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SCOTUS Affirms the Right for Permanent FEMA Camp Detention With No Due Process!

Saturday, July 7, 2018 9:30
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 The Government Is Giving Itself the Option to Imprison Americans Without Due Process

In the post-Jade Helm era, and just over five months ago, it was reported that Camp Grayling was now the site where robots are being trained to fire 50 caliber machine guns. This means that FEMA camps, at least in part, will be manned by robots!

This should be concerning to everyone, because it is clear that government is modernizing its FEMA camp facility with a specific purpose in mind.

This story is not just another FEMA camp analysis. This story is about the government giving itself the option of incarcerating American for any reason, or no reason, simply based on the “say-so” of those in charge. And now, all three branches of government are on board with this unconstitutional practice.

If true, is there a “smoking gun” document which proves the claim? There is not only a smoking gun document, there is a law that speaks to this matter very clearly. Further, there is a recent Supreme Court decision which affirms the government’s right to lock you up and throw away the key.

The Law That Obliterates Due Process

The passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) marks the codification of unconstitutional indefinite detention based on the whim of the ruling authority. Even some of the ultra-liberals are afraid of this Hitler-style law. There are not many publications more liberal than the Huffington Post. However, they are concerned and this is what they have to say about the NDAA:

These NDAA provisions (which have been re-approved by Congress and signed by President Obama every year since 2012) override habeas corpus―the essence of our justice system. Habeas corpus is the vital legal procedure that prevents the government from detaining you indefinitely without showing just cause. When you challenge your detention by filing a writ of habeas corpus, you must be promptly brought before a judge or into court, where lawful grounds must be shown for your detention or you must be released.

Under Section 1021, however, anyone who has committed a “belligerent act,” can be detained indefinitely, without charges or trial, as a “suspected terrorist.” This is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and our Bill or Rights. In The Federalist No. 84, Alexander Hamilton stressed the importance of the writ of habeas corpus to protect against “the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.”

 Now the government can lock you up and throw away the key. I know that some will say that the Supreme Court would strike down this law if it were to be enforced. Well, as you will soon see, the Supreme Court just had an opportunity to do just that and they endorsed the practice as a result of their recent ruling in the Jennings v. Rodriguez case.

From Bad to Worse

As we have seen, even some of the liberals are frightened by the NDAA provisions for indefinite detention, by the subsequent realization that you can be locked away on the whim of the President with absolutely no due process rights. However, illegal immigrants cannot be locked away. At least they could not be prior to a recent Supreme Court decision. You simply will not believe this story.

Until recently, the courts have held the following, with regard to the indefinite detention of illegal aliens, as summarized by Cornell University Law School as recounted by the New York Times:

Courts have consistently held that anyone on United States soil is protected by the Constitution’s right to due process, even if they illegally entered the country, though people generally have greater legal protections inside the country than at the border.

How much process is deemed to be “due” depends on the situation. Courts have upheld that people who entered the United States illegally and were ordered deported have a right to appeal those decisions. But the courts have also essentially said that Congress can decide that more limited procedures are sufficient for noncitizens detained at the border.

My outrage, regarding the apparent two-tiered system of justice and Constitutional protections was summarized in the following. Illegal aliens do not deserve more legal protection from detention than US citizens when it comes to illegal detention.

However, this all changed as the Supreme Court recently ruled that immigration officials can indefinitely detain immigrants during subsequent immigration proceedings which are used to determine the legal status of an immigrant following arrest

In the 5-3 decision, in which Justice Elena Kagan abstained due to previous legal work which could have construed as a conflict of interest, the Supreme Court decision of Jennings v. Rodriguez affects both illegal and legal immigrants. This Supreme Court decision affirms the NDAA and the President’s right to detain anyone, for any reason as deemed necessary by some undefined principle. In other words, our due process rights are no longer guaranteed and exist at the whim of the President. The Supreme Court missed the opportunity to rule in favor of the Constitutional liberties as opposed to tyranny, and they did not.


I have no issue with illegal aliens being protected by the Constitution. When the government can determine whose rights to protect, then none of us are safe. However, and before the readers think I have gone “rogue liberal”, illegally crossing the border contains legal sanctions that are not being enforced (i.e. jail time). Illegal aliens, like US citizens, should not be immune to prosecution and the requirement to pay for their legal transgressions. Illegal aliens, despite what the sovereignty-destroying Democratic party says, cannot have it both ways. The law is clear, the Constitution should apply to everyone, but so should the consequences for law-breakers.

It should be clear by this point there are much bigger issues here than just the detention status of illegal aliens. American citizens are not safe. A rogue future President, say like a Hillary Clinton, could imprison people indefinitely without due process. People wonder why I seem to be so concerned with FEMA camps, I just told you the reason. And if the Executive Branch was not intent on giving itself the option to imprison those that disagree with them at some future date, then why train robots to shoot 50 caliber machine guns at a known FEMA camp facility? Why would the Supreme Court reverse lower court rulings which established that illegal aliens have Constitutional protections against indefinite detention? The Supreme Court ruling, without mentioning it, just affirmed the very alarming NDAA and the government’s right to detain you based on the whim of the leadership of the government. This is why I have gone from outrage at the lower court decisions to fear of my government with regard to the recent Supreme Court decision.

