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I’m Jesus, Messiah, Run And Reveal This Fast.

Thursday, November 15, 2012 23:27
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  • I’m Jesus, Messiah.

    The following is a conversation I had at BIN, ( which proves beyond any possible doubt that I’m Jesus, the Messiah. I’m the Messiah for all faiths, the full gamut, from Buddhists in Asia, to Christians in the West; and this explains how, why and in what way.


    Obama rules for three and half years before being defeated. The exact time of his fall is not certain. Bible: “No one knows the day or hour of the Apocalypse, not even the son of the father, only the father knows.” (That’s me, the son.)

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  • If it’s three and a half years then that’s a little, wait, YOU THINK YOU ARE THE SON OF GOD?

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  • Again “reluctant”.
    God doesn’t exist.
    But it’s the Christian kooks who see their logic in that.
    not me.
    I’m out of that.
    No God, no son.
    I’m the King of Shambhala.
    People should start listening to what I say, they’d understand me then.

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  • So what are you saying here – the Bible is kind of accurate for prophesying your arrival as the son of god, but it got the details wrong and shouldn’t be used as the basis of a religion?

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  • I don’t know what the Bible means.
    I’m new to the Bible.
    I first read up on what 666 and the Antichrist and beast meant when I saw the Newsweek article.

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  • You “don’t know what the Bible means” yet you present yourself as the world authority on the Christian apocalypse and the Antichrist. Also you are the Son of God.


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  • I now discuss with fundamentalists or cultists whare are batshirt crazy.
    I know my faith and go by that.
    But when I saw 666 that rang a bell, because I had seen that in Rosemary’s baby and/or the Damien films.
    As for my being the King of Shambhala who is the universal saviour of the world and Humanity there’s been no doubt in my mind since I was young.
    But being the Christian messiah, well GIVE ME A BREAK!
    That’s below me.
    But you’ll not get that out of their heads.
    For the Christians, whoever “comes suddenly” “with the message of the Apocalypse” aka the Revelation of the Antichrist: that’ll be the ‘Second Coming’ or whatever crap they call it. The Return of Jesus? Is that what those loons call their Apocalypse?

    Jeuss is a zombie, a living dead.

    I feel offended that they think I’m Jesus. Really!

    I don’t want to fit their role.

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  • You said that “the son” in the Bible referred to you. I realise now that you haven’t ever read the Bible, but you should know that “the son” in the Bible refers to Jesus Christ. If you are claiming to be “the son”, you are claiming to be Jesus.

    Are you claiming to be Jesus?

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  • I’m son of god TO THEM.

    I don’t believe in God. Buddhist don’t, we refuse the concept of God.

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  • I’m the authority on Christianity?
    Really, says who?

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  • You’ll not get it out of their heads I’m Jesus.

    being Jesus is my worst nightmare.

    He’s dead and a zombie.

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  • I don’t know whatall Christians have going on their heads.
    They say Jesus this, God that.
    They’re loons.

    I just reveal the Antichrist and let the shirt rip.

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  • Okay, we’re getting somewhere.

    So: you reject the Bible for being a false testament, but imagine that those who follow the Bible would recognise you as “the son” if they could see you for what you were? (In the same way that “the antichrist” is just an ignorant Christian interpretation of Krinmati – it’s wrong, but if a Christian saw Krinmati he would describe him as “the antichrist”.)

    Is that a fair summary?

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  • I’m not Jesus, I’m King of Shambhala. Read My Lips. King of Shambhala.

    Loon Christains can say what they will, who can stop them?

    If I reveal the Antichrist they’ll immediately say “Jesus! Praised Be the Lord!”

    And I do reveal the Antichrist.

    What can I do?

    They’re loons. They think I’m Jesus.

    I’m the reluctant messsenger.

    I’m like whites going to Africa where they think you’re sent by God.

    Whites in the USA are like blacks; really superstitious.

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  • Okay, I think we’re there. You’re not Jesus, you’re the King of Shambhala, but any Christian who saw your power would THINK that you were Jesus. Is that right?

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  • No, that’s all wrong. 100% wrong. Your problem is you’re working with your prejudiced preconceived ideas. I’m a life-long scholar of Kalachakra and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. I don’t even have any idea of all the false ideas you just exposed.

    You seem to think I want to get something out of Christians. As if I’m demanding some respect from them. Not.

    Christians will all be doomed. I’m trying to save some of them in heaven. Buddhists will also be doomed says our Kalachakra Apocalypse teaching. I’m trying to save some of them if I can too, via Internet.

    I don’t believe in God, Jesus or the Bible. I’m using the Bible like a “User’s Manual”. It’s as if I bought an IKEa Kit and have to build it while using the manual and following the indications.

