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How to Avoid Capture If You Are On the Jade Helm Red List

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 6:10
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It is the latter days of summer and there’s not much excitement. However, one day stands out like no other. On that fateful day, you awaken to the news that the nation’s banks are “temporarily closed” because some terrorist group launched a cyber attack upon all of the major banks the night before. You instantly recognize the lie for what it is.

You have been preparing for this moment for a long time and you recognize this event for the false flag event that it is. You announce to your family it is time to go. You grab your “bug out” bag”  and you drive 20 miles in the opposite direction from your intended destination as you enter an underground parking garage. There you are met by a trusted source. You transfer your bug out bags to their vehicle and leave your vehicle behind. Why did you have to drive to an underground structure? A satellite can be backtracked on your residence. It will detect your vehicle and the number of occupants leaving your garage and you can be followed. Driving in the opposite direction of your intended destination may confuse any search protocol which will be based upon your known associates based on the DHS FAST program which is described below. Entering an underground structure will make it difficult to track you. The number of vehicles who have entered the structure are numerous and the NSA computers will have trouble matching you to a known associate if you have not had cell phone communication with your intended getaway ally. Your cell phone is now your enemy. Most of us know about the Stingray program designed to track people as it is now available to local law enforcement. The NSA has much better tracking technology.

The people that you will be staying with, must be “friends of friends” because if you have had communication with these people, the NSA computers will predict who you will hide out with and you will end reliving the modern day nightmare of the Diary of Anne Frank. Remember, the NSA super-computers match known associates by email, cell phone and landline communications. If you have ever had a cell phone conversation or your cell phone has come within 10 meters of a person, that has been logged as a known associate.

You have been careful to leave ALL electronic devices behind. Before his death, the late A.C. Griffith, former NSA specialist, appeared on The Common Sense Show several times and discussed much of the tracking technology that was available to the NSA as of five years ago.

As you are driving to your rendezvous point, the radio broadcasters are telling you that all is well and that the banking chaos will be straightened out in a few days. However, you know the truth, the economy has collapsed and it is not coming back. And you also know that in the midst of the ensuing chaos, the Red List extractions which will be conducted by Jade Helm personnel, are imminent. They could take place in a day, a week or, on the outside, a month.

Waiting for you in the underground parking garage is a friend of a friend. You have made arrangements to stay with this friend of a friend because it is not likely that you can be tracked to their home. As your getaway vehicle departs the underground structure, nobody will be the wiser.

Cell Phone Precautions

All parties, connected to your getaway, have agreed to not have in their possession cell phones. Not only can they be tracked, they can be used to listen to your conversations even when the battery has been taken out of the phone. This backdoor was a NSA mandate dating back to the 1990’s, demanded that cell phone manufacturers build in backdoors so that the device could be used to spy upon high value targets. As you are making your get away, it might be best to lie down as you enter the new vehicle. Why? Have you ever seen a photo radar photograph? Your approximate location can be tracked by traffic cameras.

What about disposable cell phones? If you are in flight to evade capture, any cell phone in your possession is a risk. The NSA has a voice print records on all Americans who have ever used an electronic device. The voice print is as unique and as identifiable as a finger print. If you speak within ear shot of the phone, your voice print can be instantly matched to the super-computers of the NSA and your location can be immediately pinpointed. Therefore, you new host family can never have a cell phone, or a landline phone within ear shot of you. The same is true for a computer as they are routinely listened to even in the off position.

Your electronic devices are the greatest threat to the continued freedom for you and your family. The good news is that you will not have to remain in hiding for very long. Most of my sources believe that “Red Listed” individuals will remain high priority for about 30 days. Why 30 days?

 Phase Two: The Blue List

Under the cover of the chaos of an economic collapse, the middle of the night Red List extractions will take place. During this time cell phone and landline communications will be cut because the powers that be do not want potential resistance leaders to be able to warn each other. However, these extractions will not go unnoticed so Phase One will be immediately followed by Phase Two (Blue List enforcement) which will consist of targeting a second set of potential dissidents of lesser value. These will often include the modern day “Brown Shirts”.

It is likely at this point, that some in the military will question their mission and switch sides. Many in the militia movement will realize that the day of confrontations is at hand. Depending on how many soldiers and their units switch sides, we could see a civil war breakout at this point. Regardless of the depth of the conflict, once the shooting has started, most Red and Blue List people will lose their importance to the authorities. In other words, if you guess correctly on the trigger event for the extractions, you may only to have to hide out for a maximum of about 30 days.

Bugging Out to the Country

Bugging out to the country carries more risks than benefits unless you can get out of the country. As a matter of course, I do not recommend leaving the city because there are just too many ways to get caught. It is of paramount importance to realize that there are a plethora of license plate readers in operation. If you do make a run for the border, do not use your own car.

The healthy side of your paranoia is about to emerge as we consider the fact that there is a sponsored DHS program known as FAST, which is a DHS tested program and has been described as a “precrime” program. FAST will gather upon complex statistical algorithms that will compile data from multiple databases and will subsequently “predict” future criminal or terrorist acts. The FAST system can track 36 million faces in one second.



