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Paul Ryan Will Be Your Next President: The Wheels of Corruption Are Turning

Thursday, October 13, 2016 7:31
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There are two compelling reasons which clearly open the door to the distinct possibility that Paul Ryan may weasel his way into the Presidential after all. First, there is strong evidence being revealed by multiple sources that Paul Ryan is responsible for the release of the Trump tape. Secondly, there is irrefutable proof that Ryan has been planning to run for President in this election cycle all along.

Paul Ryan Is Responsible for the Release of the Trump Tape

Alex Jones makes a very compelling case that Paul Ryan’s top aide, Dan Senor, was behind the leaking of the Bush tape in which Trump is heard to make several lewd remarks about women.

From Info Wars:

“That’s the story swirling around the Internet after Senor’s wife, former NBC reporter Campbell Brown, appeared to confirm the claim.

Brown quoted a tweet that said, “Rumblings that Campbell Brown and Dan Senor are behind the Trump tape leak,” and then responded, “Yep. Still having fun after all these years. Key to a happy marriage.”

A similar story released by WND confirms Info Wars claim that Dan Senor leaked the Trump tape in an obvious attempt to sink the Trump campaign.

After reviewing the Info Wars, WND and other similar claims, there is little doubt that Paul Ryan deliberately sabotaged Donald Trump’s campaign. But why? Why would a prominent Republican sabotage the campaign of the Republican nominee? Well, it is for the same reason that anyone engages in treason, for personal profit.

Paul Ryan Is Aligned With Clinton and Obama

Paul Ryan has done his best to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump. In fact, with encouragement from Ryan, through his very shallow endorsement of Donald Trump, it is becoming a distinct possibility that Trump may not be the nominee when the election finally takes place.

There is no way that the establishment and their minions can afford to have a Trump Presidency. This means that in order to dump Trump, the globalists must create a world where up is down and down is up, white is black and black is white. To some degree, the “tape” has accomplished this.

Paul Ryan, much to the detriment of the American people, is where he is today because he was willing to ignore the following as if they did not exist:

  1. The free trade agreements which have caused the loss of millions of American jobs so that manufacturers could send millions of jobs offshore to cheap foreign labor markets and then turn around and ship these products back into the United States tax free. Trump has pledged to stop this.
  3. Ignore the illegal alien crisis which continues to undercut the wages of the working class, thus leading to much lower salaries and higher unemployment for American workers.
  5. Support Obamacare and its provision which forces employers to purchase Obamacare medical insurance for its full time employees. This has greatly added to the demise of small businesses.
  7. The undermining of American national security through the admission of UNSCREENED Muslims to America.
  9. Supporting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton led State Department policy which protects certain Mosques and Muslims with extreme terrorist ties such as what we saw with Omar Mateen. Ryan is complicit in allowing the same chaos that is destroying Europe with UNSCREENED Muslim immigration, to come to America and destroy this country. His failure to oppose should be construed as tacit support. This attitude has given rise to the attitude that it is acceptable for these Refugee/Resettlement immigrants to support Sharia Law over our Constitutional law.

Trump is on the record as opposing each and every one of the above policies which are destroying America. Most Americans support Trump in this endeavor of putting America first and Making America Great Again! However, most of Congress is on the take and avail themselves to what should be illegal bribery through corporate campaign contributions. In order to keep the gravy train rolling, politicians, like Paul Ryan, are willing forsake their Constitutional oath and oppose Trump’s pro-Constitutional stand on these issues. In fact, Ryan is of such low moral character that he is even willing to destroy the GOP in order to preserve the criminal status quo, while he receives blood money from the corporations, as evidenced by his release of the Trump tape.

At the end of the day Paul Ryan is partnered with Obama in depriving Americans of their Constitutional liberties and standard of living. In fact, it can now be accurately said that the Speaker of the House supports Democrat and sociopath, Hillary Clinton, in her bid for President over the will of the rank and file of the GOP. Or does he?

