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Trump Is Unpredictable. Obama’s The Antichrist. Maybe He’ll Reveal That And Break The Apocalypse By Surprise (Video)

Saturday, November 12, 2016 2:11
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King of Shambhala


also see here for me….I belong to an old Norwegian aristocratic ROYAL family including  Count Tolstoy (Leon Tolstoy, the famous Anarchist theorician inspired the Russian Revolution but at the same time was the scion of the Chernigov Princes – 11th cent. – by far the oldest Russian royalty), Henrik Ibsen, Papal and Royal Chamberlains, many Members of the Royal Household, (Mistresses of the Robe) barons and counts, ambassadors. All those who fail to heed heaven’s voice (the lottery draw of 666 below) will be thrown into hell in the end times says the Bible. Well, heaven has spoken. On the day after Obama’s election the lottery in his homestate drew 666. The 666 lottery-draw also reveals that Obama’s Mark of 666 means his money.  Check the lottery numbers in Obama’s homestate here : the Pick 3 of Nov 5, 2008 was 666, less than 24 hours after Obama’s election!!  Because I’m alone in revealing the lottery draw of 666, the Mark of the Beast that everybody knows is the Antichrist, that makes me the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming.    Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest form of culture in the world and I follow it’s Kalachakra creed. Buddhism and Hinduism never carried out war like Christianity and Islam (That’s the worst thing existing in the world.)  In 1999, I was recognized as the reincarnation of a disciple of the highest Sakyapa lama of Tibet.  I’m working on revealing myself and my message to the world fast now so the Apocalypse blows. My message of truth and that shows the way, must be revealed not only here at BIN (the only place in the world where speech is free), but worldwide! The lying Antichrist Camp is infesting my articles with trolling from such criminal orgs as “Organizing for Action” so don’t follow anyone opposing me here such as the homo trolls supporting the Antichrist Obama’s murderous homo-agenda!


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The winning lottery number in Illinois was 666, which, as everyone knows, is the sign of the Beast.


On Nov. 5, Todd Strandberg was at his desk, fielding E-mails from around the world. As the editor and founder of, his job is to track current events and link them to biblical prophecy in hopes of maintaining his status as “the eBay of prophecy,” the best source online for predictions and calculations concerning the end of the world. Already Barack Obama had drawn the attention of apocalypse watchers after an anonymous e-mail circulated among conservative Christians in October implying that he was the Antichrist. Former “Saturday Night Live” ingénue Victoria Jackson fueled the fire when, according to news reports, she wrote on her Web site that Obama “bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ.” Now Strandberg was receiving up-to-the-minute news from his constituents in Illinois. One of the winning lottery numbers in the president-elect’s home state was 666— which, as everyone knows, is the sign of the Beast (also known as the Antichrist). “It is very eerie, and I take it for a sign as to who he really is,” wrote one of Strandberg’s correspondents.

Ever since Jesus Christ was crucified and, according to the Gospels, rose again in glory, his followers have been anticipating the end of history—the time when their Lord will return to earth and reign for a thousand years. The question has always been when. Most Christians don’t worry about the end too much; it’s an abstract concept, a theological puzzle for late-night pondering. A few, however, have always believed that it is coming—and soon. Millennialist movements, as they’re called, gain prominence especially when the world grows chaotic, during wars and at the turn of every century. According to a 2006 study by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, a third of white evangelicals believe the world will end in their lifetimes. These mostly conservative Christians believe a great battle is imminent. After years of tribulation—natural disasters, other cataclysms (such as the collapse of financial markets)—God’s armies will vanquish armies led by the Antichrist himself. He will be a sweet-talking world leader who gathers governments and economies under his command to further his own evil agenda. In this world view, “the spread of secular progressive ideas is a prelude to the enslavement of mankind,” explains Richard Landes, former director of the Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University.

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No wonder, then, that Obama triggers such fear in the hearts of America’s millennialist Christians. Mat Staver, dean of Liberty University’s law school, says he does not believe Obama is the Antichrist, but he can see how others might. Obama’s own use of religious rhetoric belies his liberal positions on abortion and traditional marriage, Staver says, positions that “religious conservatives believe will threaten their freedom.” The people who believe Obama is the Antichrist are perhaps jumping to conclusions, but they’re not nuts: “They are expressing a concern and a fear that is widely shared,” Staver says.

Before Christ comes again, those who are saved will ascend to heaven, according to this end-times theology, in a huge, upward whoosh called the Rapture. Strandberg is so certain that the Rapture is coming, he’s bought a number of Internet addresses in addition to RaptureReady: AntiAntichrist, Tribulationus and RaptureMe. In the event that RaptureReady crashes during the apocalypse, anyone who needs an update will, with a simple Google search, be able to get one. Strandberg says Obama probably isn’t the Antichrist, but he’s watching the president-elect carefully. On his Web site, he has something called the Rapture Index, a calculation based on signs and prophecy of the proximity of the end. According to Strandberg, any number over 160 means “fasten your seat belts.” Obama’s win pushed the index to 161.


