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The Shocking Truth About Donald Trump Finally Comes Out

Monday, October 24, 2016 7:23
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Donald Trump:
The Messenger
and the Change Agent



The Tip of the Spear Always Gets Blunted



This election has very little to do with Donald Trump…
and a lot to do with the American people.

State of the Nation

Very few really get it.

Donald Trump is really just an ordinary everyday guy at heart.

Yeah, he has his billions and his properties and his casinos and what not, but he’s just like a regular guy.  A regular guy with all of his warts and pimples, quirks and weaknesses— like we all have.

He’s also a typical New Yorker who is politically incorrect (most of the time), no nonsense and unusually frank … even totally in your face, if you get in his face.

The Donald is really US

So, let’s be clear, this saga of the season is not really about Donald Trump; it is about the American people.  Donald Trump is the American people.  He is representing the American people, especially those who have no voice.

In reality, everyone has a voice; it’s just that most do not know it.  And, many who do know it, do not know how to use it.  And, many who do know how to use it, are way too afraid to use their voice.

What Donald has done quite well is shown the people — We the People — that they have a voice.  He has especially shown them how to use their voice.

That voice can be used in a whole bunch of ways.  Some speak well; others write well. Some sing wonderfully; others paint or sculpt beautifully.  Still others produce quite excellent videos while some conduct excellent radio shows.  Others manage popular Facebook pages, whereas some know how to generate massive Tweet-storms.

What’s the point?

The Donald is just one person, and alone he is practically powerless against the System. Only because so many have found their voice — and their courage — has he ascended to the heights that he has.

So the point is that the 2016 election is not about Donald Trump; it is about US.  Donald found his voice many, many years ago.  He has spent a lifetime using it so that he could show US how to use ours.

No one in American political history has spoken truth to power like Donald has.  He has wrecked the Republican Party; he has wrecked the Democratic Party, as they should be.

Donald has singlehandedly destroyed the mainstream media (MSM) as no one has in the modern era. He has also exposed the political class as the treasonous traitors that they are. He has revealed many of his 1% peers as the thieves that they truly are.

In reality, he has done even much more than this … by simply opening his mouth.  He has shown US how to use our mouths for the good of the country, not just ourselves.

Change Agent

Donald Trump may or may not make a good president.  But that’s okay, because he is meant to be a change agent.  Agents of change are rarely, if ever, liked.  The entrenched powers and vested interests hate change agents unless they can make a lot of money from the change and they lose no power or influence.

Obviously, the change that The Donald has promised is sure to turn the present order upside down, which is really right side up.   TPTB obviously do not like this.  And, they will do everything in their power to prevent it.

That’s where we come in.  This ongoing drama is about to become a vastly different one by virtue of enlarging the cast of characters beyond Donald J. Trump.  No one will be left out unless they choose to vacate the set.  Whoever wants their 15 minutes of fame can get it very easily by simply doing three things.  As follows:

•  Taking back their power  

•  Standing in their own truth 

•  Speaking their truth to power

That all!

That’s what Donald did … and why he is in the position he is in today.  YIKES! ! !

He came here to show all of US how to do the same.  That’s what change agents do.

Change agents are hated as much as messengers of truth are killed

As the title of this post says: “The Tip of the Spear Always Gets Blunted”.  That’s the way it’s always been; that’s the way it will be in the future … until We the People clean out the rat’s nest that lies within the Beltway.

Obviously, Donald sat down with his family and close friends before he ever launched his campaign to discuss his vulnerabilities.  The whole Trump tribe knew that the Clintonistas would come at them with every gun blazing.  They also know that the DNC would conduct some highly dubious oppo (opposition research).

It’s vital to understand that Donald Trump has always moved within the strata of society that is highly exposed and therefore extremely vulnerable to gold diggers of every sort and kind.  Many women (and men) seek out other’s money and wealth, fame and connections, with the hope of being a recipient of some largesse.  Inevitably, in the high society of beauty pageants and gambling casinos, Palm Beach galas and Manhattan soirées, Donald has had many women come at him from every direction.  Hence, it was very easy for the DNC oppo to fabricate stories out of thin air.  Really, would Donald ever be so stupid to run for prez with a rap sheet like Bill Cosby’s … … … or like Bill Clinton’s.  Simply put, his family would have overruled any such foolish decision…for their own sake, if not Donald’s

That’s not to say that Donald did not kiss someone once who pushed up on him for a kiss or whatever.  As we have said, when you’re a rock star like Mick Jagger, the ladies are all over you, and there’s no keeping some of them away.  All the DNC had to do was find a rabid Clinton supporter to lie her head off and misrepresent an honest encounter with Donald, which is exactly what the DNC has done numerous times now.  How else to counteract the well documented behavior of rapist and sexual predator Bill Clinton, but to tar Donald with the very same brush.  See how they neutralized the radioactive Bill Clinton weaknesses?