If Hillary Cannot Continue…

Yesterday, I published a report which announced that Hillary Clinton had cancelled all public events from October 12th up until the election. Further, I have sources which tell me that Clinton’s health has been so bad that the Democratic power elite considered dumping her at the convention. And now, information is leaking that the strong medicine that keeps her on her feet during the debates is having a very debilitating effect on the Democratic nominee and continued use of these drug is life-threatening.

Further, I reported that my Democratic source told me that the Democratic leadership is looking for a “slip and fall” excuse to not participate in the debate. First, with the tape, they feel they have done enough to win. Second, the leadership questions if Clinton can make it through another debate. Third, they fear that the Trump card at the next debate will be the sale of uranium to the Russians and other assorted misdeeds by the Clinton Foundation.

What if Clinton cannot continue? If a major party candidate cannot continue, there are two possible delays with regard to a postponement of the election. Initially, the election would be pushed back to December. Secondly, the drop dead date for an election would be January 3, 2017.

Getting Trump Out of the Way

The MSM has alluded that there is more damaging evidence yet to be released that will further impugn the character of Donald Trump. Trump, at that point, may drop out of the race.

If Clinton and Trump as sidelined, the race could come down to Kaine vs. Ryan. Yes, Paul Ryan and he is eligible to run for President this year! In fact, a case can be made that this has been his intention all along. And the facts support this assertion. I believe that this is the Globalists Plan B.

There is yet another reason that Ryan would forsake the will of the people and work towards the defeat of the people’s choice, Donald Trump. Simply put, Paul Ryan wants to run for President.

Here is the proof that Ryan is eligible to run for President.

From the Federal Election Commission website:



FILING FEC-1047622



NOTE: Address is different than previously reported


2. Date: 01/30/2016

  1. FEC Committee ID #: C00431171
    This committee is a Principal Campaign Committee.
    Candidate: MITT ROMNEY / PAUL D. RYAN
    Party: Republican Party
    Office Sought: President
    State is in District:

Affiliated Committees/Organizations

BEVERLY, Massachusetts 01915
Affiliated Relationship Code: Joint Fundraising Representative

Custodian of Records:

Title: Form 1

This form would allow Ryan as well as Romney to run for President in 2016. Why would either man go to the time, trouble and expense to file this paperwork and then NOT campaign? Why?  It makes sense that this has been the globalists Plan B all along with Paul Ryan waiting in the wings just in case Donald Trump’s candidacy could not be derailed.

I certainly do not see the impotent Romney running for President again. However, I do see Paul Ryan being drafted to run if  Clinton cannot complete her candidacy and the globalists find a way to sideline Donald Trump. You see Ryan has filed the same paperwork in order to run as Vice-President. Now that Ryan is registered, he, too, can run for President. This has always been the globalists Plan B. The forces have aligned and in a nonviolent confiscation of the candidacy process, the Republicans will ignore the will of the people and Paul Ryan would go to the head of the line. This would explain why Ryan released the Trump tape now wouldn’t it.

Can I say for certain that this represents what is going to happen? No, but it is certain a viable option that the globalists have left on the table to purse.

By the way, Paul Ryan would be just as dangerous as Hillary Clinton should ever occupy the Oval Office. Please continue to pray for the welfare of both America and Donald Trump. For obvious reasons, his life is still in danger just as RFK was in 1968.



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  • drdeb

    Over my dead body! Ryan will NEVER be president.

    • Anonymous

      I thought “Obama will be the LAST American President” ??

      • deano

        Every time I come to BIN > **Obama will not Finish his 2nd Term*** ……and at the bottom

        “Get RIGHT with JESUS NOW!”……..and Suddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction :twisted:

        Paul Ryan, replaced BONEHEAD , you Boneheads!…. Skull & Boneheads rule the USA :!:

        Jesuit Kaine? Jesuit Biden? Jesuit Pence? Jesuit Trump? Jesuit Bill Clinton? Jesuit RYAN?

