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CNN Panel Speechless After Results of Instant Poll of Trump Speech

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 10:31
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CNN PANEL SPEECHLESS After Results of INSTANT POLL of Trump Speech There’s no denying it. Donald Trump gave a phenomenal speech last night.

He sat out to unify a nation. And Trump chose all the right words. The aftermath left many Liberals admitting Trump was inspiring. For CNN Panelists, it was especially hard to make such a concession. However, according to their own poll 69% of viewers believe Trump policies are leading us in the right direction.

As you watch this video, keep in mind this is a CNN poll. That makes the results all the more extraordinary.

As Ian Schwartz commented:

According to a CNN/ORC poll of viewers, Donald Trump’s first address to Congress received a largely positive reaction from speech-watchers, with 57% who tuned in saying they had a “very positive” reaction. CNN reported Trump did similar poll numbers to former Presidents Obama and Bush.

The buzz on social media was Donald Trump knocked it out of the park, Barry Bonds style. Yes, ON STEROIDS!

Twitter agreed with the poll results:

.@krauthammer: #JointAddress to Congress should have been Trump’s inaugural speech

— Fox News (@FoxNews) March 1, 2017

The Oscars were a disaster, President Trump’s speech was magnificent. The planets are finally aligned. Wonderful.

— Anthony Fotia (@apfotia) March 1, 2017

Pres Trump’s Speech to Congress was that of a Statesman & Patriot. We love you, Pres. Trump and so Proud to have you as Our President.

— Becky H. (@connect2732) March 1, 2017

Reuters: RT ReutersTV: In his first speech to Congress, U.S. President Trump pledged renewal …

— Eugenio Bertolaccini (@EBertolaccini) March 1, 2017

Trump speech proof he is up to the challenge of being president

— Deplorable Jim K (@JimKuther) March 1, 2017

When CNN has to concede Trump did well, his progress in undeniable. Keep in mind the polling of Trump coming into office. Here’s what we wrote about this at the time:

Trump front with hands up

That, according to The Washington Post, makes Trump the least-popular incoming president of the past 40 years — by a large margin. Eight years ago, ABC News/Washington Post polling showed Barack Obama with a 79 percent favorable rating. Even George W. Bush — who lost the popular vote and was designated the next president only after a protracted recount in Florida — had a 62 percent favorable rating on the eve of his inauguration. Bush’s 36 percent unfavorable rating was the lowest of the modern era, until Trump’s 54 percent score in the new poll.

The CNN poll results are in and they’re clear. So clear in fact that even Leftist see what’s happening. 


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  • Just me

    Examine yourselves. This site has become Trump cheerleader central. When everyone on a particular site agrees on a single political position of figure, and refuses to entertain rational debate, it’s called “sheep mentality”. It works the same for hard core Trump followers as it did for hard core Obama followers. You think you’re enlightened but really you’re being manipulated just like the left was.

    • Redlist Renegade

      You’re an OBVIOUS Liberal SHILL Jackass !!! WHO even CARES about your liberal “Opinion” anyway ?!!!!

      • Just me

        I’m not liberal in the slightest. I’m also not a lemming who would follow a wolf in sheep’s clothing. There are some of us ultra conservative, constitutionalists left that have not been fooled.

        • True News

          You are very welcome to share your opinion, too. Even if people support Trump, they should definitely keep their eyes wide open and listen to critical analysis. No one is perfect and there will definitely be times you might have to hold your nose, even if you are a Trump supporter. However, people should be genuinely delighted that someone is finally saying things that needed saying. That’s why people are excited about Trump.

          • Just me

            Right, and Obama told the left what they wanted to hear and they got excited. Are we really so shallow as to take a multi billionaire, global elitist at his word?

        • Redlist Renegade

          You could have fooled me that you’re really a liberal by the statements that I’ve seen you post to the stories on here ! If you’re a REAL Ultra Conservative Constitutionalist you sure have a strange way of showing it !!!

          • Cintus Supremus

            Renegade wrote:

            “You could have fooled me that you’re really a liberal by the statements that I’ve seen you post to the stories on here !”

            Hell if that isn’t EXACTLY what I was thinking.

            Ultra-conservative constitutionalist my ass.

          • Just me

            Maybe you don’t know what conservative means? Trump may be a capitalist, but that doesn’t make him a conservative. Anyone who wants to silence any media that does not agree with him is NOT a constitutionalist. And don’t say I like the liberal MSM – I don’t. I just believe they have the constitutional right to say what they want. That’s what a constitutionalist believes. I have an obligation to use my brain to decide what is true. It’s not up to government to edit the press – that’s called fascism.

          • Cintus Supremus

            “Trump may be a capitalist, but that doesn’t make him a conservative.”

            No one here said Trump is a conservative. You said YOU are a conservative. Behold the reaction.

