned.And I Feel Good About That.

  • They wouldn’t have to torture anyone if they just shoot every muslim in the face. Very simple.

    • Is that your *final* solution, or do you want to give it some more thought?

    • Hitler would be so proud of you. He couldn’t have said it better himself.

  • “it is mine to avenge, I will repay” says the Lord. a very large place created for the many and a small place for the few. may God help them, not us…………..

    • People are not talking about revenge but survival.

      Even Jesus adviced the people that if they didn’t have a sword to sell their cloak and buy one. He also took the money changers out of the temple with a whip. Not words.

      God does not want you defenseless. Nor does want you to support evil by your inaction.

  • America’s made war non stop since Vietnam and produces most weapons worldwide.

    That’s stupid.

    Cut all subsidies and contracts to warms and pay back the debt: make arms dealers get real jobs.

    • Obama’s the Abominable Antichrist.

      Reveal him.

      Go to heaven by doing it to the whole wide world East to West.

  • Now… for Obama’s crimes against American’s!

  • War is ugly all the time, but this is above and beyond! American cannot hold up her head with these horrors going on!!

  • didn’t see any beheading… stoning… 6 year old girls being raped… what’s the big deal here…

    • The big deal is that it’s too bad your mouth isn’t the one having a cock forced in it.

  • I am outraged about this and have been for years, nor am i silly enough to think a change from Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama would change a thing since they all are members of the same criminal enterprise. I have found a remedy for what ail’s america. It is called a writ mandamus. This writ is issued by the court and requires all our elected leaders from the dog catcher to the president to follow their constitutional job descriptions. If the state attorney general will not address our grievousness complaints of our government we can take a petition before the court and demand a writ of mandamus be issued.

  • Laser Guided Loogie This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
    • Get a life…Obamatard!

    • The Race Card is getting rather old.


    • No Racism,Bush Passed The Torch To Obamanation And It’s Still Lies And Even More Lies And
      Liars :idea:

  • 144,000 more days to go and ITS THE END OF THE WORLD

  • These pictures are incredibly old… I ETS’d out of the army 14 months ago, and the dessert camo BDU’s have been out of date for over 10 years now. The Military uniforms that we wear currently are all ACU prints. The President that was in charge when the majority of these photos where taken DEFINITELY was no Obama. Not to side with that scrub ass bastard… i just can’t stand misinformation.

  • AND to top it off The Federal Government is practicing Eugenics.‎

  • That’s what happens in the battle field orders are orders, objectives are objectives and missions are missions.

    USMC 1990-1992 Desert Storm retired Marine

    • Plastics Man


      This is what happens when you mindlessly “follow orders”, like any “good, trained attack dog”, which is WHAT YOU ARE, retired marine!
      And your time to be “the hunted” WILL BEGIN, war criminal THAT YOU ARE!


  • Anyone, ..ANYONE who would do these things to another Man, Woman or Child is a PSYCHOPATHIC SCUM BAG whether or not they are following “Orders”. Grow a spine & stand up for what is right instead of blindly doing what your told by some heartless satanist baby killers.

  • Old photos or not, the reality is that these tortures actually happened to a real person. Still proud to be an American? Don’t foret it is your taxes that are paying for all the atrocities that the US military have perpetrated on humanity. If I were you, especially after reading some of these callous comments, I would be begging forgiveness from God, because I would not want to be on the receiving end of the punishment that awaits the perpetrators of these crimes, or those who enable them to happen, albeit passively.

  • Your headline is misleading and false. Your president is a controlled man much like your hollow wood STARS. He is kept in a vacuum under 24/7 surveillance told what to say and has no idea what goes on outside of his enclosure. Your government is run and controlled by ashkenazi jews. But the man with the PRO File always gets the blame. :smile:

    • They are not Ashkenazi Jews, they are Cain’s offspring…the Bible calls them Kenites. Look it up and don’t drag the “Jews” into the evil performed by these wicked tares.

