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Obama Nationalizes All Food In Order to Send Millions of Americans Into FEMA Camps

Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:05
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obama and eo 13603

Jade Helm is about putting the nation under the control of the globalists.

Jade Helm is about putting the nation under the control of the globalists.

We are living in a time of unprecedented craziness and life-threatening danger. Jade Helm Special Operations forces are practicing to extract political dissidents under the unconstitutional authority of the NDAA. Further, Jade Helm conventional military units are “practicing to put several communities under martial law. In addition, America is witnessing unprecedented troop and military equipment movements throughout the country.

Despite these serious nature of these events, there is a more insidious and dangerous threat that looms over the American people.



President Obama Has Nationalized All American Food and Food Production

Through Executive Order 13603, Obama has granted himself the authority control all food and now has the unique ability to starve America into submission as it relates to his handing the country off to the bankers in the name of perpetuating the New World Order and ridding the planet of the weak and those who will not willingly go along with the intentional destruction of America. Here are some of the key provisions of EO 13603 and its impact on the control of the American food supply.

With the stroke of his pen, Obama has total and absolute control over all food where his EO 13603 states:

  1. e)  “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple, mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products, that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals, irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.  “Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural commodity or agricultural product.

(f)  “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer…”

This unconstitutional EO is particularly disturbing in that it clearly states that the government has control over anything that is “capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals…”  If you thought that you and Fido were going to get through the coming food crisis by storing and consuming dog food, think again.

It is important to assess how devastating this Executive Order could prove to be to the American people though a brief assessment of America’s food vulnerability.


A Snapshot of America’s Food Vulnerability

cbs reports on hunger in america

starvation in modern americastarvation please helpAlmost beyond belief, a full 79 percent of the people that use food banks purchase typically buy cheap, unhealthy food and still just have enough to feed their children.  The price of food continues to quickly out-pace the paychecks of most middle class families.  For example, the average price of ground beef has just hit a brand new all-time record high of $3.88 per pound! There are nearly 50 million Americans that are dealing with food insecurity in various degrees of distress. Just over one out of seven Americans rely on obtaining food from various banks at one point or another and these food banks are beginning to experience record shortages.

In a case of “defend the nation and starve”, military families are feeling even more stress  from not being able to obtain sufficient quantities of food as 25% of America military families require outside assistance in getting enough to eat. What does this say about an administration which uses our soldiers to defend the nation and then kicks them to the curb by denying their VA  health benefits as the government also starves their families because they cannot survive on what we pay our soldiers? This is disgraceful, but it is the Obama fundamental transformation of American way!


 America Has No Way to Keep Up with Food Inflation

In calculating the overall inflation rate, the government does not count the price of food. However, there are several reliable food inflation figures and the food inflation rate is estimated to be between 19% to 22%.


food inflation

In the article, “Food Price Inflation Scares the Fed” the commodity food costs were exploding on the upside. Calculation of the food inflation rate, given the lag in commodity costs impacting prices on grocery store shelves, we find that the annual U.S. food inflation rate is now running at a staggering +22% and the rate is increasing with no end in sight to the escalation.


The real and specific cause for food inflation is the low-end $940 billion of additional monetary stimulus from the United States Federal Reserve’s quantitative (bail out) easing over the last 18 months. No economy can sustain the value of its money, when currency floods the market like it has during the present administration. The net effect is that the value of your money has been seriously eroded thanks to such misguided practices as the bail-outs.


adams homeless foodstarvation child hungerAccording to the New York Times, the typical American family is now worth 36% less than it was worth only 10 years ago!


Shockingly, one out of every six men, ranging in ages from 25 to 54, are not employed. Median family income in the United States is 7% lower than it was in 2000. The United States is now in 19th place in the world and falling. There is no way that the majority of American families can keep pace with food inflation as the wages of Americans are now inversely correlated with the rising food prices. This is a prescription for disaster. The most vulnerable to starvation within the present economic climate are the children as an amazing twenty six percent of all children are living below the poverty level. And we certainly cannot ignore the fact that 50 million Americans are on some form of Federal Food Stamps. With these kind of distressing statistics, a significant number of Americans are vulnerable to politically motivated “food blackmail” in these  times of economic distress.