        COMEY is a Jesuit Emeritus Priest……….Jesuit , does NOT Equal Jesus Marylanders. It equals a “Secret Society”, (The IHS/Society of Jesus) evil $$ hungry corruptables that answer to the Vatican……

      • Arte Vespule

        Maybe Obama doesn’t count. Since he is illegitimate anyway. So maybe the “prophecy” is off by one, and it is this next president that will be the last one. I can see a half dozen ways that can happen in the first year alone…

      • Eggzactly

        No, He is the last Kenyan President of America. Big Difference! :wink:

    • Jack Shlitz

      PAUL RYAN WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT IN THIS LIFETIME! RYAN IS A LOSER, PERIOD! F-HIM!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    • Overmind


  • apache5

    Ryan is a turn coat and the people will revolt IF Trump does NOT win!! just drive around there HUNDREDS of Trump signs to only ONE of scumbag clinton’s the polls are bought and paid for by the demo’s!!

  • Enjoykin4

    LEAKED! Official Agenda for the destruction of German by CLINGTON JEWISH ILLUMINATI CABAL AND JEWSIH WHORE MERKEL

    • deano

      and where was MERKEL indoctrinated? ….Leipzig Uni…….the NAZI Catholic Collegium for JESUITS

      The same place the “HUNgarian” Atomic TELLER was trained…….
      The same place that Hans Tiefel , the EMERITUS Proffessor that trained COMEY at Bill & HellMary Collegium

      I N R I ~ Ihesus of Nazareth, Rex Iudea (King Iudea,Yudeah,Judeah,Juden, Jews…….)

      They want us to forget that Jesus was called Ihesus, and the Nth Tribes of GALLIlee or GAULintis were the Roman names. Its all about Yudah folks, the tribe of Judah, JERUSALEM.

      St NAZIanz ~ set up by German Catholic pilgrims in Wisconsin in 1860s. They worship St NAZIanzus!

      • Bradley Dueringer

        Yea the Jews have nothing do do with any of this….it’s those darn Jesuits who run everything. How many dimwit do you get to buy into this horse$hit?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get too excited at this stuff since 2000. That is when it became very apparent that our vote doesn’t count anyway, at least not as much as hanging chads. So, what’s the big deal? The president will be whoever the globalists want it to be, and that’s that. I mean, remember Gore? They rigged that pretty easy up to and including the Supreme Court. So, WTF? If they want Howdy Doodie, it’ll be Howdy Doodie.

  • sitrep

    No one ever knows who voted these politicians in.

    Now Days when a politician is said to flip flop it means they are getting a huge Bonus.

    They use a special Language to get their meaning across, it is called, they smart You dumb.

    Now Days due to sites like twitter your only allowed to use 3 words when trying to explain something.
    Now 4 words is considered a book.

  • Ideas Time

    Ryan is too now despised by millions and we know he is part of the problem. I will never vote for him. Here is a better idea.

    Trump should consider inviting in to his administration Johnson has 7 or 8% and Jill has 2 or 3%. This is not about them but giving the American people a chance to have their voices will be heard and considered at the highest levels of gov.

    Trump wins just by making the offer and he should do it at next Wednesday’s debate and shock the world. The offer would leave HC speechless and shocked with nowhere to go.

    The other two have zero chance of winning and would likely jump at the chance and all of their followers will think now we have a voice and jump on board the Trump train to making American Great Again.

    We want an all inclusive administration that works for all of us.

    • Godzilla

      Gary Johnson is an embarrassment for pure libertarians. He and bill weld sound like democrats. As for jill stein I can’t say I have a problem with her, at least she represents the green party in a noble way, regardless if I like greens or not.

  • yippee

    For what it’s worth…..

    Yesterday, I was just about doing my regular routine, when I was impressed in my spirit with the thought….PAUL RYAN WILL BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT AND SCOTT WALKER WILL BE HIS VP……. I then thought to myself.. how interesting !?!?! :eek:
    By the way, I’m from WI

  • GlobalistDespiser

    That scumbag will lose so bad, he’ll never be able to show his Eddie Munster face in public again. Never gonna happen – even if, in his delusions, he dreams it will. This douche is all but done.

    • mfritz0

      Boy Howdy! How right you are!

