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Sandy Hook: The Curious Case Of Emilie Parker

Monday, January 14, 2013 13:10
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(Before It's News)

When news came on December 14, 2012, that a gunman had killed 6 adults and 20 young children in Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown, Connecticut, I was in shock — like you were. Even after the many gun shootings of the recent past — in Aurora, CO; Tucson, AZ; Virginia Tech, VA; Columbine, CO — Americans were stricken by this latest massacre because 6 and 7-year-old little children were the victims. A moral barrier was crossed, which even the most cynical among us find intolerable.

Since then, however, so many inconsistencies, anomalies, and unanswered questions have arisen about the official version of the Sandy Hook massacre, that doubt and skepticism increasingly are expressed. Where is the school’s security surveillance tape? What about those police and eyewitness reports of other suspicious individuals on the scene, including at least one man wearing camo pants whom police handcuffed? Why is there such a strong resemblance between some of Sandy Hook parents and families and professional “crisis actors”? For these and other anomalies, go to FOTM’s new “Sandy Hook” page.

With no intention to downplay the gravity of Sandy Hook or to disrespect the victims and their families, I must ask certain uncomfortable questions about child victim Emilie Parker and her family. I don’t have any predisposed assumptions or conjectures concerning those questions and their implications. I am simply exercising my First Amendment free speech right by asking questions. (My questions below are colored red.)

Emilie Parker2Emilie Parker

1. The “Emilie Parker Fund” Facebook Page

On December 14, 2012, angelic-looking 6-year-old Emilie Parker was brutally murdered by Lanza. Reportedly, he had shot every child multiple times, some up to 11 times.

On the same day, December 14, someone — either a family member or a friend who has the family’s permission — created the Emilie Parker Fund page on Facebook to solicit donation for her family. Here’s a screenshot of Emilie Parker Fund‘s “Info” page showing its date of creation:

Emilie Parker Fund

The donation page was created a day before the actual memorial page, R.I.P. Emilie Parker, was created on Facebook! Here’s a screenshot of the Info page of R.I.P. Emilie Parker, showing it was created on Dec. 15, 2012, a day after Emilie Parker was killed:

RIP Emilie Parker page

If your precious 6-year-old daughter had just been shot to death, would you immediately think about soliciting money from strangers for yourself, as well as have the presence of mind to set up a page on Facebook with the following detailed instructions?:

Instructions on the Emilie Parker Memorial Account at America First Credit Union (account #5001359). For AFCU members making a transfer, select the Savings as the type of account, and the last name on the account is Parker. For non AFCU members, the AFCU routing number is 324377516. This account has been shared by several Utah media outlets and can be trusted. Thank you.

A PAYPAL account is also available if you use the email [email protected]

That email address presumably belongs to Brooke Prothero. A woman by that name, Brooke Ann Prothero, has a Facebook page, with an “About” page devoid of information, other than that she lives in Ogden Utah — in which the Parker family had lived before they moved to Sandy Hook, Connecticut.

2. The Strange Behavior of Emilie’s father, Robbie Parker

On December 15, 2012, a day after his daughter had been brutally murdered, Robbie Parker choked back his tears (no tear actually materialized) as he made a statement to the press. The only problem is this: Mere seconds before Parker began his anguished tribute to his slain daughter, the grief-stricken dad was laughing and joking!

Here he is again, going from grinning happily to being grief-stricken in the blink of an eye:

If your precious 6-year-old daughter had died a horrible death just a day ago, would you be smiling, laughing, and joking?

3. Robbie and Alissa Parker smiling with Obama

On December 16, 2012, Barack Obama visited Newtown, CT, during which this photo was taken with Emilie’s parents, Robbie and Alissa:

Parker family photoop with OFrom left to right: Robbie Parker (his face obscured, holding a blonde girl), Obama, Alissa Parker, unknown woman holding another blonde girl.

If your precious 6-year-old daughter had been brutally slaughtered just two days ago, would you smilingly pose for a photo-op with the president?

4. Emilie’s Double Posing With Obama

Then there’s the now-famous photo of a girl who looks very much like Emilie, wearing Emilie’s dress, posing with Obama during his visit to Newtown two days after Emilie’s death:

Obama with Sandy Hook kids

See that angelic-looking blonde girl in that darling black-and-red dress standing in front of Obama?

Here’s that girl again in the Parker family portrait below — or is it?:

Parker family picFrom left to right: mom Alissa Parker, 4-year-old Madeline, Robbie Parker, 3-year-old Samantha, Emilie.