American power-brokers and politicos have always resorted to sexual misconduct as the primary means to take down the nation’s greatest heroes and genuine leaders (e.g. JFK, MLK, & RFK).  This is the surest way to diminish the essential message of every messenger of truth.  When the truth is so dangerous and deadly to the status quo as Donald’s, the messenger will eventually be ravaged with patently false accusations and damaging sexual innuendo. However, The Donald knows that:

“Nothing tests the character of a man like unwarranted persecution.”

Donald knew — straight up — that his spear would be blunted like no other spear in modern history.  And so it has been … only to be replaced by millions of other spears, and flaming arrows like this piece that is destined to help cause the Clinton Campaign to crash and burn in a New York minute.

Just an ordinary everyday guy

Donald may not be the smartest guy on the block, or the most articulate.
He may be overly sensitive or quick to react to a slight.
He may not know when to stop tweeting and when to stop talking.
He may be a little self absorbed and quick to sing his own praises.

However, in all of these ways he is just like US.  We all have our excesses and weaknesses. Were we to put ourselves under the enormous pressure that he has, it is quite likely that we, too, would begin to express our weaknesses and wear them on our shirt sleeve just as he has.  The crucial point is that he had the courage to expose himself, warts and all.

The bottom line here is that Donald Trump entered this race to show US — We the People— how to begin:

•  Taking back our power  

•  Standing in our own truth 

•  Speaking our truth to power

He certainly didn’t do it for his own enrichment, as he had everything to lose and very little to gain.  And he has lost much in the process, although he has made many new friends.

Donald never wanted to be president.

Now here’s something the reader will probably learn for the very first time.

The following video contains a compilation of video clips of Donald Trump taken over the past 30 years.  At different points he is being asked by various interviewers about his presidential aspirations.

VIDEO: Donald Trump: Great Interview Answers Over 30 Years

In each of these interviews Donald responds in basically the very same way.  This is what he says in many different ways:

Donald really, REALLY does not want to be president.

The country is in BIG trouble and he hopes someone will step forward to fix it, but he does not want to be the one.  He does not really want to become president of the USA.

However, if the country is really going down the tubes, and no one steps forward, he would consider the job of POTUS … …. … but he really does not want to be the president.  And he sincerely hopes that someone else will step forward.

That he loves what he is doing and does not want to give that up … however, if no one else steps forward there may come a time when he might feel obligated to enter the presidential race out of sheer necessity … for the good of the country.
Contiune reading HERE.

He says that he knows there are many capable people who can fix the country, but none of them may ever run for POTUS.  And, that if the situation in America became so desperate, he would consider a run for president.  But that HE REALLY DOES NOT WANT THE JOB.  He does not want to be POTUS.  He likes what he is doing.

What’s the critical point of this recapitulation of Donald’s most heartfelt sentiments?

That he truly did not want to be POTUS, and he has only stepped up to the plate out of dire necessity.  He knows the country is going down and that the current crop of leaders are purposefully inept and negligent, thoroughly corrupt and criminal, hopelessly treasonous and traitorous.

Donald also knows that there is no one else in sight to lead the nation back to the rule of law and economic stability.  He knew that you had to be either totally insane or bat-shit crazy to run for president in 2016.   Who in their right mind would ever do such a crazy, friggin’ thing?!  Is there anyone so nutty and wacky that they would give up a life of peace for a life of all-out war?  Who but a complete nutcase would make such an irrational trade?

D O N A L D   T R U M P would!   And he’s none of those things.  As a matter of fact, in spite of his recent verbal failings, he just may be the sharpest pencil in the drawer… in his very own special way.  Call him the Fire Monkey who has magically appeared in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey.

What does this mean?  That The Donald has knowingly and willingly sacrificed his lifestyle and comforts, his businesses and properties, his reputation and possessions, his fame and fortune to run for POTUS.

Now, this self-created predicament is — to a great degree — of his own making; but also it is ours to own.  And so he is always sabotaging his candidacy — unconsciously — with 3 AM tweets and the like. That’s because he really doesn’t want to be there.  He really did not want to run for POTUS, as he said over and over again.

There is no question that Donald has made his fair share of campaign mistakes.  Yes, many have been blown up by the MSM, but still he has made some serious mistakes.  Were he calm and collected, he would not have made those errors of judgment.  So what else is up with him.

