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Full Transcript: Arpaio Facts Revealed – Video – Former Intelligence Analyst Working With Arpaio, Spills It All. This Is The Apocalypse. Obama’s The Antichrist.

Saturday, March 29, 2014 11:50
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Former intelligence analyst Doug Hagmann revealed on radio that he’ll be attending the Orlando Prophecy Conference throughout the weekend. In a radio interview he conveyed the gist of what he’ll be saying to the attendees and speakers there. He’s done an investigation close to the Joe Arpaio or in conjunction with the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse and he’s revealing the facts now. This weekend, he’ll be sharing those facts at the conference.

And the week following that, he says he’s going to publish and reveal his full investigation.

Here’s the full transcript of Hagmann’s interview. He says his work overlaps and dovetails with the Cold Case Posse work. This is in fact linked directly and totally with the Arpaio work.

Here’s what he says in this transcript:


At 4:30, the speaker, Doug Hagmann, a former intelligence analyst, says that the information being revealed at the conference relates to the links betweeen Obama and Abercrombie, the governor of Hawaii, and Loretta Fuddy who died in an airplane accident, Obama’s mother.


                        Neil Abercrombie, Governor of Hawaii.


And in his words: “I believe this to be the golden thread. The event which makes all the events that we’ve been seeing,… all the relations that we’ve been seeing have taken place over the last decade or so, and even longer than that. What I’m talking about is a group I mentionned before: Subud.  I cannot stress how important this particular topic, this area of investigation is. We’ve uncovered some dramatic, (I’d say ‘earth-shaking’ …) that involve Barack Obama himself, his mother, Loretta Fuddy. This goes far beyond what you’ve heard from You Tube videos. Some reporters have referenced this. I know Jack Cashill has referenced this. PPSimmons has and others have. 

But what we found is something entirely different. Something much more nefarious, something much deeper.

And I believe we’ve found the thread that once pulled, will unravel this tapestry, this mystery. 

And there are also things at it’s periphery, in respect to Subud, which involve intelligence services. 




                            Lorretta Fuddy, Head of HI DOH.


Don’t forget folks, that we had in 2008, really a ‘coup’, in respect to the selection and election of Barack Hussein Obama. Now there are also other aspects to this going back to George Bush, and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. There’s investigative overlap in power structure; on the Barack Obama - Indonesia - Hawaii, side of things. That particular cult, that investigative area is the Subud organisation. There are several thousands members of the organisation, but if you ask anyone what Subud is, you’re going to get as many answers as there are people. More importantly, Subud is infiltrated, used and directed – ‘nudged’ we’ll say, by the Western intelligence agencies. When I say ‘Western’ I’m talking - all of the West. It’s being masquaraded as a  - I don’t want to say – as a religion… but a system of belief. 

I’m not going to get into the details of it right now, it’s unnecessary.

But I will say this now: having been down in Florida and having talked to certain individuals – one in particular down there, I can tell you that this organisation has it’s tentacles in power past and present… that you would not believe. Also down in Florida is the Church of Scientology that is not unlike Subud.

This is a very complicated, very complex and very intense investigation. And I just want to say that it’s extremely important.  Perhaps the most important story, that is “not talked about”. Certainly not on the mainstream media. And certainly not in the alternative media, because there’s been little on-site investigation. 

Or very limited investigation.

That’s no fault of those who have tried. It’s a very nebulous, very elusive type of organisation. 

You just have to know what rocks to turn over…”….

At 10:30 Doug Hagmann says  “Our investigation is prepared for revelation and publication”.

at 11:10, “This overlaps, dovetails and in some ways at it’s periphery also involves the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse or at least the same players are involved. It’s important stuff.”

14:40 “We are going to talk tomorrow about our work to speakers… at the Prophecy Conference”

15:40 “Those speakers have key pieces of the investigation”

19:40 “I have important information to communicate.”

20:20 “Next week, I will publish and communicate in full force.”….

 “We have a lot of information to share with you.”… 

“This is Universe-shattering information like Arpaio and Mike Zullo talked about.”

