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Cuckservatives: Constitution Fetishism

Monday, October 24, 2016 20:35
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Noah Rothman weighs in tonight with this insight at Commentary:

“Again, that word “worship” creeps into the dialogue. That’s no accident. It is only natural that an argument favoring retrogression toward an illiberal ethos founded in ethnoreligious identity should be festooned with sectarian metaphors. This isn’t about secularism; what is at issue here is the value of free expression and the wisdom of America’s foundational structures that now stand at odds with Donald Trump, the man.

Trump has insisted that he “alone can fix” the nation’s ills, and rarely defers the Congress’s authority on matters legislative. Trump has expressed distaste for the First Amendment if it prevents him from suing media outlets that have fallen out of his grace and favor. He has pledged to prevent companies from outsourcing for labor or materials or from making their decisions concerning the dismissal of employees. He has promised to ignite a “trade war” that would invalidate existing treaties. At issue isn’t that these and other dictatorial pronouncements from Trump are feasible; they’re not. At least, not yet. It is that they have sparked a genuine dialogue within the American right about the virtue of authoritarianism and its handmaiden, totalitarianism, in service to advancing the priorities of the state. …”

We’ve already begun to poke fun at Constitution worship here.

The flaws of the Constitution predate Trump and were known 150 years ago. How about another take on the absurdity that is “Constitutional conservatism”?

“Hence the rage in the North against the limitations in the Constitution of the United States, which check the sphere of their avarice and money operations in the General Government. A money oligarchy, is the grand aim of their policy. Hence the detestation of the States; because, with their reserved powers, they prevent the absorption of all power in Congress. To the states, the powers not granted in the Constitution, are reserved. Abolish them; and no powers will be reserved. Consolidation will be complete.

To accomplish this object, the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments of the Constitution have been invented and by fraud usurped – the crowning glory of successful force and despotism; and thus, a power given to improve and preserve the liberty of the People, is used to destroy them. It matters very little, whether the powers conferred on Congress, by these amendments, are exercised or not. They make the Government of the United States a Constitutional despotism. This was the ground on which our ancestors resisted the insignificant tax of three pence on a pound of tea, and they accepted war, rather than concede the abstract right to impose a constitutional despotism on them. By these amendments, if carried out according to their manifest intent, by the legislation of the Congress of the United States, can, at any time, at its own volition, suspend all civil rule in a State, and introduce military domination. No Emperor can require more power to enforce his despotism. The states are constitutionally annihilated. That cannot be a State, whose elections may be controlled – whose Territory make be taken possession of, and whose people may be seized and shot by a military authority it does not invoke, and which by terms of the Constitution, it can neither resist nor expel. It is a mere County, a District of a single consolidated despotism. Nor can there be a political union amongst such Counties or Districts. A political union can only exist, between independent political entities. Such was the Union constituted by the Constitution of the United States, “between the states.” But this Union – a Union of independent political entities – a Union of free-will and choice, – is gone; and the connexion now existing between what were formerly States, is no union at all; but is the operation of the different parts of a central consolidated power, held together by fear and force. The Federative feature in the Constitution (which alone made the Government of the United States a free Government) being destroyed, – the Government of the United States, is simply the consolidated sectional despotism of a majority in Congress which, by secret causes, may be the tool of one man; and the strands of the Union, consisting of Separate Sovereign States, now welded together by the sword, into the iron rod of centralism, makes the government a fit instrument for the purposes of Northern greed, ambition, and hate.”

As Robert Barnwell Rhett explained above, the notion that the United States Constitution after it was vandalized by the 14th and 15th Amendments ensures “limited government” is an absurdity. The federal government can invade any state and destroy its people and their property. It is about as limited in its power as Napoleon’s Empire.

The Constitution is a dead letter. The states have been stripped of all their sovereignty and reduced to administrative units of a consolidated empire. The Tenth Amendment doesn’t exist. The Supreme Court has already found a constitutional right to abortion, gay marriage and sodomy. Soon, the Supreme Court will find some way to interpret the living Constitution to gut the First and Second Amendments too.

The Constitution that conservatives are nostalgic for died in the Civil War. The new Constitution we live under today is based on five pillars:

1.) Democracy – Government of the numerical majority, by the numerical majority, for the numerical majority. The numerical majority in the United States is female, non-White, non-Christian. Democracy is the rationalization for its rule.

2.) Oligarchy – Government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy. Behind the smokescreen of a democracy based on a majority of the identity groups (women, Jews, LGBT, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, non-Christians, etc), the donor class sets public policy.

3.) Jewocracy – Government of the Jews, by the Jews, for the Jews. At the summit of the oligarchy, the beating heart and animating force of the oligarcy is a hostile Jewish elite which poisons our culture, strip mines our economy, and corrupts our political system.

4.) Negrocracy – Government of the negro, by the negro, for the poor, pitiful negro. Black Run America, the epoch of history we been living through since 1965, provides the state with its shroud of moral legitimacy. Martin Luther King, Jr. has replaced George Washington as the “Father of His Country.” The Civil Rights Movement is now more important to modern America than the American Revolution.

5.) Gynocracy – Government of women, by women, for the poor, oppressed woman. The patriarchy has fallen and has been replaced by a feminized electorate that is easily swayed by appeals to emotion.

Yes, it might seem a bit contradictory, but somehow the system we have now makes it work. Just as the original Constitution combined democratic and aristocratic elements, the present constitutional order combines all of these essential features – democracy, oligarchy, Jewocracy, negrocracy, gynocracy – into one dystopian package.

The Left chases its own phantom in its ongoing crusade against “the patriarchy” and “white supremacy.” It is a world which was washed away by the social revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s. Similarly, the cuckservative chases his favorite phantom which is nostalgia for a “Constitution” which ceased to a meaningful document generations ago and survives only as an ancestral memory from a bygone age.

Note: Any ideas for giving the Constitution a makeover?

“We the People of The Current Year, in order to establish Social Justice, and fight the cisgendered, heteronormative, white supremacist patriarchy, to prevent another Holocaust, and to secure the blessings of Equality to everyone on earth but our own Posterity, do ordain and establish this Revised Constitution for the United States of America …”


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