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What Do the CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS and the NFL Have In Common?

Friday, September 23, 2016 6:21
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Tyranny is tyranny, it does not matter what acronym you use referring to. The NFL is just another in a long line of criminal institutions that abuse the trust of the American public. Did you know that the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens accepted money to promote veterans at their home football games so that the establishment could continue to advance the cause of supporting our illegal wars of occupation? The NFL is for gun confiscation and also subjects their fans to TSA, sexually molesting searches before entering their games.  If you, as an American citizen do not understand the need to boycott the NFL, you will after reading this article.

When it comes to the rogue agencies listed in the title, there is no difference between the the NFL and the CIA, DHS, NSA and the FBI. They all violate human rights, Constitutional rights, State and federal statutes  and human dignity. The NFL may not be a formal part of the US government, but they may as well be as this article will point out. However, there is light at the end of this tunnel as the American people are waking up to the heinous nature of the National Football League.

The first two weeks of the  2016 National Football League are in the books. It would seem that Americans are waking up. The television ratings are down, significantly down. Further, the number of empty seats, from already purchased seats, at NFL games are down.


The NFL Price Gouges Every Vendor and Fan They Service

nfl greedyWhen my wife supervised concessions in the National Football League’s (NFL) 1997 Super Bowl, as the Arizona’s Operations Manager for McDonalds, the corporation was charged 30% of all profits by the NFL for the privilege of helping the NFL make money. The corporation lost a lot of money as did all the other participants in the NFL Experience and the Super Bowl, directly.

To have a beer and a hot dog at NFL game are outrageously expensive. From what I  learned a typical 12 ounce beer can cost as much $15 and an accompanying hot dog is another $6 dollars.

The NFL owners demand that citizens of various communities put up hundreds of millions of dollars to build monolithic stadiums at taxpayers expense.Amazingly, the NFL does not pay tax on its revenues!

Unbelievable: The NFL Is Tax Exempt

If the NFL does not pay tax, then why should we? Who in the world made the decision to allow the owners of the NFL franchises to not pay tax.
nfl tax exemptI know you are wondering if you read the preceding statement correctly? That is correct!

Did you know that the NFL made $11 billion dollars last year? and yet, the NFL is a tax-exempt corporation and paid no tax on their $11 billion dollars of profit in the 2015-2016 season? What is wrong with this picture? Adding insult to injury, the NFL extorts money from every city that hosts the Super Bowl.





 Hide Your Children When the NFL Comes to Town

What is the biggest single event for prostitution in America? Why it is the Super Bowl with girls who are barely in puberty being forced to perform sex acts on NFL’s rich fat-cat fans.

In 2016, Houston area officials, trying to stop the tsunami that has become Super Bowl Weekend prostitution, answered ads for prostitution, most of it under age prostitution, in publications like and Craig’s list. This most disgusting form of human bondage is also the most popular according to many law enforcement officials in which girls, as young 13, perform sex acts on behalf of their pimps at NFL events.

This is the lowest form of human behavior and according to several concerned parties that I have interviewed, the NFL does next to nothing to discourage this illegal sex industry from flourishing on Super Bowl Sunday. Presumably, the NFL fat-cats aren’t just happy raping the economy of the locals when they come to town.

Hide Your Wallet When the Super Bowl Comes to Town

In the most recent string of NFL violations of the public trust, the NFL is attempting to use local government to control pricing of hotel rooms in and around the University of Phoenix Stadium where the 2015 Super Bowl is being played. Fortunately, for the people of the nearby area in Glendale, AZ., and their Mayor, Jerry Weiers, have told the NFL to go pound sand. Can you believe that the NFL thinks that they have the right to price fix local merchants and the prices that they would charge? Mark it down, on Super Bowl Sundaythe NFL becomes the economic dictators of the host city!

Every time the Super Bowl is played in a city, the residents’ wallets get a little lighter with the corporate welfare demanded by the league for the pleasure of helping the NFL make more money.

Don’t Try to Smuggle Your Constitution Inside of An NFL Stadium: The NFL or the TSA, What’s the Difference as Hillary Clinton would say?

nfl tsa same thing


Originally, this is why I stopped attending NFL games because I would not subject myself to the degradation of pat down searches.

Please remember, as I have reported before, this is the same NFL which is participating in the violation of our constitutional liberties through TSA-type searches where there presume that every fan that is entering their stadium is a terrorist. When you go to an NFL game, by default, you give up your Fourth Amendment rights. This is also the reason that I do not fly. IF more Americans boycotted these unconstitutional practices, these institutions would comply to the Constitution or they would go out of business.

The NFL Is An Accomplice to Tyranny

OMGIn the commission of a crime, if you drive the getaway car and get caught, are you going to jail? You are darn right you are going to jail. Shouldn’t we expect the same of a sports league in which select owners thinks it is OK to aid and abet in the act of kidnapping a child from his or her elementary school.

In Operation Mountain Guardian, we should remember, that this is the same NFL that allowed FEMA to bring school children to the Denver Broncos Sports Authority Field after they were illegally removed from their elementary schools without parental notification or permission. To date, there has been no apology or explanation given. The same thing took place at the New York Giants Stadium as well.

Why would anyone support such a terrorist organization?

