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Is Jill Stein’s Recount Effort Simply TPTB Threatening the President Elect to “Appoint Our Guys or Else”?

Monday, November 28, 2016 8:57
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by Scott Creighton

What is the real purpose behind Jill Stein’s “blame the Russians” recount efforts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan?

That’s the big question isn’t it?

Over at Debbie’s Sane Progressive Youtube page, she is getting HAMMERED for continuing to suggest that it’s all about “freedom and democracy and election integrity” and crap like that at a point where it is PAINFULLY obvious that it has NOTHING to do with any of that. All she has to do is read Jill’s damn petition to Wisconsin and she will know IN A HEART BEAT that it’s totally focused on the Clinton campaign’s earlier assertions that the Russians could hack our election system to make Donald Trump win.

And interestingly enough, as she pouts and tells folks they can go ahead and unsubscribe to her channel (as they are doing) she has YET to post a link in ANY of her videos linking her readers to Jill Stein’s petition so they can read it for themselves. That’s a little dubious, don’t you think?

Here is Stein’s Wisconsin petition. Judge for yourself what it’s about.

My opinion on the subject is well documented and based on a substantial amount of research. Plus, unlike Debbie, I come at this issue without the baggage of having been a Jill Stein supporter so identity politics doesn’t factor in with me.

Lastly on this part of the subject I just want too say Debbie’s latest video regarding Stein’s Clinton-inspired efforts include a long-time election integrity activist named Lianda Ludwig who, though her heart is clearly in the right place, has been taken advantage of, in my opinion. This is a comment I wrote on Debbie’s Youtube video of her interview with Lianda:

AmericanEveryman13 hours ago

Lianda’s fundraiser page as well as Jill Stein’s both contain language from Democracy Engine. Line 618 “I agree to Democracy Engine… line 619 “Terms of Service”… line 621 “Privacy Policy” – is operated by Jonathan Zucker who was was the executive director for George Soros’ ActBlue and he’s done work for the DLC. It’s CTO is Erik Pennebaker “During the 2008 election cycle, the system he created for then-Senator Clinton was the online heart of her more than $221 million fundraising effort” I wonder why these two decided to use that particular group to raise money for their projects.

What is that she said? If the money does come from Soros, so what? Yeah. Got it.

Nationbuilder is a “Megaphone”-type platform where, for a monthly fee, folks with a cause can sign-up, collect donations and have their cause spread to all sorts of paid influence peddlers across the country. It was created by a guy who attended college where I grew up in Lynchburg Va. He attended Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University and was a fundamentalist Christian who loved George W. Bush and all things neoliberal until the Iraq War and a Robert Greenwald movie “changed his mind” and he became an “anti-war activist”. Or so the story goes.

This guy then has an idea for Nationbuilder and somehow gets Sean Parker to give him 35 million dollars in start-up money for the project. Sean Parker was the first president of Facebook and the CIA financial asset that gave Zuckerburg the money to kick it off.

This is what happens when people who don’t really understand deep state politics like Debbie of the Sane Progressive and Lianda Ludwig try to pretend like they do. They can’t see past the emotional connections they’ve made with their pet issues, in this case, a rather important pet issue: election integrity (something I have covered for years). They also tend to get trapped by identity politics and refuse too see the writing on the wall until it’s too late. Consider:

  1. Does anyone really think Jill Stein of all people could have motivated so many people to donate 6 million bucks in two days all on her own without Facebook’s Megaphone engine? Be serious. She only raise 3.5 million throughout her entire presidential campaign.. and I don’t care HOW you recount those votes, she’s not going to be president in the end, so WHY would her voters send her their money for this effort?
  2. Why did Jill take up this cause after the two main movers in the action met with Podesta and Elias of the Hillary Clinton team and then why did her petition focus on “Russian hacking” rather than privately owned electronic voting machines and secret software used to count the votes?
  3. Why is Elias and the Clinton campaign now saying they are getting on board with the action to “help” the process along?

Think about it.

So where did she get all that money so quickly? And more importantly, why was she allowed to do it and even have her initiative advertised on the corporate media? Why does it focus on Russia?

Good questions all and I think the answer is a lot more obvious than you might think.

As I have written so many times in the past, nothing happens by coincidence. So for a little clearer insight, maybe we should take a look at what is happening AROUND this story and perhaps that can give us some insight.

Now that Trump is president elect, a couple things are happening that are of note in terms of the personal agendas of the globalist masters of the universe.

