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Hillary’s Internal Poll: She Crashes to 12% Favorable, Losing 19-77% Nationally (Video)

Sunday, October 23, 2016 7:19
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Some of you may remember a post I did back in August titled, DNC Insider Says Clinton Being Pounded in the Polls – Don’t Believe the Mainstream Media! In that post, thanks to an interview with a member of Nate Silver’s VERY liberal 538 group, reported that among other things, the 538 insider said:

“Sure–what? You think it’s . . . random? Come on. Who do you think pays for the polls? People who want results. You’re buying media. It’s like ads or . . . I don’t know. Like newspaper stories? You pay 30k for a poll of Florida, it says what you want.”

At the time, that news helped to explain a good amount of confusion. There were reports circulating that the DNC had to do all sorts of crazy things to hide the fact there so many empty seats at the DNC convention, yet somehow according to the Real Clear Politics average, Clinton was leading Trump with Clinton having 47%, and Trump having 40%? 

Since that time, the polling phenomena seems to have magnified quite a bit. Each week, wherever Trump travels on the campaign trail, he sells out entire arenas, and wherever Hillary travels, she can’t even fill high school gyms, yet somehow all the polls still show Hillary is leading? In typical Clinton fashion, none of it adds up!

From the time I published the post titled, DNC Insider Says Clinton Being Pounded in the Polls – Don’t Believe the Mainstream Media, Wikileaks has continued to pound the Clinton campaign by releasing a never-ending stream of documents that were never intended to go public, and as such, have given the public a much better understanding of who the real Hillary Clinton is.

Then this past week, James O’Keeffe’s Project Veritas released video footage taken during a one-year undercover operation inside the DNC’s factory of corruption. The footage reveals never before imagined levels of corruption and criminality taking place within the Clinton campaign…

Never before that is… until you see the document embedded below. Now you can add yet ANOTHER layer of Clinton lies and corruption. Yes, we all know the polls are rigged, but apparently the Clinton camp wanted to know what was REALLY going on, so they did some polling of their own, and the report from that polling goes well beyond shocking. The report starts out saying that while they conducted the polls, the campaign didn’t use any of their “normal tactics” to “skew” or control the “narrative,” and you can see for yourself that the numbers for Clinton are abysmal at best. 

It’s not just the polling data that’s very interesting though! What is buried on the pages after the polling data is absolutely jaw-dropping… especially to anyone unfamiliar with the technology. I am referring to the pages that contain information on the programs titled, ”The Salvage Program,” and “Firesign.”

Both programs are designed as psychological weapons, one far more extreme than the other. Hillary Clinton, “she’s for the working people,” even if she has to liquefy their brains first. In the video below, I’ll briefly discuss what can be found in the embedded report from the Clinton camp on the two programs, and briefly introduce some other stories I’ve done on the same subject matter that will shock you to the core. 





As I explained in the video above, the section of the document titled ”The Salvage Program” makes it pretty clear that the Clinton camp is well aware Hillary is being crushed, and that their tactics are NOT working. Frankly, that makes me even more nervous about the coming weeks. The report says:

“Poll-driven narratives have been pushed too far, alienating most of the voting population. The use of polls as a “psychological weapon” has also been noticed (especially on social media). As the poll-gap narrative becomes ever more extreme, obvious visible evidence (rally-size, yard-signs, bumper-stickers, memes / social-media posts) becomes more and more obviously contradictory.”

“Psychological Weapon?” We haven’t even scratched the surface with that subject yet. Remember, we’re dealing with the Clinton’s, so no scandal is too big. A page or two after “The Salvage Program,” there”s information about another program, the second one titled ”Firesign.” The document reads: 

“For almost two decades the Department of Defense and NASA have coordinated on a black book project under the codename FIRESIGN. FIRESIGN’s aim is to create a religious “awe effect” in enemy populations to create an instantaneous psychological soft-kill (abject submission). The operation uses high powered lasers to project real- seeming images on the sodium layer 100km above the surface. These images can cover hundreds or even thousands of square miles and can appear completely real, three dimensional, and can move.

These visual cues are augmented with pulsed ELF electromagnetic emissions (see: PROJECT SANGUINE) that attack the specific areas of the prefrontal cortex that are stimulated during religious experience. In limited tests, subjects have been able to be overwhelmed on both axis of vastness (an overwhelming of the subject’s frame of reference) and a powerful need-for- accommodation. The mix of these two will produce inaction, lack of focus on self or individual interaction, and gross transformations in mental equilibrium (a Road-to-Damascus Experience).”