Donald’s normal lifestyle is usually under his complete control.  That means he is really off his game.  He is eating on the road a LOT, and therefore eating foods and drinking beverage that are not as healthy as his own cooking.  It’s been said that his campaign journey has seen its fair share of junk food.

Donald is also not sleeping when he should be.  The pace of the campaign is surely adrenalin pumping so sleep may be difficult.  He’s also tweeting often when he should be sleeping.  Not good!

Lastly, Donald does have a health condition which was evident during the debates, so he may be on medication which always has side effects.  Especially if he is using any meds to compensate for all of the above, they will wear him down where his thought process has become affected.  The third debate demonstrated this.

These are all sacrifices that any presidential candidate has to make.  Hillary Clinton responded to the awesome pressures and hectic schedules by refusing to hold press conferences for 280 plus days!  Donald, on the other hand, just kept plugging away. However, such over-exposure set him up for little mistakes which saw mountains made out of mole-hills by the ever-deceptive MSM.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, Donald Trump will be okay.  No matter what the election result, there is no bad news for him or his supporters.  He has done an extraordinarily GREAT job of exposing the God-forsaken SYSTEM for what it is.  This alone is a truly great service and unprecedented accomplishment.  He could quit right now and have succeeded where no man HAS EVER SUCCEEDED.  Not in the United States of America, anyway.

So the bottom line is that Donald has done his job.  Now, it’s time for the American people to do their job.  As previously mentioned, he showed us how to speak truth to power like no other person on Earth.  His example is being copied by millions at this very moment.

Just go to YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat and see the voices of truth popping up everywhere.  Visit Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and check out the sleeping giant that is waking up from its slumber. Go to just about any corner of the Internet to read the websites and blogs, forums and chat rooms that are exploding with unvarnished truth and real facts, liberating knowledge and sublime wisdom about the true state of the American Republic and political process.

So, the real bottom line here is that this election is not — categorically — about Donald Trump.  It is about US and what we will do to take back our country.  We don’t even really need Donald at this point, as he has done his work.  There are even scenarios out there where it might be much, MUCH better if Clinton outright steals the election.  In this way, the Trump movement would be galvanized to really take back our HOUSE—the White House and the Capitol Building from the imposters who have stolen it.

A change agent is always more effective operating well outside of the System—just look at the story of Mahatma Gandhi and how he liberated India from the British Empire. Donald has shown us how to emancipate ourselves form a tyrannical U.S. Federal Government. Instead of the British imperialism confronted by the colonists during the American Revolution, we are facing tyranny from our very own US government.

Therefore, patriots, it is important to stay vigilant.  Should Clinton & Company steal this election (and they will barring an act of GOD), which is the only way she can win, that will be is the time for action.  That is the moment of truth when every American patriot will be called to be like God-Emperor, as The Donald is affectionately known by his loyal Trumpsters.  That will be the time to take back our power, stand in our own truth, and speak that truth to power LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW.

Dear Patriot, if you do not do this … … … there will be no tomorrow.

State of the Nation
October 24, 2016  

Editor’s Note:

The central point(s) of this post is getting lost for many.  At this late date, it makes no difference where Donald Trump really stands.  The shock for many is that he really didn’t want to be president—who knew that, except the extremely well informed?  Much more importantly, however, is that it is the American people who need to now pick up the torch. For only the people can fix this, if it is destined to be fixed.  Only the citizenry can take back their government. 

Donald, either wittingly or unwittingly, has served as a model of how to speak truth to power in such a way that TPTB will eventually flee from within the Beltway. That’s because the essential truths will soon be backed up with existential threats to the very U.S. Federal Government which has irreparably broken the social contract and profoundly violated the public trust.  In other words, the sacred covenant between the governed and the government has been torn asunder.      

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  • apache5

    he is not just a ordinary guy, HE has the money and power to run for office a ordinary guy does NOT have that power, BUT he is the only chance we have to save this country without a civil war!

    • concernedaboutpeople

      That’s right.

      • HitleryforPrison

        I will do my best to deceive, lie and cheat the American public… This is my promise to all Americans. I will also flood our open borders with millions of illegal undocumented disease infested Muslims. Oh, by the way ObamaCare rates are increasing by 60% and you will have only one choice of Dr. You stupid ignorant Americans you been screwed again by us Democraps, be sure to vote for me on November 8. What difference at this point does it make!!!?

    • Johnny

      I think the author is referring more to Trump’s mindset than his wallet. He has managed to live in the elitist world without thinking of the rest of us as little ants, scurrying around. (Hillary)

    • Wity

      Boet sorry for you , But youve got it all wrong…..

