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Oh Good: NY Times Publishes Screed By Illegal Alien Who Vows To Not Leave

Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:42
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Have you heard the case of Jeanette Vizguerra, a person who is unlawfully present in the United States and has taken refuge in a church, which puts the church in violation of 8 US Code 1324? She stretches the truth…ok, breaks it…in this opinion piece

Why I Will Not Leave

Honey? The choice is not yours to make.

This year is my 20th in Denver, but I may have to spend it in the basement of the First Unitarian Church instead of my own home. When I wake up in the room set up for me here, my first thought every day is who will pick up my children from school.

Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement refused to extend my stay of deportation. I sought sanctuary in the church because, like that of millions of other immigrants, my future in this country was thrown into doubt. Thanks to President Trump’s new policy, every undocumented person is a priority for eviction from this country.

In my years here, I have witnessed many injustices and have been involved in community organizing against them, including as a co-host of a radio show here. After paying taxes for two decades, spending thousands of dollars on my immigration case and fighting my deportation for eight years, I am not giving up now.

The horror, ICE refused to extend her stay of deportation. Obviously, this means Americans are super big meanings. Or not

(KDVR) Jeanette Vizguerra, a mother of four, was scheduled to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents Wednesday morning.

She wanted to extend the stay on her deportation order, which expired last week, while she continues the application process for a special visa. The extension was denied when she failed to show up for the meeting.

So, the person who caused the refusal was ….. herself, for blowing off the check in. She has no one to blame but herself. She doesn’t tell you this in the beginning of the article, only explaining it way down near the end, a point which most people have already tuned out and moved on when it comes to reading web articles.

We see from the KDVR article that she arrived illegally in 1997 with her husband and a 6 year old. Since she is 45 now, that means she was not a child at the time she intentionally broke our immigration law. At one point she was charged with not having a license or insurance and for having an expired license plate. Those charges were dropped. She put a made up Social Security number on a document she was planning to use for a job application. She pled guilty to attempted possession of a forged instrument. La Immigra became involved at that point.

She was given the opportunity to voluntarily self-deport. She finally did leave, then came back, paying someone to smuggle her across the border, for which she was almost immediately caught be the Border Patrol, making her an alien absconder.

Back to the Times screed, and her ending

Their example inspires me to continue the fight until we are all able to walk the street freely. But it is not easy to be so public, and — grateful as I am for the support of the Sanctuary Coalition — it is hard to live in a church instead of my home. Perhaps you’ve seen the hashtag #JeanetteBelongsHere. The United States is the country of my children. I will stay here because it is my home. I will not leave.

And this is exactly one of the reasons why so many have so little care for illegal aliens: there is little in the way of humbleness, or being contrite. We see them demanding the U.S. give them stuff. Food, shelter, education, welfare, money, healthcare, and, of course, citizenship. There is defiance, even though they are the ones who’ve broken our laws and taken advantage of American generosity. Anytime in the past 20 years she could have left and applied for lawful status. She did not do that.

And her choice to stay, like that of many illegals, is not hers to make.

Crossed at Right Wing News.


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  • wiseoldlady

    Deport her…!!!

  • Rockledge

    Fine. The inside of the church is a protected sanctuary. The outside is not.
    Cut off the electric, the water, and the heat source, and surround the place. Don’t let anyone in with food.
    I can’t imagine there being anything illegal about the police surrounding a building harboring a criminal and limiting access to it.

    • Mayhem

      “Let me be clear: The use of starvation as a weapon of war is a war crime.” – former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.

      But i s’pose that doesn’t count in civilian situations.

      • Cintus Supremus

        Okay. Maybe don’t starve them. But lay siege and surround the place with loudspeakers that play only Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity on an infinite loop at high volume.

        This way, the besieged will either kill themselves or convert to right-thinking conservatism.

        Everybody wins.

      • Rockledge

        You wouldn’t be starving him. The criminal always has the option to leave the building for food.
        The criminal would be starving himself by making a bad choice.

