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How to Attract Spirits

Sunday, September 10, 2017 1:01
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If you watch ghost hunting shows, by now you’ve probably noticed something interesting. Certain investigators seem to attract action. Others seem to be forever waiting for an encounter.

I’ve known a wide variety of people who have “attracted” strangeness on ghost hunts. They seem like “ghost magnets.” Sometimes, it’s a combination of two people who separately maybe don’t do much, but together have a strange attraction for action. That says a lot about their relationship and its chemistry.

Let’s break down some of the commonalities I’ve found in ghost magnets:

They usually have a spiritual base. I’m not talking a religious commitment. I’m talking about a universal way of seeing the world and a connection with everyone in it, as well as a sense of responsibility for other humans. They’re the first to offer someone to jump in the grocery line ahead of them. They’re able to feel deeply but also keep a perspective that this too shall pass and in the end life is ups and downs and a ride not a conveyor belt. They make patient parents, sometimes social workers, nurses, ambulance attendants, teachers, and artists. Often times, they’re very sensitive to other people’s feelings. They are at their happiest making a stranger smile. Some might call them empathic.

They are exceedingly patient. They can sit for hours in a room without moving, without talking, just soaking it in until the room is “one” with them. It’s a meditative process in which the boundaries of their body reaches out and feels the corners of the room, as if pushing their aura outward so that if something moves in the northeast corner of the room, they can almost feel it in their body. They come to understand the moods and sounds of the room. There are no expectations, no demands, just the process of being. This normally takes a level of maturity with life and comfort in your own skin to attain this kind of attraction for spirits. The restless energy and manipulative inward-focused emotional aspects of youth sometimes works against them. You need a “wise old soul” no matter what age.

They are folksy and amiable. Sit down, shoot the breeze, be casual and friendly, the average “Joe” (or “Jane”). Like attracts like. You gently invite someone in, they gently arrive. You yell and taunt, you drive it away. You know the saying “attracting more flies with honey than vinegar.” It really does apply in ghost hunting. The concept of pissing something off might work in this world. The loud people do get the most attention. However, in the spirit world the need for anger and pettiness is certainly no longer necessary. You don’t yell at the person doing you a favor by communicating. In other words, if you wouldn’t talk to your friend this way, don’t talk to a stranger this way.

Often times, they have had near-death experiences or psychic abilities. That’s probably a no-brainer, but the fact is that a good deal of life experience including some extremes of the human condition can make a person more sensitive. It can even include people who have had an emotional upset that was devastating, an out of body experience, psychic abilities, emotional empathic abilities, precognition, and telekinesis. Just as psychics better access information from others that the rest of the population doesn’t even notice, they too can touch the other side.

Ultimately, it is the intent upon which you ghost hunt that shows through the most. It’s a kind of spiritual karma.

When I go on a ghost investigation, my extremely logical mind has to be suspended long enough to be able to accept subtle signals and psychic information. I sit with the place, let it get used to my presence. I think in my mind about what it would be like to desperately want to communicate with visitors and not be able to adequately accomplish the task. I try to give the spirits the chance to find easy methods to let us know they’re there. 

Some utilize meters, others put down baby powder, and some hang simple chimes or blast a room with fog or laser grids.  Think in terms of the logistics of how something without form might affect something else and the first things that come to mind are air patterns and electrical, tensile sensations on our skin, barometric pressure, and the like. 

Quite honestly, nothing beats the human receiver when it has to do with communication with the other side. No tools are consistent or effective, yet we upon occasion see, hear, smell, and feel them. 

We don’t need to speak out loud, but sometimes it helps us feel we are making a real communication and it also helps us to focus on the questions more fully. 

I will be honest, I don’t take a lot of stock in electrical-measurement devices. I have had a KII meter that went on and off to a conversation and later we realized that the air conditioner 10 feet away was turning on and off and when it was on, the meter blinked. We tested it many times to find that the meter was reacting to the unit. Unless you have a shielded environment, electrician tools are not something we can confirm or deny the results. 