Who’s the blonde girl wearing Emilie’s dress posing with Obama? Emilie’s younger lookalike sister, Madeline?

To help us compare, I’ve put cropped pictures of Emilie and Madeline and put them side by side (see below):

Emilie Parker composite
1 = Emilie
2 = Madeline
3a and 3b = unknown girl posing with Obama

5. The Weird Parker Family Portrait

Do you remember the Parker family portrait? Did you notice anything strange about it? Here it is, again (take a close look at the yellow circles I’ve drawn on the picture):

Parker family pic2

Good grief. Am I losing my mind? Where are Madeline’s and Samantha’s legs?

And isn’t little Samantha’s left hand making a devil’s horn sign, and little Madeline’s right hand also making a devil’s horn?

Here’s a blow-up of their hands:

Parker family hands

Devil’s horn sign aside, doesn’t Samantha’s left hand (two fingers in her mouth) look deformed to you?

I have not tampered with or photoshopped the Parker family portrait. The picture was taken from the R.I.P. Emily Parker Facebook page. You can verify this for yourself by going to the Facebook page.

H/t HenryMakow



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  • Deb

    Regarding the youngest child’s hand. If you look closely, it is her left hand, palm facing out. Her two center fingers are bent backward in her mouth. If you try it on yourself, you will see that your index and pinky fingers will bend in the same way hers did.
    As to the legs, I have no idea. Legs were tucked under them? Were to the side, hidden under the dresses?

    • HereAmI

      That hand is unnatural, especially the way the index almost seems as if it doesn’t extend parallel with the other fingers, but joins the palm at 90′.

    • kristen1212

      Actually, the hand does look normal, looks the way it should if put in the mouth backward, and the legs are draping over the sides…she’s wearing white stockings.

      • badrlgn07

        Correct, the hand appears to be unaltered what-so-ever. Granted fingers are a bit unnatural but not beyond their capabilities.

      • jp

        what are you smoking you need better stuff!! legs dont just drape?? plus her torso is facing forward so her leg have to be. you can’t argue they are turned to her left side and hidden from view. get a new dealer!!

      • Mark S. Oller

        The two dimensional ‘legs’ are really the bench or marble block the family is sitting on, except for the photoshopped Emilie.

        See Handgrip’s post below on the photoshopped picture.

    • Debunker99

      No it’s not, I have a 1 year old daughter, she does that as well, up to the age of around 5 to 6 years of age, you are alot more flexible. You seriously need to do more research.

      • BillyP

        Ok then let her be a zio-pig crisis actor. It’s ll good, trick.

    • Well Pat

      I have looked closely at the youngest child’s hand. You are right in that it is her left hand, palm facing out. Her two center fingers are bent backward in her mouth. But I think you should try it out on yourself after you wipe your butt. You will see that your index and pinky fingers will stink in the same way that ….well, I won’t go there..
      As to the the whole Sandy Hook thing, don’t be so afraid.

    • AJA

      I must adamantly disagree!

      I am a triplett with identical twin brothers who sucked their middle 2 fingers.

      The youngest Parker child is missing a finger – she has 3 fingers and one thumb.
      Her thumb(which is visible) is far too long to be her index finger.

      The father’s fingers are highly, unusual.
      My twinometer tells me that 3a and 3b are the same child and child 1 is the mirror twin. Note how the hair part shifts to cover 1′s cowlick.

      Incidentally, all three of us [my 2 bros and me] :?: have blond hair and blue eyes. Are you sure the Parker’s are their natural parents?

  • AliensofAtlantis

    Makow just regurgitating my work,what took him so long this time?.No one explains it better than I did 2 weeks ago.and my videos have been copied and pasted all over the place. too around 100,000 views. I see no better exposing than on my main page Thanks all,400 new subs since I covered this sad hoax.

    • Maverick

      Oh… you mean your videos that have been thoroughly debunked as crap?

  • Unified Serenity

    The little girl on the right’s legs are there, they are in white stockings! Her hand is backwards. You can see it’s normal. People hold kids and cloths cover fingers. Stop looking for a boogy man in everything. The Robbie Parker video is damning enough. This is not a distraught dad. That is Emily standing in the same dress with Obama.

    When people make ludicrous claims it makes truth seekers look like tin hat wearing whackos. This event was a planned false flag. Yet again there was a drill going on for DHS / FEMA about children in crisis situations just as on 9/11 there were drills matching the crisis and on 7/7 with the London subway bombings. People, wake up.