Obama’s guilty as hell for the phony birth certificate…. FORGED! That can put him in jail for several consecutive life sentences.





Obama – The Lottery and 666 What are the CHANCES?



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  • King of Shambhala

    What’s the crap going on? My title’s been translated to Norwegian and shows up on BIN’s front-page in Norwegian?
    Trump er uforutsigbar. Obama er Antikrist. Kanskje Han Vil avsløre på Og Break…
    Trump er uforutsigbar. Obama er Antikrist. Kanskje Han Vil avsløre på Og Break The Apocalypse By Sur
    Contributor: King of Shambhala - Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016 2:11
    King of Shambhala also see here for me….I belong to an old Norwegian aristocratic ROYAL family including Count Tolstoy (Leon Tolstoy, the famous Anarchist theorician inspired the Russian Revolution but at the same time was the scion of t

    • Geeper

      It’s funny when the all-knowing wisest-human Buddheo-Christian Messiah gets angry because he has no idea how his own computer works.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Leftists are desperate and reverting to hacking.
        Trolls have been heckling me for YEARS NOW and Wikipedia says this is a mentally ill behaviour.
        Don’t follow them said Jesus and Wikipedia which says to deny them recognition.

      • King of Shambhala

        The human anus GeeperAids puked the “all-knowing wisest-human Buddheo-Christian Messiah”.
        I’m Buddhist not Christian seeing Christians are an evil, apostate, blasphemous, heretical, demonic species (I mean “Who makes war for it’s faith?” Demons. Look at Islam…nothing’s more evil than Islam.).

        “Messiah”: Yes. Christians told me I couldn’t bring the message of who the Antichrist was unless I was the Messiah.

        I said to them: “We must be able to make a deal. I’m not your God-dam* Messiah. I also don’t intend to take out your garbage for you and reveal your god dam*ed Antichrist.”

        The stupid Christians got mad and doubled down saying “No, there no way you can reveal the Antichrist and move on scot-free. You’ll be Jesus and the Messiah beyond any possible doubt whether you like it or not.”

        I relented and said: “OK I’m your Messiah and Jesus.”
        I added, “Whether you like it or not I’m the only candidate for Messiah because 1. my facts are IRON–CLAD. No one has ever argued or contested them. and 2. No one has stood up to take on this burden of Messiahhood. Why is that by the way? The Christians could very well from now on say “KOS no need for you to bruden yourself with this. You’ve done your bit and thank you for that. But for Messiah, no need for you. We’ll be the Messiahs here. You just go back to Tibet and being the King of Shambhala. We don’t need you to take over the Christian Messiahhood because we’re totally able to assume that burden on our own with no help from outer foreign faiths likeyou Buddhism.”

        Why haven’t the stupid ugly LAZY Christians taken on this responsibility of the Messiahhood and waited so god dam* long?
        So no one’s stood up despite it being eight long years I’ve been blaring this news about the lottery and 666 on Internet worldwide.
        In the absence of any other candidates/contenders, I’ve had to assume the mantle of Messiah by default= seeing no one was standing up to take it on.
        I first starting speaking about 666 in the lottery in 2008.
        But it’s only about 2010 that I started relenting and assuming the role of Messiah and Jesus (cripes! JESUS!!!!! HEEELP! Jesus is a vampire retunred from the dead for Buddhists! He’s a dam* demon!!!!!!!! “Being Jesus” is like becoming a living dead!!!!! Yiikes!).
        GeeperAIds, the walking scabbed HIV infection, said “the all-knowing, wisest-human”. The answer is YES!
        Nobody’s assumed the mantle of Messiah so what does that make people. STUPID AND UGLY.
        Lets put it blunty: compared to Einstein (Albert E. invented the Bomb and said: “Humanity doomed itself the moment it split the atom”! DUUUUH! YOu just did just that “Einstein” STUPIIIID!), Mensas and Stephen Hawkings, compared to them I’m “Einstein”.
        They never assumed the mantle of Messiah.
        Plus they know crap about anything. What do they know about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism? ZILCH!!!!!!!!! Idiots!
        Enough said.
        They’re stupid and ugly.

  • Boo

    Christians don’t make war. They turn the other cheek. Leaders make war, even those who claim to be Christian leaders . Any real Christian knows his/her eternal life is not of this world and not of this limited material existence.

    • King of Shambhala

      Ignore the false christs like “Boo” said Jesus.
      Christians have made loads of wars and Islam is the worst thing existing in the world.
      Hinduism and Buddhism never made wars.

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t follow the false christs whio keep on hekcling and heckling to save themselves. They’ll lead you to hell said Jesus. Turn away from them: they’re demonics.

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