    • Even the Lord warned us against those who SAY they are Jews…Revelation 3:9

      Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

      This is atrocious. This makes our American Military just as barbaric as we say THEY are for their honor killings, killing of Christians etc. I am so ashamed. It’s just not right to treat ANYONE that way. How can we ever lead anyone to stop the atrocities they perpetrate when we are no different? I don’t wish to include myself because there is NO WAY I could ever torture anyone nor KILL them unless it was in self defense, defense of my kids and grandchildren or even a stranger if I walked up on some form of abuse.

    • Seems all men were given their own minds, their own ability to make decisions. Obama is kept in his box by his own choice. Blaming others for your decisions is not acceptable!

  • two words: OBAMA CARES

  • There is no way I would make light of these pictures of abuse. America is breading terrorist by their actions. Who is responsible for 911? The American Federal government. The best way to stop terrorism is to stop screwing with other people’s countries. America can not even control the stupid actions they impose upon their own people. America is suppose to represent freedom and yet we have the largest percentage of our population in jail than any other country on the planet earth. All wars are the cause of the Federal Reserve System (Central Banking). The same system enslaves the world populations. We must begin with “End the Fed”.

  • These pictures are VERY deceptive. They are a collection of photos from various parts of the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay. The ones taken of individuals who had been beaten were taken by coalition forces, documenting the torture of others to the victims. Dead children photos were those either killed accidently in collateral damage or by the enemy either deliberately or as collateral damage. Children interacting with soldiers… so? Children crying… about what? Children in a cell… probably a temporary detention while a parent is detained. A child being searched…after given a juice pouch to drink. Prisoners detained. Prisoners being transported while hooded. A dead body lying on the ground while soldiers lounge after an armed conflict. Pictures of injured people and injuries. Unruly prisoners being contained. The only pictures I find objectionable are the two showing a woman apparently forced to give oral to a soldier. Is the picture genuine and is it actually showing what it appears to be showing? But who are the soldiers? Are they American, Syrian rebels, Iraqis? I guarantee that if they were Americans and they were actually attempting to force a woman to give them oral, they are all sitting in a military prison for a VERY LONG TIME!!!

    Just take a bunch of horrific pictures from a variety of sources and showing a wide range of events, throw them together, and claim that these are all showing crimes committed by American soldiers. This is COMPLETE BS!!!

    • Yes I agree with you, plus asking for a donation along with those pictures. They should ask Muslim Leaders for donations, since they get so much of it under the table.
      I would say, do some research on the real Muslim history, they all have an Agenda, and it is not good. Sure they say they are not Radical, but when is it they they become radical, that is the question. In History they lay wait until the right time then turn radical.

  • Keep in mind, ladies and gentlemen, that an FBI researcher on a different project discovered an original memo issued by Bush43 and Donald Rumsfeld which SPECIFIED that certain tortures be done to stripped naked prisoners and videos made of these acts of torture to be sent to Bush43 and Donald Rumsfeld AT THE WHITE HOUSE for4 their review and approval. These prisoners were INNOCENT of any acts against the U.S. and these acts reflect satanism as dominant in the catholic church which has the CIA at its disposal. The CIA coordinates torture activities. If the catholic church did not condone these tortures, they would not have occurred.

  • You use Russian, Afghan, Paki, Iraq military and pass them off as Americans?! There goes your credibility.

  • Sucks to be them. They would do worse to us. Screw them.

  • Knowing what is going on is powerful, as they say “Knowledge is Power”

    Not acting on this knowledge, is a question without thought that Actions are only counted by Knowing the consequence before your actions. – This IS the key to making change, DO not be lead by impulses. speaks about this situation of lies, and what WILL happen, always fighting someone else’s war never ends with a solution.


    I believe all religions are there as a backbone to mislead, and keep up this sharade or believing in one being better than another, when you are all flesh and blood. What a shameful nonsense

    • “But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags, and we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away”.

