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Top US General Pleads With Troops Not to Revolt Over 2016 (Video)

Thursday, October 27, 2016 11:07
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In recent weeks, a common theme that has run through the vast majority of the stories I’ve covered, has been for people to make sure they are preparing for the possibility of a major emergency. Why?

First and foremost, because it was only back in May when President Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington where he made a point to stress that Americans who are not preparing for disaster, or who do not have emergency evacuation plans for any given scenario, could find themselves in big trouble in the near future. The following excerpt from Obama’s speech comes directly from the official White House website

“One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster.  And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.  If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.”

That’s the biggest reason why. Second, all one has to do is look around at our surroundings to see that right now the “perfect storm” of pure chaos is brewing all around us. As our allies in Berlin who have nuclear missiles pointed in their direction by the Russians can attest to, Geopolitical tensions are sky right now. German leaders, along with leaders in the Czeck Republic have issued warnings to their people to begin stockpiling food and emergency supplies in case of what could be an “existence threatening event.”

UPDATE: Be Ready For Any Emergency – Crucial Guide For Any Family

Not helping matters geopolitically is the fact that the entire financial banking system of the West which includes  the U.S. Dollar as the World Reserve Currency was built as a debt-based monetary system, and now that the debt saturation process has run its full course, the global economy is on the verge of what is being called a “global reset,” which could occur at any moment. 

Lastly, here domestically the 2016 presidential election has gotten so divisive, that supporters from both political parties have vowed not to accept the winner if it’s not their candidate, and some groups have even promised the largest civil uprising in our nation’s history if the election doesn’t go their way. 

UPDATE: U.N. Soldier Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns…”

If that was all that was in the news, it would be enough to put anyone on edge. What I talk about in the video below, is a recent article from earlier this week from The Daily Caller. In that article, among other things, it reports that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford has had to issue a reminder/warning to the troops to stay committed to their oaths, as well as the chain of command in the coming weeks. In light of everything I’ve been warning people of, this recent report is most troubling…





The Daily Caller Reports:

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford wrote a Medium blog post Monday to remain committed to its military oath amid the 2016 election.

“What we must collectively guard against is allowing our institution to become politicized, or even perceived as being politicized, by how we conduct ourselves during engagements with the media, the public, or in open or social forums,” Dunford reminded troops.

Dunford further urged service members that the military must remain committed to the chain of command structure until the next administration comes in, and that the military should not undermine its credibility in the interim with the next president. “I have a duty to protect the integrity and political neutrality of our military profession,” he continued.

Dunford’s comments also come amid increased concern that the U.S. military is becoming too politicized. He is reportedly furious with Retired Marine Gen. John Allen and Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn for actively campaigning on behalf of the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees.

UPDATE: Over 1,500 Pages of New Documents Reveal Martial Law and FEMA Camp Domestic Agenda in the U.S.

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey openly rebuked Allen and Flynn for injecting themselves into the political process.

“The American people should not wonder where their military leaders draw the line between military advice and political preference,” he lamented in a letter to The Washington Post. He continued “our nation’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines should not wonder about the political leanings and motivations of their leaders.”

The letter is also likely addressing recent political statements by active duty service members on social media. A female sailor posted a video of herself sitting through morning colors in protest of supposed racism in the national anthem in August. The protest video was inspired by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.




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  • coveredlikeatent

    The Oath is to protect the constitution and any order going against the Constitution is to be disobeyed. So it doesn’t make a crap where it comes from it shall not be followed. Chain of command is a non-issue when violating the constitution.

    Is this general a patriot or an insurgent.

    • Takealook

      This D-bag by his actions is a traitor.

    • JKnTX

      He is an idiot. The military take an oath to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign AND domestic. That includes the President and Congress if need be.
      Lawful orders are to be obeyed, unlawful ones which are in conflict with the Constitution must be ignored.

  • tw

    of course we will not mention all the us and nato missiles pointed at Russia ..the us and nato is causing all this stress on nations who would like noting better than to co exist with all other nations surrounding them

  • JohnDave

    Which of the Generals allowed openly gay and transexual individuals to be in the military?
    That is one of the dumbest and militarily degrading ideas I’ve seen. Thanks to “president” Obozo that’s what we have now. After retiring in ’90 after 27 years I think I’m entitled to feel that way. :!:

  • what if...

    In the light of “The New Republic”, and NESARA & GESARA the Constitution is to be reinstated! Does anybody even hope this can or will happen? Is all of our hope & positivity gone from the negative programming we have been brainwashed with?

    Lets see if 1. any commentators have even heard of it, or 2. if any commentators can even still think positively enough by themselves to WANT it to happen!

    C’mon people lets not get all of our negative thoughts out of the gutter! The programmed fear-mongering & fear is a psy-op. Get positive, support the Constitution yourselves, or just get run over. Want answers? Reinstating the real Constitution and disbanding the bankrupt Corporate Cabal who trashed it is the answer! Reportedly Dunford is in on the plan, right? :shock:

    Look it up and manifest the best people, not the worst anymore!

  • Pink Slime

    If he said soldiers must be committed to their oaths but not Hillary is Hillaryous. Because that means they cannot accept her as president. Being illegal and anti-constitutional.

    She is NOT their Commander-in-Chief when this is so, and it is. Also, if she exceeds her constitutional authority (which is very limited) then they have no obligation or legality to do what she says out of her constitutional authority.

    But remember, she is NOT a legal candidate to be president being an un-convicted felon in the FIRST PLACE.

  • Bringer of the Light

    I am a bit rusty on the Oath of Enlistment because it has been a very long time since I took it. I think that it contains a clause binding the taker of the oath to defend the US Constitution or at least the US itself from all enemies, foreign and domestic and to obey the chain of command. Now, what do we do peradventure that the person at the very top of the acknowledged chain of command is truly and obviously an implacable enemy of the United States and the United States Constitution?

    I had this kind of a problem in December, 1992 after the election of Bunco Billy Clinton but before he took office. My course was, for that and other reasons, to transfer from the Active Reserve to the Inactive Reserve for the remainder of my enlistment and then to receive my discharge at the end of the enlistment. By that time, the nature of the Clinton regime was painfully obvious.

  • humaka

    The only oath any wise human has within that it follows is it self wanting and striving for a better reality for ALL ALIVE.

    • JKnTX

      Wisdom (Sophia) is a two edged sword, and twice nothing is still nothing.

  • Wynter Moon

    I do not have to listen to anyone who tells me I MUST LEAVE MY HOME AND GO INTO A FEMA CAMP!

  • charlie2dogs

    america has gone to hell while the military has fought wars for bankers, politicians, corporations, the military should have stopped the invasion of america by illegals and foreigners long ago, instead now we have muslim extremist, refugees, criminals, sick and diseased people of all kinds by the millions in the country, comiting terrorist acts in this country, why haven’t the traitors been hung in this country? this is why america is doomed because of forced immigration and the filth and perversion of the minds of the people and destruction of the family and family values. There is nothing sacred about the military, its just another tool of those destroying the country and i suspect the problem is in the upper levels of the military, nothing more than tools of globalists while the foot soldier gives his life for the filth and scum running things in this country, soon americans will be fighting the filth and scurm in the streets of america themselves. You cannot believe a damn word that you hear out of any politicians mouth or the media, and the sad part, the damage has been done, america is destroyed because the govt is a direct reflection of what the people have become. all that has stood before america for years is traitors and americans vote for them.

  • Patriot Games

    Sounds to me like a coup may have been avoided when Trump won.

    Pray for his safety, because if anything happens to Trump, there could be a sh*t storm raining down on the establishment.

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