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By King of Shambhala (Reporter)
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Michelle Is A Transexual; Married To Antichrist Obama – Video

Sunday, May 11, 2014 6:17
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Distrust is mounting about Obama: the Bundy Ranch, the Benghazi coverups and Kerry refusing to testify. Hillary’s on the ropes because a new Congress Committee’s been appointed to investigate Benghazi and her role in that.


IRS’ Lois Lerner has been cornered and can’t escape now on charges of perjury and of covering up information /hiding the links to Obama in the IRS/Tea Party scandal. Now people are doubting and fear of Obama and Michelle is on the rise.


Michelle Transsexual Who Married Antichrist   



Michelle is a transsexual who married the Antichrist Obama.


Obama is the Abomination of the Bible (i.e. homosexual) because he’s the Antichrist (see video – Lottery drew 66 and Marked Obama – in article below).


Is homosexual Obama married to “Michelle”, a transsexual – in a bondaged “marriage” of convenience?

If Obama’s married to a man and that man’s a transsexual, Michelle, that’s a great burden for Obama. He’s thus living in bondage to a transsexual and that’s a great suffering for poor Obama. We should all feel compassionnate for this great suffering.

Obama’s a well-known homosexual on the Chicago homosexual scene. He’s life-member at the Chicago homosexual bathhouse “Man’s Country” on North Clark Street. Having married a transsexual, Michelle, so as to make a fake marriage, is a great suffering for a pederast like Obama. His natural inclination is to be with men who look like men. Add to that the surgical suffering of both transsexual surgery and the surgery homosexuals like Obama endure when they get older, due to sodomy i.e. prolapsed rectums.

We’re looking at people like Michelle and Obama, who go through endless and terrifying pain. This does indeed warrant us to bestow upon them all our compassion.

“Michelle” Obama’s face is not handsome. It is very ugly and not feminine at all.

Michelle Obama penis

Michelle Obama bulge

Obama is the Abomination of the Bible (i.e. homosexual) because he’s the Antichrist.

Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?

Michelle really looks like a man dressed up in drag.



Obama with his lover during college, Pakistani Mohammad Hasan Chandoo. They’re holding hands here.
Every picture tells a story. The photographic evidence is indisputable. Barack Obama is Gay. It’s time he comes out of the closet. Watch the video and judge for yourself.
story that follows:Now, the former radical activist from Occidental College who has recounted a 1980 encounter in which Obama affirmed revolutionary Marxist views tells WND in an interview his strong impression at the time was that Obama and the wealthy Pakistani roommate who accompanied him were homosexual lovers.John Drew, who founded the Marxist-socialist club at Occidental to which Obama belonged, says he met the future president in December 1980 when Drew was a 23-year-old second-year graduate student at Cornell University.

Obama, a 19-year-old sophomore at Occidental at the time, was with diminutive Pakistani roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo.”I really had the feeling that Obama was Chandoo’s ‘boy toy,’” Drew told WND.Drew, who earned a Ph.D. from Cornell, is an award-winning political scientist who taught political science and economics at Williams College.
Read more at…

It can seriously be doubted that “Michelle” Obama is a woman. She’s about as far from being a woman as Obama is of being a heterosexual. These two are a couple joined in hell.

This is ugly.

Michelle’s appallingly distasteful in all things related to clothing.

Mia Marie Pope Oust Obama


Obama used to dress in gay/transexual drag in Hawaii in the 80s. Former school friend reveals it all.









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Total 27 comments
  • Recycled from various other articles already posted on B4IN :mad:

    Poor effort Geir, you need to work harder for your B4IN money :mad:

  • Why do trolls heckle my articles for years 24 7 because they refuse my saying Obama’s the Antichrist?

    Is it because of money?

    If it’s politics then that’s stupid because Obama’s not any good at politics.

    • The bottom lline is that yes Obama’s the Antichrist.

      Those who oppose that truth are liars and go against Time.

      Time is on the side of the Apocalypse.

      • Are you also the earthly representative of the Greek god Chronos now?

      • Bottom line here is that you are a complete and utter fraud KoS.

        No evidence. No proof. No clue. Just hatred.