Just how many Americans are vulnerable to “blackmail by starvation”? Nobody can be totally accurate in this estimation, however, the numbers listed in the above paragraphs provide a good starting point from which to estimate the risk. Given the numbers listed above (i.e. number of people on food stamps, food inflation coupled with the dismal condition of the economy), it is a conservative estimate to state that between 150-175 million Americans would be at risk for starvation, in less than one week, if food were not publicly available for any reason. By the way, FEMA states that the average American family only has 3 days of food on hand.

kissinger useless eaters


The Feds Have Been Preparing for the Coming Food Shortages Since 2008

As far back as 2008, I can find evidence that the government was attempting to stockpile as much survival food as possible. These events prompted prominent brokers and key media members to advise the public to begin storing food as long as six years ago in anticipation of what is about ready to happen.

In 2011, FEMA issued a “Request for information” (RFI), in which they inquired about the availability for 140 million emergency meal kits with a shelf life of 36 months along with blankets.


Under what conditions would you surrender yourself to an illegitimate authority that did not have your best interest at heart? Would you cross that line and willingly walk into a FEMA cam? Before the chorus of macho men answer with a sense of false bravado, please realize that you and anyone else would do whatever it took to prevent you and your family from starvation. Obama knows that and this is why we now have EO 13603 on the books.

Please keep in mind that Stalin used food to kill an estimated 20 million people in the Ukraine because the people demanded freedom. Executive Order 13603 promises to surpass these numbers when, not if, EO 13603 goes live.

FEMA Camps are spreading like a bad cold. However, the FEMA camp facilities are only capable of housing about 800,000 detainees. Therefore, the conversion of existing structures into makeshift FEMA Camps is needed.

FEMA Camps are spreading like a bad cold. However, the FEMA camp facilities are only capable of housing about 800,000 detainees. Therefore, the conversion of existing structures into makeshift FEMA Camps is needed.

Beginning in April of 2015, I have written over a dozen articles detailing how this administration plans to deal with the population. We are witnessing the wholesale conversion of stadiums, arenas, schools, closed malls and strip centers into FEMA camps. In many instances, the conversions have been rehearsed by groups like the National Football League.

The conditioning of the sheep.

The conditioning of the sheep at NFL games.


These are portable FEMA detention centers.

These are portable FEMA detention centers.

From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb. The Twin Peaks Marana mall. The only thing missing is customers.

From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb. The Twin Peaks Marana mall located in the middle of nowhere. The only thing missing is customers.

Why would anyone send their child to school in this detention facility?

Why would anyone send their child to school in this detention facility? This is a school in New York. 


Prison fencing and a guard tower at this Denver Public School.

Prison fencing and a guard tower at this Denver Public School.


 It has been done once before during Hurricane Katrina.

It has been done once before during Hurricane Katrina.

I would suggest that the readers review what I have written on the subject of FEMA camp conversions. Then I would advise all to make the needed preparations to survive what is coming and then find a way to protect your assets.


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  • I AM Cow

    Why would anyone send their child to school in this detention facility?
    This is a school in New York.
    Cause if they don’t it is against the law, and gets the parents LOCKED UP, and the children sent to the detention facility, anyway!
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • College Prof

      Um, last time I checked, you could still send your children to a private school (if you can afford it) or home-school them… and I believe that was Dave’s point?

    • Boxed in Freight

      Ha Ha, the laughs on you

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

      Now Americans can raid the pantries of anyone who lives within the boundaries of the District of Columbia, Territories such as Guam or Puerto Rico, and ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES.


      That’s right, most Americans are not impacted or under the umbrella of an Executive Order and we do not have to follow them.


      Because each sovereign state in the United States has an elected government of the people, by the people, and for the people in that sovereign state. We have elected congressmen, elected senators, elected attorney generals, and elected governors, and unless a bill is argued for and passed in the congress, then is sent to the governor, it does not become law until it is signed into law by the governor, so Obama’s or any other president’s Executive orders are not enforceable in a sovereign state.

      Executive orders are only enforceable to those living within the boudoirs of the District of Columbia, a Territory such as Guam or Puerto Rico, and all Federal Employees.

      All Obama has done with this Executive Order is to give Americans the right to take their food.

      :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • albertan

    Is that little Bas-Turd going to rip up everyone’s private gardens and haul away their personal freezers? The sooner that demon is gone, the better.

  • Amminadab

    The original EO dealing with national defense resources preparedness was issued in 1939 (EO 8248) according to the National Archives. It has been superseded a number of times, starting in 1951 by nearly every President through Bill Clinton, and amended twice by George W. Bush.

    Obama has added to Section 201(b) the phrase “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions.” In 12919, though, the duties of the Cabinet Secretaries were not limited to emergency situations in Section 201(b), either. And in both EOs, section 102 specifically notes that the EO is intended to ensure defense preparedness “in peacetime and in times of national emergency.”

