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Pissed Mayor Just Sent Bounty Hunters to Round up Hundreds of Muslims and Did This to Their Mosques!

Sunday, February 12, 2017 10:09
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The days of political correctness and putting people in harm because of it ended on November 20, 2016 when President Trump was elected as our nation’s leader. He set the precedence that he doesn’t care what people think about his policies and even though judges have recently overturned his travel ban from terrorist-tied nations, his assertive approach to the refugee problem seems to have empowered one Mayor who stepped up his resolve to it ten-fold, making a travel ban look like child’s play.

As hordes of refugees poured in through unsecured borders, the issue became more about the threat to Western life than helping people seeking better living conditions. The claim that they would assimilate into the culture was proven wrong when instead of becoming Westernized, they imposed Islam on the locals in hopes of ushering in Sharia law. They didn’t want to escape a dangerous Muslim nation, they wanted to turn Western areas into one.

The terrifying effects of this were most prevalent in Europe after Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, announced to the world that refugees were welcome there, and since that dangerous declaration they poured in overwhelming droves. However, Laszlo Toroczkai, the bold 45-year-old Mayor of the small Hungarian town of Asotthalom, didn’t ask for it and doesn’t want them as he’s seen the massive destruction and fear they’ve instilled in his once peaceful town, so he decided to take care of it in a brutal way that involves more than just his badass team of bounty hunters rounding them up my the masses.

Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai (center) with some of his bounty hunters who are rounding up Muslim refugees
The Daily Mail reports that locals in Asotthalom have been finding groups of immigrants scattered across their farms, sleeping in people’s gardens and outbuildings, as watched in horror as thousands stream through the center of their village on their way to other parts of Europe.

Hoping to send a very clear message to Muslim refugees that “Hungary is a bad choice for migrants,” the unapologetic mayor has stayed true to his word in sending “a group of muscular men using motorbikes, helicopters, and even horses to race across the countryside in pursuit of human quarry,” MailOnline reported.

Once the camouflage-clad bounty hunters capture their targets, they wrestle them to the ground and hog tie them. Other efforts to slow the migrant flow are just as merciless, with a 110-mile razor fence, ban on building mosques, the Muslim call to prayer has now been made illegal there, and the burqa and the “burkini” swimsuit are no longer allowed.


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  • Black Humor

    Sadly only thing understandable to these inbred barbarians is force. :sad:

  • Boo

    Their comes a time when breaking points resort to defensive measures. Islam’s inability to assimilate into the cultures of the country’s they immigrate into seems to always end in actions like these being played out. As harsh as this mayors approach appears, Islam is used to a far more harsh life style, and it’s unlikely those being rounded up were traumatically alarmed by this action.

  • Pink Slime

    They are just DUMPING them on the West. Now you have go go after those that BROUGHT the trash to your country. All your political leaders.

    Morning and mid nite raids and DUMP them on your street. They are just as vile by betraying you to your enemies. :twisted:

    • Arcturus

      They are population replacement. Whites are not breeding enough to meet demographic needs; women are making the decision not to have offspring. The globalists want the whites eliminated. Islam is supposed to become the world religion. Jesuits are globalists, that is why the second to last pope “retired” and a “black” pope replaced him. It was long said that the last pope would be a “black” pope, which most people thought meant an African. However, Jesuits are referred to as “black robes” and the one today may veery well be the last pope if islam gets the upper hand. Obama was said to be possibly the last president which indicated that America was going to fall during his time. Trump trumped Hillary and foiled globalist plans, but they are fighting back tooth and nail. It will not end well for someone, probably us. The constant bombardment of apocalyptic “news” keeps people unsettled. This week Nibiru strikes; next weekend the world economy collapses, but the deadlines keep being pushed back.

  • Redlist Renegade

    As the old saying goes”Charity Begins At Home” ! Helping a FEW people is a good thing but when you have Hordes of them coming in to your country and communities and taking over and expecting everything for nothing and demanding that the host culture change IT’S ways , rules , laws and customs to suit and benefit THEM then it’s not only time to draw the line it’s time to SEND THEM PACKING and Damn Quick (no matter WHAT it takes to get them OUT and to NEVER allow them to return again EVER) !!!

