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Palin Highlights – October 28, 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016 14:22
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Sarah Palin’s mother celebrates her 76th Birthday; Todd Palin and Dakota Meyer will be racing in the 2017 Iron Dog, and we have a Mama Grizzly Radio double-header this week. We reprised Lynda Armstrong’s Sarah Palin and Thomas Jefferson article, plus this week’s run of Palin family posts.

We promised you on our Facebook Page, we would have a pre-election conversation during one of our weekly highlights. We’re 11 days out of the election, so the Time is Now.

Covering Presidential Election and Palin-Endorsed Down Tickets

We laid out our calculation methodology for 2016 Endorsement Success Rate in our September 2, 2016 Palin Highlights. To recap briefly, Trump won 42/56 primaries resulting in a Primary endorsement success rate of 75% on him alone. Thirty one out of thirty-three candidates running for U.S. House and Senate won their primaries resulting in an Endorsement Success Rate of 93.33% on them. The calculation of 73 wins out of 89 primaries results in an endorsement success rate of 82%. Additionally, another 11 candidates endorsed in 2015 for this year’s election are general election candidates. That’s where things stand today.

We’re going to cover Sarah Palin’s Endorsement Successes in the following way: For the night of November 8, we will be focused exclusively on Trump. You can imagine that sifting through election results on over 40 down-tickets nationwide on the same night as this historic race would be a monumental task at best – and foolish. Win or lose, the focus is going to be on Trump, and we will be covering him via our sister site Making America 1st.

In the following days, we will compile and calcuate the down-tickets. Remember, a Trump is critical to Sarah Palin maintaining her Endorsement Success Rate. If he loses, even if 100% of her down-tickets were to win, her rate would tank to 35% for the year. If our predictive modeling holds, that means a Trump win plus at least enough down tickets to yield a 60% – 68% Endorsement Success Rate.

Palin and the Presidency

We’ve discussed this in comments ad nauseum, but we’re going to address this one – hopefully – last time. We’re going to keep it easy and simple: Sarah Palin chose not to run these last two election cycles. Continuing to pine away over “Sarah should have run” is stinking thinking now. We need to focus on winning. We don’t win by thinking like losers, and we’ve (meaning Republicans and conservatives in general) been thinking like losers for far too long. We must live in the world as it is, work within reality, and keep our eyes on the ball. Palin and the Presidency is finished for the next four and possibly eight years. We will not entertain it at US for Palin, because the subject matter simply no longer makes sense.

Sally Heath Happy Birthday 2016


Today, we pause to honor one of the last living elder matriarchs of the Heath and Palin families: Sally Heath. Daughter. Mother. Grandmother. Great Grandmother… Sally Sheeran Heath, mother of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Molly, Heather, and Chuck was born today, October 26, 1940.

Todd Palin, Dakota Meyer to Race in 2017 Iron Dog


Todd Palin has joined the early bird roster for the 2017 Iron Dog race with his son-in-law Dakota Meyer as his partner.

Mama Grizzly Radio Doubleheader

Mama Grizzly Radio Goes Behind Scenes to See What Makes Trump Rallies Happen

Jim Worthington is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Worthington recently hosted a YUGE Donald Trump rally at his facility in Pennsylvania. Mama Grizzly Radio goes behind the scenes to see what goes in to making a Trump rally happen. Worthington talks about an amazing night at Newtown Athletic Club in Bucks County…a night that people will remember forever. Worthington had some backlash for hosting Trump, but instead of backing down he went the ChickfilA / Hobby Lobby route and doubled down on his support of the Trump-Pence ticket. We also look at Worthington’s incredible foundation and legislation that he is helping push that would give Americans more options when fighting disease. Trump delegate, businessman, and patriot Jim Worthington is here on The Palin Update. Also Sarah Palin admires Obama??? We’ll explain. Plus, Palin Power for Mr. Trump at the final presidential debate as Todd and Sarah Palin make the trip to UNLV. A brand new segment of Liberty & Legacy with Tamara Colbert in Texas is featured as well. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!

