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Election Outcome Pre-Determined—Cabal Agenda Being Executed in Real Time, Trump in Ultimate Pressure Cooker

Thursday, November 3, 2016 5:53
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THE MILLENNIUM REPORT: Reporting the Most Important News in the World Today.


November 8th Election = BREXIT

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There Is Now Only One Outcome For The November 8th Election

The Millennium Report

TMR Editor’s Note:
In light of recent developments concerning Hillary Clinton, particularly the re-opened Emailgate investigation and her faltering campaign, it is now clear that a Trump victory is being stealthily engineered by the ruling elites.

TPTB know that if Hillary Clinton was permitted to steal this election, all hell would break loose.  The cowards who make up the World Shadow Government will always act in the interest of maintaining order so that they are NEVER under threat of any kind; hence, they always proceed in the direction of exerting maximum control—24/7.   The wealthy elites will ALWAYS act so as to avoid real chaos and unpredictability.  In fact they are the ultimate control freaks.   As follows:

  • “Remember, there is one thing — more than anything else — which the WSG fears.
  • That is uncontrolled chaos.  They know—> that real mayhem in the streets will not treat them well.  Therefore, spontaneous social pandemonium is their greatest worry.
  • Unpredictable political paroxysms strike fear into their hearts. Uncontrollable financial volatility will only serve to shatter their control matrix.”
  • (Source: The BIGGEST Coverup in USA History)

With this understanding it ought to be VERY easy to comprehend the necessity of TPTB ensuring a Donald Trump victory.  Because there is now so much raw anger and fury across America, the elites know in their bones that a French Revolution-style rebellion is literally right around the corner in the wake a Clinton stolen election.  With the Internet acting as a repository of vast amounts of criminal evidence, each crime family can be indicted with the single keystroke, and hunted down for trial and life imprisonment.  Truly, the Second American Revolution has begun no matter what the eventuality.

Only a Trump victory will permit the implementation of their covert NWO agenda which is becoming more necessary by the day.  The NWO cabal knows that the Global Economic and Financial System is completely unsustainable and must undergo a worldwide controlled demolition.  Not only is Trump a bankruptcy expert, he is a natural wrecking ball as the electorate has witnessed in real time.  He has the experience to take the whole bloody System down right into its own footprint (Sound familiar?!)

TRUMP: The NWO Cabal’s Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy

BREXIT was quite instructive

There is no other event since the controlled demolitions of 9/11 that so perfectly telegraphs the future like BREXIT.    The whole world expected that the City of London controllers had ensured a BREMAIN victory.  Instead, BREXIT saw an extremely surprising victory which actually fits perfectly into the NWO long game.

That long game calls for a total collapse of the existing clandestine GE&FS so that it can be replaced by a new and improved GE&FS that is completely out in the open.  Such an eventuality can only occur with the controlled demolition of the existing structures that are literally teetering on the quicksand of (i) debt, (ii) derivatives, (iii) deflation and the (iv)Dollar.

The ‘FOUR HORSEMEN’ Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism

If nothing else, BREXIT has served as a stark omen of the global economic and financial future.  In essence, the European Union was sacrificed so that an even larger totalitarian superstate could be fabricated under the rubric of a One World Government.

BREXIT was quite deliberately cloaked with much suspense and controversy to divert the people’s attention — which it did famously — from the real agenda that was being surreptitiously executed.  And it really worked like a charm for the globalists as now seen from numerous developments in both the UK and European Union.

A Clinton presidency is implausible and inconsistent with the globalist agenda.

Whereas a Clinton presidency would only guarantee much more of the same, a Trump victory has already put the world community of nations on notice that there will be no more business as usual.  Everything changes — BIG TIME — with The Donald as POTUS,  just as the 2016 campaign season saw U.S. politics experience an unparalleled sea change.  And still, there is nobody who can consider themselves occupying land which is guaranteed to be high and dry—N O B O D Y ! ! !

