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Obama Naked Stupid Tonight, Without Prompter. Obots Bat-Shirt Crazy.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012 16:21
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Obama Exposed: Like a Fig Leaf, the Teleprompter Only Hides the Naked Truth

Written on October 5, 2012 by in Debates, Election 2012, Uncategorized

Like a naked man seeking fig leaves for cover, President Obama stumbled, hemmed and hawed awkwardly on the debate stage this week, (in front of 70 million viewers) desperately seeking the cover of his missing teleprompter. He was left exposed to the elements of the truth.

The crutch of the teleprompter is a dangerous thing. The electronic screens, like any acting tool, only cover up what is behind the script and Mr. Obama was left open to the harsh elements of reality on Wednesday evening at the University of Denver. Governor Romney focused the light on the President’s arrogant lack of preparation and, more importantly, on a President with no solutions and damaging decisions.

During my career as a television journalist in Philadelphia, the good, seasoned reporters knew not to give in to the allure of the “prompter” for fear of becoming addicted. Experienced journalists knew they better know the facts–be able to ad lib if there was a technical glitch. It was only the naive, inexperienced reporters who, like any breed of addict, remained stubbornly dependent on an electronic, unreliable tool to do their job.

Perhaps just as telling as the words that came (or didn’t come) out of the President’s mouth was Mr. Obama’s body language. His rude, head down, note taking during Romney’s responses was so revealing. Gone was this signature, charming smile. He appeared arrogant, petulant, angry, bored, because no one has ever confronted and challenged this President so publicly. The low point for Obama was the discussion moved to our dismal unemployment rate, and he asked (or pleaded) with the moderator to move on to another topic.

Mr. Obama learned the hard way that unlike the friendly environs of a controlled press conference populated by largely complicit media members, the debate stage is a different animal. On that stage, there is real opposition, real examination of actions, real questions and real exposure. Or at least I assume he learned? If he didn’t, then Mitt Romney is in good shape heading into debate number two.

Resolved Question

Is Obama the Antichrist?

Do you really feel safe with that “man” as our president? if he really is a man at all.

Best Answer – Chosen by Voters

Only ignorance can come up with the statement like “Obama is the Antichrist.” Uneducated and ignorant people (there are so many of them in America) makes statement of this nature such as “Bush was son of God, and Sara Palin was sent to this earth by God.”

Well, I know God loves us all despite our many human failings.

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  • Dawn

    Looks like you were wrong. Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

    • Anonymous


      Geir KKK Smith: wrong since he breathes.

    • truther357

      Do you ever get tired of being a narrow-minded,gullible,Marxist, Obamatard?

  • Dawn

    Its official: Obama NOT the Antichrist.

    According to our resident messiah, Geir Smith, the Antichrist does not fight back.

    Obama fought back, so therefore he can not be the Antichrist.

  • Anonymous

    You don’t know Geir Smith.
    He is a self-proclaimed christian-jewish-buddhist (he doesn’t know himself) messiah convinced Obama is a real demon.
    He is racist. He is homophobic. He is an ignorant science-illiterate and proud of it.

    Never braought a single rationnal argument in 4 years of absolute irrationnal and passionate hate.

    You might find some reasons to hate Obama, but none of Geir’s will ever make you look bright.

  • Dawn

    Another stupid comment from Bendoverforaman. Don’t you ever get tired of looking like a fool?

    You clearly know nothing about politics, if you think Romney will be any better than Obama. Romney is even worse than Bush…thats what they’re saying on CNN right now.

    By the way, I’m still waiting to hear what you think of Geir being your Messiah. What’s the matter little lady, haven’t got the balls to tell Geir what you think of him?

    • King of Shambhala

      Resolved Question
      Mr. S Mr. S
      Is Obama the Antichrist?
      Do you really feel safe with that “man” as our president? if he really is a man at all.

      4 years ago

      • Dawn

        No he’s not the antichrist, because according to you the antichrist doesn’t fight back.

        • Anonymous

          Huffington post latest electoral map:

          Obama still leads, and after yesterday’s debate, it will goes even better for him (and the whole mankind).