      This scripture from Isaiah completely destroys the last paragraph of your remark.
      YHVH makes it very clear that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
      We are all as an unclean thing.
      However, there are religions which are precisely as you say; in fact all of the non-Christian religions.
      Judaism, which claims to be Abrahamic in origin, is in fact the religion of Satan. jews will admit this behind the closed doors of their synagogues, where they plot the abduction, murder, and exsanguination of Gentile children; this is the essential reason why they have been driven out of over 100 regions and nations since 250 AD. Only jews, according to this blasphemous creed, are human, the rest of us are “Insects, cattle at best, human excrement”.
      Mohammedanism prescribes death to the unbeliever in that fraud, plagiarist, and lunatic Mohammed. ( Allah of course being the moon god, hence the moon symbol they place on their mosques and flags and anything else that keeps still for long enough.)
      Buddhism is represented by the yin-yang symbol, which indicates their belief that all things are permissible, from the most evil, to what they imagine to be the best. In their view, the best state is non-being, which is a complete negation of human identity and purpose. Tantric Buddhism involves such blasphemies as the consumption of filth. Can you imagine what pain this must cause to the great God who created us out of His love for us?
      The Bible states that, according to 1 John 1 v 5, “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all”. Thus the yin-yang symbol is exposed as being completely satanic in origin, when viewed by the true light of God.
      This satanic “duality” is also seen in the religion of withcraft, in the baphomet character, who possesses characteristics of both sexes, a spreading of confusion which God abhors.
      Hinduism…thousands of gods…thousands of devils, from the blue-faced demon Krsna to the goddess of destruction, Kali, via a variety of animal-headed gods, which were also frequently encountered by the drug-taking “seers” and wizards of ancient Egypt, which are again abhorrent to the Most High. Similarly, with the native peyote and ayahuasca religions of South America and elsewhere.
      But everything that is pictured above, irrespective of who is doing these things, what uniforms they wear, which president they occurred under; all these things simply and realistically show man without God. This is the level of depravity man is capable of, and willing to sink to.
      This is sin, and the wages of sin is death.
      The only answer, both today and forever, is to ask for a new spirit, the spirit which first came down at Pentecost, the spirit which makes all things new.
      That spirit is yours for the asking.

  • Tolerance of tyranny imposed upon others “over there” leads to more brazen tyrants, and it won’t be long before the tyranny and brutality are openly flaunted on our streets at home. Wake up and smell the DHS coffee people! What do you think the NDAA was enacted for? Why do you think all of our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are denied by Uncle Sam? Why do we allow Obama to claim the right to kill anyone, anytime, anywhere, with no due process?

  • these things extend out to the top executive down in all administrations but the worst is yet to come to a fellow American near you.

  • Torture muslims!!! They worship a false god anyway! Who cares!!!

  • “Man’s inhumanity to man” …Heart of Darkness…sadly.

  • the no ending war on drugs has been going on since the 70s with thousands if not millions of deaths murder corruption and now we doubled down with the war on terror and does just one person think that politians was going to win eithier one of these wars.its all about a power grab,(if you think its money,thats just useless paper they print up,they have all they need or want)this evil,we as americans let happen will run this country in the ground…and we are letting the white house and anyone affiliated with them like the u.n.,pentagon whoever else are going to make the u.s.a a third world nation and we are almost there..theres a reason the united states it not mentioned by name in revalations….because this country is not going to last that long

  • These crime are all 100% George W Bush related.

  • Imagine having a tazer put to the side of your head, and turned on to 50,000 volts…The Fighting 69th is right!!! wake up my fellow Americans. The anti-christs will take over, on the Dollar…It says, In God We Trust, I have a friend that says they left out the L in God. It should say ( In Gold We Trust ) if ain’t about money its terrorists. In the book of Matthew 24:12 And because iniquity shall abound, the Love of many shall wax cold. Obviously there is no Love pictured here, just Lucifer and his hosts, acting like Nazi’s….now whats the matter knowing 25% Sulfuric Acid & 75% Ammonia makes Nitroglycerin. Whats wrong with all of us!!! Shouldn’t we all know when there is PEACE in Israel that, that is the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. In the book of Revelation 12:6 there is a 1,260 days of Peace and in Daniel 12:11 there is 1,290 days of the abomination that maketh desolate set up. add 1,260 + 1,290 = 2,550 days 5 days short of 7 years even. The abomination is described in 2Thessalonians 2:4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. And that temple will be in Jerusalem. for more info look up Operation Dark Star :cool: :cool:

