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Sicilian Island Travels Through Time 15 Min Into Future!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 3:34
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(Before It's News)

Upon research saw that it was posted in several forums and alternative news blogs, this is the only video I was able to find of it from an actual news source 0.0

“Sicilians are not normally renowned for their punctuality but something strange is afoot that’s making them turn up early for work.

Hundreds of digital clocks on the island are running more than 15 minutes fast and no-one is quite sure why. The phenomenon has left people scratching their heads for weeks and several theories have been put forward involving aliens, poltergeists, volcanic activity on Mount Etna and solar explosions. Armageddonists are pointing to further proof of the imminent end of the world.

The town of Catania lies at the heart of the mystery and two young locals have set up a facebook page calling for those affected to come forward. One of them, Francesco Nicosia, told French online magazine Rue89 “I realised something was wrong when I started getting to work earlier. After some investigation I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who was on time, which is quite rare here in Sicily.”

This isn’t the first time the island has experienced strange goings on linked to electronic devices: several years ago electronic equipment started spontaneously catching fire across the rural countryside, reports Rue89.

Among the most credible explanations is electrical disturbance caused by underwater cables that have been undergoing maintenance, but that hasn’t stopped many who think that the whole thing is a conspiracy to punish Sicilians for their tardiness.”


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  • Spirit_Tracker

    One would think that magnetic anomalies (if they would have an effect on electronic devices in unison) that the results would be far more chaotic versus having the same effect on digital clocks?

  • Anonymous

    A batch of bad wine perhaps?

  • terry the censor

    Whenever something happens that we don’t understand, it’s aliens.

  • Anonymous

    May be no connection and a bit of a stretch but using the map tunneling site which shows the antipodal of one place to another where they are considered to be connected by a straight line or tunnel through the centre of the Earth. The International date line is not far away.

  • Anonymous

    Electric clocks which are mains operated use the frequency of the electric mains to keep the correct time. in Europe this is 50 cycles per second & in America 60 cps the voltage is not important if the mains transmission frequency were increased on a 50 cps clock to 60 cps this is an increase in time of 10% per day something similar to this on the power grid appears to be happening. clocks & watches which are battery powered & mobile phones have there own controlling crystal so would not be affected.
    electric meters which decide how much you are billed for usage are also effected so the people will be getting higher bills as well!
    Sorry to disappoint all those of you that thought it was aliens & the media milking the story. The story is will the power company pay the people back for overcharged bills…
    Of course as an engineer I have not been able to examine and test the systems so could be wrong, & it is all down to aliens recharging their flying saucers from the grid.

  • Synickel

    haarp. they’re happening in all different ways in all different places. scalar grids run amok.

  • Anonymous

    lol “the whole thing is a conspiracy to punish Sicilians for their tardiness.”


    Yesterday while working on the HIDDEN TEXTS of NOSTRADAMUS I came upon the two most chilling words I have so far encountered in the 3,774 lines.
    Those words are:
    GERA is the rune for (basically) YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW – ALL THINGS ARE IN CYCLES OF TIME.
    So the meaning of those two words is : TIME FOLDS
    The good news is Jesus said: in Matt: 24:22 “And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved. But for the sake of the elect, those days will” (be cut short)
    Helen Parks

  • Anonymous

    Whoa – that same thing happened to me this weekend, woke up Saturday morning and thought I was late, but digital clocks were all 15-20 minutes ahead. Also had that dizziness where you begin to lean/fall forward to the left yesterday when walking down the hall. I think a scalar war is under way. 5.0 plus quakes just hit China, Iran, and Russia past few days, and China’s extreme flooding, after our extreme flooding, I think weather wars are under way. It could be a lot of factors, also geological issues, movement of the planets, solar flares (one is incoming now to arrive the 23rd from early this AM), who knows? I see a large amount of military movement in the US rite now of equipment, weapons, convoys, and widespread no-fly-zones being implemented, along with a drill all up and down the eastern seaboard. Something is afoot. If a scalar attack hit Puerto Rico like the one that hit Japan (Russia has hinted at that one), then the tidal waves that would hit the east would be unprecedented, and there are many nuclear plants in the way. Japan times 100.


    According to the Hidden Texts and the dates given in the LOST MANUSCRIPT of CESAR de NOSTREDAME
    there is a common thread date of the first week in August
    There is a forum dedicated to the year this particular August is in.
    This forum is at the site HIDDEN TEXTS of NOSTRADAMUS – no money involved


    GUILLOTINES contracted by US “government”

  • Anonymous

    Anyone noticed time loops on tv? Yesterday Who Wants To Be a Millionaire played a good 10 mins, had a commercial break, then played the same 10 mins again. What struck me as odd is that it still ended at 8pm. I barely noticed it at first because I was on the internet too. I remember saying the answer, putting my attention back to my laptop, then thinking.. Wait a minute, Dude already answered that and won 25K. I looked back to the tv and watched it play all the way through the guy answering correctly then winning the 25K. Thats when I realized the loop. I asked my mom, who was watching tv in another room if her tv looped too. She said if it did, she didn’t notice. But then today while she was watching Y&R, she called me to say that it just looped. I said ‘watch I bet the program still ends at 1:30 and it did. So I’m thinking how can a show loop 10 mins, but still end when its supposed to and not end 10 later than scheduled? They didn’t cut any commercial breaks out to catch it up or anything. And its barely noticeable. Wtf is going on? And since this morning I have been paying close attention to see if I catch another one.

