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America Is Going Under Corporate Martial Law

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:47
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When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you. The TPP amounts to corporate martial law for the nations of the world.

When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you. The TPP amounts to corporate martial law for the nations of the world.

Obama is making 30 campaign stops during the Congressional recess. No, he is not campaigning for Hillary Clinton, he is campaigning for the passage of the TPP. The TPP is a trade agreement that will reduce the world to a government ruled by the corporate edict of a few, instead of representative government by the many.

The GOP Platform and the TPP

The GOP platform says, “A Republican President will complete negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership to open rapidly developing Asian markets to U.S. products.”

Donald Trump says the TPP is a “horrible deal”. However, he does not say what he is going to do if Obama is able fast-track the agreement into law, thus obliterating our ability to run our own government. IF this happens and Donald Trump is President, I need to hear from him what he will do. I want specifically described actions, not generalities. I need for Donald Trump to publicly tell Obama that the TPP will not be enforced, nor participated in on our watch.

Of course, we will be sued by every international court in the world and I need to hear Trump tell them, NOW, we will not comply with the dismantling of our government and our American way of life. Here are some of the critical issues.

An obscure Trans Pacific Partnership provision will serve to threaten the very existence of the nation state and replace governmental authority with the power and the whim of the corporation. This secretive provision promises to supplant all national authority with a “Rollerball” type of world.

If you are not familiar, Rollerball was a very popular movie which debuted in 1975 and it depicted the planet as being ruled by six corporations in the place of national governments.

Rollerball 1975

The corporate elite ruling the planet.

The corporate elite, six corporations, which are  ruling the planet, meet in secret as they make plans to further subjugate humanity in the movie Rollerball. Isn’t it interesting, six corporations is the number that controls and dominates 98% of the media.

The Rollerball movie was set 43 years into the future from the time of the release of the movie, in the year 2018 (how prophetic), in which a total of six corporations have replaced government as the ruling authority following the demise of the nation state. With the absence of war or conflict, a forcibly passive population’s bloodlust is satisfied by a brutal new sport known as Rollerball.

More popular than today’s NFL Football and the Superbowl, Rollerball resulted in the universal practice of eliminating all individuality and freedom of choice

learned helplessness 99

Rollerball’s lethality and the inevitable demise of all the participants serves the social control purpose of conditioning the masses into a state of learned helplessness in which they are programmed to believe that they have no control over their fate and the whim of the corporations is all-powerful over the free will of the individual. In the movie, there are no Constitutions or civil liberties. Under corporate rule, there are no Constitutional or civil liberties. We are all servants of the state. 

The ultimate message of this movie is that if we ever permit corporations, such as Monsanto and Walmart, to rule the world, we will be living in a “hell on earth” scenario. Quite obviously, the movie was 40 years ahead of its time and its predictive value as to the state of today’s world was enormous.

The following short video describes what life will be like under the TPP. Onece the TPP is passed, there is no coming back.

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  • GodhelpUS


  • Don - 1

    ” six corporations is the number that controls and dominates 98% of the media.”…..not really. The media is controlled by Operation Mockingbird.

    • GodhelpUS
    • deano

      their best SS agenti, Rupert”s Sand FOX, MURDOCH…..Knighted by the Pope, a Kngt of St GREGORY…..

      olde Semetic/Iudean saying

      *** When the City has no Watch-dogs ; the FOX rules the City.***

      A Defender of the Faith, promoter of Zionism, calling his mother a Jew…….

      new Austraylian saying

      *** Murdoch ‘tweets’ ; Canberra Jumps****……….5 PMs in 4 yrs? Seriously? Backroom Coup’s….shhhh!

      • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

        Interesting and informative as usual Deano. Probably 90 percent of F0x news staff is R0man catholic, (well I don’t know the exact percent, but it’s high).. No law against that I guess, but it is interesting how most Prodestant NOT PR0TESTant Christians feel that, that is the best source for their news, and that can hardly be a coincidence, but most conservative Christians think nothing of it. I don’t watch F0x News anymore, and I don’t miss it, I got rid of my paid TV a couple years ago. This link has only a partial list of the Rc’s that were at F0x a few years ago, there are many not listed including Je$uit Ge0rget0wn trained Bret Bier.

  • VirusGuard

    Americans are already under the control of corporations and bankers and what make it worse is they are not even american bankers and come from Israel and did 9/11 and are using puppets in Congress to start wars all over the place.

    Sorry i am not politicaly correct today and won’t use names like Lizards, Zionists, NWO and will call them by there real names, Jewish Bankers and if that upsets them then good.

    Dave you is getting closer to the truth

  • Morgana Le Fay

    The nation state and government authority already operate under the controls and whims of corporations. All the TPP would really be doing is putting on paper what already exists, as we already have the best government MONEY CAN BUY.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    I thought we were already under double secret martial law according to BIN a while back.

  • Pink Slime

    This is about GREED. One wants the power, the other wants the money. The two work hand in hand to get what they want, not what YOU want.

    The two involved in a incestuous relation. And you always know how that comes out. :twisted:

  • Ideas Time

    People are learning fast now that we live in a totally rigged system and there is no consent of the governed. They will try and rig the election for HC to stay in power and subjugate the people and then eliminate those who they deem a threat.

  • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

    Corporate marshal Law?.. Well maybe I’ll get to go to the Ba$$ Pro Shops camp, at least I can look through all the fishing gear while being incarcerated, they’ve got one heck of a guard tower out front too. Anything but the Target camp..LOL

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