  • The Redacted documents of 9/11

    9/11 Fake Hoax Debate

    CNN Televised WTC 7 Demolition Squibs Flashes Right in your face

  • Fisherman

    Don’t you hate America?
    Don’t you hate Anericans?
    Don’t you feel enormous resentment?
    If you’re an American I hope you understand now why the rest of the world dislike you.

  • but guys, they are fighting for our freedom! *sarcasm

  • How you clowns going to post pictures doing the Bush Administration onto some make believe Obama bs …. Now here is more crimes white me do when they are not under the watchful eyes of the American Public…. You already seen pictures above of how anti human white men are….

  • Our nation is fast filling up its cup of iniquity. As Thomas Jefferson so aptly stated, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice will not sleep forever.”

    • After reading the post above, I feel a lot of shame for the stupid post I just made below.

  • Why is it okay to beat terrorists, but not okay to beat all those precious fatherless sons of pregnant female dogs in our schools? And, think about it, President Obama probably gets beatings like that all the time right after kneeling down, barking like a dog, and sucking on a foreign leader – not that there is anything wrong with liars doing that.

  • Do you think this is any worse than what has always gone on, You have the Bush crime syndicate killed roughly 1 million iraqis just so they could rape the resources for Haliburton, you have US soldiers right now guarding the Poppy fields of afghanistan because the US government is the largest drug dealer in the world…This farce of the US being the good guys and a beacon for freedom is the biggest load of BS ever created…This what has always gone on, London is the financial arm of the NWO, The US is the big brainless muscle that commits atrocities around the globe for the rothchilds and the other banking cabal wholes…

  • WCS

    I don’t know what to say except thank you for the info and know that I will deal with it in my own way. I have sent a copy to person that I think need to see this and to confirm what you have said hear is true. If it is, it is my hope that the person that I’ve sent it to will be all over this and heads will role. If he does nothing then I will take it to the next level. It is my fear that we are next (the American people). And we wonder why other countries don’t like us as we preach about freedom and human rights. And I never understood the suicide bombers but now I do, its better than being captured. I get it now.

  • Hmmmm… I didn’t see Obama in any of those pictures…. Also, half of them are fake. The other half, well, questionable…

  • When were these photos taken and by whom? i am sickened to see them.Ive been out of the military over 20 years now. American military appear to be acting like animals. IT is ok to defend yourself from a physical assault. It is NOT OK to terrorize torture or humiliate the prisioners of war. I do not know what caused this inhumane treatment…but that does NOT excuse manner of response.. The moral high ground separates humanity from animal behavior. Seems to me a few court marshal’s are called for, after identifying those engaged in the above activities and identifying how far up the chain of command goes.
    I am a born again believer in my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. HE has saved me from my sin and given me a new direction in life. I praise HIM everyday. HE alone can pardon from sin…but we must agree apart from HIM there is no forgiveness . I lift in prayer here all that are involved .If these photos are not disturbing to the viewer or perpetrator we have serious problems as a people :shock: :shock: :shock:

  • Muslims……..what else should we “do” to them??

  • I generally tweet articles about government atrocities, but the idea of sharing these pictures left a pit in my stomach. I’m not a real emotional or sympathetic person, but this breaks my heart.