The “precrime” data will be gathered” through cybersurveillance and stealth data monitoring of ordinary citizens. The FAST program purports to assess whether an individual might pose a “precrime” threat through the capture of a range of data, including biometric data. In other words, FAST accuses non-convicted individuals as being a security threat risk of becoming future criminals and terrorists through data analysis. No charges, no police interviews, the system is designed to become “judge, jury and executioner“. Under the Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST), criminal cues are captured through the following types of biometric data including body and eye movements, eye blink rate and pupil variation, body heat changes, and breathing patterns. Various linguistic cues include the analysis of voice pitch changes, alterations in voice rhythm patterns, and changes in intonations of speech. Documents released by DHS clearly show that individuals could be arrested and face serious consequences based upon statistical algorithms and predictive analytical assessments.

Most importantly, the FAST program has the ability to predict where you would likely run to in times of trying to evade capture. This program is one of the main reasons that the massive spying was undertaken because the program has the unique ability to predict your next move. I am very nervous because this technology is a part of Jade Helm and their “extraction drills”.


Unfortunately, the madness does not end with the FAST system. There is a new DHS funded multi-billion dollar spy tool and it is called FirstNet. This is a citizen information gathering device like no other. A company called New World Systems is in charge of implementing this system.

The Radio Access Network (RAN), which is part of this elaborate network, consists of the radio base station infrastructure that connects to user devices including cell towers and mobile hotspots embedded in vehicles which connects to the satellite network or other types of wireless infrastructure. This is a “search and destroy system” as FirstNet is designed to hunt you down in remote areas. The extraction component of Jade Helm in rural Texas communities, is noteworthy when these two systems are considered with regard to the potential of these two systems to abuse American citizens. Firstnet is going operationally live just prior to the Jade Helm announced kick off of July 15th.

This system is also about the disguised takeover of the Internet and all cell phone communications under the possible false premise of an emergency. Does the recent implementation of Net neutrality by the FCC make a little more sense now? When we go into martial law, communications will be suspended so potential dissidents cannot warn one another and you have just learned how they plan to accomplish this communications blackout.

Firstnet boasts a map along with the embedded graphics from the FirstNet website. From this, it is easy to conclude that they have developed the technology to track you and find you should you be a fugitive from their own special brand of justice. RAN has the ability to track you anywhere on the planet. Soon, there will be nowhere for people with high threat matrix scores to run and hide without being found by this system. These two technologies are a part of Jade Helm 15 and real time data will be available to Special Operations Forces as they carry out their missions.


Facial Recognition Software

nsa surveillance

The NGI Interstate Photo System Facial Recognition Pilot (IPSFRP) Project is a collaborative effort between the FBI and pilot agencies to identify user needs and develop a useful investigative tool for the law enforcement community through the recognition of a fugitive through facial recognition

The Interstate Photo System provides a search of a limited population of criminal/wanted persons  mug shots using a submitted probe image. I am told that these systems are now embedded in the traffic cam system in use across the country. Once a facial recognition has been established a satellite can be used to track the individual’s every movement until capture can be accomplished. Hence, keep your head down while traveling in your getaway vehicle.


There are many more programs that can be used to track fugitives than what is listed here. The intention of this article was to get you to think about your own flight to safety should you think the need will someday present itself.

I would also add that when you arrive at your host family’s residence, be discreet, don’t go outside and let your presence be known. Why? Because in the early days following the extractions, a “See something, Say something programs” will likely emerge. The authorities will likely advertise that a reward payment will be made to people in exchange for useful information related to suspicious activities.

As we move closer to July 15, more operational details will emerge. However, I have seen enough to know that Jade Helm 15 is very draconian and should serve as a threat to every American.  My thanks to former NSA agent, Vance Davis, former CIA agent, the late Bill Pawelec (the husband of my present News Director, Annie DeRiso) and finally I want to thank former NSA agent, A.C. Griffith for greatly adding to my awareness of NSA fugitive tracking capabilities.



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  • Dayton Flyers

    With the speed of communications each person will only have a few hours, if not minutes, to escape the first sweep.

    • sean

      I would Imagine any day soon BIN will lose all its CON’s due to being rounded up, if Not? :lol:

      By the way Dave..once its all Complete They will have No Need for You, Liea, Lyn aka Lavender Rose and the Rest

      :lol: You’re Just Useless Eaters “Really” Peddling BS while Thrown a Few Shekels by You’re Satan Loving Masters :lol:

  • The Clucker

    Here is a list of the dog turd politicians that have their campaigns supported by the Israeli Zionist Jews. Enjoy.


    The Voice Print reference is VERY INTERESTING. In Canada about 8 years ago when making account changes on the landline phone with Bell I was asked to speak a sentence for voice verification/identifcation purposes. It is ALL STARTING TO MAKE SENSE NOW in retrospect.