    So, what do I have? I’m a Buddhist with interest ZERo in Christianity. Obama comes into my life from nowhere via the elections of 2007-8. Zoom-in: the guy, Obama, gets 666 showing up the day after election. BOOM! I realize this must be that thing I saw in films, the whole Antichrist trip. I think I’m OK with that and start talking about it a bit on Internet during 2008. Christians quickly assail me saying I have no right to reveal this miraculous event. They fear I’ll be the Messiah and talking to me they’re horrified to realize I’m not a good Christian like they’d want their messiah to be.

    I’m honestly disgusted at their intolerant attitude so I brush up on my Christian notions to drive home the point that I’m right and no matter what they think nothing will change it. “Brushing up on my Christianity” means just browsing Wiki. So I do a thorough research upon key words: “Antichrist”, “Revelation”, “Apocalypse”, “Beast”, “666″.

    It’s all foreign to me…. being a Buddhist.

    But in the Bible, although I don’t accept any of the main ideas there’s no reason I an’t accept the prophecies. The prophecies and the concepts of God etc… are different matters.
    666 to me a miracle and we have loads of miracles in our Buddhism. We’re not foreign to that at all. Miracles can take any form. In this case indeed, with 666, there’s a convergency of all faiths into the Apocalypse be they Buddhist, Christian or whatever.

    >Okay, we’re getting somewhere.

    So: you reject the Bible for being a false testament, but imagine that those who follow the Bible would recognise you as “the son” if they could see you for what you were? (In the same way that “the antichrist” is just an ignorant Christian interpretation of Krinmati – it’s wrong, but if a Christian saw Krinmati he would describe him as “the antichrist”.)

    Is that a fair summary?>

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  • They say it immediately once I open my mouth.

    >Okay, I think we’re there. You’re not Jesus, you’re the King of Shambhala, but any Christian who saw your power would THINK that you were Jesus. Is that right?>

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  • So if a Christian truly listened to your message and truly understood it, they would instantly recognise you as what they would call “Jesus” and what you would call “The King of Shambhala”.


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  • Book of Daniel: Abomination of Desolation: “When you hear the good news of the Revelation, Drop whatever you have in your hand and run; If you’re on the first floor and see something on the second floor you want to get, don’t get it, but leave the house and run; If you’re in the field, then leave your plow in the earth and run.”

    I’ve read this all in Wikipedia.

    it means that when people hear my message they must not think “He’s Jesus” or whatever …

    They must run.

    They must think “Sheesh! This is it………….”

    The only chance they have is to go out and run to spread the message themselves and become messengers of the Apocalypse. If they don’t do it they’ll not get to heaven. They have to scramble NOW!

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  • Nah, not obsessed, just trying to work things out in this one thread, genuinely curious as to where you think you fit into the Christian worldview. All I want is a yes or no to the basic question of “if a Christian truly understood your message, would he (ignorantly) perceive you to be Jesus” then I’ll shut up.

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  • Geeper, listen well.
    I’m not Christian.
    I’m Buddhist.
    I’m revealing obama’s the Antichrist.

    Whatever happens after that is not of my making.

    Christians have been hassling me since day one saying I’m not qualified to even bring the message because only Jesus can bring that message.

    They’re threatening to me. They say I’m a false christ. I’m even negociating on one Christian website, saying to them: “Listen forget me OK. Take my message, spread it and don’t tell anyone I was the one who passed it on to you.”

    They just can’t handle that I be a Buddhist and be spreading the message of the Antichrist being revealed.

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  • I understand that you’re Buddhist and that you reject Christianity. That’s cool. But if a Christian listened to you properly and understood your message, and saw how you could defeat the antichrist, he would (in his limited, mistaken view of the world) think of you as “Jesus” – this is what you are saying?

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  • I’m telling them: “I can be outside your faith and be revealing to you your Apocalypse, your Revelation and your Antichrist.”

    I’m like China making goods for America.

    I’m like outtsourcing and telling people how to find their own keys under the rug, while I’m in fact talking from the other side of the world.

    I’m connceting people to themselves while I’m not even in the same world.

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  • I don’t know about the Jesus question.
    I only researched the other key words but not Jesus.
    I’m not interested in Jesus.

    I said what they say to me.
    They say to me: “You can’t be the messiah because that would mean you’re Jesus.”

    I say to them: “Can’t you guys be more simple? I just tell you Obama’s the Antichrist and we leave it at that?”

    But they can’t accept that. It’s “either or”. I say to them: “OK, let’s just drop it. I’ll go spread this to toher people and forget you OK.”

    But they don’t give up. They follow me around and stalk me thinking I’m some kind of enemy of Christians.

    I tell them I just want to help people. I’m just spreading the message of the Apocalypse and am the Messiah but it’s not aimed at them particularly. If they don’t want the Revelation’s message I’ll go peddle it to others.

    But they won’t take that. They say: “No, no! It’s me you’ve got to talk to.”

    And they get aggressive. They get to the point where they want to close down my revealing the Illinois Lottery draw of 666.

    I used to tell humourously: “You should sue the lottery!”

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  • How did i connect Krinmati to Obama?