20:55 “We’re going to pull the veil, PUBLICALLY, off the regime of Obama., .. Of how we’ve been set up.” “Set up for the SLAUGHTER. It’s serious stuff”

21:20 “For all people who will be at the Prophecy Conference, we’ll be there at the Renaissance Hotel after 9 O:clock in the morning (Saturday).” “We’ve done all our investigation thanks to you.”

22:50 “Now you’ll be able to see how we’ve captured from within them, – captured within, we’ve got them – so believe me - now we need to expose what’s going on, outside. Names will be named, we will name names….we will identify groups, we will identify people….we will identify places…we have the documentation I believe…”. “This has been a very fruitful time….” “I don’t think you’ve ever had a more productive time… it’s exceeded my expectations.” “And this will make some people very, very, very nervous.”

24:25 “Tomorrow (Sunday) Renaissance Hotel in Orlando, Joe and I will be there, supporting all the speakers, supporting the cause, supporting the conference, I hope to meet you there. Love to meet you there. Next week, we’re going to have a blow-out week.” ….”Go back and look at what I’m reporting about groups, people, cults like ‘Subud’ and you’ll see how important and huge this is.”


                          Cult-member Obama.


                     Cult-member Obama with his mother.

Doug Hagmann. You can listen to him yourself.

Coast To Coast AM ALTERNATIVE – Hagmann & Hagmann – 28 March 2014 – Gregg Jackson – Moral Decay.

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  • Geeper

    Yes yes, ladle on more of your “This Is The Apocalypse. Obama’s The Antichrist.” nonsense to make sure that nobody takes this seriously. You are looking more and more like a deep cover liberal here.

    • King of Shambhala

      There are crazy Obama defenders commnnting here.

      Why do they defend Obama, a criminal?

      Some people are crazy and there’s nothing to do to save them and save them from their mistakes: they’re too hopelessly gone.

      • GBCIR

        Hey Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala,

        Been watching you.

        Are you Happy now you have been proven CORRECT?

        Don’t gloat – you KNOW the danger…

        So, now is the time to recognise the “antichrist” in in ALL of us.


        We eat the forbidden FRUIT by KILLING and eating meat.

        We DEVOUR the Creator’s LIFE.

        The Creator is VERY angry now. Merde is hitting the fan.

        Hate kills. You KNOW LOVE RULES.

        Here is the REMEDY:

        VOID money, VOID authoritarianism, and VOID carnism.

        OR BE VOID.

        IT IS LAW.

        I wish people would open their MINDS for TRUTH.

        Are you ready?

        You’ll garner powerful FORCE if you DO.

      • King of Shambhala

        GBCIR, I’m a Tantric Buddhist, the highest form of culture in the world.

        I hate vegetarianism, it’s an evil, malfeasant faith.

        In my faith Tantrism, it makes it mandatory to eat meat.

      • GBCIR

        Geir, interesting.

        I used to kill and eat animals but not anymore. Their eyes, as I killed them, still remind me why it’s not a good idea. Empathy and “Do not steal” (that includes LIFE) are the LAWS I broke. They are Universal Laws for conscious beings. Only the UNCONSCIOUS break those rules.

        I was a Fruitarian for 3 months a few years ago – but stopped because I wasn’t ready. It’s hard to fly like an Eagle when you’re surrounded by turkeys…

        Do you kill your own meat or do you support the system that kills 150 BILLION animals per year in USA?

        That’s some serious KARMA to be on the wrong side of.

        I see that karma VOIDING people all around me. It’s sad. Just last week a mother I know (friends of my children) murdered her two children (big-pharma pills and finished them with suffocation) and suicided herself by hanging. The Dad found them. She did it to ensure the Dad would not get the children after she ended her miserable meat-eating life.

        You state, “I hate vegetarianism, it’s an evil, malfeasant faith.”

        So, do you judge me as evil for trying to RESPECT LIFE?

