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A Guest Commentary Regarding a Recent “Hate Crime” in Chicago

Saturday, January 7, 2017 16:01
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A Guest Commentary regarding a recent *HATE CRIME” in Chicago

Hello everyone. My name is Steve and my good friend Fred has invited me to post an article on his blog. You may know me as “Dekare” from my long-winded, opinionated comments.

Apparently, I tricked Fred into thinking I knew how to write and he has invited me to contribute my thoughts and rants to him, and if deemed worthy, would post them on his blog to share with all of you.

Like Fred, I hold certain opinions that from time to time, I like to share with others. I also like to hear what others have to say in response, and at times, find a fraternal connection in our shared opinions. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts of my contribution and tell me if you are in agreement or if I am way off base. Be kind or cruel…agree with me or prove me wrong, I enjoy feedback, and if you disagree with me, even better.

If you have a different point of view, tell me about it and convince me of it.

Thank you for your time, here is my first attempt to put something in words as eloquently as my host would. Again, thank you Fred.

This is commentary. This is my opinion, and not necessarily that of my host. This is my view on the subject, and I reserve the right to change my opinion as I see fit based upon the existing evidence and any new evidence that may or may not present itself at any time in the given future. Everything I believe about this subject is backed up by statistics and genetics.

I have just watched the video that I am sure everyone has seen by now…the video of the four scumbag thugs torturing some poor special needs white kid. Everyone in America is shocked…SHOCKED I TELL YOU…about it. Ask any white person, and it is plainly obvious this event is steeped in hate. That if any incident has ever captured the essence of a hate crime, this was it. However, there is debate among liberals if this should be considered a hate crime. REALLY?!

What many white people don’t seem to understand that while they think this is horrific, for blacks, it’s just another day in the ‘hood. As a former cop who worked the ‘hood for several years, I have seen the ugly side of black people and their mentality towards whites, things that average everyday white people would not believe.

And I will say this with utmost confidence; a vast majority of black people despise white people. And why? Simple, black people blame a white person for everything that goes wrong in their lives. That everything bad that has happened or will happen to them is not a matter of life being difficult, but the result of white oppression. It is what they have been taught, by their parents, who were taught by their parents, passed down from generation to generation, like an heirloom of hate.

Blacks, for the last eight (8) years, have been emboldened to the point they no longer fear authority or retribution for the wrong they do. They have been told it’s perfectly okay.

They are allowed to riot, and have even been given room to do so by their black leaders. They are told that no matter what happens, or how outrageous they act, they are the victims. That even if they are shot for breaking the law, it is the fault of racist cops working for a racist judicial system, all plotting against the black man.

It is quite apparent that these thugs felt no compunction in posting a video of what they were doing to this white kid. Despite being horrific in every way, they believed that it was perfectly acceptable and nothing would happen to them.

These scumbags thought it okay to tie up and torture this poor white kid.

After all, their great great great great grandparents were probably slaves owned by this victim’s great great great great grandfather, who forced them to pick cotton and whipped and raped them daily.

It’s simply a case of retribution…he had it coming….it’s practically ex-post facto self-defense. All of the hatred blacks have been taught, all of the blame for everything bad that has ever happened to blacks, was instilled in these black hoodlums, and this white kid in front of them represented the white person who did all of it to them.

Civility is lost on blacks. They walk around with this chip on their shoulder. They are taught to hate, they are taught to be violent, and by the time they are able to walk and talk, they are already instilled with hatred for all things white. By the time they become teenagers, it’s almost is too late to reverse this deep-seated hatred.

Not even financial success.

The black people that break the cycle of poverty, and escape the hood, still carry this resentment. Think Kappernick, professional black athletes and rappers, black politicians and so on. They have been given everything due to their success, yet their attitude towards white people and America are no different than these thugs in the video, they just dress slightly better.

This is where we get that wonderful saying…”You can take the black man out of the hood, but you cannot take the hood out of the black man”.

And to sum it up, I think what upsets whites the most is the double standard. Imagine if four white kids kidnapped and tortured a special needs black kid. Does anyone believe that this would not become a national event? That Obama would not be center stage on every television station, once again condemning America as being a racist nation.

That Jack$on and $harptongue would be on the scene, proclaiming mass hysteria is in order. That cities throughout America would not be in flames from the riots. There would be overturned police cars and free flat screen TV’s for everyone. Obama would declare martial law and for the next 2 months, on every news media outlet, the issue of racism and white oppression in America would be the story of focus again.

Of course, Donald Trump would somehow be blamed and calls for his denial of the presidency demanded. Tell me I’m not close here.

But nope, the victim was white, and the perpetrators were black, so in a few days, this will be old news and that will be the end of it. Just another day in the hood.

