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Putin Says Alien Hybrids aka Reptilians are the Ruling Class (Video)

Saturday, April 16, 2016 3:18
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Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin today as word spreads regarding an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday where, according to sources, the Russian president said that “95% of the world’s ruling class are not even human,” but are “cold-blooded hybrids” who are “members of an ancient cult.”



Resisting gentle attempts by close aides to stop the President ‘going there, Putin said that the evidence was everywhere, and that he personally had intimate knowledge of their dealings.

According to yournewswire, he said that he was not one of them, but they are afraid of him and have attempted to lure him into their “ancient Babylonian cult.”




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  • A Commentator

    Well, this guy on YouTube says that Putin said that, so I guess I am 100% convinced that he must have.

    Ooooooh wait. I’m not an idiot child, so I don’t believe this random chump on YouTube, with no evidence at all, knows anything.

    • Doccus

      To save me some valuable time,, well OK just so I don’t have sit through all this dreck if it’s bogus, is this another one just like the Queen’s mysterious new year’s “non-message” ?

      • A Commentator

        Its some random guy you’ve never heard of, saying that at a closed meeting, with no reporters or outsiders present, Putin said these things.

        And then, someone who was at the meeting, went and told one random blogger, who put it online apparently, since that’s the only source for the information.

        So basically it’s….

  • tatsmaki

    Imminent: The General Cleaning by the Creators against the Earth is imminent, against all kinds of reformism, as the Earth is under capitalist system of plutocratical slave domination by shapeshifters of reptilian-humanoids of the Lizard being minions of draconians of Draco (The official emblem of London city).
    Thus, the US East and CA State sink into the sea near. Then, British Islands, next, Japanese Islands sink into the sea near.
    While Russian president V. Putin disclosed that “95% of the world’s ruling class are not even human, but are cold-blooded hybrids, Reptilians”. But, according to a notice from the Creators, V. Putin is a shapeshifter of reptilian humanoid of the Lizard too. His disclosure was the try of self defence from the sanctions by the Creators after US, GB and Japan in the process of the General cleaning of the Earth . (Disclosure by V. Putin with a image of reptilian humanoid)

    • Didianna

      Sounds really interesting if true.

      Some psychics are saying that Putin is getting nowadays help from Pleadians, for example some Ivan Teller’s sources have told so. One especially mentioned that Putin was first handled by reptilians until he realized it, and changed his course. Cassiopaeas are also telling about Putin getting ET help. Can’t find the links now, something might be here by Ivan;

      And if you are interested about Blue Avians, you may see this;

      • unidentified

        they have posted many alien contact videos online could be they also have foreign contacts


    Obama admits to being a butt monkey, and reveals the Reptilians from Uranus, have been in a secret war with butt monkeys for centuries. The recent development, or mutation of flying butt monkeys have swung the momentum away from the Reptilians.
    The fight for freedom, and scrotal cheese continues unknown to most people.

  • Godzilla

    Not important? Can’t handle it? What is important? To believe lies in history, science, fake spiritualism called religion, etc? Really? It is not something you hold till the end, its something you say from the beginning. At least I am very straightforward person and hate wasting my time on boring lies. Thrills are good in life, they keep you alive. How many kids in high school and college grew up being taught that all the ancient megalithic structures throughout the planet were build by primitive man with mundane tools? You got to be kidding, try building even a moderate pyramid and see how fast modern cranes can lift those giant well cut boulders to place them on top of each other. They cannot! Or the parthenon or the colloseum. Fuching ridiculous nonsense even kids should not believe. Yet the AA crowd keeps getting mocked and abused for their beliefs.

    This information should have come out 2000 years ago, not now. Of course many “leaders”(shills) know the truth to get into that position. That grays, reptillians, pleadians, nordics and other races visit and live on this planet. A universe with billions of stars and trillions of planets.

    • Mayhem

      Is this the sort of ridiculous nonsense that even kids should not believe?

      That’s, among other demonstrations, a 9.5 ton concrete obelisk being first moved then raised and then stood upright by a single person.

      • A Commentator

        Well if the guy has a crane, then no problem…

        • Mayhem

          I couldn’t see a crane in the video just some wooden chocks, pebbles and a 240lb guy casually moving, raising and upending an almost 10 ton block of concrete all by himself.

          You do know that ten ton stones can float on water don’t you, see, it’s called a raft or sometimes a ferro-cement yacht. The average weight of stones in the great pyramid is only 2.5 tons.

  • A_Smith

    He’s not terribly off the mark; they are hybrids, but they’re not “aliens” in the traditional sense of being from other planets. Rather, they’re the hybrid offspring of inter-dimensional beings ([fallen] angels), which gives them a genetics set that makes them, for all intents and purposes, superior to human beings, both physically and intellectually. The “reptilian” descriptor isn’t too far off the mark, either, considering Satan himself was described as a serpent in the garden of Eden. (Additionally, the eating of the fruit from the knowledge of good and evil was actually a metaphor for sex, which is why Adam and Eve knew they were naked afterwards, God punished eve by greatly multiplying her pain in childbirth, and God put enmity between the seed of Eve and the seed of Satan.) The whole uber elite hidden ruling class is absolutely obsessed with bloodlines for this reason; they’re trying to keep their hybrid DNA as pure as possible.

    • Neo

      Metaphor for sex? hardly. God told Adam and Eve to “go forth and multiply” and then told them not to eat the forbidden fruit. Does God have Alzheimer’s?

      • A_Smith

        That was after the fall he told them that; if you go into strong’s dictionary and look up the original Hebrew meanings for the words found in Genesis, you’ll find that they were an elaborate metaphor for something quite different. Satan impregnated Eve, then Adam did the same which resulted in a process we today call superfecundation. This is why Cain was not listed in the geneology of Adam in Genesis; Abel wasn’t listed because he was dead.

        It makes sense that they relegated original sin to a poetic metaphor for the beginning of the bible; the last thing you want is children opening the thing up, starting from the beginning, and finding out that act 1 was basically a sex orgy.

  • last_layman

    Putin will never, never talk about such ultra-secret stuff without providing all the participants on that meeting with nuff evidences in some (paper or digital) file, nobody like insane man at the top of any nuclear power. And if such meeting was in fact held, it will not be held in Kremlin but under it, and there will be no leakage at all, hmm,so if We imagine that’s it’s true, an that only source is Putin himself, he did it to close all the ranks around himself, and if so We are moving toward next escalation in ME, Ukraine or Georgia, Armenia, Iran vs KSA name your pick, but it will start soon. :cry:

    • unidentified

      it was surprising to read about the nuclear weapon technology lies being used today as a propaganda tool because the public would never believe that technology is monitored and has already been banned by aliens, then with all the missing trillions of tax dollars gone missing, what are our government leaders really focused on

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