            “Anyone who wants to silence any media that does not agree with him is NOT a constitutionalist.”

            Typical leftist strawman dodge. Your mind is perfectly conditioned to react like the reactionary left, yet you deny your own instincts? Trump wants to marginalize and box out the LYING, duplicitous, agenda-driven, ideological leftist media, who demonstrate their hatred for him each and every time they draw breath.

            “I just believe they have the constitutional right to say what they want.”

            There are no constitutional protections against propaganda. The leftist main-stream media ARE NO LONGER REPORTERS (if they ever were) – they are propagandists. And during this past election, they made that fact perfectly clear to anyone with eyes and a brain.

            “That’s what a constitutionalist believes.”

            It is you who are ignorant of the meanings of the terms ‘conservative’ and ‘constitutionalist’ – and you’ve just proven the point conclusively.

            “I have an obligation to use my brain to decide what is true.”

            Yes. But you have neither the ability nor the right to decide what truth IS. Truth IS what it IS even before you even wake up in the morning. And judging from what I see here, your ability to RECOGNIZE truth is entirely suspect.

            “It’s not up to government to edit the press – that’s called fascism.”

            Something ONLY a leftist would say.

          • Cintus Supremus

            EDIT — should read:

            There are no constitutional protections *FOR* propaganda.

          • Just me

            “LYING, duplicitous, agenda-driven, ideological leftist media”

            That is an OPINION. Only a fascist regime would presume to have the right to decide what the truth is. And yes propaganda is now protected by law as long as it is government propaganda.

          • Cintus Supremus

            “That is an OPINION.”

            Sorry. I don’t traffic in opinion. It was NO opinion that the LYING media released invented intel reports on Trump. It was NO opinion that CNN released BAD information in an attempt to deceive the public re the audience size on the day of the inaugural. It was NO opinion that the LYING media leaked lies about FAKE intel reports re Russian ties with the Trump administration. These are all FACTS. I don’t need to continue, but if I did, the post would be too long for folks to read.

            “Only a fascist regime would presume to have the right to decide what the truth is.”

            The ONLY regime today attempting to decide or even influence what TRUTH IS, is the disgusting leftist democrat regime – here and abroad in Europe and Australia – with their fake news campaign and their ceaseless whimpering about censoring the internet. NONE OF THAT CRAP has come or is coming from the Trump administration. As usual, you leftists have your facts all back-to-front and inverted, because that’s what you are – you are an inversion of reality; an inversion of the truth.

            “And yes propaganda is now protected by law as long as it is government propaganda.”

            NOT BY THE CONSTITUTION, LIAR. As much you would have known if you were in fact a constitutionalist conservative. But you even lie about what you are, so what point is there in discussing anything with you.

            You are dismissed.

          • Just me

            The ONLY regime today attempting to decide or even influence what TRUTH IS, is the disgusting leftist democrat regime –

            Wow – do you even know what your saying. YOU ARE TRYING TO INFLUENCE THE TRUTH JUST AS MUCH AS THEY ARE. You’re BOTH wrong.

        • Godzilla

          So you are saying he is not facist enough? I am puzzled. I personally don’t care for trump, as much as I don’t care for any progressive democrat or conservative republican because I am libertarian. My philosophy does not allow me to agree with different ideologies.

          I don’t care for social conservatives or social progressives….meaning being conservative on social issues or conservative on social issues. I am liberal on social issues and conservative on financial issues.

          I guess a pat Buchanan fan would find “liberal” trump distasteful. :roll:

          • b4

            JUST PEE is an insane fool who uses bullshit to further its cause–a true agent of satan–a trump hater who has huge emontional problems–just a rabble rouser trying to stir things up–since JUST PEE is a huge liar,and is really a libtard there is no reason to argue with JUST PEE– just point out what a liar JUST PEE is

          • Just me

            No, he’s plenty fascist enough for me. But there are fascists both on the left and the right. People like “BM” think that everything is black and white. The truth is that Trump was a life long lefty liberal democrat before he decide to call himself a republican to run for office. He is also a multi-national, multi-billionaire, globalist who is a shill for the NWO. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. Those who voted for him are in for a rude awakening. He will be not better than Obama – and may well speed up the process of globalization.

    • Jay

      There is still a small group on the Right who for what ever reason dislike Trump. They may have wanted Cruz or they are jealous of his successes or that he is a NYer. What they never address is what would they be doing now if Empress Hillary was on the throne.

    • Godzilla

      The progressives had 8 years of Obama and now its 4 to 8 years of trump. A communist leaves and a facist takes over. How is that any different to the last 250 years of American history and suprising in the least?

      Sheep from both sides will call each other sheep. Rigged, tiring, boring!

      Alternative media= bible worship, facism, make fun of the ufo crowd.