    Truly the MONSTER govts have taken over and are proceeding according to their plans to CONTROL or DESTROY everything and everyone who does not agree with them….exactly like ‘if you are not with them you are against them’ philosophy of the USA and now Canada unfortunately.

    I’m dying soon anyway so I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore about even mouthing the compliant words not to raise their ire…..THEY ARE EVIL, CORRUPT and without common people realizing it, or refusing to believe it could be true, citizens are in self-denial as to the perverted means and measures being taken by govt at all levels to destroy all opposition to their self-serving whims. Govts no longer serve the people, govts now control every aspect of your lives whether you believe it or not….in so many ways…and you’ve all bought into it voluntarily!

    This is not a last minute things…it has been planned for many decades step by step by the EVIL overseers of society.

  • truthlovingsoul


    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Are you always that PARANOID??

  • caoneil76

    Shouldn’t it be required that if you call your show “the common sense show” that you actually have common sense? Have you not noticed that very few people are worried about JH15, only the slow ones that buy into this dribble you want to call journalism?

    But of course it doesn’t matter. You will continue to try and scare everyone.

    You make me wish we would get attacked by an EMP so people wouldn’t have to read the tabloid news you try to peddle. (and I use the word news VERY loosely)

    • duchess


      Basically I think these guys are a psyop with the intent to keep us spinning our wheels and so nervous and over stimulated that we finally just give up and go back to sleep and THAT is when the real deal will happen!

      Below are some thoughts I wrote to Mitch the other day and this is what I believe about these despicable people. They are well organized and lining their pockets with this disinformation scam. Hodges is probably a “team” of writers from the Tavistock Institute or something similar because he is unusually prolific; turning out more work than humanly possible IMO. I wish that Hodges would go back to selling real estate.

      Unfortunately some of what they say is true. It is hard to sort out what is what. Disinformation does not have to be a lie, indeed it may be 100% true but irrelevant if we should be REALLY paying attention to something else. I think their real job is to create a diversion and distract us from what we really should be paying attention to.

      TO MITCH:

      “Mitch, what Hodges and his well organized and well funded cabal of friendly enemies and frauds are doing is basically mind control. They are actually helping the globalist mentally disarm any valid opposition by causing confusion and cognitive paralysis in their listeners. It is my opinion that this is even more sinister than what some call “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION” but the result is the is very much the same. Do some research on that you you will see it pretty clearly.

      Although I am a Christian and do not quite agree with everything this author has to say here here; it is, none the less free and an excellent place to start educating yourself in what this Trojan Horse Traitorous Network of Balaam like “WATCHMEN” are up to. The “Basics” of mind control are always fundamentally the same:V

      The best way to approach the “Religious Shill” problem is to never listen to them but, unfortunately sometimes we can’t avoid it. Some of the best and brightest have been sucked into this Maelstrom to Hell. You may warn your friends but the cult mind set/mind control is almost impossible to counteract without the intervention of God through Jesus Christ Himself so they probably WILL not hear you. Think of it as a “BEWITCHMENT” of sorts that is frequently reinforced by the “MAGIC” OF THREE when they repeat TRIGGER like COMMANDS three times. The victims of these WATCHMEN simply will not or shall we say, cannot hear you. Enchantment is powerful. But God is greater than even this. Pray and WILLFULLY set your ACTIVE mind against it. THINK, PRAY and THINK some more!

      It is my opinion that these people are very much like the “Globalist” with respect that they will not be happy until they have every last Christian dime. Follow the golden “YELLOW BRICK ROAD” aka “follow the money”. They are well paid from their place “OVER THE RAINBOW”.”

  • Central Scrutinizer

    How to avoid getting “red list” swept up?

    Be verry, verry quiet”…………. :mrgreen:

    WOW, What a bunch of malarky….

  • The Watcher

    Alex Jones is the first one on the list!

  • Pink Slime

    This is illegal Dave. This is against the Constitution so they cannot do this. And if they do there will be a CIVIL WAR. Ironically over a Negro this time and not Negroes.

    Capture the single negro sodomite and this will be all over within a day. Call the Humane Society for the wife.

  • LavenderRose

    Dave, take a look at the dates of implementation of New World here in the United States in various USA cities

    this map and dates I would think would be used as an intensive round up….

    see this while you still can – this may be a drill, but since Hitler did what he die, this must be taken so seriously, the entire USA must rise up and stop any horrible situation.

    to everyone that sees this ck out that link out because they will be working with teams in your area.

    I for many years worked at software companies so I looked at that site very carefully and wanted to see the job section. love to all

    • LavenderRose

      They have meetings in the Virgin Islands, must be nice on the expense account….

      correction the sentence above should read: REMEMBER HITLER DID WHAT HE DID…


  • Anonymous

    what a fantastic invention a cell phone and a computer which can send and or recieve information without a battery connected (removed).no more chargers needed make calls when battery dead.where can I get an electronics design engineer I wish I knew how it worked.

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