  • ernie

    Ryan will NOT be the next president. The ‘next’ president is already in the White House. Obama will declare martial law very soon and that will enable him to stay in that job. Neither Trump nor Clinton will win the seat because Obama, with corruption and cheating like we’ve never seen before, will not even have to win but will remain in his seat and it’s all Constitutional. Once he gets this extension he will appoint another female liberal (Michelle?) to SCOTUS and with a liberal majority he will never lose another decision. Forget the 2nd Amendment and forget the 22nd Amendment because with a stroke of his pen he will take over full control of this country his way. We are soon to become a dictatorship and once he has our guns there will be no one to stop him.

    • wiseoldlady

      Michelle lost her law license Due to corruption…she cannot be scotus.

    • holeshot

      Get real. Zippy. According to the Constitution if there is no election, the terms of the President, Vice President and ALL members of the House expire on Jan.20th. Obama cannot remain in office after that, and neither can Biden. The Speaker, Ryan cannot assume he Presidential progression since he will no longer be in office on Jan. 20th. The Presidency will, by the Constitution, be assumed by the President Pro Tem of the Senate who is next in line after the Speaker. Guess you weren’t in Civics class that day.

      • ernie

        You should check it out yourself, Zippy! If Obama declares martial law he is by law able to stay in that seat. How long? Until HE decides the emergency is over. And an emergency can consist of as little as an uprising like there was in Charlotte, Ferguson, etc. It doesn’t even have to be an emergency but something that this corrupt administration makes up. Don’t go thinking that guy is almost done because it most likely isn’t going to happen.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    Highly doubtful…perhaps he’ll run for the 2020 election (if we make it that far). But it’s way too late in the game for him to start running now—he’d never get elected.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      There’s no way either Hillary or Trump will give up this late in the election, so your proposed notion is stupid. Grasping at straws for a story, are we?

      • caoneil76

        Everything Dave writes is dumb. He has not once written a story that had any truth to it.

      • Jack Shlitz

        Did you just reply to yourself?

    • ecclesiatical

      Maybe he should try sprinting. :wink:

  • Just me

    Is there any random thought that goes through this guy’s head that he doesn’t turn into a story? Give it a rest already.

  • Doccus

    It’s just as I said over a half dozen times now. They’ll wait until just a few weeks before the election , and then drop Hillary, (as she was never intended to be a serious contender anyways), and then select somebody that nobody really knows anything about, and with not enough time before the el ection to dig up any skeletons that could hamper his bid for the presidinksky. Sneak him in nice and easy, because he could be another Mussolini, or a Stalin, or…..

    • Jack Shlitz

      They really think we’re that stupid dont they? I’ll tell u what, they and the media start looking duuuumber & duuuuumber every day. You have to admit that the ONLY thing that would make these elections make sense is factoring in voter fraud. I can’t think of a candidate that was as disliked as that b!tch… :roll: :roll: :roll:

  • Richard Parker

    One thing is for sure, if Paul “Limp Wrist” Ryan is the next president, it will give me lots to write about…he’s an idiot.

    • Jack Shlitz

      Yeah but I’ll bet he makes one hell of a dungeon master… :wink:

  • Parjaroguy

    You are being a troll, an upstart, and a turncoat Mr. Hodges. I have lost respect for you. CLEAR OUT!

  • Kelvin

    Designated Survivor…..hollywoods latest

  • bobbyd19

    The globalists have control of the voting machines and will use this to get who ever they want into office!

  • moochie2

    My gosh. They will finally arrest Hillary in late October and the election will be canceled. In January, speaker of the house will take over as president since there was no election.

    • holeshot

      Again, numbnutz, Ryan CANNOT be President if there is no election because he will no longer be a Congressman. His term expires on Jan 20 and he will no longer be the Speaker. The job goes to the President Pro Tem of the Senate.

      • mfritz0

        This is no doubt true as it follows right along with Obama’s policy of sewing confusion and corruption into every decision he has made since day one. However, there is hope. We could elect Flipper to the Presidency and almost all our national problems would be solved. Imagine, no more having to pay the President. The only problem we would have is turning most of the roads into rivers so Flipper could get around. Flipper could invite all his friends to visit, and together they could eliminate all the corrupt sharks running around. That would be a true benefit.

  • Eggzactly

    That Little Globalist Weasel will NEVER be The President of The United States. NEVER. He threw his credibility and lack of right out the window. He would make a good McDonalds Manager though. Maybe.