It’s damn hard for their protectors to come in and cover this up or put a spin on it, or accuse the victim of lying or exaggerating when we have a video like this. And for most blacks, that is the real crime. Not that these black thugs did this to this poor white kid, but that they recorded it and posted it on the internet.

And as long as blacks are given this protection, and taught that it is okay to hate whitey, and that everything bad is whitey’s fault, nonsense like this will continue. It is high time we put black people in their place. And I do not mean back into slavery. When I say “place”, I mean, place them in society on an even keel with white people. Hold them to the same rules and laws as is expected of all of us.

That equality does not mean MORE privileges….but the same.

If blacks want equality, they need to gain this by respecting others first, not demanding two sets of rules and two sets of privileges. What is needed is respect for others and their property, respect for the law and authority, and most of all, respect for themselves.

The golden rule applies here. Once blacks embrace this notion, we can all live in a society where all of us are judged, not by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.

But for the mean time, these thugs need to be made an example. For way too long, blacks have been handled with kid gloves. White liberals use the excuse of their upbringing and slavery as to why they do this. Well, in the eyes of the law, it matters not WHY they did this, the fact remains, they did this horrific act, and this poor white kid is going to carry some serious emotional scars for it. No excuses, only the full weight of the law.

And, it is not racist to hold blacks accountable for their actions, its equality. The adults are in charge once again, and it is high time that the law be applied equally, to all people; Black and white.

Personally, I think each one of these thugs should be taken out back, and given a strong dose of street justice. Let’s see how they would feel if we did the same thing to them. That is how despicable I think they are, but I will settle for long terms in prison.

Long enough so that when they get out, they realize that what they did was NOT acceptable, and that no excuse makes doing something like this okay…or, they are just plain too old and feeble to do that again.

I have been seriously impressed by Steve and his comments on the blog, so much so that I DID invite him to make guest posts from time to time, and if this is any indication I hope he contributes often. This post is certain to piss off the Libbers and Ghetto Rats that have started reading here lately. TexasFred


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  • Rockledge

    I went to a jr high and sr high school. This was decades ago. I tried to befriend black kids.
    I rejected racism and bought entirely into the notion that all of those designated as being “human beings” are inherently the same.

    The fact is, I ended up with a few black friends in school, and have had black friends since.
    BUT, my experience in school was that most black kids I tried to befriend responded with contempt and hatred.
    The same thing to a lesser degree occurred in the work force.
    Much as I spent my life since being old enough to understand things trying to not develop stereotypes and to not have racist thinking, I simply cannot bullshit myself.
    Especially considering a friend I have had for about 40 years is a black female who has very few black friends and tells me horror stories about things she has experienced. She has never married because she refuses to marry out of her race, and I will not repeat what she says about black men, but she will not marry a black man.

    I have come to the conclusion that something is either genetically or socially very wrong , perhaps some of both.
    Much as I spent my life avoiding being stereotyped ( I am an old hippie, a lifestyle I have never been able to give up). But I combatted being stereotyped by not living up to the stereotype, not by trying to defeat it by living up to it.

    When I see riots after a cop does his job, when I notice that whenever I see someone screaming “motherfucker” while carrying on a conversation by screaming across a parking lot, when I see a table full of people being vulgar and loud at a table in a restaurant full of families and treating the help badly, and every time I see these occurrences the people always have the same genetic trait in common, it is very hard to not succumb to racism.

    I remember when cops really DID beat the shit out of black people and would harass the hell out of someone just for being black. And I was quite outspoken about that.
    But those days are long gone.
    The cops have changed. Society has changed. The work force has changed. The government has changed. Even groups like the klan have changed some.
    The one thing about american culture that has very blatantly not changed is that there seems to be a large segment of black america that hasn’t changed.

    When a society bends over backwards to give people preferential treatment in the work force, in education, and in society in general, and many of the people who they are bending over backwards for respond with contempt and refuse to take advantage of the preferential treatment they are getting, something is very wrong.

    I have great respect for black people in america who strive to be about something, they have a tough row to hoe because they do indeed have to try harder. Not because of racism, but because there are so many other people creating a stereotype that they unfortunately are forced to endure.
    Black men in particular have to fight an uphill battle to succeed, young black men do indeed have to work harder, again because of the stereotype others are perpetuating that they must overcome along with the hardships that everyday life brings everyone. That sucks.

    I have no respect for someone of any race or background who doesn’t bother to learn to speak proper English well enough to be socially function, who has contempt for the legal system, who feels society owes them a free ride, someone who has preferential treatment in the work force by government dictum and doesn’t take advantage of it, or someone who blames their genetics for all of their ills.

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