I don’t like to be hounded by questions from a stranger and I can ascertain that neither would a spirit form. So, I begin by chit chatting about myself, my life, my up’s and down’s, challenges that day, relationship with family. I talk about being lonely or frustrated, dreams I still wish to obtain before this life cycle is over. I might toss out some questions upon pausing such as, “My son makes me very proud, but I miss him. He lives across town and is a busy new dad. Do you ever miss your kids?” 

I basically carry on a conversation as I would with anyone else, instead of “how old are you?” “what is your name?” and the dreaded, “when did you die?” I include my name, occupation, where I live, where I came from originally. I might comment on the location and what I think of it. I might mention things people feel particularly strong about like being southern or northern….

You know the philosophy of talking down a kidnapper by using the hostage’s name a lot, making that person real so they are less likely to want to take their life? Well, consider this when talking with the spirit world. Let them know the kind of person you are, so you can be less threatening and more relate-able. 

If there are bigger questions you want to ask, get the small talk and introduction done well before you delve deeper. 

At this point, you can ask permission before entering a room. 

“Hey, is it okay if I go in here?” 

Perhaps you get more inventive. 

“Do you know the words to this song?” (start to sing a song of their era and the stop, allowing them to completely the melody).

You can get more personal.

“If I tell you what I’m afraid of, will you tell me what you’re afraid of?” 

The whole process of attracting spirit energy is a complex one. Many spiritualists and wiccans have their own methods, as do mediums and channelers. The average Joe and Jane need not believe it’s out of their reach. The fact is, the best ghost magnets I’ve ever known were open-minded, logical, highly intelligent people with only a broad sense of the spiritual about them.

So, go forth and learn to attract. It’s kind of like getting that date from a chance meeting, it’s partially your appearance (your age, sex, coloring, whatever) that makes an entity trust you (why having a diverse team is good) and part is simply being human, honest, friendly, and trustworthy.

Lastly, I can’t emphasize enough how much a sense of humor is appreciated.  I sometimes laugh hard during team conversation time when we’re on an investigation. It might seen unprofessional, but in those moments when you’re hanging out and shooting the breeze to make an inviting environment, the number one attraction is always humor. The minute we start laughing, magic occurs. It has never failed us and I think I know why. 

We are drawn to the sound of laughter and what it implies, that fun is being had and a place is safe and full of family and friends. Laughter is the equivalent of breaking bread in making people feel part of a group.

Also, by feng shui rules, if you wanted to attract spirits you might create more darkness, clutter, and block pathways for energy to move freely and you might hang wind chimes in the southwest corner of your home.

Geomagnetic storms/solar flares: In studying active nights of investigations, I have found that during a geomagnetic storm – the effect upon the earth’s atmosphere from solar flares, seems to correlate. As well, things such as negative ions created by moving water, air purifiers, even salt lamps can aid in being in a state of mind to help one be more receptive to the signs. 

It’s not a science, attracting the spirit realm and, to tell the truth, the greatest portion of it involves being present and in the moment. Many investigations have activity happening right and left and only some people picking it up because others look away, close their eyes, are deep in thought and don’t hear something. 

The reason we often experience ghosts coming in and out of sleep in the bedroom is that our mind has some time in alpha wave state. That state seems to make us much more perceptive to hauntings. It may not be that people necessarily attract more spirits, but that they are better at perceiving their presence. On nights with geomagnetic storms, even “non-psychic” people are having experiences. So, the activity could be around us all the time, but only at key times and conditions do we pick it up. But, for some of us unusually “lucky” souls, we are attuned much of the time.

Be present, be open, be patient. Your opportunity to interact will come.

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  • Anonymous

    I think, there is a combination of thought-stopping (no exercises, visualizations, mantras, realizations, nothing, nada ,zilch) and zealous anticipation.

    As well as geomagnetic storms, where there are crowds of people, at crossroads, public events, animal magnetism, or generally-dynamic forces of nature.

  • goastdale

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