      Trump is a member of the dark side just like killery and O-dama…..

      Havent seen Mnr Trumpet come up with anything new have you…?

      He’s just another plonker, whose golf game is so kak he has to play alone
      on his private golf course in Wales…

      The only thing Trump knows is how to spend other peoples money
      and not give them the reach-around…..

      FEMA DHS ans Millions of plastic coffins aint for nothing Dude….

      Trumps just one of your Three Muck-a-tears….

      • Johnny

        Here’s a bunch of new stuff I have not heard from a presidential candidate:

        I’m not buying your line, Huma.

      • Wity

        I love a lot of minus marks / comments ~ IT MEANS THE ENEMY (AMERICANS ) Are shitting themselves as so they should….

        Their F*cked up world policies of ROB & KILL for control of world Crude Oil and the world
        Drug Trade is back firing spectacularly….While their Demonic NWO 666 Obama Regime crushes the life out of their failing liberal multicultural Comocracy, leaving them with 100′s of thousands of burnt out and broken War Vets….. being over run like Britain and Europe by millions of Muslims……

        Its all about the Satanic Elders Of Zion….And the Obama/Killery/Trump AntiChrists 666….

        • JKnTX

          No, it just means you are stupid and juvenile.

    • JKnTX

      But that is not true at all. He worked hard and MADE his power, just as Henry Ford and similar did. Study history please!
      Georgie Soros is another one on the opposite side that started at the bottom and made billions.

  • AJjj100

    Yup if Hillary wins there will be civil war.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      Things are so politically polarized at this point that it’s going to get ugly regardless of who wins.

  • Conscience

    This is a rather simple decision:

    1. Hillary Clinton: Doesn’t follow rules or security protocols, doesn’t want to make peace with other nations, leading America, the entire NATO, and the entire world into a Nuclear War. She has actually said on record that she wants a nuclear war. Hasn’t till date made a public announcement about her husband using his power over small and simple employees of the White House, for sexual favours when he was President. Part of the American cabal and an aristocrat.

    2. Donald Trump: Has a lot of charges against him such as molesting and raping women, bragging about his exploits with women, and all these women show up just before election, when they haven’t shown up in all these long years. Is accused of being very rich (though I don’t know whether that is a disqualification). Wants to make peace with Russia and the entire world outside America, and doesn’t want a nuclear or conventional war.

    The choice is not between a womanizer and a relatively less criminal candidate. The real choice is between peaceful relationship with all the countries in the world without nuclear war on one hand and a nuclear WWIII on the other.

    During elections, a lot of muck flies around and not all of it may be true. Most of this muck is about issues irrelevant to the election, and more about character defamation and character assassination.

    You choose.

  • VirusGuard

    “The Donald is just one person, and alone he is practically powerless against the System.”

    You get it at last, no man or woman puppet can do a thing without approval from Congress and the last time a lead puppet tried to go against Congress, well he got a JFK

    Trump will not break the strings, set you free if he was to win and would do just what he’s told to do and say because thats how puppets work and we know this is true or else trump would had come out long before now about the offical story on 9/11 and he’s always visiting Isreal and it’s bankers who are the true masters of the USA.

    Obummer had all the blacks thinking he would see them right, he didn’t and Trump will be just the same to his fans as will Hillary because puppets do not set mandates or make decissions

    • Johnny

      If a presidential candidate tries to win by talking about 9/11 being an inside job and the Jewish banking cartel, he’s not going to win, not because he would be killed, but because your average person isn’t aware of those conspiracies in a meaningful way. They would be painted as racist nuts by the media and your average walmart shopper would nod their heads at the tv in agreement.


      Obama has done tons of damage without aby help from the impotent congress!

    • JKnTX

      Wrong. Trump is a billionaire, cut from the same cloth as Soros on the “other” side.
      Georgie enjoys a good joke as much as anyone does. Suppose he decides to have the voting machines he controls in some 16 states flip for the Donald instead of the Hills, did you ever consider that possibility?

    • Morgana Le Fay

      At least someone gets it.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    “Donald Trump is really just an ordinary everyday guy at heart.”


    OK…. Seriously… Haha… Good one!

    How can a guy that’s never gone grocery shopping in his entire life, never had to work a job making minimum wage, never had to struggle financially once in his entire life, born into wealth, and stayed there, even close to normal, in his heart or otherwise?

    He doesn’t even know what normal is.

    I’m sad that all the alternative news seems to have forgotten that anyone running for president, is part of the elite, secret society lifestyle.