    Long before Obama came along, I was seeking to reveal the Apocalypse.

    This is because I’m a specialist of the Kalachakra and it announces the Apocalypse.

    There are signs within Buddhism of the end-times.

    Tibet’s invasion by China was the main sign of the prophecied end of times.

    I was looking for the realisation of the prophecy earlier back in the the early 2000s.

    I had disucussions with various Buddhists who were very nervous about the Kalachakra end of times prophecy.

    The discussions brought us into Buddhist discussions but they became very stormy because of the big split between pro and anti-Dalai Lama clans within Buddhism.

    The Dalai Lama’s not recognized by anyone within Buddhism.

    He’s only a media figure who’s revered by non-Buddhists.

    He has no role in Tibet and didn’t have it in old days, either.

    He is not the king of Tibet, as he claims.

    Then this Obama thing happened and I had to become immersed in Christian lore which I abhor deeply.

    Then it dawned on me about two years ago, that in fact, the prophecied demonic enemy of our Buddhist Apocalypse prophecy, must be Obama also.

    It seemed far-fetched to begin with…. until I looked in detail at all the description of our Antichrist-style figure in our Apocalypse.

    Obama perfectly fits with the description and so eerily well that it’s hard to imagine because it’s so perfect.

    So Obama’s Krinmati. The Antichrist of the Buddhist Apocalypse. But this was a realization which I developed once I had discovered the Obama mmiracle of 666 by chance.

    I saw Obama was the Antichrist instantly when I read the Newsweek article back in 2008. But I didn’t realize he was the Krinmati Demon announced by Buddhism until about two years ago. Then I realized that my role was the King of Shambhala role and that thus it was the role of the Saviour and Messiah of all cultures. This dawned on me progressively. But it confirmed what I knew obscurely since my youngest age.

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  • Okay, thanks, I think I get where you’re coming from here.

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  • To boil this down, you guys are pissed off and say I can’t be the messiah for what reason? (I’ll tell you.)
    Because I’m not Christian.
    This is the stumbling bloc, because I’m not even intersted in that subject; so we’re off talking about different things.


    Links to Obama’s Mark of the Beast 666:

    (Newsweek article: “Is Obama the Antichrist?”)


    OBAMA US66 code 60606 Illinois Lottery 666 (WHAT)

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  • JasonX

    So you’re an undead zombie? That is what you have said Jesus is, right?

    Calling yourself Jesus is merely your attempt at offending Christians. Too bad we know you’re nothing but a pervert demon. Call yourself Jesus all you like, it only proves how insane you are. :lol:

    • King of Shambhala

      I said above that it’s Christians who are assailing me because they say I’d have to be Jesus to be revealing obama the Antichrist.
      That’s all explained above, for anyone with half of a brain who can understand the actual words.
      I’m not saying it; it’s them.
      I’m no zombie sorry, you got the wrong vampire there!

      Jaso, you’re a moron and idiot and ugly person, so why are you so nervous zombie?

      Didi Petraeus just throw Obama, your god the Antichrist aka Satan, under the bus?
      You’ve lost it.

      Spread the good news I’m spreading the message of heaven and you’ll be saved; But spread it even to the Far East; you demon.
      I spread the news against my will, as far as being jesus, is concerned. I’m the reluctant messenger of the Bible aka Jesus-Messiah.
      That’s me; Yes.

      • JasonX

        I really get under your skin, demon. What did you say yesterday about no longer responding to me?
        If you’re so sure that Petreaus will bring down Obama, then why are too frightened to take me up on my deal: Leave this site for good if you’re wrong? Because you know I’m right and Obama will not go down for this…if anything Petreaus will take the fall. The media is already tarring and feathering the man, its only logical that he will blamed.

        If 666 is such a big deal for you, “messiah,” then why do you ignore that Romney’s name = 666 in computer codes?
        In your own words, you only discovered Obama was the antichrist after someone else made the assumption before you….wouldn’t the true Messiah already know the identity of the Antichrist? Wouldn’t the first person to reveal the Antichrist be the true Messiah?
        Also, Obama has been in power longer than the 42 weeks the Bible says the Antichrist will be in power….Why does this not cancel him out as a candidate for the Antichrist? If you’re going to quote the Bible and use it to prove your point, then you should be following it to the letter…not picking bits that suit you and making up the rest. If you’re going to use the Bible as evidence, then there is more evidence in this book that shows you are wrong.
        The Bible also describes false christs, those who will try to temp us from GOD. You claim there is no GOD, Jesus is a vampire, the only way to be saved is to follow you and Christianity is false religion…you perfectly match the description given of a false christ.
        Last but not least, both the Messiah and the Antichrist will have great unearthly powers and be able to produce miracles. Neither you or Obama has demonstrated this ability. For the record, posting four year old conversation on YA is not a miracle. A bigger miracle is that you know how to use a computer.