“As Mike Tyson famously said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  I believe the elites will be surprised by some sizable punches in the mouth.  Until then, though, their current strategy appears to be running on schedule.”
(Source: 2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency)

Let’s face it, Hillary Clinton is toast.  Her campaign, in view of the ever-shocking Wikileaks revelations, has crashed and burned in living color during prime time.   There is simply no recovering from EmailgateServergateBenghazigate, and now Weinergate.  Even if Hillary does steal the election outright, which is the ONLY way that she can win, she will be relentlessly Watergated over the duration of her 4 year term.  TPTB, and especially their strictly timetabled implementation plan, will NOT be served by such a counter-productive outcome.

No disrespect intended, but perhaps Hillary R. Clinton’s stunning collapse at this year’s NYC 9/11 memorial service was a stark foreshadowing of her immediate future.  That she literally collapsed on 9/11/2016 can be no accident indeed.


Even if a Trump victory does not take place on election day, he will eventually be declared the victor.  TPTB may use the ensuing controlled chaos of a Clinton stolen election as a means of significantly intensifying social unrest as a prelude and major distraction to their controlled demolition of the GE&FS.

No one is saying that Donald Trump himself is a part of this multi-century NWO globalist conspiracy, but that does not mean that his presidency cannot be used to advance their sinister agenda. As a matter of historical fact, the elites use sincere leaders and good people all the time to promote the more nefarious aspects of their covert schemes.  That doesn’t mean that their plans cannot be thwarted or altogether subverted when they go against the divine blueprint.

Remember, “the very best way to make GOD laugh, is to make a plan”—a real ‘good’ plan!


Special Note: Insurance Policy
There are many voters out there who are legitimately concerned about a Trump reversal. Please know that Donald Trump cannot even consider such a bad move.  Nearly half the people have been falsely convinced that he will be an evil dictator.   The voters in the middle will vote for him reluctantly, and as a way to prevent Hillary Clinton from starting World War III. His extremely loyal supporters, however, really hold the Trump card.  Should the NWO cabal force him to betray his base, the theretofore Trumpsters will literally storm the White House and drag him to the public square for a good ole fashioned pillory punishment, before they frogmarch him to the gallows and….  In other words if he turned on his own people, especially the fierce and well-armed patriots, he would have NO place to go in the USA.  He would become the most reviled persona non grata of all time! He would be forever bankrupted and hounded by folks in every sphere of life even as POTUS.
In any event, Trump will find himself between a rock and a hard place, with not an iota of wiggle room.  His zealous supporters will hold his feet to the fire as no U.S. president has ever experienced before.  Trump will be forced to deliver on his most weighty and oft-repeated promises such as repealing Obamacare, stopping illegal immigration and deporting illegal aliens, prosecuting Hillary R. Clinton, etc. etc. etc. How will this jive with the dictates of the NWO crowd, God only knows; unless, of course there is so much chaos that nobody is watching anymore.  World Wars especially have a way of changing the conversation real fast.

While this analysis speaks to a plan set in stone, many things can still happen between now and Election Day.  November surprises are now much BIGGER that October surprises.  Therefore, it ought to be understood that, from this point forward, anything goes, anytime, anywhere.

Much more importantly, the period of time between November 8th and Inauguration Day on January 20, 2017 will be the most earth-shaking in American history.  There can be no other way!

The Millennium Report
November 3, 2016

N.B. The armchair political analysts and geopolitical chessboard observers are highly encouraged to read the following essay for a further fleshing out of the skeleton of our thesis.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Will 2016 End With A Trump Presidency And Economic Instability?

Author’s Note

The Addendum below clearly delineates the various outcomes which SOTN presented in a previous article.  This breakdown may assist in the analysis of the primary alternatives that are now stacking up for November 8th and beyond.



Outlook # 1:  Should Clinton win by stealing the election, the electorate will NOT accept it. The American people will NOT permit her to occupy the Oval Office, unless she takes it by force.  The Trumpsters, in particular, will rise up and prevent the election theft from being consummated with an inauguration.  Just how fierce and determined the Trumpsters will become is not yet known.  What is known is that they will NOT let a thieving, lying, corrupt candidate extend the last 8 year Obamanation by another 4 disastrous years.

