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The New Martial Law (AROL) Authoritarian Rule of Law – to Be Rolled Out if Trump Wins

Sunday, October 23, 2016 10:00
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They call it AROL, the new Authoritarian Rule of Law.  It basically Executive Order 13603 on steroids in which the government takes control of ALL essential resources and imposes curfews and restricts the movement of the public.

Presently, there is a drill taking place in which the newest form of martial law will be rolled out on October 30th. I have been clearly been told from multiple sources that this is a SNAP drill that will go live if the election cannot be stolen on Clinton’s behalf. Please allow me to emphasize that every effort is being made to keep Trump out of the White House. At the same time, the globalists are seeking to turn lemons into lemonade. In other words, they can kill two birds with one stone. They feel they can stop Trump while at the same time begin what one of my sources calls “The Great American Purge”.

Interestingly, Mac Slavo reports on this in more detail that I am getting. However, we seem to differ on one important point. Mac stated that the drill has not yet happened and it has not announced. It will not be announced. Secondly, the drill is already underway. It was begun under the auspices of UWEX 16, which I have reported on several times on this sie.

The AROL phase of these new military/DHS/FEMA drills will take place the week before the election on 10/30-11/3. How convenient!

The following contains two short videos. In the first video, I briefly explain what is coming if this drill goes live. In the second video, I have proof that part of this was discussed in the US Senate in January of this year.

Here is Senate testimony in which “International Martial Law” was discussed. It give the President total dictatorial powers and he/she can send troops anywhere in the world, for any reason for as long as they choose. 

The dots are all connecting!


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  • Twisted0ff

    The nigger and the hildabeast don’t need to worry about martial law, what they need to worry about is we the people when the revolution begins

  • igot1thatcansee

    First of all, America is already under authoritarian rule of law, the government has already taken control of ALL essential resources; imposes curfews and restricts the movement of the public, there is nothing “NEW” about this AROL, have you been living under a rock? Considering that everyone here knows the two party system is one in the same, so, even if Shillary Clinton wins, ‘national policy’ will still be the same result regardless of who’s elected. Second, the globalist are authoritarian by nature, then why would they not want Donald Trump as President is they’re rolling out this new AROL? Third, this article just proves to me that you are a part of this global conspiracy selling this kind of fear porn from your so called “sources,” which I guarantee, if people started to get smart and lifted your veil, your sources would be the same conspirators you claim to warn everyone against :!:

  • desertspeaks

    executive orders and martial law are NOT an authority granted to anyone in the Constitution and are therefore illegal and unconstitutional.

    Marbury v Masdison, anything repugnant to the Constitution is null and void from it’s inception!

    • Pink Slime

      Correct! No one need to obey or comply.

      But they will giving more fuel to the fire and the ultimate declaration that the negro be your President-for-life.

  • Debbie

    Blah, blah, blah…..and more blah, blah, blah….Fema camps, guillotines, Russian nukes, blah, blah, blah….so much to worry about…send a donation for more fear mongering and buy this prepper crap…food that lsts 200 years…yeah, that’s teh ticket…and gold, don’t forget your gold….
    How about you just have faith in God, live a good, clean life and Vote For Trump…
    we’ll all be fine…

    • Busta Myth

      I’m not an America, but I do know that that in 1933 Prescott Bush, JP Morgan, the Remmingtons and others got caught Planning a Nazi Coup, they hired General Smedley Butler to lead it but they turned them all in (video Below)

      Then Prescott Bush went on to fund Adolf Hitler, then DURING WW2 Prescot Bush got caught TRADING with the NAZIS, then AFTER WW2 the OSS (CIA) HIRED Thousands of Nazi war criminals in Project Paperclip

      Then in the 1980′s you had the Communist coup attempt by Bill Ayers and a group called the Weathermen Underground where high up “Americans” planned to get rid of 30 MILLION Americans in Concentration camps (video below)

      Larry Grathwohl on tribalist Bill Ayers’ plan for re-education camps and the need to kill millions

      So while you can laugh all you want with so many detailed articles about what they have been up to over the last decade it does seem like one or other may be on the cards and I seriously doubt the 0.1% of the Worlds top “elites” care either way which one they go for as they seem to flip from Communism and Fascism when it suits them, and they sure as ferk funded BOTH of them and Profitted from BOTH of them

    • deano

      baa,baa,baaa….**Cath0lic priest in BETWEEN Trump & Hillary*** NOT ONE ARTICLE ON BIN :!:

      Seperation of Church & State?…..Try the “Glue” that bonds these Roman Republicans & Demons of Crap