Take a look at the report for yourself:

The second video below is from the post back in August titled, DNC Insider Says Clinton Being Pounded in the Polls – Don’t Believe the Mainstream Media, and in it I explain what the DNC insider revealed about the level of corruption that takes place within the polling industry. 

After reading about “The Salvage Program,” and ”Firesign” above, regular fraud in the polling industry almost seems trivial does it? Immediately following the video, I include a copy of the transcript from the interview with as well.





Following the conventions, a pattern has emerged from the polling: Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead in all demographics. From the well to poorly educated and even out-performing Romney among women and Hispanics. According polling aggregates the only demographic Hillary is winning is African American single women and White College Males with advanced degrees in Social Sciences.

We spoke to a source who works at Nate Silver’s political advocacy group

RealTrueNews: “Is it fair to say that Silver is worried?”

538 Source: “In a panic. Our business model is predicated on making liberals feel better about the election. Right now? It’s a disaster.”

RTN: ”So what are you doing?”

538: “Well, we’re changing the model for starters. There were a few hours when the server was showing the real projections and while traffic was pretty high, let me tell you, it was a melt-down politically.”

RTN: ”What do you mean?”

538:  ”Well, Nate’s a liberal. No secret there. When he saw what was happening he flipped out. Had us look for bugs–something gone wrong–looking at the feeds. Of course nothing was wrong. Nothing had changed. Then he got on the phone with his people embedded with Q-Pac and Survey Monkey and PPP and all those guys–”


538:  “Huh? Oh, yeah–it’s a big social club. The pollsters all work together. We have a Slack-room that’s sharing all kinds of results and skews and all that. That’s how we keep it all orderly.”

RTN: ”Orderly?”

538:  ”Sure–what? You think it’s . . . random? Come on. Who do you think pays for the polls? People who want results. You’re buying media. It’s like ads or . . . I don’t know. Like newspaper stories? You pay 30k for a poll of Florida, it says what you want.”

RTN: ”But what about on election day?”

538: “Oh–we drive it. You set the expectations ahead of time. It’s called pre-loading. You’d be surprised how we can fine-tune things. Mass belief is powerful. The problem here is (a) not everyone plays nice. Fox is rogue. Rasmussen was . . . bad. They were doing real polling. Also, there’s like a game of chicken. At the start of the cycle we do real polling so that everyone knows how they better buy in. This time . . . Trump just caught us by surprise. The impact was so big–it came on so fast–Hillary just collapsed.”

RTN:“What–what happens next?”

538: “I don’t know, man. There are a bunch of smaller groups out there doing real polls. I don’t know if anyone can keep this under wraps. They had to talk Silver off the edge of the building yesterday. It was bad.”

RTN: ”He was literally going to throw himself out a window?”

538: “Yeah–he was–well, but we’re on the second floor. He was just really pissed. I mean, he got a call from the White House telling him to fix it and shit.”

RTN: ”Wow.”

538:  ”Wow is right.”

Wake Up

If i’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, people have GOT to begin preparing for the worst, but I suspect as we get closer to election day, and more horrific news like this comes out, people are finally going to wake up and start realizing that there is major trouble on the horizon. If it’s not from a massive civil uprising after the 2016 election winner is named (assuming we still make it to the election), then it will be the result of the failure of the U.S. Dollar and Western banks, or geopolitical tensions finally boiling over. No matter what, the forecast is NOT good. 

For anyone with no idea where to begin making preparations, I suggest you get your FREE GUIDE for how to survive Martial Law at the very least. My own first purchase was a book called “Conquering the Collapse,” and because I’ve practically worn out my iPad reading my copy, in the following link I provide you with a review of the book: Be Ready For Any Emergency – The Crucial Guide For Any Family’s Safety (Videos)Once things go south, it’s too late. Prepare now. 





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  • JKnTX

    The Hilldabeast will lose, there may be some internal unrest from the BLM and similar Joker factions at first, but it will fail and die out after a few days.

    • Occams_Razor_Trader

      That’s why they are running the phony polls, when Trump wins this thing- the low info crowd will assume Trump stole it, they usually don’t think far enough to realize that the power is with Hillary (she IS the only candidate who can rig the election) so the Soros crowd can incite violence, by a false narrative. It’s the same thing they did with the BrExit vote- most who voted for leaving the EU- were immediately second guessing their vote- with well placed, media complicit stories of gloom and doom.

  • Ideas Time

    The media is working overtime to tell us it is a done deal so they can steal the election. To the MSM, we are not buying your lies and you all will be held accountable for treason.

    They absolutely intend to steal it for HC and hard at work on the cover up. To bad the White Hats don’t just take over the tv stations and make them report the truth for once.

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