  • caoneil76

    You’re so dumb. If Ryan jumps in, he will split what’s left of the right wing globalists and Hillary will win. Trumps hard core base will not abandon him so it will split the party right in two. The only way in hell Ryan can currently become president is if the P and VP both pass away.

  • Vaccine Liberation Army

    I have not seen anybody talking about “succession”. If Obama and Biden leave office and if the election is halted, suspended or challenged the next in line for president is “THE HOUSE SPEAKER”. (Paul Ryan). As you may remember Pope Francis came to US and spent the day with John Boehner (former HS) and Boehner cried like a baby and then resigned. Paul Ryan took his place…the fix has been in for a long time…globally.

    • Godzilla

      Seems like a strong possibility for that. :wink:

    • deano

      Thank you VLA :!: everyone is missing the KEY to this artice :!:


      a backroom coup, a vote of no confidence, Emporer of HOLYwood, de NIRO wants to ‘assault” Trump, the female sexual deviant……or ex-Republican Spokesperson, before GEORGETOWN Bill, turned her into a Democrat spy called Hellymary, resigns due to “ill health”(emails)…….

      if the JESUIT V.P.s Kaine & Pence dont step-up……

      in walks Tall, Dark & Handsome, the “Shining Knight”…..already IHS Speaker……St Paul….. :cry:

      I think VIRGINian MARYlanders is too ‘nice’ or politi correct for you lot! How about BONEHEADS :!:
      It was the last IHS speaker that stopped Burak Abamah from bombing Syria with his “Red Line in Arabic Sand” speech………John BONEHEAD.(the USA is broke, we have no money :cry: )
      But still the other BONEHEAD, St John KERRY, is still pushing “SKULL & BONESheads” in Syria today!

      Austria-alis, the same. Pedophile PELL hiding in Vatican. A Jesuit Rhodes Scholar(the’ABBOTT) replaced by Goldman Saachs Jesuit Rhodes Scholar (Liberal Conservative Christian Party)
      the opposition? another Jesuit (Labour Party infiltrated by “Union Destroyers”)

      England, the same. Trained in a Catholic Convent, daughter of an OXFORD priest,1st job at Reserve Bank of England…….the new 2.0 Iron Lady……St THERESA…

      I have forgotten the details on your Canada neighbour…..but the FRENCH have the same Jesuit logoas in your HOUSE Chambers…..the FASCI……. :mad: :mad: :mad:

  • Josie

    If Paul Ryan even trys to get in we will know he is part of the elite establishment. He is a disgusting trader to his country, another power hungry looser.

    • drdeb

      We will know? WTP have known for quite a while that Ryan is a traitor. WTP also know that Reince and Scott Walker rigged the re-election for Ryan. Nehlem actually won. A live mic showed Reince saying to use the Diebolt sp? machines. In case you are unaware, they are the ones that are most easily modified vote-wise.

      I am a Trump supporter and I am active in his campaign. WTP know he is winning this election. If he does not do so, there will be hell to pay. WTP will NOT sit quietly and allow our country to be captured.

      Please Pray. Thanks!

  • welovetheUSA

    Never happen…!

  • Godzilla

    If he was eligible to run for president, as well as mitt romney, then why the heck were they not in the primaries? Or were they and I missed them? How can you come out of nowhere and declare yourself the nominee? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Pink Slime

    I don’t put my beliefs in human but I can tell you one thing. Hillary MUST and CAN NEVER be your president. PERIOD. There is simply no choice in this. Besides being an un-convicted FELON she is also illegal to hold that office.

    This lady LOVES to kill white men and see white women raped. She is a deluded demon possessed lady who you are handing the nuclear codes over too and making her Commander in Chief effectively being ruled by a women which is NOT a good thing for the military. Especially as a radical leftist and communist. She will certainly DESTROY you.

    She will disarm all white people and rule by Executive disorder. She puts no faith in that “white man” document of yours you call the Constitution.

    The Democraps love to put in people that HATE WHITE PEOPLE. Can’t you take a clue with the illegal racist Muslim negro up there and now Hillary?