    EVERY election is rigged. The president is ALWAYS determined ahead of time. Your vote means nothing, and trying top defend either candidate makes you an idiot.


      Since when is it unAmerican to be wealthy or successful? He is just as American as anyone else!

    • JKnTX

      Your post proves you to be one.
      Just like Hills hasn’t driven herself anywhere in over 20 years, like that you mean?

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        Do you idiots read what I write?

        Or is that beyond you?


        They are both wealthy, elitists, pieces of garbage.

        YOU guys are the morons.

        YOU guys think one of these two people being groomed for presentation by the mainstream media is going to be president due to voting?

        You’re an idiot.

        The presidential “race” is not an election.

        It’s a SHOW.

        You morons dont understand that, are beyond hope, I feel sorry for you thinking this election is worth fighting over.

  • jcfromnj

    What a crock of you know what. The worst of all the fluff pieces that I’ve read so far

    OF course it’s about him for all the reasons in the previous comments and more. He’s a self-serving sociopath who has nothing in common with me or anyone else making comments. Trump and Clinton are THE SAME PERSON, only if in reverse appearance. Why would you vote for either of them? You will get nothing back from them, they will divert all the spoils of the election among their Friends, family and their Foundation and the billionaire’s that are fueling the election. Stay home and you won’t have “buyer’s remorse” as time unfolds

    • JKnTX

      So you want a thermonuclear war with the Russians and Red Chinese then?

  • Chloe7

    Lisa in the very crowded field of THE NEW NEWS as it stands today and ever prolificating you’ll have to be more honest with your headings. “SHOCKING TRUTH” as determined by whom – and what was shocking here?
    I know you’re doing your best but the more you stick simply to what you’ve got the greater your chances of prevailing. Everybody out there is copying really old stuff. You are not doing that, but tone down that heading. Ppl become reluctant to open eventually. Same goes for Alex Jones and The new news network (who has no footage or very little).

  • compaid

    USA is a laughing stock, all those candidates and yet two are selected that are the worst. are there no good ones left.

    • JKnTX

      I hate to break this to you, but if Amerikans make the wrong choice, no matter where you live, you may well be on the receiving end of a nuclear warhead or the fallout from one, so best get on your knees and pray they make the correct choice on November 8.

  • eatmorevegetables

    I believe Donald Trump will win the election and nothing fundamental will change. Sure, we may see the pendulum appear to swing to the other side… we may even see elites fall, not just losing elections, but going to jail too. That will create the illusion that the alternative media won, that order has been restored, and all of those who are on the verge of civil war in areas around the world will be appeased, and remain under control, due to complacency.

  • Enjoykin4

    BREAKING NEWS 25. October. 2016.

    Moscow: First Image of Russia’s Largest-Ever ICBM Unveiled
    On Sunday, the Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau declassified the first image of Russia’s super-heavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile, the RS-28 Sarmat with 7.5 Megatons Nuke payload.

    Aleppo: Syrian Army Takes Control of Air-Defense Battalion on Road to Khan-Touman
    Syrian government forces seized back full control of the Air-Defense Battalion on the road to Khan-Touman in a fresh round of offensives on the positions of Jeish al-Fatah terrorists some 4km to the Southwest of Aleppo city.

    Iran Cautions Turkey against Violating Iraq’s Sovereignty
    Iran warned Turkey against the violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, stressing that any anti-terrorism effort in the Arab country needs Baghdad’s approval.

    Iran Confirms Finding US Electronic Implants in Infrastructures
    Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali confirmed on Monday that security forces have found electronic implants in the country’s infrastructures that had been placed by the US for sabotage and spy.

    Drone Footage Shows Iraqi Army Gathering Forces near Mosul before Attack on ISIL
    Drone footage shows the Iraqi army amassing its forces at the gates of Mosul, preparing to retake the city as the large-scale government offensive enters its second week on Monday. [VIDEO]

    US Spy Planes Continue Reconnaissance Flights over Russian Base on Syria’s Mediterranean Coasts
    A US spy plane was spotted flying off the coasts of Syria near the Russian navy base in Tartus and an airbase in Lattakia.

    Slaying the Beast
    The final days of ISIL terrorists are numbered in Iraq.

    Cheering Children Become Faces of Victory during Mosul Liberation Operations
    Posing for pictures giving the victory sign and scrambling around government forces for fruit, youngsters in the Iraqi village of al-Khuwayn, South of Mosul have been celebrating the liberation of their village from ISIL.