  • Hayduke

    Hodges, you said that Comet Ison was being flown by aliens and that they were going to fly it into the earth. Bizarre, yes. But strike one.

    You then said that we were going to have over 30,000,000 dead from Ebola by last Christmas. This was just retarded. Strike two, anyway.

    Now Jade Helm 15 and the FEMA camps are strike three. You should be out. But you’ll come up with more FEEEEEEEEER POOOOOOOORN© garbage to scare the paranoid schizophrenics because you are a flaming FEEEEEEEEER POOOOOOOORN© retard and that’s the only way you can survive.

    Strike four.

  • realnuz

    The Marana Mall north of the Safeway Shooting Massacre where Judge John M. Roll, a 2nd amendment rights activist who reversed the Brady Bill was assassinated, may pose as a detention center primarily for upper class women. At first it will be a mall, but when the conversion takes place, it’ll be an ‘okay’ place to seek shelter, food, and the hope there’s an outlet for each cell phone. Note Netflicks push for the conditioning of housewives “Orange is the new black”.

  • santiago

    Actually,this can be done easily and quickly. If Stalin could do it,why not Obama?

    “Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, set in motion events designed to cause a famine in the Ukraine to destroy the people there seeking independence from his rule. As a result, an estimated 7,000,000 persons perished in this farming area, known as the breadbasket of Europe, with the people deprived of the food they had grown with their own hands.
    The Soviets then sealed off the borders of the Ukraine, preventing any food from entering, in effect turning the country into a gigantic concentration camp. Soviet police troops inside the Ukraine also went house to house seizing any stored up food, leaving farm families without a morsel. All food was considered to be the “sacred” property of the State. Anyone caught stealing State property, even an ear of corn or stubble of wheat, could be shot or imprisoned for not less than ten years.”

  • zil

    The joker in the White House can pass any “law” he wants. None of his actions are legitimate because, by definition, an undocumented worker can not be the president of the US.

    Congress is aware Obama is using false documentation and are refusing to act. They are willingly complicit or we have had a coup. Either way: There’s no legitimate federal power in Washington.

  • Three69ingSquirrels

    Hodges, you are such a fat liar.

    “Contrary to a few initial claims otherwise, the Order appears to update long-existing directives that have been issued as far back as the Truman Administration and makes no claim to allowing the federal government to confiscate private property or declare martial law.[4][5] In particular, this executive order removes the name of the Federal Emergency Management Agency from the previous orders, and replaces it with references to branches of the Department of Homeland Security, to bring the previous orders up to date with recent changes in the structure of the Federal Government.[5]“

    • CrowPie

      Rumor has it that he roots for the razorbacks during football season, too.

  • zil

    Censoring comments?


  • Pink Slime

    Sticking in the children again. YOU are losing it. Then showing pictures of mean camps and scary crowds.


    Instead of fear why don’t you acknowledge the negro is not a legal sitting president and therefore nothing he signs has any legal bearing on Americans? That we must defy, but how about the negro sodomite defying our Constitution?

    Americans don’t need a negro to tell us what to do. We built this nation without them and we certainly don’t need them now, most being a burden, and lately a threat.

    Why don’t you suggest he be assassinated like DT? You know that would solve the problem. Instead you just push the notion we must all run and hide! Americans don’t run and hide, when push comes to shove the opposite happens, we make the tyrants run and hide.

    • NM156

      That’s right slime……….#COME AND TAKE IT !!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

  • beefree

    if want to learn about this, its called “Democide”


    Dave, i am in mexico and write for BIN. I offered to help relocate people to Mexico before the Boarders are shut down.

    i received 8 replies on a story with over 12,000 hits. The excuses are unbelievable. people do not understand it is a matter of life and death. it is so frustrating.

    We shall cary on. if i can sve 1 person i have done gods work.

    • Pink Slime

      LOL! The numbers are phony. We all know that here. :grin:

  • WhiteDawn

    USA was found by Free Masons. Terra Papers document gives far more secrets that you can imagine.
    Free Masons (ex Stone Masons) was always spying RA descendants (Rockefeller-Rothschild-Rottweiler dog families) for the Draco Queen.
    Mak’Hla or Bak’Hla Reptiod Clan is controlling Freemasons but they don’t know that.

    All Satanists are working for 4th dimensional Reptilians (or devils, plasma soulful beings), and they living here in parallel dimension. (different spectrum)

  • doggy do

    NOW I know why this carrot tastes funny….it’s an Obamaca…….rrot! :lol: Oh well, time to cook dinner with my unconfiscated food. Musta missed me. :lol:

  • ReformedII

    I have posted this before but will continue because EVERYONE needs to get it!