          You know, I don’t think people like Obama so much. It is just about the republican offer.
          But you can’t understand that. It’s too shaded for you. You just understand black vs white.

          • Dawn

            Romney is a shady crook and people don’t trust him, this is why the elite chose him to run against Obama…they want to make Obama look better.

            Obama is a lame duck president and could have easily been beaten by good Republican candidate, but that’s not what the elite want. They want Obama in the white house and he will be in no matter what the election outcome is. If people don’t like Romney though, it makes it look like the American people voted for Obama, but the truth is their vote means nothing.

            Stupid people like the Queen of Shambhala are to ignorant to realize this…they think the elections matter.

          • King of Shambhala

            We’ll prove Obama uneligible and that shouldn’t bother you seeing you don’t like Obama.

            How do you who is going to be president?

            Are you a medium because for sure you know nothing about politics because you’re stupid and ugly.

            Why are you sharing your diaharrea of thoughts on my articles?

          • Dawn

            You won’t prove anything, because you don’t do anything but hide behind your computer, posting other peoples stories…whether they’re true or not.

            Considering I think ALL the presidents since JFK have been nothing but sock puppets for the elite (including Obama) it won’t bother me one bit if he’s proven ineligible.

            The thing is, Shammy the alcoholic clown, Obama was born in the USA and he is no more inelibable than Bush, Clinton etc.

            I know who will win because I’m smart enough to know democracy is a sham and the fact is, a lot of Americans may hate Obama, but a lot more hate Romney. Romney was chosen for one reason, he makes Obama look better by comparison.

            When you call me stupid and ugly, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. All it does is prove that you are a name calling imbecile.

          • King of Shambhala


            make your own articles

            stop commenting mine u idiotic and ugly person

          • Dawn

            I bet you were very unpopular as a child.

            Did you scream insults at other kids then run crying to mommy when they beat the crap out of you?

            Did your mommy tell you to stop acting like a little girl?

            What about your daddy, was he ashamed of little girl he sired?

            Is this why you drink so much?

          • King of Shambhala

            don’t talk to me and stop trolling

            u’ve got psycho problems

            see a shrink and don’t talk to me ever

          • King of Shambhala

            So dawn, do you munch that pubic hair a lot?

            How many lesbian dykes do you have sex with every year?

            perverted lesbian

            why are you unhappy and grumpy?

            Obama that you hate just won?

            he lost in fact

            he lied in the rosegarden and crowley just confessed to Anderson cooper

          • Dawn

            You’re really freaking out, Geir.

            The more upset you are, the more you name call and ask those funny questions.

            You can relax, because Obama fought back, so he can’t be the Antichrist. Remember what the bible says about him not fighting back? “Antichrist Oozes His Blood Like Lamb, Without Murmur.”

            Thats what the Bible says, right, Geir? You wouldn’t lie to us, would you?


          • physhstx

            Hahahahaha, geir tells you to never talk to him again, then asks you a question three minutes later. Must be on the bottle hard today!!! Hahahahaha!!

          • physhstx

            I’ll give it a break when you do. Until then, better get used to me!!

          • King of Shambhala

            in fact obama didn’t say terrorist in the rosegarden

            if you want to talk to me then answer what i’m talking about

            obama didn’t say that right

          • physhstx

            I never said that he did. Having fun fighting the demons in your own head??

          • King of Shambhala

            Why do you write to me?

            You don’t like Obama.

            So what’s your beef with me and spending all this energy?

          • physhstx

            Believe me, this takes no energy at all. It’s fun, in fact!!

            Until you stop spreading lies like they are truth, you had better get used to me!

          • King of Shambhala

            U unemployed?

            This is what u do?

            U must be really stupid hand ugly am I wrong?

          • physhstx

            You sure are wrong! I am employed, not that it has any relevance to our discussion.

            You lost again, move along!!

          • King of Shambhala

            so this is what u do

            and u don’t like obama

            well well well bizarre, u lie some?

          • physhstx

            What am I lying about, geir?

          • King of Shambhala

            keep on posting
            u can talk all alone ok

          • physhstx

            Good job ignoring the question again, geir!!

            Your pants are on fire!