Justice Alito wrote the majority opinion in which he stated:

“Detention during those proceedings gives immigration officials time to determine an alien’s status without running the risk of the alien’s either absconding or engaging in criminal activity before a final decision can be made…” 

Justice Breyer wrote the dissenting opinion in which he argued the following:

“Whatever the fiction, would the Constitution leave the Government free to starve, beat, or lash those held within our boundaries? If not, then, whatever the fiction, how can the Constitution authorize the Government to imprison arbitrarily those who, whatever we might pretend, are in reality right here in the United States?”

Breyer also called the majority ruling “legal fiction.” Legal fiction? Is that what they are going to call it when the purge happens? Can anyone read this and believe that there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, there is no pill that can fix cognitive dissonance.



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    • CUB4DK

      Excellent info BillyP, looks like all the little fish are caught up in the Big Net…but I’m sure that a few will escape :grin:

      • Sun Tzu

        Wrong again. But, I like the way you think.

    • b4

      nothing new,been done before–i live close by the Manzanar interment camp where american citizens were rounded up and locked up with no due process, nothing-their homes,land,everything was taken from them just because of their slanty eyes–my mom was full blooded german and there was no talk of rounding up the germ ans—goooovermint is a monster that gets hungry now and then and will eat its people–history is full of it–

  • CUB4DK

    I can’t believe this …I am starting to see Prison Bars appear spontaneously in front of me! :lol:
    I’m wondering if We are presently living in a Zoo or Prison at this point??

    Cheers, Uncle Hexy :grin:

    • Sun Tzu

      As in Prison Planet, yep. As the Freemasons say, You know it and I know it. This be the real BillyP.

  • diane

    This is very frightening, and could happen to us at any time, under any president. What has happen to our country.

  • Slimey

    HEY, anti-Semite, you NEED to ARREST the law-makers who have become law-breakers. They are not queens and kings up there that are untouchable and god-like.

    They are humans who have COMMITTED EVIL on this land and broke your sacred documents in half and that is WORTHY OF HANGINGS.

    Yet, unbelievably they are all free after all these years. And if Donald won’t go after them, maybe he needs to be arrested too. Do we need a French Revolution of past??

    If they won’t arrest them, put them on trial and HANG them, that leaves only the American people to do it. BUT WAIT, didn’t you guyz put them in power and did not resist?

    Didn’t you use to call the Negro “President” when he was NOT?? You only have your own selves to blame. And if you don’t do anything about it NOW, maybe you deserve the FEMA’ fatel you are so worried about. :twisted:

    • The Real Deal

      Look, ol’ slimeball is (((TRIGGERED))) hahahaha! C*ckslime hates it when you mention the Joo’s. Call me an anti Semite, butt slime, and I’ll wear as a badge of honor… BEEEOOOOTTTCCHHH!!! Punk.

      • Slimey

        They are also the false Jews who call themselves Jews but are NOT. It even says they come from the Synagogue of SATAN.

        You can hate or dislike these false Jews for all I care. :wink:

    • 2QIK4U

      You’re beginning to come round. Who ya gonna call?

  • drgroovy

    This entire situation could be resolved with a constitutional amendment that states “ALL American citizens and legal residents are afforded habeus corpus at all times, without exception; however, lhose people who enter the United States illegally, by circumventing clear measures to stop unauthorized border crossings or other illegal forms of entry (i.e., entry without expressed, documented approval from Immigration Authorities), with the intention of entering and remaining in the U.S., do NOT have ANY rights to habeus corpus. Such people entering illegally are known as “invaders”. Invaders shall NEVER possess ANY rights of ANY kind in the U.S., but instead will be considered hostile enemies, regardless of the purported or stated reasons for criminal entry into the United States. As hostile enemies, they may be arrested, shot, incarcerated, or forced into compulsory labor for a specified period of time. Any form of invasion of the United States shall be construed and considered, as a matter of law, to be an act of war.”


    IT MUST BE UNDERSTOOD that the SCOTUS is NOT the Legislative Branch of government, nor are they capable of writing or ratifying amendments to the Constitution. The clear intent of the SCOTUS in this case was to make the point that invaders do not possess habeus corpus rights, NOR SHOULD THEY EVER POSSESS ANY SUCH RIGHTS. However, the author’s point is well taken, that we need to ditch the existing law, since it could conceivably be used against U.S. citizens, and that is a MAJOR problem. Short of a new constitutional amendment, this issue will remain a big problem

  • Ideas Time

    Courts most of which if not all are kangaroo courts now and since 1789. There corporations now. The job of the courts is to issue opinions not make law.

  • 2QIK4U

    They’re finally scared shitless Because for once the slave master wasn’t illusionarairily chosen by them…. They finally feel what real people have always felt

  • The Watcher


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