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The 3 Things Trump Must Do to Win the Election

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 5:33
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I hope Trump is holding the financial report of the Clinton Foundation.

I hope Trump is holding the financial report of the Clinton Foundation.

With less than a month before the general election, it looks bleak for Donald Trump. At least that is what the main stream media would have you believe. FDR’s quote that we have nothing to fear but fear itself applies to this campaign. The voting public must keep their eye on the ball and focus on recruiting  potential Trump supporters. Don’t scoreboard watch. The polls are filled with lies and misrepresentations. Locker room talk will not sway many voters, only the Republican politicians like McCain and Ryan who take campaign donations from Free Trade Agreement interests are umping ship. In fact, the duplicitous John McCain co-sponsored CAFTA. He has been opposed to Trump based on his own selfish interests from the beginning.

In short, there are three things that Trump must focus on if he is going to win the election which are combating election fraud, getting the attention off the fake polls and attacking Clinton on the most critical issues.

I. Trump Must attack the Validity of the Polls

The Polls Are Often Wrong

The polls have a very poor track record of being correct. Even the MSM entity, US News, vilifies the use of polls in accurately predicting election results:

“In 2012, his own campaign’s polls, among others, predicted Mitt Romney, the Republicans’ nominee, would defeat President Barack Obama for the presidency, but just barely. Two years later, surveys in Kentucky strongly suggested then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, perhaps the shrewdest, most powerful Republican in Washington, could lose his seat to an upstart rookie Democrat”. Obviously, neither event ever came close to happening.

The Political Experts Don’t Trust Polls

Cliff Zukin, a polling expert at Rutgers University stated that “Polls can no longer make fine distinctions. People can trust polls on broad issues — like what voters are most concerned about — but not so much on the political horse race.”

Celinda Lake, a pollster, political consultant and president of Lake Research Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based polling firm, says polling has seen “kind of a steady decline. It’s getting harder to reach people. It’s also harder to get them to cooperate.”

Michael Traugott is a University of Michigan political science professor who specializes in polling and opinion surveys and he has stated that polls cannot be trusted for a variety of reasons and that he is in agreement with Gallup when they say the industry is in need of a “major overhaul”.

What many of these experts are referring to is the death of the legitimacy of public opinion polls due to insufficient sample size. When polls do not have enough participants, the results cannot be considered to be valid. The way that polls cover up this deficiency is to report an official sounding statistic that gives fake legitimacy to the results (e.g. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3%). In actuality, the legitimate poll would state something like “the statistical confidence level with regard to the accuracy of this poll is 95% or higher”. The representation of this notion is usually expressed as a level of confidence and it looks like this: P=<.05.   If you don’t see this statistic, the poll, on its face, is unreliable.

The Polls Have Repeatedly Been Caught Oversampling the Democrats

Debate II, clearly demonstrated the bias of both CNN (Anderson Cooper) and ABC (Martha Raddatz) in which the moderators actually debated with Donald Trump and not Clinton. They favored her in time of response and most of the questions were pointed in the direction of Trump weaknesses and not Clinton vulnerabilities.

The integrity of all polling is based on the notion of random selection and equal sampling between groups.  This has not been the case from everyone from the NY Times to CNN. The polls are horribly biased based upon how many Democrats are sampled.

Additionally, one of the chief methods that unscrupulous polls use to report fake results is to select a biased sample. For example, if one is using phone samplings to gather voting preferences, one merely needs to target neighborhoods which historically favor one party over the other in order to get the predetermined results that one is looking for. This violates the principle of random selection of subjects to poll and this completely invalidates any survey results.


The Tavistock Institute and the Use of Public Opinion Polls

Donald needs to give them history in a speech. Let the people know how they have been manipulated thought the ages by political opinion polls. There is a long history, among the elite, to fraudulently use polls in order to condition the public while shaping public opinion based on desired results, often false results.

Dating back to 1913, the Tavistock Institute used polls to shape public opinion into accepting Britain’s entry into World War I.

The plan to ‘create’ public opinion through the fake reporting of bogus polling date began as a propaganda factory centered at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain’s most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe’s position was supervised by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, and Arnold Toynbee, according to John Coleman.

John Coleman, the author of the classic book Conspirators Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, was one of the the first writers to call attention to the existence of Tavistock, in 1969, and the rest as they say is history. Subsequently, we learn from Coleman’s work that polls were designed to not really measure public opinion, they were designed to shape public opinion.