          • King of Shambhala

            obama’s the antichrist
            ignore all other quesitns
            ignore the trolls who are the bible’s false christs and evil

          • physhstx

            Ignore the guy who lies all day, is too intelligent to spell words correctly, can’t form sentences, and can’t back up any of his claims.

            You`re a sore loser, geir.

          • King of Shambhala

            u post to articles all day
            get a job
            try to be of use to others

          • physhstx

            Hypocrite! Try practicing what you preach. That’s all you are doing as well. Where do you get off telling me what to do anyways?
            Stop posting stories and I’ll stop commenting on them. Untill then, your lies will continue to be exposed and you will continue to lose!

          • King of Shambhala

            u do this?
            u’re a strange person

          • King of Shambhala

            Are you a homeless who doesn’t do anything all day long?
            This is all you do?
            You troll articles at BIN.

          • physhstx

            Yes, I’m a homeless with a computer. That makes perfect sense.

            Think before you type, maybe you won’t come off as crazy. But I doubt it!

          • King of Shambhala

            posting to BIN all day on articles
            u’re a useless

          • physhstx

            “u’r a useless”: From the guy who can’t spell, can’t form a proper sentance, and posts the same story ten plus times a day.

            Time to have a look in the mirror, geir.

          • King of Shambhala

            Changed back from Geeper huh
            Where was obama’s prompter?
            For a guy who doesn’t like Obama you spend a lot of daylight hours defending his sorry pinkarse

          • physhstx

            Who’s defending him? Certainly not myself.

            Another day, another lie

          • King of Shambhala

            You trolls are on full alert
            Is it the Rose Garden?
            And Crowley saying Romney was right?

          • physhstx

            Nope, wrong again!!

            It’s about your constant lying. It may be a mental disorder. Might want to get that checked out

          • King of Shambhala

            trolling all the time
            is it time for obama to fall? The rotten fruit off the tree

          • physhstx

            If you could read and comprehend what you read, you would already know. See above post.

          • King of Shambhala

            They say Obama’s down 7 points on Romney.

            Time to pack the bags for Death Row.

            Obama’s the world’s greatest criminal of History.

          • physhstx

            For someone who claims to not be into politics, you sure do talk alot about politics.

          • King of Shambhala

            No politics from me. I do only prophecy and religion. 666 and Obama is just about faith that’s all.

          • King of Shambhala

            Obama didn’t answer Romney when he said ‘You said this was a terrorist action’ in the Rose Garden.

            Obama answered, “Keep on speaking Governor.”

            He took it sitting down with fighting back or explaining anything.

            So Crowley stepped in the shoite.

            Obama’s the Antichrist who doesn’t fight back.

            He’s a coward like blacks are.

            They don’t build things, that’s too hard for them.

            They can just destroy and ravage that’s all. I still can’t understand why you’re so protective of a man neither of you two trolls like i.e. Obama. You both said you didn’t like Obama so give thisa break OK. Give him up. Forget Obama OK.

          • physhstx

            I hope you do prove obama ineligible. Give you something productive to do.

            But you probably won’t, you’ll just sit around, spreading lies and slander,and trying to discredit valid arguments against your point by making more false accusations (ie false christs).

            This is the M.O of somebody who has lost at their own game.

          • King of Shambhala

            How can 55000$ debt per person be good for Humanity?

            You say Obama’s good for Humanity?

            He’s the end of the world.

        • King of Shambhala

          Why this shadowy life of lurking and trolling?

          Why this dishonorable running around searching in garbage cans

          Why this low-down dirty thing going on? Make your own articles if you’ve got a spine, you spineless tail-less dog

  • King of Shambhala

    romney obama debate
    Gallup Daily: Romney 50, Obama 46

    Oct 16, 2012 0 Comments Pat Dollard

    PRINCETON, NJ October 16, 2012 – Half of likely voters now prefer Mitt Romney for president and 46% back President Barack Obama in Gallup interviewing through Monday.

    Romney 50%, Obama 46% Among Likely Voters

    Obama down sharply among men, college grads, and Southern voters vs. 2008

  • Geeper

    Psychological protip: Every insult Shambhala deals out is an insight into why he hates himself.

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