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American Toxic

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 7:57
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by Scott Creighton

Overseas, the United States (under the “CHANGE” regime of the Duke of Orange) is refusing to leave a country we invaded illegally with terrorist proxies while simultaneously shipping some of those same terrorist proxies out of that nation and on to another one in order to destabilize it the same way… in the name of our beloved “national interests”

We are destabilizing a nation via economic terrorism because they dared adopt an economic model that makes it difficult for these same “national interests” to strip-mine the nation’s wealth and resources and we are threatening all out war with another on a daily basis just so Big Business can sell some more THAAD systems to their neighbor, who doesn’t want the damn things in the first place… much less war. This just days after a report came out detailing just how corrupt officers in the Navy have become over the years.

Kinda makes you wonder just what sorts of things those bought off admirals would do now that they are essentially owned by the Military Industrial Complex, now doesn’t it?

And that is too say nothing about how we are treating one of our own territories because a couple technocrats someplace in the bowels of a neoliberal think-tank figured out a recent hurricane can and will provide the greedy bastards running this country the perfect opportunity to starve Puerto Ricans… U.S. Citizen Puerto Ricans… into submission.

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That is merely a peek at the toxic world abroad that we are currently in the process of fashioning. There are more stories. Some even worse, believe it or not. But that is simply one part, our Foreign Policy part, of the world we find ourselves suffering through these days.

Here, back home, on the shores of the Shining City on the Hill, the toxicity level is even higher.

The establishment political system on both sides of the artificial divide of our one party system, the Neoliberal Business Party, is collapsing around it’s tired, exposed figure-heads like an aging peer in a typhoon failing beneath a weather-worn carousel. The music is playing. The aging splintered horses spinning round and round, empty, as the foundations give way to the relentless surging tide. The sands have shifted. The joy gone. And no one believes, even for a minute, in the fantasy the amusement ride once provided.

Alas, there is nothing anyone can do to save it from it’s inevitable demise.

On the establishment right side of the fake divide, we’ll call them the E’Stab Right, they are currently fighting to produce a new tax code which will entrench a system of even greater economic disparage in this country like their lives depend on it. Last night one of their representatives, one who heads the Ways and Means committee in congress, could not bring himself to claim their new plan wont raise taxes on SOME of the middle class while greatly reducing them for the billionaires and corporations he serves. Instead he kept mumbling the great “trickle down” dogma of the past, known disinformation for decades now, a remnant of the fantasy pony ride sinking quickly beneath the surf. “some will make more money on the new tax plan and others will, at first be hurt, but then when business, glorious BUSINESS, gets tax breaks they will reinvest and soon those to will have more money because BIG BUSINESS will eventually find it in their hearts to pay everyone more. Oh how glorious BIG BUSINESS is. How glorious indeed”

When asked if the new tax plan COULD include a repeal of the illegal ObamaCare mandate… the answer was an answer to a different question… as they have been trained to do… and the host took the hint and went away from such taboo subjects to a more fertile yet infantile one. Yes, the trickle-down is in sight now, is it not? Oh the glorious TRICKLE-DOWN of that merciful invisible hand. How just and fair it all is, is it not?

On the establishment left side of the fake divide, we’ll call ’em New McCarthyite FASCISTS, they busy themselves fellating the Deep State like crack addicted whores on a three day binge. “The orange one colluded, see? His son-in-law answered an email once” “we have the 17 agencies” “who are you going to trust? Our glorious intel agencies are da ebil Roooskies?!?” “are you a bot?”

The New York Times just posted an op-ed by a guy saying he’s teaching his kids not to trust whitey because none of us are trustworthy unless we openly denounce the Duke of Orange and appease their angry demands on us… whatever they may be in the future. We must all be racist whities you know if we don’t.

The Washington Post, already in bed with the CIA via Amazon and Jeff Bezos to the tune of $600,000,000.00, is now part of the new bloated defense budget to the tune of $58,000,000,000.00 in procurement contracts. Hard too tell where Glorious Big Business stops and Ebil Gubmint begins these days.

The New McCarthyite FASCISTS and the E’Stab Right are BOTH doing their best to shut down free speech on the internet. It did so much damage to the plans of their masters they feel it’s time to make sure they don’t lose another election to such trivial matters like the “will of the people” or other such nonsense.

Someone smarter than this author once said “if voting made a difference, they would make it illegal” and this year it did and it angered and frightened our betters so greatly that they are making the sharing of information illegal… since the sharing of information led to one side not voting and the other side turning out in larger numbers than expected. So of course, writing or Tweeting or texting about the overt criminality of one candidate, no matter who, is strictly forbidden in the future… less you be accused of treason.

Populism has become a vile sin in the Shining City on the Hill. Real populism that is. The fake, phony populism is just fine and a thing to be expected of our candidates who openly admit, behind closed doors, to having one opinion for the ignorant masses and another, completely different one for those who matter.

For those servants on both sides of the fake establishment divide, the vile maxim of our ruling class has become strangely liberated as the masters of the universe sense defeat. It seems there is an odd freedom in their panic.

Rather than retreat and regroup as they did after the failure of the Business Plot of 1934, they seem compelled to press onward like Hitler did when he moved deeper into Russia after all his advisors urged patience on the eastern front.

For those servants on the fake ALT sides of the fake divide, the liberation seems even more jubilant. And ruthless.

Those folks are getting paid, and paid well, to prepare their various followers for the battles that will almost inevitably ensue in time.

rown shirts from the fake right, the Di$info right, pump themselves up on Tangy Tangerine while fascist ANTIFASCISTS from the fake left cash paycheck from Soros and align themselves with White Helmet terrorists overseas.

Social media is swarmed paid influence peddlers who make no effort to hide their business only their names because what they write and say is not actually theirs. Their opinions belong to those who pay them and change like a breeze in a storm. They wish for better but serve the vile maxim as it is the way of the world today and there is no other means by which they know to live.

We take sides in a phony war of attrition which serves only to divide. Us from each other. Us from us. Us from the better angels of our nature.

Us from our populist instincts.

We hate everyone but those who REALLY hate us and that of course is the way of war anyway, isn’t it?

This is the world we find ourselves in after the collapse of globalization and a moment in history when we dared vote the wrong way. It is a disturbing time. One of which there may be no comparison in the short life of this Shining City on the Hill.

It seems, like it or not, a new era is upon us as the once bright, now weathered and worn kaleidoscope of wonders and dreams sinks beneath the crashing waves taking it’s soothing melody down with it, like a music box for Davy Jones.

This is our new era. American Toxic. And it has only just begun. We are blessed in some perverse way. Blessed that we live in interesting times. Oh the wonders we will see.


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