    My youngest son’s best friend has an uncle who is COO of a top 10 us bank! The uncle has moved [MOVED] parents & grandparents out of the USA [to central Europe] and has told the rest of the family to GET OUT OF THE USA! He has also said that that is what the folks he deals with in his job [big rich & Billionaires] are doing. Either that OR they are building “SAFE HOUSES!”

    THAT is what JH was for! PRACTICE for martial law!

    WE are headin in for the last roundup!

    • NWO for Dummies.

      and he probably has a better idea than you how horrific it is going to be

    • Pink Slime

      I’m glad he left because he is NOT an American. Americans don’t run and hide. We SMASH TYRANTS wherever they are and send them home CRYING.

  • Debbie

    As much as I would love to see the demise of Wall St and the Federal Government, I tend to agree with the idea that we are being set up to be handed over to China. I found a comment on another site where a woman left a post saying she had worked for DHS for several years and then left, she said she left because as close as she could tell the DHS had an agenda:
    1 – Overthrow the Constitutional Republic
    2- Genocide the American people
    3- Facilitate as peacefully as possible a hand over America – all land and improvements to China, a division of the NWO to satisfy debt owed.

    I believe that she has given us an honest assessment and it explains why Bush took us from being the largest creditor in the world to being the largest debtor and Obama more than doubled that debt – like Greece, bankrupt and country and hand it over to the ruling elites of the NWO, in this case China – a division of the NWO….why BRICS is the flip side of the same Central Bankers/NWO coin.
    How will they genocide American? I am betting a huge false flag is being planned – so big that the resulting chaos will guarantee them a huge reduction in numbers, this will likely be followed by the engineered collapse of the dollar. With the masses starving and rioting, massive death and destruction, the population running to Fema camps for food and shelter – I believe this is what Obama has long been planning for us.
    And then yesterday, I found this:

    • ruffsoft

      The US became a debtor nation in 1985 under President Reagan,not Bush.

      Reagan tripled the debt; Bush II,in his 8 budgets, took the debt,starting with surpluses, from 5.8 trillion to 12.6 trillion. about 110%. Under Obama, who started with the deepest recession in 80 years and 800K job losses a month, the debt has gone from 12.6 trillion to 18.1 trillion, a nearly 45% increase in 6 1/2 years.

      Your misinformation is exceeded only by your paranoia.

      BTW, the US/Chinese cooperation on planning for humanitarian rescue efforts in Hawaii involves “About 50 Americans …..involved in the joint scheme, according to officials and news reports. Among the participants: troops and civilians with U.S. Army Pacific, the Hawaii National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, and FEMA. The communist regime was reportedly expected to send some 60 soldiers and “observers.” This is hardly of a scale to plan the killing of millions of Americans.”

  • duchess

    This is a pretty good explanation of what Dave is doing. True Christians do not lie all the time and steal your hope. They do not act like this.

    WAKE UP!! He is working for the other side:

    Controlled “Truth Movement” EXPOSED!! // R$E

  • Lord Humongous!

    Signed back in 2012…A little late reporting Dave…Your still an Idiot!!!!

  • worldordernews

    Take over energy? I would invest in one of these, keep the governments hands off your portable energy:

  • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

    You dont learn to read or write or learn math english you go FEMA Camp.
    and you will get to… EAT MORE GMO :mad:

  • Big dog.../small fish...

    If USofA get divided in 2 by an eartquake, if california is cut off from the USofA by an eartquake and is submerged by a tsunami, if a comet falls RIGHT SPANK IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR COUNTRY – THEN YOU’LL ALL BE GLAD FOR THOSE GODDAMN FEMA CAMPS!!

  • Anonymous

    Executive orders aren’t law. Executive orders only affects those who work for the executive branch of the federal government. Congress doesn’t work for the executive branch, neither do anyone working in the judicial branch. Does anyone really believe that federal agents are going to come to your door and demand your food? I know the feds are stupid, but even stupid people would be aware of the consequences of stealing one’s food. Heck, a bully tried to steal my hamburger in seventh grade. He got stabbed in the hand. I got paddled, but he never bothered me again. YOLO, if they’re trying to kill you, take as many of them out as you can. Their numbers will dwindle much faster than the general population.

  • Bacchus

    “Prison fencing and guard tower at this Denver Public School.” Where?? I see a normal cyclone fence with 3 vertical strands of barbed wire. Where’s the razor wire?

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