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Trump’s Brilliant Move

Saturday, November 26, 2016 18:30
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(Before It's News)

President-Elect Trump knows how to stay in the news. And he also knows how to bait the media.

In a move that may go down in the annals of history as wickedly smart, Trump says he won’t go after Hillary Clinton.

As FOX News explained,

In an interview with MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Conway said that while Clinton “has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest and trustworthy,” it would be a good thing if Trump can “help her heal.”

“I think when the President-elect, who’s also the head of your party…tells you before he’s even inaugurated  he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content,” she said.

As most people are aware, Trump campaigned partially on the crooked nature of the Clintons. He even threatened at one point to jail Clinton, in a move that got the Leftists’ g-strings in a wad. So why the break from Trump’s campaign rhetoric?

The move shows brilliance.

Trump was said to be the man who was temperamental. He was described by the Left as a bully, unforgiving and mean-spirited.

In this one move, Hillary Clinton supporters must take pause on Trump. Do they like him? Of course not. But they can’t say that he’s not conciliatory, particularly given the ass-kicking he gave Hillary Clinton.

There’s hardly a Hillary Clinton supporter out there who didn’t believe Trump would run around Clinton’s carcass, spiking the football.

So the move can only be seen as magnanimous. Kelly Anne Conway commented of the decision,

“Look, I think he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the President of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign aren’t among them,” she added.

So what about the “red meat” Trumpians?

Not focusing on Hillary Clinton allows President-Elect Trump to begin implementing his strategy to Make America Great Again. As he outlined in his first speech after winning, his first 100 days will be crucial. Trump must get the economy growing, and he has truly inherited a mess.

In other words, Trump has decided to focus on things that matter most.

Fast-forward 100 days, as President Trump’s plans start to take shape. Imagine relaxing EPA standards that put coal miners back to work? Imagine policies that bring money back to the economy immediately, and the business climate begins to sense the positive impact. Imagine President Trump’s numbers rising on as the Morale Index increases.

Then imagine what happens when the Republicans ask for more investigations into Obama and Hillary Clinton. By then the appetite of the public will be to expose the corruption.

President Trump will allow his Attorney General to pull the trigger, as he continues to remain above the fray.

It is imperative that the Trump administration expose the corruption of the Democrats. However it must be done correctly. The idea can’t be that Republicans are not corrupt. They are.

Trump defeated the political establishment, which includes the Republicans. Don’t think they don’t know it.

The establishment Republicans want to ride the coattails of Trump and the Tea Party Community. If President Trump mishandles Hillary Clinton, the Republicans would gain, having missed the lesson of their ass kicking.

So sit tight “red meat” Conservatives. Hillary Clinton will receive her punishment. But the Republicans must still kiss the ring.


BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.


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Total 20 comments
  • If there is proof of half of what Hillary is accused of, she, and everyone involved, including the media that helped to cover it up, should be publicly hung, and left to rot.

    • It isn’t the job of president elect to go after Hillary Clinton it is his excellent pick for Attorney General Senator Jeff Sessions. It will be his pleasure to put her away.

    • Patience

  • he better damn well go after her!

  • He may not go after her for “Emailgate”, but everything else is still on the table, including the pay-for-play at the Clinton’s “foundations”. It’s not about the rogue email server. It’s about why the Clintons created it in the first place and the unlawful transactions that they then conducted through it. If Trump stifles any of those investigations there will be some mightily disillusioned people.

  • Watch this:
    World-Message From Messiah Brought By Israeli Boy Returned From Death. Apocalypse Predicted For Weekend!? (Video) /alternative/2016/11/world-message-from-messiah-brought-by-israeli-boy-returned-from-death-apocalypse-predicted-for-this-weekend-video-3443707.html

    • The jews have an habit or dreaming stuff up

      “Lamp shades made from human skin” ring any bells or did you buy a block of soap made from human fat that went missing when DNA testing came out.

      I like the one about the germans running out of bullets needed to kill them all and insted decided to march them all to death on the open roads.

      You being the “Messiah” should know all this

    • He will help get another bush to replace him?

  • It’s a business decision.
    Got to keep the bookings up at the resorts! …….+…… Hillary’s got a ton of friends around the world I hear.
    Bot ‘y’ Scot ~ Boycotts

  • Trump is a shill. Wake up.

    • Oh we’re awake, friend – wide awake.
      So… you’re in for plenty of interesting surprises in 2017, aren’t you?

      • The only surprise you need to be ready for is the revealing of the man of sin, the son of perdition.

        • …Steve…Actually, Trump fits the caricature of the AC, better than any other modern politician.
          …People are expecting the antichrist to appear, to be a murdering S.O.B…a despicable and obviously villainous individual, from the get go.
          …Scripture tells us that he comes in peacefully and prosperously, and WINS, by acclaim, the world’s approbation.

  • My thoughts exactly! He’s playing chess with them. But with crooked recounts looking he may turn the screws on her a little wuicker.

  • Trump is a banker puppet and is making up excuses for the other puppets to get away with crimes and when the bankers pulls his strings, he moves and does there bidding like the rest of them.

    Was he for real then his first job would be to open 9/11 investigations and he would not be visiting jews every other day would he now.

    Congress runs the show, not a single man or puppet or we would not need them all now would we and the bankers own all there pockets, money makes the world go around and not what color some old fart at 70 paints his hair

  • Been saying since this came out that Trump could gain even a small measure of goodwill from the left by letting her slide on the emails. Meanwhile, the IRS, SEC, another agency (forget which) and five FBI field offices are investigating the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, a much bigger scandal. I trust Trump. He knows what he’s doing. Unless and until he gives me a reason not to.

  • Finally an Article worth reading on this Site. Its only been 6 years…

  • I concur with the basic premise of this article. During the debates, regarding ISIS in Syria, Trump stated emphatically that you don’t give away your plans beforehand to give the enemy the opportunity to respond. ISIS will know where not to be when the attack occurs. Well, how is this any different? If Trump makes noise before he assumes office, he will in one way or another “lose” her.

  • ONE wonders if Hillaryous was just a low-tiered government employee and done all this, huh?? Surely, Trump, Comey and many others would of come down with the FULL HAMMER OF THE LAW!!!

    Oh you bet they would!! So they are letting Hillary go because of her position is so close to theirs hinting you do the same when they BREAK THE LAW!!! :twisted: :twisted:

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