The NFL Backs Gun Confiscation

"Give up your guns"

Who will ever forget the Bob Costas rant at a 2014 NFL game last year when he called for gun confiscation. The people who overpay for the game tickets are not paying to hear the NFL tell everyone that they should give up their guns. Does anyone think it is an accident that the NFL is cooperating to allow their venues to be used as detention centers in times of national emergency?

bob costas fired

It Is Time To Boycott the NFL


There is some good news to report as “Christy Strawser of CBS Detroit attributes the decline in NFL viewership to the Boycott NFL movement:

“The #boycottNFL hashtag on Twitter has hundreds of participants who are urging others to send a message to NFL owners and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell by sitting out games, turning off the TV and refusing to buy merchandise.”

Of course,  San Francisco 49ers black quarterback Colin Kaepernick, refuses to stand for the national anthem because he is displaying his feelings that the police in America are murdering black American in large numbers and getting away with  it.  He may be within his rights to do so, but would he show the same respect for the five Dallas police offices who were gunned down this past summer by an avowed racist who hated white cops? On the heels of this fiasco, some of the NFL TV ratings are down as much as 18% from a year ago. Praise the Lord!

The CSS Recommended Actions Against the NFL

nfl boycott 2

How does one go about boycotting the NFL? Pretty much the same way that one would boycott anything.

1. Not that it will do any good, but write to your Congressman demanding that the tax exemption for the NFL is revoked.

2. Press your State Legislators to pass laws forbidding the use of tax payer money to support corporate welfare for the NFL The billionaire owners can build their own stadiums.

3. Write to all advertisers of NFL televised games and tell them that you will not buy their products as long as they advertise at NFL games.

4. Obviously, everyone should refuse to buy a ticket to an NFL game.

5. Do not buy NFL merchandise

I played high school football and high school and college basketball, and I also coached at the high school level before moving on to coach college basketball. I love football. It is a brutal game played by tough men. I learned a lot about life and discipline from my football coaches. If you are like me, you do not have to get your football fix from the NFL. Go to a high school game where the competition is genuine and the love of the game is why the athletes play.


We live in a land of tyranny. Whether it is the CIA, the NSA, the FBI or the NFL, it makes no difference. There is no difference in the character of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell or the much maligned FBI director, James Comey.  When you protest the NFL, you are simultaneously protesting the CIA, NSA, DHS and the NFL. There is no difference between these organiations. And as someday we will come to find out, they will all be hosting a Super Bowl Party at your local FEMA camp.


We can accomplish this

The Acronym NFL Should Soon Come to Mean Not For Long



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  • Yes, it is pretty easy to see for anyone with an IQ above 12 that pro sports is just another brainwashing tool being used against the lemmings.

    • How does the NFL brainwash anyone? There is no message. If anything, it simply serves to distract the populace from more important goings on. But it definitely doesn’t brainwash anybody! lol!

      • Sure they do when they have the most popular broadcasters touting Obama’s talking points to support Black Lies Matter, ban guns etc. Too many sheep actually listen to these traitors.

    • One has only to type “NFL corruption” into any search engine to see an endless string of news stories filled with disgusting corruption that runs the gamut of believability!

      Mr. Hodges has the right idea….

      God bless the NFL. and all like them.


      Good Journeys

    • True. One of the many ways to keep your CPU occupied with spam.

  • Each has 3 letters!!!!!!!

    Hayyyyyyyy Ohhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What did I win, EraserHead? :mrgreen:

  • I think most of those organizations are run by the JE$UITS. :lol: :lol:

  • And the stupid bowl is here in Houston. I can’t wait.

  • They know they got you HOOKED as soon as you started cheering your sports heroes. Not surprised at the merchandising and price gouging and waay overpaid athletes for just running balls up and down a field.

    DK reported how certain sports athletes did not have to wait at the emergency room like you or I would.

    You wanted heroes – NOW PAY UP!!! :cool:

    • Right on, and speaking of Pink, Can you believe how they use the fervor of the NFL crazies to solicit money for the Cancer Society that has never helped anybody, ever but themselves? They have these guys running around in tight pants and little pink booties to solicit cash out of the gullible. Pretty sickening!

      • They have never found a cure for cancer. Why should they? They get empowered and well-paid with the Cancer Society.

  • I am the oddball on this one. I despise sports, always have, always will. What a waste of valuable time. These idiots chasing balls are not worth the millions they don’t deserve. The fools wasting money on these games and products are even more blinded. It is healthy to participate in fun but it should be at local levels. Not putting money into pockets of the synagogue of satan national team owners. Ditto with the Olympics…..boring. Very reason why so many have been ignorant to the events perpetrated by the evil ones.
    It was already observed several years back on Dancing With The Stars when they had some football player paired up with a dancer…. He stated he used muscles he never knew he had. It is the dancer that should be adored with their talent not the idiots chasing down some dumb ball and then falling on it. How stupid is that….really…think about it. Then there are the health issues, brain concussions, broken bones, etc. All the while the evil ones are making money on the side gambling….think about it. Sports is just as bad as porn.

  • They are not on Our side.. and you can add the ‘race-baiting”cop-hating’(AP)+’left-stream’ Media, the Democratic ‘Socialist’ Party & Hollywood.. to that list of (LEGAL) Pro-American hater’s!
    Boycott ALL these ‘scumbags!’

  • It’s nice to see the NFL’s ratings going down.
    One can hope they hit the below sewer level.
    Then, maybe, sports will go back to what it was.
    Something guys and gals did AFTER their DAY JOB!
    Rome never paid their’s millions.
    Why should WE?!!!

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