      Mainstream media=evolution, communism, make fun of the ufo crowd.

      The FED will still be issuing debt notes eight years from now, too big fail to business will still get bailouts, the wars will continue, more welfare, less jobs, blame the illegals for everything, more taxes, more drug laws, no 9-11 disclosure, more gun laws, more fighting between gays and straights, etc.

      The fake polarity IS ENGINEERED to DISTRACT from big issues! People are deemed to soft and retarded to handle the truth. :sad:

      • wiseoldlady

        Agree this has been the constant way our government has gamed the system. BUT…just maybe just like JFK, Trump wants to change or alter the rhetorical continuation of sameness. I disagree with the continuation of lying about Russia and Syria, giving recognition to the Sauds or not holding Israel accountable. In that respect Trump is another domino. But in other ways he supersedes all other presidents.

        • Godzilla

          I would rather have a republican over a democrat anytime, but that doesn’t say much. In some ways I like trump, but there are issues I pointed out that I disagree with him. I tend to view big government that creates all the problems and solves nothing.

          Illegals are here and we outsource to china because doing business is too expensive in America, and because there are no tariffs to discourage imports. Do away with the unconstitutional income and capital gain taxes, do away with minimum wage laws, stupid EPA regulations, affirmative action hiring quotas, obamacare contributions and watch the economy soar. Most of the illegals would self-deport because they would loose their appeal and like the past we would export more than we import. The economy would soar!

          I think they are backing out of supporting Russia overtly because of the enormous pressure by the fake media. I already know the media is fake since they flat out refused to cover most of the WikiLeaks. I also know they covered-up 9-11 false flag and the mass shooting hoaxes. They lied about Iraq, they lied about Afghanistan, they lied about the moderate rebels, they lied about trumps chances of winning, they lied about Obama’s birth certificate.

          • Redlist Renegade

            No matter HOW much we want one there’s NEVER going to be a Perfect President or Politician for that matter theat sais or does what we ALL want him to but at least the President that we have now is a FAR cry from what we WOULD have had if Hitlery had won ! I really don’t like either major political party either ! The way that I see it they’re really BOTH twin heads of the same venomous political serpent in many ways and politicians on BOTH sides of the isle play the general public and populace for fools but now that we have a POTUS that seems to go his own way (even though he leans to the right) who has promised to really change things for the better and get the nation back on the right track I think we should give him the chance to do so until or unless he proves otherwise !!!


      Examine yourself! When the country avoids probable destruction, under the leadership? of what is one of the most corrupt, and unlikable politician in our history, we have reason to celebrate. President Trump is saying the right things, but like anyone in office, he must be judged by what he does, not what he says. So far, his actions, have matched his words, and most of America is very happy about that.

    • petebin

      Amen to being a Trump site. He needs all the help he can get, seriously.

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  • Dave 1963

    News flash Democrats! Groaning when the president talks about reporting illegal alien crime stats, and helping victims of crimes committed by illegals is why you’re going to lose the mid term elections too. Please keep digging your own political graves!

  • WhiteDawn

    From the comments here I can see political polarization in US is going on, and on.

    I wrote comments before few years about this plan.

    Here is it again: Message from the insider that intercepted message of the owners of this planet Draco reptiles.

    Since technology on Terra has reached a critical mass and poses a threat to our galactic empire, a project of massive depopulation through our fifth column agents in the Terran United Nations Organization and other eco-political global agencies — who are expert in divide-and-conquer tactics — shall work to raise up the United States as the greatest threat to the “socialized” world. Our agents in the economic infrastructure have succeeded in polarizing the United States into the two fasocialist extremes of left and right, unknowing in their ignorant blindness that both wings are controlled by the same “dragon-lord”, whose purpose is to breath “fire” upon the planet and to flap its left and right “wings” in order to “fan the flames” that would destroy the old eco-political boundaries that were established by Adonai, and thus offer us easier global control.

    This was published in December 2013!
    UN Depopulation agenda is called now “Sustainable Development!
    Political polarizing in the US is almost done!

    Like Stewart Swerdlowe said: Draco’s are working for a Satan and his kind. Plasma made 4th dimensional reptoids
    like in Bible Satan was defined like: “Red Dragon”. They are really light bearers since plasma is “Smokless Fire”defined in the last book.

    On the last negotiations Corey Good wrote exact details about “White Royal Draco” was said.

    “The White Royal Draco was making some very serious demands and told Gonzales that a failure to capitulate to them by the SSP Alliance or the Sphere Alliance would be an act of war against the entire Draco Federation Alliance and their Overlords.

    It was shocking to hear them mention their Overlords because these White Royals had always put forward the notion that they were the top of the totem pole, the tip of the spear and the pinnacle of the pyramid of power in their empire.!


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