Pastor Mark Burns Tells Mama Grizzly Radio why Donald Trump is Best Choice

Pastor Mark Burns is on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla! Burns, the co-founder and CEO of the NOW Television Network, has been working hard for Donald Trump. Today, we talk to Pastor Burns about why Trump is the best choice for Christians, blacks, and all Americans. Burns has been unafraid to express his strong support for Mr. Trump and today we are pleased to hear all about it from this great man of God in this exclusive interview. Plus, Sarah Palin calls out the RATs that are still trying to sabotage Trump’s run. Also, birthday wishes from Governor Palin to the U.S. Navy. A brand new segment of Liberty & Legacy with Tamara Colbert in Texas is featured as well. Mama Grizzly Radio is ON DEMAND and available for DOWNLOAD anytime. Mama Grizzly Radio…hear the roar!

Thomas Jefferson and Sarah Palin


A lady named Sarah Palin not only read but understood the words. She believed as did Jefferson that our Creator had endowed use with inherent and inalienable rights; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Special Moments

Happiest 10 month old 😍😍

Wishing I was at the pool with you boo 😍😘

Facebook Statuses, SarahPAC


The FBI Just Dropped a Big “October Surprise” on Hillary — They’re “Reopening” Investigation of Her Emails

The Spirit of Alaska soars! Thank you to Alaska Airlines employees for initiating this beautiful gesture to honor our troops.

Getting Back on Campaign Trail

Great day – returning home from early voting to see Todd, Trig & Tripp shooting pucks on our already-frozen lake; planning logistics to get back on the campaign trail for the last week of this imperative fight for our kids’ and grandkids’ future in the greatest country on God’s green earth!

– Sarah Palin

Yikes! If Hillary’s cognizant of the real world around her, she’s no doubt thinking, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Check out more unfiltered (and as per usual, crude) acknowledgements from the people who’ve known her best…

Jake Tapper poses a great question here. Please don’t think these leaked democrat operative emails are too “inside baseball” to be relevant in the waning days of this campaign for America’s future. These candid (and consistently crude) communications reflect the unethical means to a bad end that the Clinton camp is willing to undertake, doing and saying anything to get elected. Here’s more proof they knew all along of grave untowardness…

Oh. Sorry. Not THAT gal’s birthday. This one!

Happy Birthday, Mom! Thank you for the lessons in commitment to Faith, Family & Freedom. We love you!

The Whole Tribe

You’ve probably seen in the news today that it’s someone special’s birthday. So…

Happy birthday to an iconic American woman who really should be the first female President of these United States.

This heroine’s integrity, independence, patriotism, healthy vitality, Christian faith, work ethic, commitment to her husband over all these decades, mothering and grandmothering skills (including the cookie-baking!) give every young woman a role model to emulate…

Prayers are needed for US Secret Service Agent Julia Simpson in her serious battle with cancer.

Julia’s always been a favorite! Assigned to our VP campaign security detail, it was a joy getting to know her as a woman of integrity and a hardworking professional with a servant’s heart. Here she is in my Facebook page’s cover photo (on the right) as we work a rope line.

Cancer is hell. I hate to see the struggle against this unfair, evil disease; please let’s pray for Julia and help her with medical costs by clicking here:

Barack: tell that to patients now being refused health care – After I spoke of Obamacare’s Death Panels, the President deceived the nation in his State of the Union address, claiming I was the liar:

Barack: tell that to patients now being refused health care.

The backlash from the President’s continued attacks on my integrity remains immense, but it’s nothing compared to the tragic hopelessness that formerly disillusioned Americans now feel. Ironically, Obama and Congress could have proved me wrong. Granted, the President and media’s obstinate clinging to the failed Obamacare boondoggle was a given, but an incalculable disappointment in this is knowing Congress held the purse strings for this disastrous government healthcare takeover, yet funded it anyway.

Media: why no accountability on this? Why ignore Hillary’s role in supporting Obamacare?

– Sarah Palin

The roar of patriotism gives me goosebumps as this stunningly skilled artist unveils his inspiring gift. Let’s appreciate him using his talents to lift up an audience with this amazing pro-America performance!

NFL “heroes”? Nahhhh… here’s a real hero showcasing respect and appreciation for those who’ve made real sacrifices for the greatest country on earth. Humbly teaching the virtue of gratefulness to a privileged class of wealthy, healthy pro athletes who think it’s hip to disrespect the American flag today, the family of this beautiful child with special needs should be so proud!