  1. We are preparing our terrorists in Syria for an exit since Trump says he wont support them
  2. We are anticipating a reset on NAFTA and Trump’s re-writing of the TPP and the TTIP, something corporate lawyers have been working on for years
  3. We are being promised a Russian Reset which potentially means the end of the New Cold War and all that spending that goes with it

Trump is a pure neoliberal. He was allowed to win. No one should expect anything from him other than the privatization of the public education system, deregulating Wall Street, corporate tax decrease at a legendary level and giveaways to Big Business under the guise of helping put us back to work like his infrastructure plan (notice he doesn’t call it a jobs bill because it isn’t)

But Trump is also a man who takes the temperature of a room and acts accordingly and in that mold, he took the temperature of the country and decided he himself was an anti-interventionist, an anti-globalist and a man concerned with the potential of brinksmanship taking us to WWIII (or IV depending how you view history)

Right now there is a HUUUUGE (sorry bout that) conflict taking place in the public sphere regarding Trump’s picks for key cabinet positions. The globalists want Trump to put their guys in place like Romney. Trump’s supporters want him to stick to his promise to drain the swamp and keep the globalists out of key positions, especially those like Romney who bashed Trump and his supporters for half a year before the election.

You have to always remember, not just say it when it’s convenient too say it, that we live in a one party system, the globalist Business Party, run by the US Chamber of Commerse, ALEC and the Council on Foreign Relations. If you don’t believe me, take a look at how many fake progressive websites are out there parroting the neoliberal propaganda about the life and times of Fidel Castro today.

What if TPTB are sending Trump a message right now at a key moment in his early presidency? What if they want him to do what Reagan was forced to do back in late 1980 when they made him pick all of the neocon “crazies” they wanted in the White House to go along with Rockefeller’s George H. W. Bush?

What if they know they can’t off him right now without setting the country on fire and everyone looking at them as the likely suspects regardless of how many times Joe Scarborough comes out in support of the new Magic Bullet Theory?

How would they threaten him?

One way might be to tell him they will implicate Russia in an election hack that strips him of the office, installs a complicit puppet who will do what they want and simultaneously kicks off the new Cold War at the same time.

They want globalist war-hawks in the Defense Department, the CIA and State Department who will continue the banker’s Global War OF Terrorism anywhere and everywhere they see fit. They want globalist technocrats in Commerce who will understand what the TPP and the TTIP are about and leave them alone. And they want a president who understands his place.

Let me write that again… they want a president who understands his place.

Do what we say, appoint people who think like us or you’re gone. Because even the president isn’t bigger than these powers.

That explains how Jill Stein was allowed to raise that amount of money so quickly. That explains the Russia-baiting nature of her petition. That explains the Clinton people moving in to take over as if they weren’t behind the whole thing to start with.

That also explains why it will take so long for the recount process… they want to keep this sword positioned over his head until he finishes picking his cabinet.

For those of you out there like Debbie who are having a hard time seeing Stein’s actions for what they are I would like to remind you of little Dennis Kucinich who said on a weekend that ObamaCare was worse than doing nothing as he opposed the fascist “fix”. Then he took a ride on Air Force One and a day later, he came out in support of it and helped motivate other reluctant dems to do the same.

He sold out. And I myself was disgusted with him for doing it.

But I don’t know what was exposed to little wig-wearing Dennis on that ride. Whatever it was, now he works for Fox News and his wife gets contracts from the UN.

You can’t hold it against them when they sell out. You don’t know what they were told. What they were shown. I have often joked the day after the election The Donald was brought into a mock up of the Oval Office somewhere in a desert and the lights were turned down real low and Osama bin Laden and G. Gordon Liddy walk in carrying a glass bottle with a brain floating around in some liquid and they put it on the table saying “Here’s Jack. Some folks who make news from behind the scenes thought you should meet him”

Or maybe they just showed him some photos of his beloved family members sleeping in their beds in their “safe” mansions.

Or maybe they just showed him how they could flash crash his empire in ten minutes making him and his family bankrupt.

And God knows what they could have shown Stein. They can do all of that and worse actually. Take it from me…

So I don’t blame Stein for this. I just call em like I see em. And it seems to me that someone is using her to send the president elect a message and it seems like a pretty clear one.

Either you work for us now… or you don’t. Take your pick.

I wouldn’t expect Trump to be replaced as a result of this action. I expect him to be tamed.

Please help keep AE up and running if you can.

Thank you all so much

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