      • King of Shambhala

        Yawn, oops’s sorry I dropped off there.
        Yeah, wow you really get under my skin.
        I don’t relate to you funides at all.
        I wonder what planet you live on out in the Mid West.
        Wow, really get under my skin :sneers: roflmao :smirks under his breath:

        OK, here we go sheeeeeeeesh!

        Your deal entails me leaving here for some reason I haven’t figured out.
        Nope, I haven’t planned on leaving hree for some reason you’d have to explain to me.
        I plan on throwing you and all your little cultist friends into hell.
        Happy about that?
        Don’t worry about heating down there. They’ve got that all planned for you.

        Pass on the usual drivel of the troll
        Garbage crap
        Obama’s the sole antichrist
        people at yahooo Answers know it
        I don’t need to prove that anymore.
        Everybody know it now
        If backward hicks don’t get it it’s their teachers’ problem
        they didn’t beat them enough when they were in school
        it shows now
        hicks are backward and ugly stupid people
        crazyman Jason spewed his usually stupid screed:
        >wouldn’t the true Messiah already know the identity of the Antichrist? Wouldn’t the first person to reveal the Antichrist be the true Messiah?>

        Well, Jason, the Bible says “No one knows who the Antichrist is”
        I’ve researched this all on Wikipedia thorougly for four years now and I’m VERY good at it.
        You’ve not researched it and that shows.
        I can rattle off an answer in ten seconds flat.
        Here Jason makes his fatal mistake:
        >Also, Obama has been in power longer than the 42 weeks the Bible says the Antichrist will be in power….Why does this not cancel him out as a candidate for the Antichrist? If you’re going to quote the Bible and use it to prove your point, then you should be following it to the letter…not picking bits that suit you and making up the rest. If you’re going to use the Bible as evidence, then there is more evidence in this book that shows you are wrong.>

        Well talking about the Bible, that’s my forte and your weakness. You can’t use the Bible. You don’t know what it says.

        I can use the Bible but you, you can’t. That’s the difference between you and me, I’m good at the Bible but you’re terrible, you are a disaster at the Bible.

        Concerning the Apocalypse and the defeat of the Antichrist is says: “”No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

        So what do we know? We know he’s rule 42 months but that’s all. We don’t know when he’ll fall so we can’t say when his rule starts either.

        I’ve speculated a lot about that wondering if it’s his election, or Inauguration which marks it. But maybe we’ll laern later that it was from some later date such as when he first asserted his authority in government through this or that action. Who knows? The “son of god and angels” don’t know even. (Bible)
        Ok, you’ve told me what you think of Buddhists and I’ve told you what I think of you Christians so we’ve been there done that so the holy war we can do another day OK! Let’s talk here now and get this over with OK. “Insults aren’t useful” (Bible)
        “Miraculous powers.”
        First mine: I have the power to break the Apocalypse Judge all beings, throw 7 billion minus 144 000 into hell meaning 99,9999% of the world into hell.
        That’s my power the most great power of the world seeing I break the Apocalypse, bring the revelation and am the most important part of the bible being the END.

        Obama’s “miraculous powers”:

        The Antichrist is called the “Man of Miiracles”

        I’m very good at this because I’ve researched this deeply in Wikipedia in the “Antichrist”, “Beast” sections.

        The miracle of the Antichrist is that he’s made up of three things called the Unholy trinty. What is the unholy Trinity which make up the Antichrist?
        They’re the First Beast, the Second beast and Satan.

        Yes, a little-known fact is that the Antichrist is in fact Satan himself, the third part of the “Unholy Trinity.”

        What does the Antichrist do on earth?

        The first beast is the “hideous” beast which has seven head and ten crowns and horns, and the second beast is calm and seducive. It charms and decevies the world into worshipping the first hideous beast.

        Obama’s hidden past which he hides under his new found famous new personnality, that past is this first hideous beast. His deceit and lies are his satanical nature. The “miracle” at this level is to be able to deceive and fool people so totally as to worship him and to totally survive his hideous nature the previous doomed destiny which was his.

        There’s another miracle which is surviving a fatal head-wound. I’m a bit unclear on this, but Obama’s head has massive scars on it for one. But I wonder if it’s not metaphorical as well with a double meaning. With the lottery draw destroying and revealing him back in 2008. Jury out on this still. I’m telling you the grey areas I’m still not 100% sure of. It’s a work in pregression the Apocalypse. (It lasts seven years on all. It’s not short and/or abrupt!) I’m honest as hell. Another great quality of the messiah. That’s my brandmark… Honesty AND openness.

        You’ve got to understand I’m extremely intelligent and a genius and you can’t defeat me by insults and talking down at me. I dominate you and the whole world by my intelligence and learning and scholarship. I’m the “man of wisdom” who calculates the Antichrist’s number 666 and understands how he “marks all beings by forcing it on their hands and foreheads and without accepting which, no one can either buy or sell”.