  • Anonymous

    I have a son who died when he was 30, and I certainly wasnt laughing and joking the first several days after the shooting. I doubt I would have been too in shock to set up any face page. And the fact that this child was seen in a photo with obama, days after she died, is very suspicious…

    • wunmansho

      Ummm….let me guess. The Battle of the Bulge?

  • Cheena

    If you look at the part on the unknown girl’s hair in the pic with Obama, it is parted to the same side as Emilie and opposite of Madeline. Even the youngest sisters hair is parted down the middle and has bangs.

  • CuriousMind

    Why does it look like the girl in the middle is sitting on a table that is curiously enough, somehow going through Robbie Parker’s leg? Also, why is Emile kind of stuck on the right side of the photo like she doesn’t belong to the rest of the family? Are there any earlier family photos that can be relied on here? I agree with the rest of the comments: There is a lot of bad photoshop going on here.

  • Marie

    I have read this over and over, how everyone thinks the girl in the Obama picture is Emilie!! ITS NOT. Its her little sister Madeline! This picture is apx a yr old. Samantha is most likely 2 in the family picture. (I have a two yr old niece and she resembles her much) If you look at other photos of Emilie, you can see she is older than the family photo above. Its not uncommon for sisters to resemble each other so closely! Madeline resembles her big sister Emilie very very much! Now, as for the father being “oddly chipper” before his press statement, that was not normal! As is any other interview you see of ANY parents. All very “fake” looking and tearless. I have read several things about this that make no sense, but the one thing that does is that the girls with Obama, are indeed Madeline and Samantha. Not Emilie.
    (I do have a silly theory of my own though) I think…Emilie may not really exist. I think the family photos were photo-shopped. (If you look at all family photos she is always “Offset” from everyone else) “Emilie” added in. However, since the family photos are at least a yr old, they took a current photo of Madeline and photo-shopped her into the older photo to LOOK like an older sister “Emilie” THAT IS…if this is all a hoax. I can not explain the other victims, but I can see how easy it would be to fake Emilie.

    • 14west1

      In order to believe you, we would have to believe that the girl pictured with Obama is 4 years old. That is how old the sister is according to media reports. There is no way the girl with Obama is 4. And if the familiy portrait were two years old, we would have to believe that the two youngest girls are 1 and 2 in that picture. Your story doesn’t pass common sense. Now way is the girl with Obama 4 years old.

      • Obamasucks

        Why can’t the girl be 4 years old? Do you know her? Of course you don’t you just think your right about everything… I’ll you this I may not know you, but I know you well enough to say your comment doesn’t pass common sense.

      • devabarry

        Obamasucks obviously doesn’t know children very well.

      • doesitevenmatter

        Umm I have a 4 year old niece who likes a lot older. Some kids grow up fast than others!!

    • Mike

      I had the same thought about Emilie always being off to the side in the family photos. But look at the side her hair parts when you compare her and her sister.

    • Lady Liberty

      Nope, it’s Emilie. This whole thing is a concocted as a recipe.
      And badly.

    • Eggzactly

      Their is another picture with BOTH of them in it, Splian that would ya? :wink:

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking that the plan involved surrounding the agenda backfired something fierce. Great article. I think the DR. CARVER pretty much sealed the deal with his comments were a smoking gun in my opinion, then throw in this stuff. What I find most insane about this whole situation, people are buying it.

  • Eka

    Similar to “grassy knoll” and many others in the recent past that I’ve heard about. Keep watching, some day, someone will slip up. You can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. But I think “they’re” :evil: getting ready to stop hiding completely. Their agenda is almost complete. Svali wrote a book, you might want to check it out.

  • DC71

    You gave your opinion now here’s mine. I now know why Emilie Parkers family has taken her facebook page down because of people like you. How dare you judge this man and his wife on how they are reacting to the tradgedy of losing their daughter! The girl in the picture with Obama looks exactly like Madeline, guess why that is? Because iy is Madeline. I pray for this family and all the others that lost a loved one that God will bring them peace and comfort from their pain. Now I see I need to pray that he will keep them from being hurt even further from people like you.

    • Cap-Z-ro

      Has anyone else noticed that the little girl with her fingers in her mouth has one of her fingers missing ?

      • BillyP

        Say it is not so.

    • ElOregonian

      I really pray that ignorant people, such as yourself, do not leave your children by, near, or around people such as Odumbo. In my opinion, He is involved in over 7,000 deaths, including 5,500 in Mexico alone from the “Fast and Furious” debacles in Mexico and also in Benghazi. Plus an untold number of unlawful missions with predator drones which have killed scores of innocent civilians.