Outlook  #2: Should Trump win the election by playing fair and square, he will enter the White House, but not without a major campaign of disruption from the Clintonistas.  This is where the U.S. citizenry will be treated to the Bolshevik behavior à la #BlackLivesMatter that was graphically displayed throughout the campaign season. These Clinton henchmen are as utterly lawless and recklessly violent as the indisputable evidence has shown them to be.  Hence, there is no reason to believe that they won’t pull every trick in the Saul Alinsky playbook to execute a post-election coup d’état.

Outlook #3:  Should the post-election process be thrown into total disarray by both sides, whereby neither is declared a winner, political chaos and social pandemonium will prevail. The extent to which this occurs will be determined by various factors, each of which can intensify or mitigate the predominant national state of affairs.  This third scenario is also the most likely to plunge the USA into a period of extreme discontent in which the U.S. Federal Government itself comes under threat of dissolution.
(Source:  There Are Only 3 Outcomes After The November 8 Election)


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  • larry4765

    Outstanding post. I think you nailed this one.

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger


    Vince Foster was killed in 1983.

    The Cubans and the Russians began running submarines in the Rim Canal of Lake Okeechobee. They also built bunkers as they murdered off Americans English speakers in Miami in exchange for the Cocaine gold. Vince Foster came to South Florida with Hillary and Pelosi in response to my report of these mini-subs. Being the total corrupt idiots that they are, they began playing games and Vince Foster ended up dead. Hillary and Pelosi panicked and Foster’s body was carried outside to his car and my gun was placed in his hands to frame me. The investigator is none other than Mike Volin who is also the birth certificate investigator. Come on, people, it ain’t rocket science here! Why is it that Mike Volin can never seem to solve any of the cases that he’s on? I was also raped by Bill Clinton who loves to bite while he’s committing his acts of violence!

    • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

      Crooked politicians need contract killers to keep their cocaine supply running. You don’t kill your kings. They guesstimated that cocaine would be legalized on day and that, in the end, none of this would matter. But, at the same time they really don’t want to give up control so they kill off any of their competitors. Again, you need people like me to make that happen. They control with threats of death or imprisonment which is what happened to me with Mike Volin AFTER I earned a degree in Journalism from Palm Beach Community College.

      Bill was not there at the 1983 Vince Foster murder. I know some of the wound markings on the REAL Vince Foster. I know that his blood ran to his back. But, that his body was propped upright in his car. I know that he has a bite mark and a knife cut on his leg about the size of a small steak. Nancy (notice the repeating of the name NANCY during the 80′s both high and low) Pelosi rightfully guessed that no investigator would be convinced that his body in his car was the scene of the murder and, I suspect, that’s why Mike Volin, a heroine user and a cop, did the investigation as the “first” one on the scene.

      • The Clucker

        I think we all got it, Nance. No need to post it on every story on the site. I understand you are trying to get a message out, which is a noble pursuit on your part, but you’re wasting your time. I think everyone here has probably witnessed your post on a dozen articles by now. Just write your own article and be done with it.

  • Elijah

    Trump’s Victory was sealed from June 14, 1946 “Millenium Falcon reporter.” It wasn’t just decided upon, it was sealed from the day he was born! I’ve been saying this for over a year.

  • Leo

    It is absolutely amazing that one can venture into this site and read one article about Hillary Clinton winning over Trump, Clinton 42% to Trump 40% Now I read a article like this . Make up your minds . It is going to be a close race . :cool:

    • Man

      If you spout enough nonsense surely one thing will stick.

      Similar to all those other predictions on BIN

      Basic rule of thumb here: Any outcome is planned out by the higher powers… nothing is just as it seem…

      • Anonymous

        You think, Drone. TBBP. GOTN.

        • Man

          so what do you think… will the higher powers that defeated if trump wins? he does nothing to change government as long as he wins..

  • my2pesos

    Sinister Agenda ~ ISIS Net ‘an’ Aged
    Sinister Agenda ~ ISIS Rent ‘n’ Aged
    Sinister Agenda ~ Insert I ‘NSA’ Aged
    Armageddon ~ Arm ‘aged’ Don
    Sinister Agenda ~ Giants Arsenide
    Sinister Agenda ~ Sadist Enduring
    Sinister Agenda ~ Trends ‘IE’ Again

  • AJjj100

    The N.W.O will never be. Putin will take the US if they try it. The great bear of the north will defeat the bear of the south. It is already written.