        The Apocalypse is not Christian and you Christians will all be thrown into hell because the church will be destroyed by false christs corrupting it from inside at the time of the Apocalypse. (Bible) Don’t worry everybody will be thrown into hell excpet for me and my 144 000 faithful Army of Truth aka messengers of the Apocalypse.

      • Dawn

        Geir, you’ve read Wiki and your’re an expert? Give me a break. If you were to hand in a essay in univerity and site Wiki as a source, it wuld be an automatic fail.

        Everything you say on here is to cause a reaction. One thing you got right…insults aren’t useful…not sure if its the bible, as you write (bible) at the end of so many things that aren’t in the bible.
        Any way, if insults aren’t usefull, then why do you use them? Why did you use them after writing that? You’re allowed to insult people, but they can’t insult you?
        This is not an insult, its a fact….you’re a mental case, a liar and Jason is right, you twist the facts. I’ve read you post where you siad Obama would be executed on a certain day, because his 42 weeks were up…now you’re changing that??? It doesn’t work that way. It only proves that you are a fasle prophet.

        here’s the post where you claim Obam’s time was up after 42 months.

        You are a lying fasle prophet. You can twist the facts all you like but you can’t deny your own words.

      • JasonX

        Nice try old man. :lol:

        No matter how you try to rationalize it, you are twisting the facts and ignoring the evidence. As Dawn pointed out, you’ve already predicted the end of Obama and the Apocalypse and both of these events never took place when you said they would. You are an impotent old failure, sitting alone behind a computer screen and dieing from your own poison.

        There will be many false messiahs, you will know them from their failed predictions. (Bible) :lol:

      • Paris

        oops! jason’s gone a ticked of geir! thats such a wordy explination you gave for someone who claims not to care about jason, you must really be angry at him. i’m beginning to think jason might be onto something. is Romney the antichrsit?

      • King of Shambhala

        Jason had some very good points.
        I hope no one objects to us talking.
        He asked what Obama and my superpowers were and I answered which was a big progress.

      • Dawn

        I have to wonder if there’s two people posting under the King of Shambhala. Most of the time we see the high functioning imbecile, that calls people names. Then every so often we get these long thought out essays that would almost boarder on rational if the topic wasn’t so insane.

        If there isn’t two people, then we’re seeing Geir before his medication kicks in and he looses it.

      • King of Shambhala

        You can’t write things that even approach kindergarten level Dawn.
        “boarder on rational”?
        Don’t even try it…if you can’t spell check what you write.


        You’re totally stupid. An ugly person. Accept it.

      • JasonX

        Yes I did make some good points, thank you. And we did make some progress…we established that neither you or Obama have super powers. To be honest though, we already knew that.

      • Awakenow2

        King o shamwow again… your gonna love my nuts…. slapchop

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s the gay Abomination of the Bible. Gays are the Abomination. Gay is disgusting.

      • JasonX

        “Gays are an abomination of the Bible…”

        I wasn’t aware that you were Christian. That explains your fundamentalist belief in the Antichrist.

    • Shun-Shadows

      Nice Call JasonX, This guy is Using Shi to Infect people with Dogma

      I would Advise Everyone To look at the Link to Explain what his doing and how his doing it, Classic Manipulation!

      • King of Shambhala

        Beware of false christs.
        I’m the way.
        I’ll lead you to heaven by spreading the message of the Apocalypse which is that Obama’s the Antichrist and he’s marked by 666.

  • Geeper

    That chat thread doesn’t prove that you are Jesus, it proves that you hope that Christians would recognise you as what they would call “Jesus”.

    • King of Shambhala

      I don’t give a damn hoot if anyone recognizes me as messiah and least of all the braindead Christians.
      I wrote a long explanation yesterday to explain it’s them who are forcing themselves up on me with their braindead idea that I must be jesus in order to fulfill their awaited messiah position.

      I’ve told them that’s wrong because they’ll all have to turn into false christs first beause the church will be destroyed by them the false christs before the messiah comes; but they don’t easily agree to being destroyed it seems. (Bible says so not me but they don’t like what the Bible says – they insist on being the chosen even if that means betraying the Bible’s word and they betray the bible’s word by not accepting what it says)

      • JasonX

        Actually, Geeper was the only one trying to get you to admit you’re Jesus…why I’m not sure, as its seems to only have taken your insanity to the next level.

        You are not Jesus. You are not the Messiah. You do not fit the description given in the Bible. I, or nor one, is interested in hearing about how you are the messiah because your tantric sex cult says so…this is not the Bible. If you think Christians are brain dead, then stop using the Christian Bible, the word of GOD, to support your lies.
        If Christians are as brain dead as you claim, they why are they smart enough to know a false christ, like you, when they one? After all these years of misquoting the Bible, you’ve yet to convince one Christian that you’re the Messiah or to spread the news that Obama is the antichrist….Never mind Christians…you haven’t been able to convince anyone from any faith that you are the Messiah or that Obama is the Antichrist.
        What a wasted life you have. You accuse others of having no life, no jobs and wasting their time on here, but it is you that has thrown your life away. It is you that is consumed by insanity. Luckily for you GOD is an understanding being, and I’m sure He knows why you have chosen this path of poison…maybe you’re paying off an karmic dept from a previous life.