  • Ok let’s look at it from this Point of view!
    Torture is Torture No Matter where it is done and By Whom! NOBODY should have to go through this would you see it Different if it Was your Family Member? you probably Would then you would see that as a crime against Humanity! well No Difference Here!
    and also Remember the Bombing In Oklahoma City? Remember How Pissed everybody was cause of the Kids Daycare in the Building and those poor Babies that Perished from the Bombing
    Just Like the Poor babies here in these Pictures they Didn’t deserve it either!
    NOW THINK ABOUT THAT! and No I do have a Problem With any Government That Thinks they can go to another country and do these horrific Acts, and have it all nice and Peachy in their own country Maybe Just Needs a Little Torture Themselves!!!

  • who and/or what are they looking for? to keep this up for so long seems like they still haven’t found what they’re searching for. what is the endgame of all this? or outcome?

  • The Way To Heaven – Hello, my name is Ron and I want to share with you this message about going to Heaven.

    The Holy Bible is the written Word of God and it says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Holy Bible, NKJV – Romans 3:23)

    All of us were born with a sinful nature and we need to be saved in order to be allowed into Heaven after we die.

    You should not wait until later to be saved because you may die before you have another chance to do so.

    Around 2000 years ago the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came from Heaven and was born as a sinless human being supernaturally to a virgin woman named Mary. (Holy Bible, NKJV – Luke 1:26-35)

    The reason why the Lord Jesus Christ came was to live a perfect sinless life, shed His sinless blood, die on a cross, and rise from the dead so that those who want to be saved will end up in Heaven instead of being forever separated from the love of God in an eternal place of punishment called the “lake of fire”. (Holy Bible, NKJV – Revelation 20:12)

    Heaven is described as a beautiful place with no sadness and death. The Holy Bible says, “And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.” (Holy Bible, NKJV – Revelation 21:4)

    The Lord Jesus Christ says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (Holy Bible, NKJV – John 14:6)

    The Holy Bible says, “That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus(God in human form) and believe in your heart that God(the Father) has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Holy Bible, NKJV – Romans 10:9, Philippians 2:5-11)

    If it is your desire to be saved, then pray from your heart the following prayer with your mouth.

    Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I want to be saved. Please forgive me for the things that I have done wrong in my life. I confess that You are Lord(God in human form), and I believe in my heart that God(the Father) raised You from the dead. I thank You for shedding Your sinless blood to pay the penalty for my sins and dying on the cross for me. Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You for saving me, amen.

    If you just now got saved, then you are now in the family of God and on your way to Heaven. Now that you are a Christian, you need to start reading the Holy Bible so that you can grow in godliness. Some good places to begin reading are Romans, Ephesians, and Philippians.

    Have a good day!
    R. L. Grossi

    • Thank you R. L. Gross, I needed to read that to restore my faith.

  • One at a time- Stop them one at a time- When it’s your turn, do your best because they will kill you regardless- Now I say to those who block my emails and censor everything I do on my PC and Phone fuc U- If you don’t like it do something about it chickenshits- I see that the CIA bunch are nothing but cowards and sneaky murderers and the Uniforms are Nazi scum bottom feeding trash as were their muthers- These bastards disarm and then do their thing on those who are helpless- AMERICANS’, when they come for you or yours give them everything they plan to give you right then and there, because it’s your only chance to do your part- Remember, you’re dead either way with them- You want it on your knees like you’re trash or do you want to do your best with whatever you have- These butchers bleed too- These same things have been going on in America for many Years- Those in Hollywood who act out these parts in Motion Pictures are every bit as bad as the ones’ doing all the murdering and atrocities because their Characters are spitting into the faces of the oppressed and tortured- Actors that don’t want to be a part of War don’t last very long- You want some names???- They will come for you and no use in trying to hide because they used all your money to set cameras and microphones on everything you take any part in- This pack of rat bastards murder rape and rob and torture and destroy everything and want to watch you and disarm you so you can’t do a damn thing about it EVER, and then ‘your number’ comes up- Try to be ready, surprises can be from both sides, and do your best part- Give-em what they came for a good video that they won’t be laughing about later- gwt

  • Damn! We have to make it safe for ISIS to do what they’re doing! How DARE we treat 1 of them the same way they treat hundreds of Christians?

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