        • Mayhem

          I wonder why the Secretary General didn’t think of that? The enemy could just surrender so, really speaking, it’s the enemies fault.

          My point, Rockledge, is we’re all so fond of condemning certain behaviour in others that we wouldn’t even blink at when it comes to serving our own purposes.

          Punched any Nazi’s lately?

          • Mayhem

            … and the reason i’m interested…


            … is we’ve currently got the very same problem going on here in little old Noo Zillun. The little Island chain just off Straya, er, Australia.

          • Rockledge

            I’m not sure what you mean, your response seems rather cryptic.

            I wouldn’t have reason to punch a Nazi, providing he did nothing to provoke me. Nazis have the same right to their opinions as everyone else does.
            As long as the Nazi is here legally, fuck it, let him do his thing as long as he stays within the parameters of the legal system.

          • Mayhem

            Then i’ll simplify it for you, Rockledge, why do you think it’s okay to starve people out of hiding when the UN takes such a dim view of that kind of thing? I appreciate the difference between civilian affairs and war but the overarching principle must still apply, surely, or is it not a crime when “we” do it?

            Personally i advocate kicking the door in and dragging the perps sorry arse out into the open and then slapping the cuffs on him/her in front of the TV cameras. Protected sanctuary be damned but, then again, i’ve never been too fond of churches.

          • Mayhem

            My “Punch a Nazi” comment was in relation to the current discussion revolving around Richard Spencer…


            … and was a throw away jibe designed to give you an opportunity to focus on something other than my main point. Which you did and that tells me a lot about you.

      • Rockledge

        Let me make it so blatantly simple for you that you cannot miss the point.

        I don’t give a goddamn, and neither do most americans now, what the UN thinks, proposes, functions, condones, or discourages.

        The UN is a major part of the problem, perhaps even the orchestrator of it.

        The UN can kiss my ass, I hope President Trump draws us out of the UN and cuts off all funding to it as well as all aid to foreign countries who are not satisfied with our aid, they want to come here and take everything else we have as well, and the fucking UN wants to help them do it.

        Personally, I don’t think there should be sanctuaries. Churches or otherwise.
        A criminal is a criminal, and if the police need to tear gas a mosque, church, witches coven, or whatever other “sanctuary” to cuff a criminal, or shoot them if necessary, good on them.

        And still fuck the UN, I hope they don’t like it.

        • Mayhem

          Yeah, i’m no fan of the UN either but Ban Ki Moon still had a point. A point that the International Red Cross entirely agrees with…

          … however both entities were talking about war so any connection was only ever analogous. No need to get all worked up.

          What about starving the perp out in light of the 8th Amendment or Article 2 of the Bill of Rights then? I’m just wondering if there is a line or does the ends justify the means.

  • Cintus Supremus

    It’s time to re-think this whole tax-exempt status for these churches.

    • Mayhem

      Too right, Cintus, in fact i can’t get my head around any self respecting church seeking to be that beholden to the gubermint.

    • Rockledge

      Churches should absolutely without question be tax exempt.
      HOWEVER, I think the laws need to be changed.
      Churches that have ANY paid employees should not be tax exempt.
      Churches such as for example, the catholic church that merely house, clothe and feed clergy should be tax exempt, but any church with a preacher who draws a paycheck should not.

      And the very minute a member of clergy of ANY kind, Christian, muslim, satanist, worhsippers of the giant hairy lightning hurler in the sky, mentions even remotely a political ideal or stance or supports a political candidate, the entire clergy of that parish as well as the parish itself should lose any tax exempt status it has.

      I also think the same should apply to ALL non-profit agencies.
      Any agency that has ALL VOLUNTEER staff that does non-profit work should be tax exempt.

      ANY agency that has paid employees should not under any circumstance be “non-profit:.

      This shit of having sad music and images on TV for a “non-profit” organization but yet has a CEO that makes a quarter of a million bucks a year is not really non-profit at all.

      Non-profit has become one of the biggest scams since undertakers, lawyers, and the medical industry.

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