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Don’t Say Kill Obama

Friday, February 1, 2013 2:18
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Thomas Jefferson said “A citizen who doesn’t criticize the POTUS is a traitor, because otherwise we’ll fall into Tyranny”.

I’ve been accused of threatening the life of the president Obama and/or inciting to kill him.

What have I said? “Obama will be executed by SCOTUS for High Treason.”

There’s no threatening the life of Obama or inciting in that.

The SCOTUS is not a group that could murder or threaten Obama. Any execution they’d carry out would be lawful and in accord with the US Constitution.

Thomas Jefferson said to obligatorily criticize the POTUS and that criticism has lead me to accuse Obama of High Treason.

The law for High Treason is death, by sentencing from the highest legal instances of the USA, which are the SCOTUS.

Those who claim I’m inciting against the POTUS, are in fact traitors to the USA.

I’m in no way inciting to murder Obama or threatening him; or calling to threaten him: I’m calling for the rule of law and for law to be applied to the POTUS of the USA.

The law for Obama’s High Treason is for the SCOTUS to execute him. Whether those who threaten and intimidate, like it or not, I’m following the law and those who want to prevent me from doing so are traitors to the USA. Let us remember that Thomas Jefferson went on and had executed, felons who had voted a law forbidding to criticize the POTUS. My liberty to criticize Obama, exactly in the same words I’ve done so far, is a fight to preserve Freedom of Speech in the USA, and those who are preventing that by intimidation, are felons and traitors. My freedom of speech, is to be allowed to call for the SCOTUS to execute Obama for his crimes.


I see Barack Obama as being a profoundly cursed human being and that this curse is a curse, that harkens back to the most ancient and  profound source of the Western world, which is the Bible and which announces the Antichrist to be predicted by the Mark of the number 666, upon him. The day after Obama’s election in Chicago, this black man had 666 drawn in the Illinois Lottery. What greater sign of heaven is there?

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  • Geeper

    But that’s just the thing. You aren’t saying “SCOTUS should investigate this and decide”, you are saying “Obama will be executed by SCOTUS”. You are talking as if you can somehow predict their finding. It’s like me looking you in the eye and saying “man, I can’t wait until the French police arrest you and put you in the Bastille for life”.

    It’s maybe not a “death threat” as such, but it’s kind of creepy. Even Orly isn’t calling for the death penalty, is she?

  • Ed Rowan

    @King of Scambhala


    You have made endless threats to the President. In case you forget what comes from your own mind/keyboard .. tell me, is this a direct threat:

    “Obama Wants To Be President. Set The Fundies Loose On Him. Rip Him To Pieces.” FLAGGED

    This is one of your headlines .. A: YES B: NO

    Your postings and comments are filled with threats to the President, BIN character assassinations, hatred, racism, fear mongering and spreading false facts when people don’t see eye to eye with you.

    You need to apologize now to EVERYONE you have abused at BIN.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m not apologizing because I’m not trolls like you.

      You’re the ones who carry out the harrassing and stalking day after forking day, you nolifes: do you actually have lifes? (and for christ’s sake don’t answer I don’t give a forking fig who you are what you do and what lives you have you freaks. Who wants to know what a troll is… you sorry losers)

      Having fundies rip someone apart (the link’s title “…Rip Him To Pieces” ) isn’t a threat, it means fundies do what fundies do, which is announce the end of the world.

      Character assassination is an expression which means nothing. YOu people are trolling me endlessly and that’s against TOS.

      Right now your words are being analyzed by the mods and admins at BIN, and I’m dressing you down big time to start with for commenting each of my articles for one and by that let’s say harrassing, threatening, breaking TOS over and over.

      Ed Rowan here making daily death threats for weeks.

      Not content with harrassing on each article like with ONE COMMENT… no, that was not enough and since the Larouche article’s broken on BIN, it’s each of my COMMENTS even on others’ articles.

      I’m the most trolled reporter on all BIN.


      Because I say Obama’s the Antichrist and he’s marked by 666.

      Because I say SCOTUS will execute him and that’s my right to freedom of speech. Anyoen can discuss the death sentence and say Obama should get it from SCOTUS. Show me law forbidding to talk about the death sentence and the right to criticize the president. Thomas Jefferson laid down that right and executed felons who voted to forbid criticizing the president.

