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It Doesn’t Look Good for John McCain…

Thursday, January 12, 2017 15:10
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Sometimes the best ways to find the truth is to ask questions.

My first question about anything reported in the “news”, is always “cui bono (who benefits)?”

Certainly, McCain benefits by undermining Trump.  But so do a gazillion other people.

However, the question that keeps popping up in my little pea brain is, “Why McCain?”  Why was McCain, out of all the people who could have been given the so-called explosive dossier on Trump, singled out to be the recipient?  Except, was he?  It seems this dossier has been floating around for quite some time.  At least that’s what we’re now being asked to believe.

Not only was McCain one of the recipients, but he sent someone to pick it up in London.  It’s been reported that this whole brouhaha started during the primaries and !Jeb Bush was behind it all.  If !Jeb won the presidency, McCain would have been paid off with a cushy appointment in Bush’s administration.  That sounds reasonable.

Christopher Steele, 52, is said to have been the former MI6 agent who compiled the dossier on Trump to discredit the incoming US President.

Who commissioned a former British spy to draw up the ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump is yet to be identified – but fingers have been pointed to Jeb Bush as the initial requestor via a Washington research firm working for a so-called superPAC – a political action committee – had commissioned the report during the Republican primaries. Followed by Trump’s enemies in both the Republican and Democrat parties once Jeb stepped out of the race. source

As I keep saying, “All news is fake news until proven otherwise”, which makes me wonder why CNN jumped on the Buzzfeed story.  Buzzfeed I get.  It’s just a bunch of college dropouts sitting around on their laptops, probably for free, pounding out nonsense that only nonsensical people read.  CNN, on the other hand, strives to be relevant and respected.  Were they so biased and anxious for some sort of “scoop” that they reported on Buzzfeed’s garbage?  I guess so.

As for McCain – his image is forever tainted.  Either people are calling him a traitor or demented.  Neither description could be considered good.

So what is the truth?  I have no idea, except to know with rock solid certainty that Donald Trump has some very powerful and angry enemies.  Knowing that makes me even more positive in my support for him. 

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Total 28 comments
  • sitrep

    Oh, There is a lot going on with Mc Caint, He has plenty of Pictures of Himself, and His Inventions-all over the Internet.
    Although he did not think it all up, and His Masters that ordered him to all those secret meetings, and with Duffle Bags full of Money, Knowing everything McCant Touches turns to Crap Anyway.

    So What, Now He Walks around With a hook in his jaw, and sinker swingin, and Talkin outa the other Mouth.
    This Nothing Compared what is really going on.

    • ElOregonian

      John “Songbird” McCain, true to his moniker given to him by his fellow Vietnam war prisoners at the “Hanoi Hilton”. Like a canary his DNA requires him to sing.

    • TC

      Isn’t that his picture in the dictionary, next to the word despicable?

  • sitrep

    It did not look good for him as a pilot, When he shot a fellow Pilot while sitting in the cockpit waiting to take off, and the Great Damage to the Ship, and may have Killed people.
    His Daddy saved him.

    • mynameisnobody

      So it wasnt’ an accident or malfunction when that missile went off ?

    • b4

      he back fired his jet on purpose “joking” around-turned it off and right back on which creates a big explosion and it knock a 500 lb bomb off the jet behind him waiting to take off like him on the carrier–an explosion and fire killed 142 sailors–his daddy the admiral covered up the investigation–he said in hanoi they tortured him and the truth was when he ejected it cause his legs broken and other injuries–he was treated like a king in hanoi because his daddy the admiral–he is a fraud,traitor and very mentally ill-why Az votes for him again and again is beyond anybody

    • George

      A friend of mine was a POW who was there with McCain. My friend told me that while he himself lived in what amounted to a dog box, got a handful of mush most days and ate all the bugs and worms he could find, got his ass kicked every day because of McCain’s big fat mouth, weighed 85 pounds when he was rescued and got to an aircraft carrier, took a year to learn to eat again, McCain paraded around camp with the VC as if he was one of them.

      He wouldn’t go public with the truth about McCain but now I can tell it!

    • 2QIK4U

      I didn’t know that entire story. 142 people died and he gets called a hero? Disgraceful… Is it him or Biden that shot his “friend”in the face while hunting? Attempting murder and still failed from three feet away. (1metre =3.1 ft)

      • Anonymous

        it was dick chaney

    • Judge Roy Bean

      Daddy admiral McCain saved his son at least twice, maybe he should have not done a thing and son McCain would have been drummed out of the military, would never have been shot down or a prisoner of war and consequently called a hero then on to an AZ Senator.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      I am Hard core right winger which means more to me than a flim flam Republican that barely has enough backbone to stand up most of the time. McCain, Graham and few others have nearly destroyed the Republican party. Trump, hoping for the best but expecting the least, we shall wait and see.

  • Spikey Norman

    It baffles me why Texans keep voting for the guy knowing he is pure slime.
    I just cannot believe there cannot be better political material down south to vote for.