  • Justin

    ok so the clocks ran fast at their homes but not at their work places? Something doesn’t add up here. I think if these reports are true it might be more of a difference in perceived time passage rather than actual accelerated time. As usual with this “reporter”, not enough information for it even to begin to makes sense. Swing and a miss!

  • Anonymous

    It may be a way of calling our attention to the fact that life – as we know it – is an illusion. A projection. An image; not the thing-in-itself. And thus it can be changed.

    Like all the doom and gloom being prophesied.

    We can do better than this.

    We can wake up to the larger reality of which we are a part.

    And start heading back to Source.

  • OzzieEd

    Hey, I don’t know, but my watch has lost time twice in the last fortnight. Once while asleep. It started to get light while my watch said dawn was 2 hours away. Then, 2 days ago, I noticed it was 35 minutes behind. Otherwise it’s always kept perfect time.Oz Ed.

  • Far&Away

    I say sue the watchmakers LOL

  • Icecharge

    I am a private inventor. In these days, I have been making experiments with a large, round, coiled electro-magnet that I have made myself, about 2″ x 20″, like a small mill-stone, without an iron core. When I connected it to the 230 V AC mains (EU), it began to vibrate in the resonance frequency of 50 Hertz (EU), because I had calculated the specifications of the magnet accordingly, creating a strong magnetic field. I observed that a magnetic compass turned always one and same head away from the center of the magnet on every side of the magnet. Was it the N or S head, it depended on if the plug was put to the socket in one way or another.

    Anyway, the magnet field was always direct, not alternating like it normally is when an alternating current (AC) goes through a coil. The specifications caused that fact. A magnetic compass does not react to an alternating magnetic field. I had tried that with a different coil. No sound was heard, before I put an iron piece near the magnet. Then a low whirr was heard. So, the magnetic field created was a direct but pulsating magnetic field.

    What my magnet and experiments have to do with Sicilians whose clocks began to run fast? Maybe, maybe not, but this is interesting. After I had done my first series of experiments of about 45 minutes in my garage and came to the kitchen to have some coffee, I noticed that my clock was fast by 20 minutes compared with the wall-clock of the kitchen. I compared my clock with other clocks in our house as well, included the satellite clock of my son, and true it was. My clock was fast although it had never been fast before.

    The next day, I did the same experiments again with my clock on my left wrist like before. The result was the same. On the third day, I decided to experiment especially with my clock and I observed that it run the faster the closer to the magnet it was put. On one side of the magnet, almost touching it, between its center and rim, the clock run really fast. Its minute hand turned two to three times faster than its second hand does normally. What caused that hurry? What else it could be than the strong, direct, pulsating magnetic field?

    I had kept my mobile phone in my pocket while doing experiments. I had forgotten to think that the magnet could damage the phone. It did not and afterwards, I noticed that the clock of the phone had not changed its pace. It showed the right time. What else I can conclude than it depends on the age and the technique of the clock if a direct, pulsating magnetic field causes its malfunction or not. My wrist clock is an old quartz Citizen, so obviously it is affected by that kind of a field, while the modern clocks are more developed and do not care of a pulsating magnetic field, like the clock of a modern mobile phone. The clock specialists could explain more. Besides, the kind of a magnet I used, had no effect on a small radio that I put upon the “mill-stone” when the both were on. The direct, pulsating magnetic field that I used, does not cause any electromagnetic interferences in the house nor the neighbourhood except that some clocks run faster than normally if any.

    What problem could be thought to be around in Sicily where some clocks, but not all of them, are running fast? I suspect that there is an electro-magnet creating a direct, pulsating magnetic field like in my experiments, resonating with the frequency of some clocks and causing them to run fast. Maybe there is another inventor there like me who has an even stronger pulsating electromagnet that is able to cause clocks to be fast in an entire neighbourhood. Search him out and talk to him. Most inventors are kind people who only want to do their experiments. The magnet in question does not harm the human body. I am using my own magnet for treating my hip that I sprained last fall. I sit on the magnet when it is on and it alleviates the pain in my hip and elsewhere in my pelvis.

    Kauko Loukas

  • Ron808

    @icecharge friend me a facebook I’m interested in your experiments.

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