    US Backs Away from Plans to Arm Rebels in Syria: Righting of Wrongs?
    The CIA’s program to arm “moderate” rebels fighting the Syrian government, which has been ongoing since the war began, is in limbo – for now.

    Militants in 4 More Towns End Fight with Syrian Gov’t
    Militants in four more towns have laid down arms and joined the reconciliation plan with the Syrian government in the last 24 hours, the Russian Peace Coordination Center in Syria said on Monday.

    Syrian Army Gives Last Chance to Terrorists in Eastern Aleppo City
    Battlefield sources disclosed that the Syrian army has given a last chance to the terrorists in the Eastern parts of Aleppo to surrender now or never.

    Iran Calls on EU to Help Settle Afghan Refugees’ Problems Forever
    Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli underlined Tehran’s determination to find a permanent solution to the problems of the Afghan refugees, and called on the European Union (EU) to help Tehran facilitate Afghan refugees’.

    Iran Calls for Int’l Attention to Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis
    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in a meeting with European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Christos Stylianides in Tehran on Monday called on the international community to show care and attention.

    Iraq Denies Turkish Participation in Mosul Liberation Operation
    Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi strongly rejected the Turkish army’s participation in the operations to liberate the city of Mosul, and said any foreign interference in his country’s internal affairs is a serious violation.

    Iran Welcomes UNESCO Resolution as Step towards Restoration of Palestinians’ Rights
    Iran welcomed the last week resolution by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that recognized the holy shrine in the al-Aqsa Mosque bearing only a Palestinian and Muslim identity, saying the move.

    Russia Sends Mortar Launching Technical Vehicles to Syria
    The Syrian Army has received a large number of modern Russian-made UAZ Patriot pickups, an informed source in the Russian Defense Ministry said, stressing that the vehicles will initiate a major enhancement in the government troops’.

    Iranian President: Big Powers Playing with Terrorist Groups
    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blasted the western powers for using the terrorist groups in the region as a tool to implement their plots and attain their goals.

    Syria: Gov’t Troops Tightening Noose on Militant-Held Regions in Eastern Damascus
    Pro-government troops have made significant advances in the battle against the terrorists of Jeish al-Islam in Eastern Ghouta in recent days, and are preparing to take yet another major stride in completing a siege in the region, military.

    Intelligence Minister: Several Enemy Plots Defused by Iran
    Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyed Mahmoud Alavi said his ministry has foiled enemy plots to stir sectarian rift between the Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

    Iran Dismisses Florida Man’s Lawsuit as Legally Unviable
    Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi rejected a multi-million-dollar lawsuit filed by an Iranian-American Florida man against the government in Tehran.

    Syrian Gov’t Forces Launch New Assault to Dislodge Terrorists from Two Key Towns in Hama
    The Syrian Army and popular forces started a joint operation on Monday to beat the terrorist groups back from the towns of Taybat al-Imam and Souran in Northern Hama.
    Iran Rejects US Chemical Arms Allegations as Pretext to Intensify Meddling in Syria

    Iran Rejects US Chemical Arms Allegations as Pretext to Intensify Meddling in Syria
    Iran dismissed the US National Security Council demand that Moscow and Tehran cease support for Damascus for its alleged use of chemical weapons against militants, and said Washington is just seeking another excuse to intensify its intervention.

    Fatah Al-Sham Centers in Dara’a Receive Severe Blow in Syrian Army Attacks
    Syrian military forces stormed the positions of Fatah al-Sham Front (the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) across Dara’a city on Monday.

    Battle for Mosul on Monday: 772 ISIL Terrorists Killed in 7 Days
    Military campaign by the Iraqi army, popular forces, as well as Kurdish Peshmerga forces to liberate the city of Mosul continued on Monday, with Iraqi Volunteer Forces’ War Media Center reporting over 770 ISIL terrorists have been killed.

    Iraq Hunting ISIL’s Suicide Vehicles Near Mosul with Kornet Missiles
    The Iraqi army is using Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missiles to destroy ISIL’s bomb-laden vehicles near the city of Mosul in Nineveh province.

    Official: Over 70 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Iraq’s Kirkuk
    The Governor of Iraqi city of Kirkuk said on Monday that 74 ISIL terrorists were killed by local Iraqi police this weekend during a major concerted terrorist attack on the oil-rich city.
    Four Killed in India-Pakistan Clashes

    Four Killed in India-Pakistan Clashes
    Three civilians and an officer were killed while several were injured in cross-border firing between the forces of India and Pakistan, officials said.

    Hashd Al-Shaabi: 772 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Mosul Battle in 7 Days
    Iraqi Volunteer Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) War Media Center announced in a statement that over 770 ISIL terrorists have been killed in the first week of the Mosul liberation operation.