    • Anonymous

      Spoke to some Russian sailors today. Don’t know what they said> I said VEE VUH La Putin. They said, Heelll Yesss. This be BillyP. A 3%’er. Get on these nuts.

      • Anonymous

        Before its News, Alex Jones, you name it. Are honey spots for the jew world order. This be BillyP. A 3%. Ask Henry Ford, tricks. Taint me, Taint Pussy, It is there. Get on these nuts.

  • Busta Myth

    As much as I want to beleive that BREXIT was all about countries taking back their sovereignty from the vast herd of unelected, overpaid ANTI-DEMOCRATIC bEUrocratic Corporate yes men puppets, I fear you may be right about it being a set up

    ( and I can picture a few negative ways that this “could” or “May” play out)

    At the end of the day, everybody knows who most the BIG players are in the World, the people that have led the World in to this chaos and mass deception

  • allendaves

    They need Hillary because they have been working on this for a long time remember the secretes given to the Chinese under her husbands admin..?…The easiest way for those who have sold the American people out ( all the secretes and industrial capacity) and to get rid of the bill of rights and constitution bring in the globalist agenda (think TPP agenda 2030 mandatory vaccines and every globalist agenda)….is to have a “limited nuclear/EMP war” and then unconditionally surrender..only the public/ low- mid military folks will die (depopulation agenda)…the elites can then come out of their bunkers safe and sound after you all are dead and “put an end to the suffering of the American people” by the very corrupt folks who have sold you all out but don’t worry it will all be brokered the UN and the same global elites and corrupt US officials who admit they are looking at promoting globalism not the ordinary citizen of the USA………yes “high treason” but it will kill the legal status of the constitution in the minds of most folks left…….what a syop!?

  • AntiqueWhite

    i think you need to put the pipe down and go get some food pal?

  • Squeezebox

    I think the puppet masters have a more flexible game plan and have prepared for all outcomes.

    Until now, they have always controlled all the horses in the race, so whoever won, would only have a limited margin of action to apply personal touches to the same program.

    Hillary wins and the war drums pick up the beat in the Middle East. Diego Gracia is overflowing with fighter jets and bombers. Missiles have been moved up to the border in the Ukraine. Military ammunition has a shelf life of 10-15 years and war is a good excuse to restock the shelves. And as the saying goes, “Nothing like a good war to cover an impending depression”.

    Trump is most likely an uncontrollable free spirit, but the perfect fall guy for an economic collapse. No one could have foreseen his rise to the nomination.

    Also, is Assange a Cabal puppet or who could have predicted the Podesta/Abedin/Weiner email contents a couple of months ago, even though it was NYPD/FBI insiders that feed them to Wikileaks?

    On the subtle level, there is a giant awakening that is happening worldwide and this certainly doesn’t work in favor of Cabal control of the masses. They would have prefered a dull, boring campaign that kept the masses asleep. The real battle is for human consciousness and this election cycle has played an incredible role in lifting the curtain to reveal the puppet masters for all to see.

  • Enjoykin4



    If you play your game you have great chance to win. If you playe Jewish Cabal Games/s you are always losing.

    Now where is a problem.

    Problem is that American society had been bulit under Jewsih Cabal Game and whole social contruction of american society is under Jewish Cabal Control. So it means you havent your own game – you havent your rules.
    How you think to win AntiCabal war if havent own game.

    To simplify they show you one cent. On one side of coin is one of their *Shadow Jewish Gov.* Player, while on the other is again their *Shadow Jewish Gov.* Player but contrary to 1st player. Voting is public circus with their rolling the cent. Whatever coid side you choose YOU LOOSE.!! Got it !!

    To solve a society problem you need to play a game with OWN COIN – with TWO COIN SIDE WITH YOUR AMERICAN PLAYERS NOT JEWISH CABAL !!

    The day when you understand it and make it will be the final day for great liberation of american society !!


    it is so simple….

    Good luck….

  • Anonymous

    This site and you are a jew world order hangout. 3%’er says get on theses nuts. Guess who?

  • Journas

    It looks like Newsweek knows who the winner will be. They’ve got a special commemorative edition all ready to go (image link):

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