        The central tenant of Satanism is solipsism = ONLY the self (ego) exists. Darwinism “survival of the fittest” then kicks-in, and it’s ALL downhill from there…

        Solipsists WILFULLY ignore LAW.

        They are food for inverted death.

        Being a Tantric Buddhist, I assume you are well versed in the inversion at death.

      • King of Shambhala

        Vegetarianism is the worst kind of faith in Buddhism.
        Vegetarians are bigotted prudish and judgemental.
        They’re also hypocrits without any moral training.
        “Eat vegetables” is all they say.
        They have no mental disicipline and think that their outer actions of abstaining from meat are enough to gain heaven. Hatred isn’t dangoerous they think.
        And they praciste hatred 24 7. Vegetarians should shut up.
        Heaven’s gained by culitvating one’s mind, not one’s stomach and criticizing others.
        Vegetarianism is the equivalent in Buddhism of the Talibans.
        They dream of ruling the world and putting their noses in everybody’s own business.
        Vegetarians are the scourge of Buddhism.
        Vegetarianism is evil made up as Buddhists.
        Tantrism was created to block Vegetarianism.
        They send people to hell, Tantrism sends people to heaven.

      • GBCIR

        Geir, I was intrigued by your comment.

        Intelligent extremists are often worth listening to.

        Then I did some research:

        FUD me! You are extreme, but… that’s all.

        I did watch your u-stream and read your webpage.

        Perhaps you should stop eating meat?

      • King of Shambhala

        Beware, GBCIR works for Obama.

        He’s a false christ.

        Mike Zullo claims the Hagmanns aren’t working with Joe Arpaio.

        Google it
        Exclusive: Mike Zullo on Obama Investigation:
        “If You Don’t Hear it From Me, It Isn’t True”

        Joe Arpaio’s got to square off with the Hagmanns about this now.

      • GBCIR

        Tu un blague, non?

        Attention, je vis près de vous. Peut-être vous m’inviter et de faire vos accusations à mon visage?

        Assez de vos bêtises.


      You’all are fools and mindless mush brains if you believe this American nonsense. These clowns turn every rock they can to find a small piece of news and then make it into a mole heap of bullS. No American will be able to impeach Obama. And this includes you, yes you, you fool reading this, yes you! Americans cannot impeach but they can kill 1,000,000 (one million) innocent people in the Iraq war! Bad yards if you ask me?
      New Zealand and Australia do NOT agree with America. We back Putin.

      • GBCIR


        I was born in NZ but I see NZ is enslaved just like ALL HUMANS. My children were born in Australia and my wife is French. Australia and France and equally enslaved.

        Example? Hamilton “council” has approved fluoride in the water AGAINST the WILL of the residents. Here are the names of the TRAITORS;

        Voting for fluoride : (anti-life)
        • Mayor Julie Hardaker
        • Deputy Mayor Gordon Chesterman
        • Cr Andrew King
        • Cr Leo Tooman
        • Cr Karina Green
        • Cr Angela O’Leary
        • Cr Rob Pascoe
        • Cr Ewan Wilson
        • Cr Gary Mallett

        I left NZ 2009 to sail the oceans with my wife and children. Some of us saw the crap hitting the wall. I decided to leave the wilfully ignorant solipsists to drown in their own crap.

        I have lived in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and a few other countries. I have Muslim friends, Jewish friends, Hindu friends, and many more from ALL beliefs.

        I was WRONG to try and “sail away”. So now I am back to EXPOSE the FILTH. TRUTH EXISTS.

        We are in this TOGETHER.


        Can you BE FREE?

        VOID money, VOID authoritarianism, and VOID carnism.


      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t listen to I AINT HAVE A BIRTH CERTIFICATE!, he’s an obama plant. A psyops agent. We’ll reveal Obama and they’re already doing it today in the Orlando Prophecy Conference.

  • The Real Deal

    “Obama’s the Anti-Christ, Obama’s the Anti-Christ, whoop whoop, quarters and dimes, quarters and dimes, yeah, Wapner at 3pm, yeah i like my waffles with toothpicks, yeah, wheeeeee whoop, quarters and dimes, Obama’s the Anti-Christ, yeah the Chicago lottery said so, whirly wheeeeee, whoop, Obama’s the Anti-Christ”.