    Palestinians Prepare to Mark 100 Years of Balfour Declaration
    Palestinian officials and activists said on Monday that they will launch a campaign of year-long activities in Palestine and around the world marking 100 years of the Balfour Declaration.
    Army Keeps Pounding ISIL Centers in Oil-Rich Eastern Homs

    Syrian Army and Air Force on Monday continued targeting ISIL’s gatherings and concentration centers in al-Sha’er oil-rich region in Eastern Homs, inflicting tens of casualties on the terrorists.

    Public Revolt against ISIL Erupts in Iraq’s Haweija
    A security source confirmed on Monday that the Iraqi people have embarked on an upraising against ISIL terrorists and have managed to kill 13 terrorists in city of Haweija, including the suicide bombers’ officer after the defeat of ISIL.

    Turkish Airstrikes Kill More Kurdish Troops Fighting ISIL in Northern Syria
    Over a dozen Kurdish fighters were killed in Turkish airstrikes in Northern Syria, Arab media reports said on Monday.

    Iran Calls for S. Arabia’s Immediate Withdrawal from Yemen
    The Iranian foreign ministry on Monday once again urged Saudi Arabia to respect the ceasefire with Yemen and put an immediate end to the war against the poor Arab country.

    HRW Urges Investigation into Kirkuk Airstrike
    Human Rights Watch called for an investigation into a recent airstrike that targeted a mourning procession in Iraq’s province of Kirkuk, which claimed the lives of over a dozen civilians.

    Syrian Gov’t Forces, Russian Warplanes Drive ISIL out of More Positions East of Homs
    Syrian Army soldiers and National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by Russian warplanes, struck ISIL’s positions in an energy-rich region in Eastern Homs province, capturing at least four strategic hills.

    Senior Nusra Commander Killed in Syrian Airstrikes in Hama
    A notorious field commander of Fatah al-Sham Front (the al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as the al-Nusra Front) was killed in Syrian warplanes’ massive air raids in Northern Hama.

    Key Town Northeast of Iraq’s Mosul Liberated
    Iraq’s Peshmerga forces retook complete control of Bashiqa town, 13 km Northeast of Mosul, a local official said.

    Cholera Reportedly Kills Nine in War-Hit Yemen
    At least nine people died of cholera in Yemen’s Southern port city of Aden as the infectious disease continues to spread rapidly across the conflict-stricken country.

    9 ISIL Militants Killed in Army’s Aerial, Ground Raids in Eastern Afghanistan
    At least 9 loyalists of the ISIL terrorist group were killed in separate operations in Eastern Afghanistan’s Nangarhar Province.

    ISIL Executes Own Militants for Fleeing from Mosul
    ISIL terror group executed at least seven of its own militants, after their reported desertion and fleeing the battle fronts near Mosul to Syria.

    Aleppo: Syrian Army, Hezbollah Ready to Launch Khan Touman Liberation Operation
    Field sources disclosed on Monday that Syrian government forces are getting ready for an imminent large-scale operation to end Jeish al-Fatah’s rule over Khan Touman region in Southern Aleppo.
    Iran Cautions Turkey against Violating Iraq’s Sovereignty

    Over Dozen of ISIL Terrorists Killed by Iraqi Popular Forces South of Mosul
    The Popular Mobilization Forces announced that its forces have killed at least 13 terrorists and destroyed 10 vehicles carrying machineguns in addition to the dismantling of 7 car bombs during the operations in the vicinity of Hamam al-Alil.

    Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Reject Alleged Request Help from Turkey
    A senior Kurdish commander rejected the claims by Ankara officials that the Peshmerga forces have requested help from Turkey for the fight against the ISIL terrorist group in Northern Iraq.

    Iran Calls for Boosting Banking Ties with Malaysia
    Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri called for expanding trade and banking cooperation with Malaysian banks.

    Anonymous Claims Taking down Ecuador Webmail after Embassy Cut off Assange’s Internet
    Hacktivist group Anonymous said it had shut down the Ecuadorian government mail in retaliation for its decision to cut off WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s internet connection for the period of the US presidential elections.

    Iraqi Security Forces 5km Away from Mosul
    A local official in Northern Iraq announced that the Iraqi forces are five kilometers away from the city of Mosul, saying that there are signs of an uprising against the ISIL terrorists in the city.

    ISIL Terrorists Backed by US in Kirkuk Offensive
    Head of the security committee of Kirkuk Provincial Council Ali Musa Yadekar disclosed that the US helped the ISIL terrorists in launching attacks against Kirkuk on Friday.