Every speech that Trump makes between now and November 8th, must serve to combat the confirmation bias the media is using to project the message that he cannot win. “I am Donald Trump and I want your vote. The establishment does not want you to vote for me so they create fake polls to discourage you from voting for a candidate who will do away with Free Trade Agreements and unregulated immigration. This is about the elite taking your money. Help me stop that by not paying attention to the polls and follow your heart”. Every speech, between now and the election must contain some derivation of this message.

II. Trump Must Aggressively Confront Election Fraud

Trump Must Put His People At Every Voting Location 

Donald Trump needs to counter the DHS and UN election fraud by placing his own poll watchers at every poll who will aggressively challenge DHS and the UN who will not doubt be facilitating illegal voting. Take pictures, release to the public what is going on.  Make the elite afraid to be exposed.

As I and many others have reported, there are 7 million democrats registered to vote in more than one adjacent state. This needs to be challenged in court before the end of the week. Trump should be seeking to ban these people from voting based upon the fraud they have perpetrated on the system.

Donald Trump also needs to file an injunction against the illegal aliens, convicted of crimes, who were not deported by made citizens just in time to vote. This needs to be challenged in court. These actions will bring publicity to the voter fraud that is rampant in this country. It could give pause to the elite.

My advice to Donald is to stop whining about voting fraud and do something about it, TODAY!

III Attack Clinton In Her Most Sensitive Areas

Donald needs to stop pussy-footing around as the saying goes and really go after Clinton in the following areas:

  1. Benghazi and how Clinton was emailing Stevens travel plans by email. This implies that Clinton might have been an accomplice to murder.  Also, the denial of additional protection requested by Stevens needs to be hammered.
  2. Committing the treasonous act of selling uranium to the Russians. His source would be the Clinton mouthpiece, the New York Times.
  3. Keep hammering the emails and pick out the most damaging. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!
  4. How her no-fly zone will produce a nuclear war.
  5. Clinton public/private positions on the free trade agreements.
  6. Clinton’s tax plan which will increase taxes $1.3 trillion. Divide the number of 100 million full-time workers in America to illustrate how much Clinton is going to cost American workers, per worker.
  7.  The Clinton Foundation and its relationship to Comey who let Conton skate on the email fiasco. The Clinton Foundation’s acceptance of HSBC money laundering funds from terrorists and drug cartels while Comey was on the board. The Clinton Foundation illegally using foreign money to run for President. The latter is a felony.


I am baffled as to why Trump is not belaboring these seven points. I am preparing an in depth presentation on these points. Perhaps someone in the Trump campaign will take note because it is apparent to me that Donald is getting really bad advice. These six points should have been hammered home for months and they have barely been touched or not mentioned at all. Further, it Trump will not make these points, we need to make these points for him. You see, I am not voting for Trump, I am voting for the movement. IF you don’t want to send your kids off to die in a war next year, and if you want to avoid a total economic collapse and if you don’t want unprecedented martial law tyranny unleashed in this in this country in 2017, then you will roll up your sleeves and carry the torch. This movement is bigger than Donald Trump.


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  • Man

    So trump will say: “Don’t trust the polls and votes unless I win”

    Sure that will convince people to vote Trump.

    Trump did the same thing with the GOP nomination. He claimed that the whole thing is rigged and when he got the nomination. He didn’t even wanted to change it to make it fair and balanced because he won..

    so it is kinda position where he bakes a cake and eat it

  • Just me

    #4 Trump needs to quit being such a douche.

  • Ideas Time

    Polls are PsyOps so the elite can steal the election and people will accept it just like they do on every tax increase that almost always pass. It is all rigged to keep the criminals in power. If voting mattered they would not let us do it.

    To end the DC crime spree everyone should have to include their voter id, address, ph number and autograph their ballot and have recorded public counting of the ballots.

    Secret elections allow the elite to put in what ever numbers they need and no way to check or validate a bunch of paper ballots. If you are not willing to stand by your vote, you should not be voting in the first place.

  • humaka

    Oh poor woeful souls, that still live in the childlike reality of one side or another as better.

    As hope.

    Pity and mercy upon them and their children and loved ones.

  • wiseoldlady

    It is all manipulated and controlled no matter what Trump says or does….. Until the idiots awaken nothing will change.

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