Our Judeo-Christian Foundation; Here’s One Believer Making the Case, Because of What’s at Stake


“Dear Fellow Believers,

As you can tell from my greeting, I am writing primarily to you, the American church. I am doing so personally, not representing Dutch Sheets Ministries. Though this is longer than the blogs I normally send, please read it as an urgent, heartfelt appeal. The sense of urgency I feel is hard to put in words. I have prayed and wept much over the condition of our nation, and continue to be deeply burdened. We are so close to the precipice of a complete self-destruction—a devastation of such magnitude that it would take decades to recover. Some believe a complete recovery would never be possible. The America we have known and loved is being systematically dismantled and reshaped.

Voting is a precious right and a serious responsibility; I realize it is also a very personal and private one. We do it by secret ballot in America for a reason. I don’t want to be another voice of manipulation—there are so many in presidential election campaigns—therefore, it is with the utmost caution and conviction that I do this.

I also want to state upfront that I am neither a registered Republican nor Democrat. Years ago, I concluded that if my “calls to prayer” were to be trusted by believers across the board, I would have to issue them as an independent voter. With this in mind, I relinquished my party affiliation, along with the rights to vote in primaries, help shape party platforms, possibly become a delegate, etc. and became an Independent. Since then, like many of you I have become fed-up with both parties—disillusioned with the Republicans, offended and appalled by the Democrats. I say this to assure you that I am not making this appeal in order to stump for “my party’s candidate.”

Finally, I want to also preface my appeal by saying I have not been a huge Trump fan. Had I been allowed to vote in the primaries, he would not have been my first choice. His seeming arrogance, insults, history of philandering, personal ambition, etc. were very disconcerting to me. I kept an open mind, however, knowing God uses imperfect people and that He is very merciful—I don’t condone sin, but neither do I cast the first stone—and knowing that people do, indeed, change. I was also challenged to remain open-minded about Trump by the fact that several spiritual leaders I trusted were convinced God wanted to use him to overthrow an ineffective and corrupt system. Over time, I came to agree with them. However, for me, this election is not nearly as much about who I am for, as it is who and what I am against; and frankly, even with my initial concerns, the decision has never been easier.

One of the most devastating occurrences in America in our lifetimes, ranking up with The Supreme Court’s decisions of Roe vs. Wade and Engel vs. Vitale (the removal of prayer from schools), was the election of Barack Obama. I gave a strong warning about what would happen to our nation if he was elected. Sadly, it has all come to pass: a continued liberalization and empowerment of the judicial system in America; a weakened economy (our national debt has doubled in 7 years to $19 TRILLION!)[1]; further moral deterioration, along with a rebellion to and mockery of God (does anyone remember the White House lit up in the colors of the LGBT movement after marriage was re-defined by the Supreme Court? If that wasn’t an “in your face” to God and those of us who “cling to their God, guns and religion” by the man who mockingly said it, I don’t know what could ever be!); increased violence; a weakened position in the world, along with a weakened military; the advance of radical Islamist terrorism; a setback in race relations; and more. I rejoice that our nation has been able to elect our first black president. I am deeply saddened, however, that it was Barack Obama.

The damage has been so great that America is now one president away from a complete transformation to secularism, a loss of our Judeo-Christian foundation, the loss of our position as the stabilizing force for good in the earth, and the leading voice of the gospel to all the world. If elected, Hillary Clinton will be the president who finishes the job. She stands almost entirely against everything we, the church, are for, and for everything we are against. Hillary is pro-abortion, including partial-birth abortion, the most insidious evil of the last century; will raise taxes while continuing out-of-control spending; will further weaken our military; is for completely open borders[2]; is pro-gay marriage; supports Obamacare; has no respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage; sells influence; and is a proven liar. Do not be fooled—she will completely finish what Obama started.