      • King of Shambhala

        Oopss Jason’s gone to the next level of insanity.
        can’t win’m all.
        He was always a borderline case.

      • JasonX

        Oops! Geir Smith read Wikipedia and now he’s an expert on the Bible…watch out Obama, you’ve got a messiah on your tail and he’s armed with four year old conversations on Yahoo Answers!

        The Antichrist will be brought down by Yahoo Answers (Bible)

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • King of Shambhala

        Can I take that to the bank Jason?
        I think it’s possible Yahoo Answers can do big time damage to Obama’s life.
        The truth is always a bad things…for liars like Obama and Yahoo Answers Is FULL OF TRUTH for him and 666 the lottery.

      • JasonX

        If you say Yahoo Answers is full of truth, then so be it….you said it, not me.

        Here’s a whole bunch of folks saying Obama is not the Antichrist.

        If its on Yahoo Answers, it must be true.

      • Dawn

        Hhahaa! yahoo answers didn’t do any damage 4 yrs ago and it won’t now.

      • King of Shambhala

        You can say whatever you want jason.
        You don’t need me seeing you’re not really guided by the truth.

      • King of Shambhala

        Well it’s good Yahoo won’t do any damage now.
        Why do you see that as damage to Obama?
        I thought you just wanted the truth like any decent person: why are you into hiding the truth to support Obama, the criminal?
        That’s dishonest of you.

      • JasonX

        I’m not guided by truth? Good try, demon. Point out my lies and I will point out yours and then we will see who is not guided by truth.

        You talk, demon, but your words are hollow and meaningless. There is no truth to anything you say. The only thing you know is chaos and lies. Perfect example…what happened to the Apocalypse your predicted over the summer? You tried to drum up fear in people, by telling them end had come and they they better follow you if they want to be saved.

        …we’re still here and so is Obama. What kind of Messiah can’t get the date right? What does the Bible say about prophets who’s prediction don’t come to pass?

        All one has to do to expose you is post your old stories. Your own words are there for the world to see that you are a false christ, as described in the Bible.

      • King of Shambhala

        thanks for telling me it’s a good try.
        Always good to have positive response among negatives.
        Much appreciated.

  • Sirius
    More meme than prophet.
    Free Tibet from Geir Smith. :evil:

    • King of Shambhala

      troll alert
      troll alert
      troll alert urgent

      • Sirius

        Good of you to announce your arrival.

  • JasonX

    “I thought you just wanted the truth like any decent person: why are you into hiding the truth to support Obama, the criminal”

    You were given truth: Yahoo Answers has people saying Obama is not the Antichrist, as well as people saying he is. You choose to ignore the fact that some YA users say he isn’t and only present what supports you. How is this truth? You claim YA is proof, but not everyone on YA says Obama is the AC. The fact is, most YA user don’t think Obama is the Antichrist. Also, this is why you can only post four year old conversations.

    By the way, if you’re going to pick on peoples typos, you might want to get your own spellcheck fixed….you continually make grammatical errors, but I don’t point them out.

    • King of Shambhala

      where in the Bible does it say that everybody on Yahoo Answers will agree Obama’s the Antichrist?
      Thinking that comes from your diseased mind alone.
      The Bible says only a few will see the light: “In the Apocalypse, many will be called but few will chosen.”

      • JasonX

        I guess realizing you’re being mocked isn’t one of your strong points…I was making fun of you for making up your own Bible quotes and writing (Bible) at the end of it.

      • King of Shambhala

        No, you said one should believe those on Yahoo who say Obama’s not the Antichrist and ignore those who say he is. That’s like a spoiled brat who only wants what he likes and cries when he doesn’t get it. Live with it brat, there are people at Yahoo who don’t go your way AT ALL and go another way ENTIRELY.

      • JasonX

        Such a twisty demon, aren’t you?

        I said no such thing…I was pointing out that you only believe what you want to believe and ignore the rest. You then put forward people on YA as proof that Obama is the AC. How can that be proof when more people on YA say he isn’t the AC? By your own logic, this is proof he is not the AC.

        You’re the spoiled brat, my friend, who only wants what he wants and ignores the rest.

  • DarkStar

    Geir Smith King of Shamlalaland Run!! And Spread This Fast!! Evin to the Far East!!!…

  • Sonny Jim

    All you are is a Blasphemer, should we run and reveal that?

    Here comes the part where you say I am a ( stupid, ugly, homo, gay, fokker, fundie? )
    And how I am a false prophet (who has never made a prediction, and doesn’t claim to be The Messiah) and how I don’t know anything about my own religion (from a self described buddhist)
    It certainly is interesting to hear a person with a couple years of internet research tell me, that after my 44+ years learning and reading the bible and learning from those more knoweledgeable than me,
    that a foul-mouthed, spiteful, hate-filled person such as yourself has anything useful to say to anyone.