    Check out Bungleghazi and her method of punishing white men.

    • Jack Shlitz

      If I were her security detail and she treated me the way she did those other guys, I’d taze her fat ass, quit, and then go public about what a C*nt she is. What a F-ing phoney she is, BLEGH!!!

  • Anonymous

    paul ryan = a barking dog for clinton
    clinton = a barking dog/whore for soros
    soros = a barking dog for rothschild

    • deano

      joe biden = a barking dog for abamah(Hebrew~the most high)
      ash carter = a barking dog for WAR and International Security=IS(trained forces)
      hellmary = a barking dog for hubby Bill’s GEORGEtown
      trump = a barking dog (on heat) for the IHS and FORDHAM

      murdoch = the FOX. The sly sneakey fox that pushes this “ISLAMAPHONIA” ~Islamic State?

      another agent of the VATICAN. A Knight of St GREGORY…….

      ## Me? Who do I CONSPIRE with? I am a LONE WOLF , Howling about the Vatican GALLI :evil:

    • Bradley Dueringer

      Exactly..just don’t tell dean moron that neither Soros or Rothschild are Jesuits. ….

  • Bob DD

    You just finding out who Paul is now? Where the heck have you been? I wouldn’t vote for him if he was the only person running. He & his buddy Crybaby, are the problem too.

  • Enjoykin4


    RIA Media: Washington is ready to provide free access to IG terrorists from Iraq Mosul, before the assault

    US and Saudi intelligence agencies have agreed to provide the IGIL terrorists a safe exit from Mosul (Iraq) before the assault, then the terrorists will be transferred to Syria, reports RIA News Post a diplomatic source in Moscow.

    СМИ: Вашингтон готов предоставить свободный выход боевикам из иракского Мосула до начала штурма

    According to the source, the capture of Mosul “entail transfer of terrorist groups IG from Iraq to Syria to counter the government forces of President Bashar al-Assad and the Russian group video conferencing.” According to some sources, Mosul assault (as directed by Obama) will be held in October.

    “In preparation for the operation in Mosul between US intelligence agencies and Saudi Arabia agreed that before the assault all militants will offer a safe route to leave the city with their families. And during the time of the assault coalition aircraft would strike only on a pre-agreed with the fighters detached building in the city, who are empty “, – said the source.

    “More than nine thousand insurgents IG will be transferred from Mosul to Syria’s eastern regions to follow a major offensive operation, which involves the capture of Deir ez-Zor and Palmyra”, – he added.

    The source suggested that the idea of ​​transfer of the terrorists in Syria caused by the desire of Washington to discredit the results that Russia has made in the SAR.

    “Apart from the purely political dividends for another purpose of this operation, obviously, will be to discredit the Russian VKS success, and, of course, is an attempt to undermine the position of President Assad. Washington needs something to counter the results of Russia in Syria, to try to minimize their importance “, – he said.

    According to available information, the intermediary and guarantor of a safe exit insurgents out of Mosul is the exploration of Saudi Arabia.

    Military analyst, Associate Professor Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian Economic University named after GV Alexander Plekhanov Perendzhiev: “I doubt the Saudis and the Americans will be able to implement his plan as” Islamic State “has the Iraqi roots, Mosul – their support base, and to leave Iraq, they certainly do not want to. Probably, there will be some kind of imitation – Mosul remain in the hands of terrorists, some of them just go to Syria, and the others pretend that surrendered. Americans can expect propaganda statements on the eve of presidential elections, Democrats will try to take credit for these successes. ”


  • GodhelpUS
    Rumblings: Top Paul Ryan Advisor Leaked Trump Sex Talk Tape to WaPo

  • 3RD BORN

    I REBUKE this, Dave, in the Name of Jesus.

    • Bradley Dueringer

      You mean Yashua??? The letter “J” did not exist in any language until about 1500 ad…and English was not a language until after Yashua’s crucifixion. … you see there is no power in the name “Jesus” because it is a whole cloth made up name……when will the ignorant people figure this out?

  • StandingResolute

    I just signed up to comment, but it says I don’t have permission to vote. Anyone else having that problem?

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