  • Andy

    send all the muslims to MUSLIM countries – problem solved for the west AND for the muslims

  • Spikey Norman

    Can you imagine what would happen in the US if say, a $100.00 bounty was placed on every illegal immigrant rounded up +?

    Plenty of work there for homeless vets and the milita.

    Plenty of FEMA camps ready too.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      The Gov would be broke in 2 days.
      Well… Broke-er…
      But at least money well spent.

  • dennisR8

    President Donald Trump used an Executive Order to see who and how someone would oppose him. There are possibly two ways this Muslim travel ban can be exercised successfully. The United States Constitution Article I, Section 8, clause 9 with Article III, Section 1 combine to eliminate any appellate court opposition or Supreme Court restrictions from Presidental or Congressional use to stop illegal immigration. Trump’s Executive Order could be sent back to the Ninth Circuit to get all eleven judges to vote upon it.

    Most American leftists must not be able to read English. The Constitution was not written in Latin or Greek.

  • meandmyarrow

    Hey genius, Trump was elected on November 8th, 2016 and was INAUGURATED on January 20th 2017. Just these simple facts keep me from believing this story, although I hope it is TRUE.

    • Amuzza

      Just google Laszlo Toroczkai, he is a right wing nazi style leader, plenty of info on him. I say this is true.

  • ccamp003

    The USA has the Muzlims and the Mezkins to deal with. Good thing the wall is being installed. The free stuff is over! :smile:

  • Shorty

    I wonder if they have muslim hunting licenses over there?

    • Redlist Renegade

      With no bag and tag limit ?!!!

  • Josie

    You go Lascio, maybe you’ll inspire other mayor. There are some real men left out there…demolish the mosque and round them up and ship them back to their native country…

    • Redlist Renegade

      Round ‘Em UP , Ship ‘Em OUT….RAW HIDE !!!!

  • Emmettsmom

    Wow-Hungary might be the ONLY country over there that actually Survives the muslim Invasion! At least there will be ONE truly European country left.
    BTW-the war in Syria is coming to a close. Its no longer SO ‘unsafe’ that middle-aged men cant live there. They need to STAY THERE & REBUILD their country. So, WHY would 100s of THOUSANDS of Young, Strong, men STILL be coming into Our country & taking over Europe? They cant be called ‘refugees, anymore, if they arent in REAL DANGER in their own country & they HAVE to leave. They are NOT spreading out from their own countries to ‘Assimilate’ into Western Culture. This is a Huge movement to spread islam, & its working VERY WELL on the sympathies, & kindness of Christians, & the ‘Politically Correct’ & ‘Social Justice Warrior’ cultures. EVERYONE ELSE needs to SEE whats coming & be Ready.

    • Mean Old SOB

      I’ll bet you see a real growth in popularity of VLAD DRAKUL. After all, he made he’s reputation defying the muslim Turks

  • F16Hoser

    Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai; “You’d Da Man!” :cool:

  • Jay

    A politician who cares about his people. This guy gets it , protect the citizens first , abide by the rule of law and hit those who don’t obey it hard. Bravo Mr. Mayor.

  • Ralban

    Send the Hord home

  • Mean Old SOB

    ONCE AGAIN, it’s the leadership that is so warped; they have to go. You almost can’t blame the refugees because the people at the top of the garbage heap are the ones who let them in. Sweden has so many refugees that they need to build a city the size of STOCKHOLM just to house them ALL. The LEFT are the ones that promote these immoral agendas because the left IS immoral. And guess what? THERE’S NO JOBS for the refugees. They’re actually saying they wished they had STAYED HOME.

    And how about the countries in the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia, that haven’t taken in ONE BLESSED MUSLIM. But that’s OKAY because the shite heeled Saudis “VOWED” to build 200 mosques in Germany.
    The Saudis actually have TENT cities that can accommodate 3 million people! Tents that each have AN AIR CONDITIONER but they’ve taken in NO refugees

  • dj dawg

    Can trump hire that guy i like his style

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