      Yes, it is a terrible tragedy for the murdered children and their families in both Sandy Hook, CT. and Aurora, Co… Unfortunately, ignorance to the actual perpetrators only allows these sick bastards to continue to commit such horrific crimes, and again, getting away with them. WAKE the hell UP!!!

    • devabarry

      oh grow up.

  • Left Handed

    you know, if you spend enough time looking at a elephant it eventually becomes Bob Hope. Ok, so by this logic (excuse me while I clear my throat in a sarcastic manner) : Hurricane Sandy never happened, i mean everyone knows it was just CGI graphics and a bunch of actors. The shooting in Colorado never happened either, and hell – lets face it the Moon Landing was filmed in Victorville, CA.

    The author is an overachieving idiot. These people are still grieving over the loss of their children. This article is in bad taste my friend.

  • bigorange

    The NSA goals for targeting individuals to become a “shooter on the shelf”:

    • Isolation and sensory deprivation

    • Complete breakdown of their happiness until they reach despair

    • Removal of personality, ego, and sense of individuality through depatterning and humiliation

    • Fragmentation of personality through torture

    • Desensitization to violence through imagery and example

    • Reprogramming fragmented personalities through hypnosis and psychic driving.

    Harassment Objectives

    by: Julianne McKinney

    In his book, Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control, Dr. Harvey Weinstein quotes the following passage from a book entitled, Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing, by William Sargant (Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1957):

    “‘By increasing or prolonging stresses in various ways, or inducing physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person’s thinking processes may be achieved. …If the stress or the physical debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves; or the subject may begin to think or act in ways that precisely contradict his former ones.

    “‘…If a complete sudden collapse can be produced by prolonging or intensifying emotional stress, the cortical slate may be wiped clean temporarily of its more recently implanted patterns of behavior, perhaps allowing others to be substituted more easily.’”

    Dr. Weinstein then comments: “The parallel with [Dr. Ewen] Cameron’s theory of differential amnesia is striking, and the relationship to brainwashing is abundantly clear.”11 Dr. Cameron, employed by McGill University’s Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, between 1943 and 1964, conducted brainwashing experiments upon select, non-volunteer psychiatric patients on behalf of the CIA. Dr. Weinstein’s father was one of Cameron’s victims.

    Sargant’s theorems and Cameron’s associated experimental findings appear to be the driving force behind the harassment and experimentation now being reported to this Association. All of these individuals are being subjected to a series of overlapping circumstances which apparently are meant to induce and sustain long-term extremes of stress. All of these individuals have been effectively isolated. Unethical psychiatrists and physicians are involved in the majority of these cases. Mind-altering prescription drugs are being used for clearly non-therapeutic purposes. Evidence of LSD use is also beginning to surface (one of Cameron’s favored mind-altering substances). And “psychic driving” techniques—Cameron’s pet brainwashing method—are involved in all these cases, to a much greater and more potentially effective degree where auditory input is involved.

    The long-term objectives of these harassment and experimentation campaigns appear to be quite fundamental; viz.,

    (1) induce a sense of perverted “loyalty” toward the very agencies engaged in the individual’s harassment, to confuse his or her priorities where the possibility of obtaining legal redress might be concerned;

    (2) redirect the targeted individual’s feelings of hopelessness, anger and frustration toward racial and ethnic groups, and toward select, prominent political figures, to include the President of the United States; and

    (3) force the individual to commit an act of violence, whether suicide or murder, under conditions which can be plausibly denied by the government.

    An operation’s ultimate success apparently hangs on this latter objective. We have successfully obstructed this process in a number of cases now being investigated.
    Article from :

    Some ways to be targeted.


    Simply joining Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous can lead to mental evaluations for your prospects of becoming a “shooter on the shelf”. By examining your past traumas by Remote Neural Monitoring during these meetings they can determine your likelihood for successful trauma based mind control. The targeting of these type meetings and their mistrust and alienation of present or past drug abusers and alcoholics has been mentioned on other TI websites. These RNM abuses were a major source of information in the 90′s. Imagine joining a group to over come addictions and being rewarded with this type of torture and abuse. Only this warped and evil group of satanists would do such a thing. If a judge sentences you to attend AA or NA meetings, jail would have been better. The NSA can target these types of meetings and get a free opening to your past memories and traumas with pictures and sound and level of chemical emotion. Heaven forbid you ever have psycho-analysis in today’s world. Job interviews are also mined for data and often led on both sides by computer targeting needs. Most TIs are targeted for much less, like just for your name and what it may mean to someone. Most people just got the wrong job and fell into this nightmare.