    • sten

      He might get really nasty and call you an obama supporter :lol: :lol:

  • Awakenow2

    Obama is evil no doubt about it, the antichrist will come from a european royal bloodline and there is sufficiant evidence to suggest that it is Prince William of Wales. King of shamwow is a moron who wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the mouth. He has obviously never read the Bible and has no clue into the mystery of Revelation or even why the Bible lays out the lineage of the bloodlines in every book in the Bible. He knows nothing of fallen angels and ancient symbolism. His assumptions prove his ignorance.

    The Royals of Great Britain in particular have arranged for the destruction of Christianity. The Holy Grail blasphemously represents the Blood of Jesus as having been preserved in this Royal Family, which is heir to the Throne at Jerusalem. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (p. 406) speaks of a New King of “the Holy Seed of David” who will preside over a “Masonic Kingdom.” Who might be the heir of this purported Royal Bloodline of Jesus deemed worthy to sit on the Throne of David? Lady Diana was married to Prince Charles to combine the House of Windsor and the House of Stuart. The authors of “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” include a list of noble families of Merovingian heritage which include the following “According to the ‘Prieuré documents,’ the Sinclair family in Britain is allied to the Bloodline, as are various branches of the Stuarts [i.e. Princess Diana].”

    The state of Charles’ and Diana’s marriage was one of the prime reasons the Queen indicated she intended to continue as reigning Monarch until her death. Charles would find it all but impossible to take the religious vows at his coronation as King and head of the Church [and] the Throne of England would pass directly to Prince William.

    Antichrist and a Cup of Tea p. 240

    Given the increasing lies and false archaeology of a linked ancestry through the ongoing Lost Tribes of Israel research, as well as its own prophecies, it stands to reason and makes sense that these very regional nations would in fact unite under a common banner in a future which is appointed for destructions, both natural and man-made, who then join together and unite thru convienance or necessity, yet group together nontheless into larger nations, a mere foreshadow of what is to come in that final Global Empire, divided by ten, later ruled by Ten Kings, yet all under Antichrist. If so, this means then that Antichrist first appears on the world scene almost immediately having three nations loyal to him (England, Scotland, and Wales yet could also include Ireland) and rally in unison behind him, declaring him as their Unified King, and with these three, he eventually rises in power to take in ten more loyal to his rule, for a total of thirteen (a number strongly connected with those involved with the Antichrist plan throughout the ages.) Notice that it is the Angel Gabriel who provides the interpretation of the vision to Daniel stating that the “Little Horn” [Antichrist] is also symbolized by a Bear. In other words, the Antichrist is “the Bear.” Remember, the ancient Celtic word for Bear is Arth-ur, and the name Arthur literally means Bear. The Book of Revelation provides a parallel yet expanded view of the nature of Antichrist which is hauntingly familiar of Daniel’s vision, and perhaps adds something more. In it we see the Beast is a four-fold creature, being a Dragon, Bear, Leopard, and Lion, exactly the same creatures from Daniel’s vision, however, in Revelation, we now see added features of the Wild Beast, who now takes on more detailed attributes of a Red Dragon. From these we can understand there is a mystery to solve in these, very different, amalgamated and merged [Lion/Leopard/Bear] Beasts which make up the totality of the future post-apocalyptic Antichrist Beast-King.

    William – The Conqueror (The King of England) = Lion / Mouth / Speaking / Charismatic Leader
    Arthur – King Arthur Pendragon (Celtic Tribe) = Bear / Feet / Strength / Ressurrection-Spirit
    Philip – Alexander (aka Philip) the Great (Greece) = Leopard / Body / Conquering / Youth
    Stuart/Windsor – (married into Stuart line) Unicorn = Little Horn / Human Eyes / Man
    Windsor-Wales – (Welsh/Druids) Celtic Prince = Red Dragon / Satanic / Possession

    • King of Shambhala

      This is a false prophecy and you’re a false christ.
      The Antichrist is beyond doubt Obama it’s perfectly clear.
      He fulfills all of the traits without exception.

      • Awakenow2

        Shut up already kingoshamwow you are full of feces and you don’t have a clue. You know nothing of the elite and their plans, you know nothing of ancient symbols, all you can say is 666, lottery, Obama… It does take wisdom to discern the mark of the beast, which is a plan of the elite that Obama is nothing more than a puppet to implement the verichip. Prince William already has one he had it implanted when he was 12yrs old. Now go to your yoga class and shut up.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s an Abomination. The Antichrist is the Abomination of the Bible. All of this is very clearly proven and those who support this abomination will not gain heaven.