      A Catholic priest, in a red jewish Skull-cap, is the referee between the election candidates?
      ……God Bless Virgin Marylanders, only a pius christian can stop Hillary & Trump from Killing each other…
      would we do without their “Secret Society of Jesus”~IHS/Jesuits…..
      and their Fordham & Military Acadamey Trump-et…
      and their Jesuit Georgetown Uni “St William”~Bill Clinton + Hellmary the Hildabeast

      and have faith in God “BILL”, has stuck his sword/spear in many a Dragon ….very christianlike
      live a good(chrestus) christos life >go to church & pay tithings as well(Chri$tinings,Communion$,Marriage$,Divorce$,Funeral$ +Cath0lic $chool + Collegium$ +WAR$)
      and live a clean life……
      Question 4 ya Deb,
      does that mean not be a PEDOPHILE/Homo frock wearer that drinks the Blood of Christ, takes infants from mothers and place them in fatherly christian(Jesuit) missionarys,be EXEMPT from tax, and secretly infiltrate all,ALL of Society and spread lies to cover crimes, or start Anti-Islam Crusades in ‘pagan’ foreign lands?

      I lost faith in “Christianity” when I realized that Catholic/Anglican Bishops/Cardinals are EXEMPT from prosecution in Child Sex Abuse Crimes, by University Trained Supreme court JURIS~Judges……..

      Do you believe in their “Oh, its only a few bad apples”?…..theology
      Or do u believe in “ONE bad apple , can ROT the whole barrel :!: “?……..
      .(Eve’s ‘Satanic’sin Apple/Snow White/William Tell/Newton’s Gravity tree,apple computers)? :oops:

      How do you say Prodestant Christian? The English spelling is ProTestant. PROTESTing about the evil of the Catholic church which wrote the very book these “Puritans” have faith in……

      that right there, is evidence of “hiding’ this fact. Priests themselves pronounce it ProDestant.+MSM.Pollies…..from watching and listening Theological Historians`~Emeritus Proffessors

      Vote For Trump = US Business Tyrant Free Trade + WAR (lets get rid of Islamics 4 good)=JESUIT

      they all hide behind the ‘good’name of Jesus, THEIR Society,….of Jesus…in our COMMUNE-ity :cry:

      • Mayhem

        “I lost faith in “Christianity” when I realized that Catholic/Anglican Bishops/Cardinals are EXEMPT from prosecution in Child Sex Abuse Crimes, by University Trained Supreme court JURIS~Judges”

        That’s as good a reason as any to turn your back on organized religion, deano, but it’s unfair to blame scripture for the despicable evil committed by folk who merely see the Bible as a get out of jail free card.

        I know it sounds like a “no true scotsman fallacy” but what these groups do is not condoned by the book so stop blaming it and start blaming the transgressors. There’s folk who like to blame God for the modern crusades and i say the same thing to them in that “killing in the name of” hasn’t been a thing since Jesus walked on earth.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          “…what these groups do is not condoned by the book…”

          Moreover, the penalties for their execrable deeds are roundly elucidated in the Book. The Catholic authorities deano habitually rails against are ALL in flagrant violation of the worst of the worst crimes, according to the Book.

          The Book says it would be better for them never to have been born.

          You are without excuse for conflating Catholicism and the Word of God, deano.

  • Joeskisan

    Well Clintons deleted emails were to trump telling him run for president say what’s necessary to win the primary and then act a fool and throw it to me. He’s an actor. She’s conniving. Vladimir Putin recorded he emails n said if she gets in office well trade nukes. And hel release what Hillary arranged with trump to the American public. 100% of American voters rights violated and the FBI knows n acted not. There will be revolt. There will be martial law. Only problem is that Gina says if yu do martial law we go to war with you. China knows if you lock everything down and start searching door to door your going to find weapons of mass destruction inside of Chinese sleeper cell homes, if you find that it’s gonna be war anyway so they’d rather detonate that then talk about it and if the civilians are told we aren’t going door to door we are just restricting and monitoring movement and communications the Chinese know they can’t detonate without being compromised and they can’t know how many locations have been neutralised. Basically if they do martial law excuses or placat or not the stuff goes cablooy. If trump gets in…an unwilling puppet is in office and he has no real intention of doing so. If Hillary gets in your nations faces 2 chain reactions and parishes. If Obama stays in its 1 chain reaction and perish. See the problem is Obama is complicated in a child rape/prostitution rings activities that called out to God in west plains Mo saying kill us we want to see it show us. So he replied okay, therefore you shall see it. West plains Mo population 11,000 n change is the 11,000 from psalms 91. Go give that bit a read.

  • Jacko

    We call it BS. When this guy Common Nonsense starts to post again…

  • Gil Carlson

    “SECRET GOVERNMENT PROJECTS” get your copy before the CIA sees what I’m revealing in it! CIA, NSA, DARPA, NASA secrets! Your Worst Fears About what the Government is doing: Alien Cooperation, Mind Control and so much more! Discover what the government is secretly doing to us. Most powerful, revealing book ever written:

  • truck driver

    Maybe people will flee to Canada like what happened after Ronald Reagan became president

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