    Here are some private sector jobs that can lead to this torture:

    1) Autozone/AllData

    2) Aramark

    3) ATT and all telecom companies Verizon,Sprint, etc…

    4) All cable and satellite companies

    5) Major churches and church leaders

    6) Post Office,FedEx,UPS,Etc…

    7) All airline jobs

    8) All computer companies,SCIENCE OR RESEARCH

    9) All community leadership positions

    10) Anyone on tv, radio, internet, song writers and movie script writers and newspaper reporters and all cameramen.

    Do you now get the sense we are all in the “matrix” and can be targeted anytime for any reason?

    More and more people are being targeted everyday.

    May the Lord protect us all and end this torture.

    “The Lord’s power was with them and a great number of people believed and turned to the Lord.” Acts 11:21

  • 7evenSins

    Good read!

  • Handgrip

    Sandy Hook Parker family more photo shopped….
    watch and You decide:

  • SirClem

    Sisters resemble each other. Shock has different effects on people – especially if they’ve never been in the lime-light before. This is a sad incident and it’s natural to be in such disbelief as to conjure conspiracy theories, but come one guys. If you believe this is a conspiracy, I feel sorry for you.

    • ElOregonian

      No, I believe the “I feel sorry for you” solely lies with you. Because not recognizing a conspiracy can be very detrimental to one’s health. Either by the effects of the ‘planned’ False Flag or, the after-effects for those intimately involved with the False Flag. Think about it…

  • YerBugger

    The fathers hair is EXACTLY the same in the family photo, the Obama photos, and the TV interview. All images of him were taken within the same 2-3 days. The family photo is NOT a year old. Also, Madelines hair is not nearly as long as the little girl in Emilies dress being held by the father standing next to Obama. Clearly, the pink dress girl in the Obama photos is Madeline. The baby looks like a different kid altogether, but that girl in the family photo (Emilie) is the SAME kid in the Obama pictures.
    I don’t think the baby’s hand is deformed looking, it actually looks like she is touching her left thumb slightly with her right thumb, causing that bent backwards look. The babys legs are there, she is wearing white tights and straddling the fathers leg. Madeline’s legs do look odd, though.

  • Anonymous

    Newtown has a very large satanist church in the small town. Sometimes them people have to sacrafice someone up very close to them.

  • Mike

    Check out the top photo which is a recent photo. Look at the length of Emilies hair. Check out the photo with the prez. I think Marie is right, the girl with the prez is Madelaine.

  • scarcar

    The name Emilie sure sounds like “I’m a lie”

  • unity

    I think a lot of this conspiracy is shinanigans and detracts from the actual matter of truth that need be revealed. Get real.. I completely understand the scale of corruption and deception going on, especially in the arena of false flag terrorism and the illusions played out on very much a day to day basis.. But I also see that many people, do have good intentions of finding the truth, yet are jumping to conclusions and making leaps of hypotheses that compare to the likes of extreme prejudice we can observe with the very fear mongers we are collectively trying to expose.
    Do what you will, but let’s do with integrity and authenticity – coming from a neutral and collected, intelligent and passionate state of awareness.
    What I see most of the time is people very hungry, perhaps mentally/emotionally desperate, for something to relieve these desires of inner knowingness – that there is a ‘conspiracy against the transparency of truth’ – these lies which we do see through and do seek to expose.
    Yet most people are not well-attuned with their own deep critical thinking & common sense discernment. Cut to the core of it all and scrap all the BS because it is just sucking up energy that could easily be spent usefully.

  • MrCati

    The missing legs remark can be resolved by just looking at the left leg of Robbie Parker and seeing that the girl is wearing white spandex type pants and because of those white pants or hose or whatever she has on, it can be seen clearly in the picture that she has one leg on either side of Robbie Parker’s left leg. Just look for the white set against Robbie Parker’s pants. As for the other girl, I will admit I cannot see her legs, but the could be also concealed by how she is being held. Take a look and see for yourself. Legs are present if only you will look closer at what you see.

  • DanielVincentKelley

    Sandy Hook Police Scanner Audio Proves Sex Offender Chris Rodia’s Car was the Suspect Vehicle at Sandy Hook

    Sandy Hook Suspect Car with Rifle was NOT Nancy Lanza’s! Suspect car was registered to Pedophile, Registered Sex Offender, Drug Dealer, Career Criminal Christopher Rodia.

    Chris Rodia’s family and Lanza family are connected on Facebook.

    Adam Lanza Satanist – Newtown Satan’s Hub – Sandy Hook Massacre False Flag Terrorism

  • one voice

    Great post. Compare the mother or woman in the two Parker family photos; the one with girls in all white to the one with girls in red. Decade, at least.