    Hahahaha Rainman, you crack me up!

    • Anonymous

      How much you get pay for been a government troll?

      • The Real Deal

        Uh, what? Maybe if i could understand your wtf you’re saying i might be so inclined to give you an answer.

        You said: “How much you get pay for been a government troll?”

        Are you attempting to say, “How much DO you get PAID for BEING a government troll?”

        Hahahaha…you don’t sound very intelligent. Par for the course for King of Sham followers.

      • Geeper

        Think about this for a moment – who is really more likely to be posting with an ulterior motive here? The man who writes trick-headline “Arpaio transcript revealed, step right up search engines, now listen carefully WOOP WOOP OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST AND I AM JESUS” or the man who laughs at that?

        For all Shambhala’s paranoid talk about Obots, nobody here ever actually defends or supports the government. It’s just the ridiculous logic of “the US government are all alien robots, what’s that you disagree that they are robots, then you must be in the pay of the government robots!” and lazy me-tooers like Country Boy pile on at the dogwhistle of “must be in the pay of the government”.

  • Country Boy

    Yes its so worthless that you Obots above read it incessantly!

    You two crack me up!

    This King guy is onto something and you know it ..that’s why you keep coming back for more-enjoy!!!!!!!!1

  • CrowPie

    If Obama was really the a/c, then Geirs head would have long since been on a stake.

  • Sean

    Here’s a clue: in 2008 you had a choice between 2 RH Negative Blood Type Candidates Obama AB- or McCain O- but then again all the Presidents and runner ups have all been an RH Negative blood type, but then again so was Hitler, Mao, Stalin, FDR and Churchill..Gee wonder if Putin and that Chinese dude is “also”

    Here’s another clue: the women in the Photo ain’t his mother, since there is suppose to be photos of her while she was 8 months pregnant in a Bikini

    Got another Clue: Joe should have checked Michelle and the Kids Birth cert. since 2 guys can’t have babies, of course they can still be cloned

    • GBCIR

      Can the RH Negative Blood type change their ways?

      What if one or both are your Mum and Dad? (with RH Negative Blood)

      Can the Lion “lie” with the Lamb?


      Money, government and meat-eating advocated by Karen Hudes. She says they’re cone-heads.


      Do you (subconsciously) HATE YOURSELF?


      Phi Force
      0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 3, 1, 4, 5, 9, 4, 3, 7,
      0, 7, 7, 4, 1, 5, 6, 1, 7, 8, 5, 3, 8, 1, 9,
      0, 9, 9, 8, 7, 5, 2, 7, 9, 6, 5, 1, 6, 7, 3,
      0, 3, 3, 6, 9, 5, 4, 9, 3, 2, 5, 7, 2, 9, 1,
      (repeat… FOREVER!)

  • Decleated

    This story should begin with “ONCE UPON A TIME” – kind of sums it all up.

  • Anonymous

    It looks like Arpaio’s name is used over and over again but none of this shown this week has anything to do with Arpaio and I haven’t heard Arpaio say anything about the Obama identity for quite some time.

    • Geeper

      “This overlaps, dovetails and in some ways at it’s periphery also involves the Joe Arpaio Cold Case Posse or at least the same players are involved.” does seem rather weak, to label something as “Arpaio facts”.

  • Alphadog

    Some of the commenters on blogs like this one continute to ask for names, names, names! If these orgainazions exist and are so sinister, why dont we have lists of names of these people?
    I was thinking the other day the best way to stop their alleged war on the people is to expose them. Ok you investigators, get on it!

    • GBCIR

      We HAVE the NAMES.


      They are yOUR FAMILY!

      Can you FORGIVE?

      If not you are VOID.

  • amommamust

    Joe Arpaio is a CON MAN.
    You do not file legal charges at prophecy conferences. But I bet you sell a LOT of “kits.”
    GO TO THE SENATE SERGEANT OF ARMS. That is the only person who can arrest Obama.