The notion peddled by some “Never Trump” Republicans that they can keep Hillary from accomplishing what she wants for 4 years, then replace her with someone they prefer, is laughable. The fact that they should know this, and don’t, is truly scary. Even more frightening is…perhaps they do. The Republican Congress has done nothing to stop Obama; why should we believe they will do so with Hillary? When they threaten to curb Obama with “the power of the purse,” he simply calls their bluff and either bullies them into giving him what he wants, or simply does as he pleases through unconstitutional executive orders. A Republican controlled Congress has done nothing to defund Obamacare, slow down the TRILLIONS of dollars of debt he has accrued, prevent his treasonous acts with Iran, defund Planned Parenthood and their selling of babies’ body parts (can you even believe such a thing even exists, and that the Obama’s and Hillary condone it?!), or stop any number of other inappropriate actions and wasteful expenditures. Much of Washington, DC is an out-of-control cancer that must be cut out.

To be sure, there are Republican leaders who desperately want to change things but the entrenched, lobbyist-owned, career politicians–many of them liberals in conservative clothing–have neither the will, backbone, and perhaps not the intellect needed to change it. Radical surgery is necessary. Again, it is laughable to think that the leadership of this weak and diluted Republican Congress would be able or willing to stop the agenda of the libs once they enjoy an even greater momentum from another White House win. Someone please tell me why we should believe that. If the Republican Party has not sold us out, why did they spend $18.2 million on Bush’s election in 2004, $53.5 million for McCain in 2008, $42.4 million for Romney in 2012, and $0 on ads to elect Trump?![3] They have sold us out.

It is also ridiculous, and perhaps insincere, for the “Never Trump” Republican leaders to suggest “we would only need to reverse 4-8 years of damage if Hillary is elected, which in the long run isn’t much.” Again, these leaders are either lying or horribly deceived. The damage presently occurring to our nation is—in the sense of time—exponential. Every year of damage means closer to 10 years in it’s longevity.

How long will it take America to reverse another $4-8 trillion of increased debt? Decades!
How long will it take us to recover from the decimating of our military? Decades!
How long will it take to defeat a now entrenched Obama/Clinton-enabled ISIS? Decades! (And honest military and intelligence leaders admit that we now have many radical Islamist terrorists here in the US, not just abroad.)
How long will it take to undo the loss of appropriate fear, which our enemies, and the enemies of freedom around the world, once had toward us? Decades! (Our enemies now laugh at us, while attacking us with our own weapons, or weapons purchased with millions in ransom money we paid them. While Putin rebuilds the Soviet empire and China makes plans to rule the world, we are disarming. We can’t even identify our enemies. Obama and those around him are foolish and spineless, and our military leaders know it. We are the laughingstock of our enemies. Hillary helped to set this debacle of foreign policy, and she will continue it.)
How long will it take to recover from 2–5 Clinton lifetime appointees to the Supreme Court? Decades! If she appoints five, which is feasible, she will have single-handedly appointed over half of the Supreme Court, and will have given the liberal, non-constitutionalists a 30-40 year, 7–2 majority advantage! (There is one vacancy now, and of the other 8 Justices, the three oldest are 77, 79 and 83; two more are in their late 60’s.) Then there are the several hundred lifetime Federal Judges she would appoint. Obama has already appointed nearly half of our Federal Judges—all liberals—and Hillary would appoint the other half. This entire scenario is unthinkable! If all this occurs, these overreaching, legislating ideologues will finish the job of decimating everything you and I stand for. America as we have known it may then be gone forever. We have less than three weeks to stop this.

Do not listen to the “only four years” crowd!

I also want to make an appeal to those who say their conscience won’t allow them to vote for either Trump or Clinton, so they simply won’t vote at all. I sincerely respect your convictions, but in this election, that argument fails the logic test (as does voting for someone who cannot possibly win). Trump’s potential negative developments do not come close to the magnitude of those Hillary would produce. We simply cannot—regardless of our concerns regarding Trump—allow all the above-mentioned consequences to happen. I respectfully appeal to you to turn your “conscience” and “principles” toward the unborn, your children, grandchildren, and the destiny of this nation. Please! We have already been down this “not voting” path once before when millions of evangelicals refused to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. As disgusted as I am with Romney’s current choice of Hillary over Trump, how much better off would we have been with him, rather than 4 more years of Obama?