      It’s my right to say SCOTUS should and will and must execute Obama because he’s Humanity’s Greatest criminal of all time.

  • Anara

    You are 100% wrong in all you say
    You are a very sick individual
    You have a soul that is black as coal
    There is no hope for you and no salvation
    You willingly gave yourself over to the forces of evil
    You are lost and you are condemned

    • King of Shambhala

      I thought about what you could do to get better appeal at BIN.

      You could either talk but that’s proven pretty bad for you.

      Your best chance at any success would be to shut up; hoping this helps you be more successful/ a full deep silence.

      • Geeper

        From the comments you’re getting, your appeal isn’t great here either. Might want to consider your own advice there.

      • King of Shambhala

        You should try to make something of your life.

        It’s important.

        Me too, I thought to myself : “What am I going to do with this life of a few years I’ve got.” and you’ve failed Geeper and your life’s been used for nothing – your life is nothing at all just leeching on Geir Smith’s articles;, Geeper you’re nothing and you’re not Geir Smith; I’m Geir Smith and you’re not. I’m the king and you’re the mindless spy in the shadows. You’re the freak in the shadows. You’re a shadow.

      • Geeper

        I am young and have plenty of other things in my life. I’m commenting on your articles maybe ten minutes tops, some days. I’m okay here. I don’t want to be you. You can carry on being you.

      • Geeper

        I think most BIN users would prefer it if they didn’t have to put up with attention-grabbing “Bombshell! Obama Guilty” headlines that just led to “OMG wouldn’t it be great if Obama was found guilty at some point in the future, because he is the gay antichrist amirite? Wait, let me get my 2008 lottery news clipping.”

        I don’t think you should be telling other BIN users to “go die”.

      • King of Shambhala

        Are you possessed Geeper?

        I asked you to never write to me again in this life.

        Is there something you don’t get?

      • King of Shambhala

        For others than Geeper.

        Here is a link to stuff.

        Obama trolls revealed my Address

        Snitched me to the cops (told me so)

        Said they hacked me (that’s a crime)

      • King of Shambhala

        ten minutes a day for years.

        I don’t know what these trolls can’t get about the word SCAT.

        Trolling my articles for years “just ten minutes a day”.

        I wonder what it is about Forke the forke off. they can’t get their heads around.

        Some people don’t need words. Words don’t work with them.

        6666666666″Forke the forke off”666666666666666 and forke you too


        I am young and have plenty of other things in my life. I’m commenting on your articles maybe ten minutes tops, some days. I’m okay here. I don’t want to be you. You can carry on being you.>

  • Lucifer

    «Don’t Say Kill Obama»
    But you ask for someone to do it.

    • King of Shambhala

      > BS Hunter

      «Don’t Say Kill Obama»
      But you ask for someone to do it.>

      What does this matter to you?

      You’re not a good person.

      You just gave my address online so why don’t you shut up, you loser?

      You’ve been deleted. Happy? You’re an evil person. That’s all.

      I didn’t ask anything.

      I don’t know the SCOTUS so how could I ask them anything.

      Just mind your own business and quit trolling my articles.

      No one needs you and no one will miss you.
      JUst leave and don’t come back. Arsehole.

  • King of Shambhala

    I’m contacting BIN.

    You’re using my address as a threat to me.

    I’m serious.

  • King of Shambhala

    Printing an opponent’s name, address and information is forbidden, in order to harm them. (TOS)

    The Southern Poverty Law Center was sentenced this week for doing that because they put an opponent’s life in danger.

  • King of Shambhala

    I’ve contacted BIN.

    If you’re banned you asked for it.

    I didn’t go reveal your address online, you loser.

  • Anonymous

    Treason. There’s a laugh. Tell me the last time Congress had the courage to make a Constitutional Declaration of War and I’ll tell you the last time an American Citizen could even be considered for prosecution for treason. Hint, WWII.

    For the POTUS to be convicted of treason, he would have to be found waging war against the United States or giving aid to its enemies. Now we are making plenty of enemies around the world with our aggressive behavior, but I doubt the Courts will find a Constitutional meaning for the word “enemies” outside the context of a Constitutionally declared war.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re a traitor.

      Thomas Jefferson said “citizens who don’t criticize the POTUS are traitors because otherwise we’ll fall into Tyranny”

      Obama’s the Antichrist aka False Man Of Peace.

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