  • StavoV

    :shock: I mean… is all so devastating. I tuned in to tune into the tune and all I got, was some sort of rant about a rant that rants about a rant. For heavens sake. :???:

  • 4DollyMadison

    The “prophecy conference” is the perfect venue for unloading this information, because it is crawling with spooks – i.e. intelligence agents and disinfo plants. I wouldn’t be surprised if Texe Marrs was there, whom I caught out ten years ago, since he is a professed KJV Bible advocate, misquoting the famous verse from the Book of Job – Texe said on air, “Though He slay me, yet will I love Him.” Sure, Texe, you read the KJV – OMG. There are other oldtimers there, the experts on The Mark of the Beast, the Antichrist, etc., etc. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Jim Garrow isn’t there, too… The guy who lost his teaching credentials in Canada, stiffed his landlord, had an interesting, shall we say, franchise business that went belly-up, won a silver second prize Peace Prize medal in Geneva (huh?) — and supposedly ran a rescue organization for Chinese girl babies, which cannot be corroborated. The same guy who now claims to be ex-CIA and is beating the drum for an American Spring Revolution, which he says the U.S. military will support to topple Obamanation. Garrow has his own Christian Right credentials, as well. So what in God’s Name are Arpaio and Zullo doing, entrusting their hard work over the past year to Hagmann and son, and hinting about the Subud cult’s ties to the dark side? Frankly, I think Hagmann is trying to pull the rug out from under them, with disinfo. I am not falling for this charade. It’s like the phony video that the Breitbart people released about Obama’s old teacher, after Andrew had been killed on the streets of L.A. The universe-shattering story has suddenly become a boring imitation of Scientology. Warning! Scam Afoot!

    • King of Shambhala

      4DollyMadison, listen to the video. Hagmann says his investigation overlaps and dovetails with Joe Arpaio’s investigation. Because you’re impatient doesn’t mean it’s not been leaked during the weekend and is still going on right now: you can’t stop it!

  • iamamerican

    GBCIR I read your comment about how you are vegetarian and respect life, about how you can’t look into an animals eyes and kill it. Well if you were so respectful of life you would mention the 55 million babies that have been aborted um “murdered” in this country, but I guess since we can’t actually look into the eyes of these helpless souls before we murder them then that makes it ok.


      Not sure this guy lives by what he yells out (notice I don’t use preaches). I’ve been reading his posts (& his rude comments to others who don’t share his points of view) and the words: AGENT PROVOCATEUR are written all over it.

      All his posts are about stirring up DISSENT, INTOLERANCE, BIGOTRY AND HATE.

      • GBCIR

        I’m not here to hate. Nor to judge.

        “I’m here to SERVE TRUTH” – Mark Passio.

        Government, money and carnism are SOURCE (root cause) of our problems.


        Many don’t like to hear Truth. And few are Honest in these corrupt times.

        And I’m just searching for a way out of the MESS and INSANITY we have created.

    • GBCIR

      55 million babies murdered pre year! Ouch! That brings down some serious karma.

      Do we add that to the government DEMOCIDE total?

      I agree abortions ARE murder. But who am I (or anyone) to stop a women from doing it? We can only suggest they don’t (today) and create a world where this insanity is void.

      If we stopped giving our energy (forced to pay taxes under threat of VIOLENCE) to the war machine then there would be MORE than enough to provide for women and children.

      Over population is a lie. A healthy, fed and housed couple are NOT going to want too many children – there would be too many other things they’d want to do with their time.

      Unconscious humans have no idea of the suffering they create. For others and especially themselves. They become BROKEN.

      It’s a function of the global RELIGION of money and government.

  • Apollon

    YES HE IS THE ANTICHRIST! I pray through you Jesus Christ we thank you for your love .please Jehovah forgive us for our sins and bless Mr. Smith for showing the world this abomination that is destroying man kind .amen

    Keep up your fight against the name less birth less thing pretending to be american leading us to the end .thank you

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