      • Awakenow2

        I don’t support any abomination including yourself, you are messiah of nothing, like I said before. You are worse than Obama because you claim to be a man of God but you don’t repent and compare yourself to Jesus Christ who gave himself as a ransom for those of us who choose to except him. YOU LIE AND BLASPHEME!!! YOU ARE AN ANTICHRIST!! YOU DO NOT SPREAD THE MESSAGE OF SALVATION THAT IS THE THE GOSPLE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! YOU ARE A LIAR!!!
        Thank you and have anice day :grin:

      • King of Shambhala

        False christ.
        Shut your foul mouth.
        You’re evil.

      • Awakenow2

        Whats the matter? Ya mad bro?… Ya mad?
        I will not shut my mouth, you are an antichrist, repent or burn in hell, you cannot claim to be Jesus Christ who takes away the sins of the world when you are a heathen.
        I hope that you will see the truth and repent before you are judged by our creator. Ypu call everyone false messiahs when you are the only one who has made that claim. You don’t even know the definition of the word… you are an arrogant ass

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s an Abomination and the Antichrist. Gays are abominations.

        Obama’s a gay. The Abomination of the Bible is gay.

      • Awakenow2

        All of the elite are gay, they are pedophiles too. do a little research Mothers of Darkness castle for one prime example

        You probably have never heard of it because you don’t do any research for yourself, take a minute and educate yourself, then you might have a clue about the real severity of the state of the world you claim to be messiah of

      • King of Shambhala

        Gays are arseholes like you you false christ.
        Shut up when you talk.

      • Awakenow2

        See just like I said you haven’t a clue. You call me a spammer when I give you useful link information, a real messiah would care that children are being sacrificed to satan in that castle. You would also care about the MK ultra programming going on there, but you are nothing more than a perverted old man who spends too much time trying to pleasure yourself by practicing tantric yoga, which is nothing more than sungod worship. YOU ARE AN ANTICHRIST, AND YOU WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENSES IF YOU DONT REPENT, YOU WICKED WICKED MAN. TURN FROM YOUR SIN THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND REPENT BEFORE YOU DECIDE YOUR OWN FATE!!!!!!!

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t talk to fringe cults.
        You’re crazy. Had to say that to you though even so.

      • Awakenow2

        You are crazy and suffer from delusions of being a messiah. Fringe cults? That must be what you are trying to build claiming to be a messiah. You are truly a basket case. It is truly sad that you would give up eternity to be a clown, because your claims make people laugh at you and if you really believe what you are saying it makes it that much funnier…. I am sad for you :cry:

      • King of Shambhala

        You could do better by shutting up.
        Obama’s marked by 666.
        That’s why you’re trolling and ranting on my articles that’s all, case closed; next question.

      • DarkStar

        The Real Geir Smith Who is this French Dirtbag??…

      • Sirius

        Seeing as you are accusing people of belonging to fringe cults, I quote your contributor profile here on BIN:

        “Contact me by e-mail at and we’ll organize the Army of Truth aka the Messengers of the Apocalypse and spread the good news even out to the Far East, that Obama’s the Antichrist and he’s revealed by us.”

        That smells like a cult to me.

  • DarkStar

    The ReL Geir Smith Here!!…..

  • Nefer

    Anyone else looked up this crackhead on FB? His picture looks as crazy and creepy as his posts.
    I think he acts so extreme just to rile people up and get them to “talk” to him because he has no friends. Just sayin….

    • King of Shambhala

      You can join the other lunatics on these article Nefer.

      You people are just Obama fanatics who can’t stand that Obama’s stumbled up on Benghazi and (CIA Chief) Gen. Petraeus couldn’t lie his way out yesterday during his hearing.

      You worms have come out of the woodwork for that sole reason and now you can’t stand that I’m revealing obama’s the actual real Antichrist. Period. Case Closed.


    thank you geir for the invite to your behavioral lab, i must concur with your findings. a fascinating dynamic at play here as your little lab rats scurry about their maze. their cute little noses keep hitting dead ends and yet they continue.. darting through the maze.. dead end after dead end after dead end.. hahaha… and with no real exit. they just keep running and running and running… perpetual insanity.

    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah they’re going bezerk because Obama’s being called to testify very soon now if Petraeus doesn’t get his act together fast.

      Obama’s demons are running rampage on my articles.

      It’s sure I’m not kind on the president what with callling him what he truely is i.e. gay, (abomination) the Antichrist, Evil,, Satan-in-Person and telling them the White House Birther Petition is already one fourth full after only three days of being online.

      Good News WH Birther Petition’s 1/4 Full

      They’ve got no more hope now. “No, They Can’t”.

    • JasonX

      Speaking of lab rats, I’ve noticed your name popping up on Geir’s articales quite a bit, rainingmind. You keep saying the same thing over and over. I don’t buy it. You’re just some guy with no power in his life, trying to make people see him as something greater than he is. Sad.

  • JasonX

    Daniel 11: 37 says he (Geir Smith) will not regard the God of his fathers and he will not desire women (because he’s a closet homosexual.) He will not acknowledge any god; because he will magnify himself above all.

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