  • Mrs. Rhea White

    The answers can be found in just one word, if people would desist with protecting this very serious problem/threat: “ISRAEL”. Now that Israel dictates to the US government, and are clearly everywhere in the US (despite their having dual citizenship); these people will soon be treating us like they are treating the Palestinians.
    Israel is creating the problems, then, they wait for the reactions, then, they present their solutions to the US government, who in turn imposes the will of Israel upon us.
    Everywhere Israel has been, and everywhere they are, all of the same, exact problems have been a constant. The same is taking place here in the US as well. The US is being divided and conquered by Israel. And that is the real terrorism that the US should be fighting.
    As my father used to say; “if you can’t tell somebody something, then, let em find out”.
    I hope the US will stop fighting each other and turn its attentions to a present, and tremendous threat that has been allowed to fester amongst us, for year and years.
    I am a semite. Don’t even try it.

    • Mark S. Oller

      The only remedy is to get rid of the pretense of democracy and declare martial law. Every conspirator must receive amnesty provided they tell the truth. The best revenge against the press and mass media is to force them to tell the truth. Or we can accept the status quo and turn into “goodthinkers” to borrow a term from 1984.

  • girl34

    2 and 3b/3a are the same girl…you can tell by the eyes that 1 and 3b/3a are not the same girl…there is nothing wrong with sisters wearing the same dress. maybe she felt like she was honoring her sister. …and how old is this family photo…do you have any other photographic evidence….that girl in the photo with obama does not look 6 yrs old…

    • Mark S. Oller

      Perhaps, it is the identical expression, but I think anyone who isn’t blind knows that 1 and 3b/3a are the same girl. And identical expressions require identical people. Besides, why does she look deleriously happy if her sister was murdered days earlier?

    • Mark S. Oller

      I want to know who these people really are. How can two brown haired parents have three especially fair skinned, blond Nordic daughters?

      • Julie

        It’s very possible. My hair is dark brown (Mediterranean) and my husband is Scandinavian. His hair is basically the same color as Mrs. Parker’s in the photo above. Our oldest child had hair as blonde as the Parker girls when he was a younger. Now that he’s eight it’s gotten darker but he’s still blonde. The Parkers hair color barely qualifies as brown– I’d call it mousy which is what you commonly see adults having in Sweden (at least the men since they’re not lightening their hair.)

  • Mark S. Oller

    It is quite a coincidence that two of the girls are showing the devil’s horn sign. It is probably a well concealed message. Someone is trying to tell us this photo is fake, and so is the Sandy Hook massacre. In which case, we all owe a debt to the photoshopping hero. :twisted:

  • marcusstone

    I’m so troubled by all of what I’m reading and seeing, my emotions are swinging like a pendulum so hard to think what is real and what is not. My concern is what I’m seeing, reading so much Hoax, conspiracy theory information it detracts you away from those sympathies, emotions and thoughts you had for those that died.

    I’m unsettled by the Madeline picture with Obama, it really doesn’t look like Madeline as pictured in most recent photos of the Parker Girls taken by Mum(Alissa) and uploaded to her site in November 2012.

    The Hair Parting
    The Hair Colour
    The Hair Style
    The Smile
    The Teeth

    It troubles me to say it really does look like Emilie, but why!

  • sarahmj

    From my understanding this family was LDS (Mormon). The Deseret news ran a piece a few weeks ago about how the Stake President (a local church leader) helped arrange the funeral. If someone wanted to find out more about this family, one would only need to show up one Sunday to the church they went to and ask about the family. It would be interesting to find out how long they’ve been going there and how well known they are in the community….Mormons tend to be very close knit. There is something fishy going on with this “massacre”.

  • Mark S. Oller

    Something never seemed right about Samantha’s left forefinger. I can’t tell if it is a forefinger or a second thumb. Does anyone else thing it looks like a long thumb?

  • SuzieQ

    I agree with Marie who commented that she doesn’t think Emilie exists. I don’t think she ever existed either. You can go onto several websites and put in a photo of yourself and a photo of your spouse/lover in order to get a photo of what your child could look like. I think something like that is what was done here. We all know the government could easily do this. I think Emillie is not a real child. I think the two YOUNGER girls are the really in this photo with this couple. A couple that is acting like they lost a 3rd OLDER child even though the supposed “aunt” of Emilie mentioned Emilie had two OLDER sisters.
    In every photo of this family where you see Emilie, she’s always in an odd spot as though she was added. Family photos that people specifically sit for are usually pretty symetrical. They don’t show 2 children on a fathers lap and a mom with nobody and a child just hanging out at the end. Why would Emilie not be in front of the mom? Even the photo of Emilie with her arms around her 2 “sisters” seems faked.
    I also find it odd that these gestures are being made by the child as well as by other children in photos I’ve seen. There are adults and children making the gesture in numerous photos that I’ve seen and I DON”T think these are ALL photo shopped in order to further the cause of the conpiracy theorists. There’s no way. There has to be some validity to it.