        Try doing something productive for once, you shill.

      • SMITH:

        If your the example of Kalachakra, then I DO NOT WANT ANY PART OF IT, the

        spreader of lies, hate, and discontent!

        At least i can lead a better life than you!

        you will always have that mean spirit in you! :twisted:

  • The usual cycle of KOS stories continue; not enough views on his antichrist 666 stories, so he went for the racial headlines with the Kim Jong il/Obama is a monkey man stories. When he saw that they were not has viewed or commented on, he switched gears to the Obama is gay fantasies, and now the Michele is a man stories.

    Just look at his posting history, it’s all just a pattern.

    Geir, just come out and say it, we all know you want Obama to butt-sex you.

    • He gets the comments just not the comments he wants unless some lost soul with a mind as sick and twisted as his wanders onto his stories and agrees with him or he takes out his many sockpuppets to cheer him on.Otherwise its just us here keeping it real.

      • Ted

        What are the Vending Machines like at the Fusion Center? Reliable or more Government low bidder crap?

  • Michele Bachmann is a man and married to a gay man also!

  • Champak

    You are playing with fire! There are many women who look masculine and if Michelle really is a women then you are nothing but a BULLY. For all we know she COULD be a women, she could have even be born a hermaphrodite and is wanting to live life as a women. Your digs with little proof are insulting and not Christian. I do not support the people in the whitehouse but neither do I support your bullying tactics either.

  • he can’t be the antichrist because he hasn’t got the majority of folks in love with him to the the savor.

  • This is the most stupid vile thing i have ever heard please stop accumulating negative karma bythis useless activity and go meditate on loving kindness and compassion instead slander is a serious obstacle and will contribute to your downfall into the lower realms of existence

  • I just want to know who those other two women are walking up the steps in the tight mini’s…yowzaa

    • Ted

      You have good eyes. I’m sorry it isn’t full motion video I sense movement that would be very interesting to watch in their Cabooses on the loose…

  • wow, that’s pretty good then, michelle is hot!!!

  • The Demoncrap party is one SICK party. Lawless, immoral, and the new owners of negro plantation slaves.

    Now they got the sodomite negro and his transgendered husband doing the dirty work of bringing down America.

    I gotta admit using Negroes was brilliant. But they had a lot of experience with Negroes being the original party of slave owners.

    They observed them 24 hours and realize they could be used like monkeys for political “tricks” and trained Barry for this barry purpose!

  • I’m a firesexual married to the ice beast.

  • You need meds KOS.

  • Ok, I have to ask King of Shambhala why he considers Obamatard to be an antichrist. I have seen in other articles that he was posting such evidence about the Chicago lottery drawing being the beast’s numbers however I feel there is more evidence that our current pope is the antichrist mainly because there is more evidence mounting up than reasons given with Obama. While I do not like Obama at all and think he is bad news, I think our pope could be the one that is the antichrist. Look at what has recently happened, on two occasions when he was releasing doves the bird got attacked by a seagull the first time and the second time two doves got released at a later date and another seagull and a crow attacked both doves. Keep in mind when the pope got elected, sitting on the chimney before the smoke came was a seagull hanging out. When Benedict announced stepping down within that same day St. Peter’s Basilica got hit by lightning. I think the most recent thing going against the bible and God’s word is that Pope Francis just recently said that even atheists can go to heaven even though they do not believe in God. Let’s not forget about the acceptance of homosexuals in the Vatican as well. While I agree that Obama is bad news, I do not think he is the antichrist at all, I think it is the pope….Obama, like Bush will come and go and then blame will be put on the next president as usual.

  • I couldn’t possibly comment, but point #4 may just be “being stuck with an ugly wife”, here.

  • You nailed #4 Geeper.

  • Looks like BIN objected to your 1, 2 and 3 and deleted them. :neutral:

  • Here is what I dont get…Obama supporters –they support all gay stuff…but they dont want to admit that Obama is gay..whats with that? Its one of the great conundrums of the universe!

  • Could of been bi sexual… :twisted:

  • Doggoneit!

    If he is gay, at least he’s not a pedophile with a penchant for animals as well

  • Is that your Donkey calling Geir?.

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