    • Shorty

      Texans? We have Cruz, not McCaint.

    • Me


  • Deputy Dawg

    John is concerned that the moment Donald Trump is sworn in he will become a target of the president elect’s new DOJ. He understands the reality that if that occurs he will undoubtedly be going to the penitentiary. John has spent time being a privileged jailhouse snitch while in foreign captivity as a prisoner of war, he doesn’t want to have to go through that again. We all know how warped the unrestrainted human mind can evolve when hate and war motivate action. Man is capable of heinous deeds. God only knows what disgusting things they did to John as a young soldier to keep him in line or for their own demented pleasure.

    The John is working overtime to squash any possibility of a full, truthful disclosure in regard to his dealings with terrorism. He knows he violated federal law chumming around with known terrorists, plotting with them, arranging financing and arming his new found friends in Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS. Hillary stepped into it big time, she has poop on her shoes and if her trail of crap is followed by the new administration John has a lot to loose. Mostly if his indiscretions are mentioned in any of the damning Wikileak emails. It has to be weighing real heavy on the John knowing he is guilty of many crimes that bear real long prison terms and that the dogs have been turned loose to sniff him out. I sure wouldn’t want to live with all that hanging over me.

    If John were to ask my advice I would tell him “run as fast as you can to Jeff Sessions and make a deal.” It’s all coming unraveled and if he fails to turn states evidence while he can then there is a real good chance he could spend the rest of his life in prison. If dude thinks he was mistreated being a favored prisoner of war, I have news for him! Things can be much worse in prison, John is a known snitch.

    God is shining a bright light on all that is done or concealed in the dark. They can run but they can’t hide. The tribulation will humble the evil and prideful alike. John McCain and all his evil cohorts will bend their knees before God Almighty and beg for His mercy, God will see to it. He should repent now and come clean before the making a deal option is off the table. When the rats start jumping ship, it should be noted that deals with prosecutors is a first come first serve type of clemency.


    • darlin51

      No clemency, hang ‘em. Treason is death!

      • Deputy Dawg

        If the corruption within the intelligence agency involves too many subversives the president elect has the authority to immediately shut down the entire CIA as a matter of national security. He can have those he has appointed and trusts in the CIA point out all those behind or participating in the seditious anti-Trump campaign.

        Trump can then have the Department of Justice/FBI arrest every member of the CIA involved. The FBI hates the CIA and will be most accommodating in this regard. Reestablishing the agency isn’t really necessary as the CIA currently subcontracts most intelligence work to private companies anyway.

        With the NSA scheming on everyone everywhere the only thing the CIA is good for is arming terrorist, false flag operations, conspiring with the Nazi George Soros, overthrowing legitimate governments, smuggling drugs and selling weapons to terrorists. It is a criminal organization not a government entity. The CIA has proven itself a destructive force against the nation not an asset. It should be noted that the intelligence the CIA provides is seldom if ever accurate. Their intelligence is used more often to manipulate American officials and people. What are we taxpayers actually paying for? It’s time we ended this criminal enterprise. Let’s all hope the end of the CIA is what President Trump has in mind. I suspect this is the plan, but we will see!


  • 2QIK4U

    So him selling American weapons that were used to shoot down an American chopper with Russian and American soldiers on board killing all of them didn’t already show he’s a traitor like the Bush Clinton and Obama syndicates?

  • dennisR8

    I remember stories in the news media of this country in the 1970′s that John McCain was accused of selling secrets to the North Vietnamese to avoid being beaten frequently as so many other prisoners of war were in the 1960′s and 1970′s in that terrible Vietnam war. Who did John McCain agree to become politically to avoid being exposed further. I vaguely remember during the Reagan administration that the stories stopped. Nothing further happened.

    McCain sold out conservatives because they did not defend him. Prosecute McCain for treason now regarding his cowardliness in the face of the enemy.

  • jdpent01


  • truthseeker4809

    Obviously John McCain can not do all this by his own mental capacity. People should find the heavy hand paying him to do this behind the scene. That’s where all the evil’s coming from. I don’t like Senator Lindsey Graham either. He looks as fishy and evil as McCain.

    • Bobwire

      my bet would be Soro’s

  • Don - 1

    McCain likes to visit, laugh and talk with known terrorists. See for yourself:

  • desertspeaks

    actually buzzfeed’s story followed cnn’s… but what do facts matter to some putz on here?

  • Mrs Clippit

    I live in Phx AZ and I want McShame to step down and go to pasture!!! He has done enough damage to the USA!!!

  • Everette

    McCain is one of those negative blood reptiles from his father lucifer . Just like Obama , the queen , the Clinton’s , the Bushes and the pope . Don’t believe it check it out for yourselves .

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Doesn’t look good for McCain laying in that dark mahogany coffin on Jan22.

  • Texas Belle

    McCain is just getting revenge for what Trump said about him during the campaign. However, he is long overdue to retire; one never knows what stance he will take on any issue; he is not a reliable conservative. RINO

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