To see how Trump would actually lead, I would challenge you to look at those with whom he has surrounded himself: Pence; Carson; Huckabee; Giuliani; Christie; Gingrich; Palin; trusted generals; law enforcement officials; border patrol officials; evangelical leaders of all races; and otherwise, ethical, conservative leaders. What does this tell us? It is probably the greatest indicator of who Trump now is, clearly making the case that he has changed his moral ways over the past 10 years, as he claims. I personally believe he has changed. I also believe God has gripped his heart for the nation, and is in the process of further transforming Mr. Trump. God has certainly allowed him to be humbled. Of course, the statements made by Trump on the video released from 2005 were despicable. However, if we reject him because of the sins of his past, we would also have to reject Abraham, King David, Rahab, “the woman at the well”, Mary Magdeline—all adulterers in their unrighteous past. And don’t forget murderers like the Apostle Paul. A lot of formerly despicable people will be in heaven! And a lot of them, by the way, became great leaders and champions for God. Some changed the world.

These associations also tell us that Trump’s stated conservative bent is genuine, and they state that he is wise enough to know what he doesn’t know! I believe Trump is showing us that he will function, if elected president, as any wise businessperson does: find qualified people who know how to get the job done, as in the above examples, and empower them to do it. I like those whom he is signaling to us would be those leaders. They are proven, trustworthy and honorable. If you cannot vote for Trump, vote for them.

Hillary, on the other hand, would give us 4–8 more years of polytheists, liberal progressives, media elites, police-haters, global statists, financially irresponsible leaders and a weak military.

Perhaps a better way for the disenchanted to approach this election is to vote AGAINST someone. I would suggest to you that voting against a candidate is a good reason to vote! “Neutrality” is not a valid option at this critical crossroads in history. The times demand that we make a stand! If not for, make your stand against:

Vote against the foolish, selfish, shortsighted, establishment Republicans fighting to maintain their power.
Vote against an immoral, ungodly Democratic Party. (To those who take issue with this characterization, don’t forget that they booed God at their convention in 2012.)[4]
Vote against an unelected, unaccountable, overreaching, out of control Judiciary that believes it has the right to reshape America.
Vote against the unethical, biased, lying and untrustworthy media. (We will never reclaim America until we reject their influence. They may be the single greatest obstacle to America’s recovery.)
Vote against a weakened military.
Vote against a loss of national sovereignty and a one-world government.
Vote against open borders.
Vote against policies that enable radical Islamist terrorism.
Vote against the removing of our 2nd Amendment rights.
Vote against higher taxes.
Vote against Obamacare.
Vote against the redefining of marriage. (It is not too late to reverse this.)
Vote against abortion-on-demand, partial-birth abortion, and Planned Parenthood with its selling of babies’ body parts.
Vote against liberalism and progressivism.
Vote against the silencing of the church. (Only the totally naïve do not see this coming quickly.)
Vote against revising our history and the loss of our Judeo-Christian heritage.
Vote against the politicization and exploitation of racism, and the polarizing of America.
Vote against the slandering and weakening of law-enforcement.
Vote against the politicization of the Justice Department, the FBI and other important departments of government. (Both departments are now undeniably and shamelessly used for political purposes and to oppose Christians and conservatives.)

Pastors, if you’ve ever made a stand, make one now—it may be your last chance. Tell your people the truth…clearly. Pray and fast! Turn your services into prayer meetings.

To all believers, if you agree with what I have written, forward it to all of your friends and family members. Most of them hear only from a hypocritical, lying media, which is now the propaganda arm of the liberal agenda. Speak up. Appeal to them to read this and think about it.

And vote!

Vote for a future, one that includes what you love and believe in. Trump has flaws, but Hillary will be fatal.


– Dutch Sheets”

[1] Treasury Direct. “Historical Debt Outstanding – Annual 2000-2015.” Last updated June 8, 2016.
[2] Wolfgang, Ben. “Clinton admitted she’s for ‘open borders’ in paid, private speech: WikiLeaks.” The Washington Times. October 8, 2016.
[3] Vogel, Kenneth P. and Isenstadt, Alex. “RNC TV ad spending for Trump: $0.” Politico. October 13, 2016.
[4] Murashko, Alex. “DNC: Christian leaders comment on night ‘Dems booed God.” The Christian Post. September 7, 2012.

WARNING: crude language – a follow up to prior post

Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies


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