    ISIL’s Oil Tankers Destroyed in Syrian Army Attacks in Sweida Province
    Syrian military forces stormed the concentration centers and gatherings of ISIL terrorists in two regions in Eastern Sweida, destroying several fuel tankers.

    • LifeIs

      The idiot imagines we can’t scroll past this like it wasn’t there.

  • BungalowBud

    The election is really about none of these items but the defeat of Hillary to delay the prophesied nuclear attack on the us. See for details.

  • Overmind

    Sorry folks, the US will fall and no toilet-cap pseudo-captain will save anything.

  • Rockledge

    I know of someone that lived in a small village called New Rome in Ohio.
    For decades they had a reputation for having a small pointless speed trap police department that made Andy and Barny look like the squad on NYPD Blue. Allegations of all kinds of abuse, questions about how money was handled, and a lot of other crap.

    One dude, I forget his name, stood up against this village. If I remember correctly he let them take his drivers license because he wouldn’t pay a fine, and fought them in the local media.
    Eventually he got the attention of very popular local radio show who then interviewed him.

    He had a web site called NEWROMESUCKS.COM which may still exist.

    Eventually his plight and perseverence got him big ears turned his direction, and the state of Ohio dissolved New Rome into the local county.

    That dude really put his ass on the line. God knows what kind of harassment what he did could have brought him.

    Trump is a bigger version of that dude. He is a guy who has bigger and more ears turned his way who has a lot more resources and is a more muscular version of the dude that brought down New Rome.
    And a guy who is passionate about something other than jacking off corporate interests.

    Interesting that the name New Rome could, in the eyes of many, be an alternate name for the united states.

  • Doccus

    There’s the old joke that in order to run for office one must say “I am not interested in the job ,the kids are ghroewn and my wife and I were hoping to spend our twilight years reading and puttering around the garden, but if one were to be pressured, one might deign to bear the sacrifice of the office for the good of the country.. But I repeat ,, I am not interested in the position at this time ”
    Of course this is how a Brit would say it, but an American’s version would amount to the same thing.
    The big joke here, though, is that Trump is the first person in at least 100, and possibly 200, years who can actually say this truthfully, and I think actually has, too.
    That’s the “shocking truth” that the writer forgot to point out@

    • Doccus

      There really should be an edit option if the editords of this rag insist on using these incredibly invasive ads that twist and pervert every attempt at writing comments.
      That’;s OK, though.. the visitors to the site get the last laugh.. because the ads are so invasive nobody can even visit this site without using ad blockers, even if one would never use them otherwise. So the proprieters are just stealing money from the advertisers because nobody in their right mind would ever visit their companies if they even saw them. Basically the overuse of endles popups and invasive advertising is causing all the advertisers investment to be money wasted !

  • Enjoykin4
  • Morgana Le Fay

    God you people are so full of $hit it makes my stomach churn sometimes. Many of these articles are just as bad as the mainstream press; they’re just slanted the other way.

  • Wity

    Science Fiction At Its Best :- Darth Vader Was Actually A Good Guy……………

    Old Donald Trumpet “A Good Guy ” ~ Best Bullshit Story Of The Year Ha ha ha ha……..

    Trump is a frikin flake just like O~dama and Killery….

    Ive never met a truthful Lawyer or politician in my life and neither have you
    Never will until Hell freezes over….

  • ruffsoft

    Trump was born rich, went to elite private schools, and lives in mansions, while profiting from slave labor in slave labor nations.

    He thinks those who are not rich are losers. His being like ordinary people is a dangerous illusion: we need a man who twice in his life h as lost nearly one billion in one year to do the same for your nation. He is committed to underminding the system on which his own wealth and power is based: how ordinary is that?

    He’s just a regular guy…..billions don’t change people.

  • Anonymous


    Moses kicked out the Pharoahs, Trump is kicking out the Republican Rinos and the Democrat Socialists. Both, gave, give their countries back to the people.


  • Neo

    God will give America the leader it deserves. If Trump is elected you will get a temporary reprieve, at best. At worst it will be no worse than Hitlery. If you do not vote, you are implicitly choosing to accept the way things are. Good luck.

  • humaka

    Is it still possible so late in humanity, for the gullibleness of humans to be enough, that they will and can be induced to still choose based upon assigning and aligning them self with one of two possible winning teams…


    What could blind the people so massively.

    such being preyed upon by profoundly knowledgeable peoples whom understand and know the childish want of affiliating one self with a hero or victor…

    such blinds the peoples, and is keeping and perpetuating their own self created self repeated misery.

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