  • Mark S. Oller

    Samantha Parker’s giant right hand with the three short claw like fingers looks much stranger than her left hand. Even if it were a horrible deformity, her hand would have to be attached to an equally over sized wrist.

  • TwisTTooL

    Your frigging kidding right?!.l. devil horns!… what a joke, you sir happen to be one of those
    people thats just dumb enough to think your normal…. until you obviously decide to write
    crap like this… the littlest baby is sucking her two middle fingers, baby palm out.. her little legs are hanging on either side of her dads leg.

    The other girl on the left?.. to say she is sitting unnatural shows you dont know much about kids.. their squishy– ask a kid to touch their nose to their toes… and BAM!. Something thad be a EMT visit for sure for us mere mortal adults.

    There may be some mixed facts for sure… but its all prospective of eye witness

    IF it had been my little girl…. the world wouldn’t be able to contain the amount of rage Id be exploding with.. if someone asked me for an interview a day after, they would be walking away spitting broken jawbone into their shaking hands

    GOD.. take care of these precious little souls– and give me the insight to be at the next attempted attack on babies… hell, a month later.. and Im still overtly enrage, Im also an avid (and very well trained) gun owner. EMPLOY VETERANS FOR LOCAL SECURITY!<– most soldiers are beside themselves for the protections of children.. Ive seen the hardest and meanest of men melt when approached by mob of little ones wanting to just say "hi".

  • krazygreen

    If you zoom in on Samantha’s hand in the last picture posted, you can almost make out some odd looking face, almost looks like Ben Franklin..

    • Julie

      I saw the face too and was looking at the comments to see if anyone else did. To me it looks like Bill Clinton!

  • Nonameplease

    you should be disgusted with yourself. She is a poor little girl that was murdered and has a poor family that just lost someone and you sit back and critize them. What’s even worse is how much time and effort you obviously put into this. You are just a huge hater and should just let people greive. It is a very sad thing that happened and it really hurts to know that there are people in the world that would kill innocent children but it is just as bad to know that there are disterbing haters in the world like you.

  • Adge

    Two points you missed in terms of the little girl sucking her fingers:
    1) She’s also doing the exact same finger sucking in the photo opp with Obama
    The pictures of that same little girl in this blog shows her doing the same thing (when you scroll down further)

    Curious point though: why is it called the Parker Four? Perhaps if the page was started before the youngest was born, or maybe Emilie never really existed…

    Either way, it wasn’t hard to find that blogspot page and you should’ve done better research before posting all of the craziness with the devil signs.

    • dreamer

      Thank you for posting this link in your comment because it pretty thoroughly debunks the whole myth.

      It’s called the Parker “Four” because it was created in February 2008 more than a year before Samantha was born and it has MULTIPLE videos with Emilie in it, responding to her birth name. Madeline, too. In other words, this part of the conspiracy has finally been laid to rest in my eyes.

  • Debunker99

    Please PLEASE tell me this post is satire.

    The legs are there, I can point it out to you.
    Devils horn Signs?????????????????????????????????????????

    The kid is holding her hand in her mouth the other kid is just sitting for a damn photo. Please people, get real. If a devil ever existed, he would be laughing at you right now.

    • Apollo is the A/C

      Either your an idiot, or a troll. I’m hoping Troll, because I’m an optimist. Nobody could actually be that naive could they? :roll:

  • Carrill

    It is very strange, this whole photo chopped event. Obama’s people have already done their thing in creating a false birth certificate, so why not do the same in promoting his ‘get rid of guns’ issue.
    It is obvious this father of the little girl, is an actor and is chums with Obama. This whole Sandy Hook thing is fishy.
    Satan worshippers?

  • nubwaxer

    you crackpot conspiracy buffs must be the beginnings of a wave of dementia among baby boomers.

  • AJA

    Love the faces of the black cats (?)

    Why is Samantha wearing her Halloween costume?

  • AJA

    Can anyone explain why Robbie Parker’s has webbed fingers – his 3rd and little finger
    and why his fingers appear talon – like, much like his youngest daughter?

    Also, google

    Robbie Parker, Alyssa, Emilie, and Samantha, Utah for some better photos.

  • weare138

    SHE’S A WITCH!! :evil:

  • Rick

    Hello everyone. First, calm down. Emotions are very high on this one, but that is what they are counting on to fool you. Is some of the “questionable” information turning out to be “not-so-questionable”? Yes, some. But very little. The little girl in the picture with her fingers turned backward into her mouth is not an issue. I have two daughters and 4 nieces, that is not an issue. Do I believe they are making the sign for the devil? No. One little girl with the white tights on, her legs are easily visible, straddling his leg. The other girl? Well her legs have seemed to disappear. Could they be extremely skinny legs, straddling and hidden by the dress? Sure, but very unlikely. Most of what we see here looks iffy, amongst some of the other obviously photoshoped pictures, such as are discussed by LogicBeforeAuthority on Youtube. Now, all that being said, there are some serious, suspicious problems with the rest. Why do I say this? Well unlike a lot of people bringing this to other peoples attention, I happen to work in the independent film industry in Canada. Amongst other things, a few of us in the studio donate our time to finding out the truth behind conspiracy photos (such as Lee Harvey Oswald holding the newspaper and gun) some ghost phenomena and UFO footage. We have the ability to enhance and re-work film and photographs in the studio.

    With our enhancements (the photo size becomes too large to upload online…we’ve tried) it is obvious, according to 5 portrait artists and 1 police sketch artist, that the “unknown” little
    girl in front of Obama is in fact Emilie. Where is the best place to hide someone? In plain site.
    Why? Because anyone saying any different sounds crazy immediately. Convenient to say the least. These photographs and others have been put together to create images that did not exist in a real and complete sense. In other words, they were not all in the same place at the same time.

    If you do not want to take our word for it, don’t. That is your right as an individual to follow whatever you wish to believe. But do not take a stance based on emotions. No one is saying that any of this is a fake tragedy. They are however saying, like we are (I say “we” on behalf of my colleagues and I) that there is something horribly wrong with this whole event and someone is up to no good. Profiting, in ANY WAY on the back end of a tragedy is disgusting, shameful and in many peoples opinions, a hanging offence (Canadian spelling of that last word by the way.)

    When we reported and exposed some other information years ago about the “pink ribbon” campaign for breast cancer and how it was started by Mary Kay Cosmetics and that 75% of money raised goes back to the corporation rather than research, no one did anything but criticize us and rake us over the coals. That information eventually came out from other sources and guess what happened….nothing. In fact now the pink ribbon is on tons of products that you are supposed to buy because money from the purchase is supposed to go to the research of breast cancer. Guess what folks, pennies go back to research. Secondly, Doctor Gerson cured people of that after world war 2 amongst other cancers. Declared a hoax and illegal to perscribe his cure in the USA and Canada.

    Why am I telling you all of this? Because you need to be careful of how quick you dismiss things until you have done your own homework. Just as careful as those who are watching out for others and giving them the heads up. 90% of this tragedy is suspicious, the rest is stretching the boundaries of conspiracy.

    Do yourselves a favour (also Canadian spelling), learn to think for yourself, not follow a crowd simply because a crowd has formed. It is always harder and braver to be the odd one out.

    Cheers and bless one and all for this Holiday Season. Fill your hearts with joy and love. Just maybe we can make a difference in the end.


  • Peps

    You forgot one very important question: the memorial fund bank account. If the account has been set up in that name (as it really must be if it’s a memorial fund) who, upon hearing of the shooting and death of someone they know, goes into a bank on the same day and sets up the account? Publiciising it came second and yes even doing so on the day itself is strange but to go to a bank, bringing identification and verification papers to set up the account? Who thinks of THAT?

  • BillyP

    Oldie but a goody.

  • Arse

    Adam Lanza Found Alive! Sandy Hook Shooter Caught in Orlando Hoax! 2016.mp4
    BUSTED David Wheeler Played TWO ROLES In Sandy Hook Coverup – YouTube.mkv
    Crisis Actor Caught For The Fifth Time In The San Bernardio Shooting Hoax – YouTube.mkv
    FBI NO Sandy Hook MURDERS or DEATH CERTIFICATES – YouTube-1.mkv
    Sandy Hook Shootings The Truth Spills Out Live On Air! – Dec 24th 2012 Visit NorthwestFreedomcom – YouTube.mkv
    The Sandy Hook Children Who were they or better who ARE they – YouTube.mkv

  • Anonymous

    Disgusting creepy crooks. But WHY do we believe all the crap? Just ignore these things, don’t give them a stage than it will be soon done.

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