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Government of South Africa told to step down.

Sunday, November 13, 2016 23:26
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In the matter between:




Including and or “All” Agents, Administrative Judges, All” Assigns, “All” Chief Clerks, “All” Clerks, “All” Officers, “All” Registrars, “All” Masters, “All” Sheriffs and “All” acting Agents of the REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY (Ltd);




TAKE NOTICE that the applicant hereby makes application to this Court for an order in the following terms:

  1. Directing that the forms and rules of this Court are dispensed with and this matter is dealt with as a matter of urgency.

  2. Granting the applicant direct access to this Court.

  3. For the release of My wife from detention and She be granted a residence permit and full pardon.

  4. That Mr Jacob Zuma step down as president of South Africa.

  5. That the Cabinet of the South African government be disolved.

TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that the accompanying affidavit of ANDRE MARTIN SLADE and annexures thereto will be used in support hereof.

TAKE NOTICE FURTHER that in view of the urgency of this matter, if any respondent intends opposing this application, it must by Teusday 22 November 2016, notify the applicants’ attorneys and the Registrar in writing of its notice of intention to oppose, in accordance with Rule 18(3).

Date at Mbazwana this 9th day of November 2016

Andre Martin Slade


This was sent to every member of the Executive council and their spokes people




In the matter between:-


ANDRE MARTIN SLADE                                                                           APPLICANT




REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA PTY (Ltd)                                                   RESPONDENT




Be pleased to take judicial cognizance that this Good Faith Public Notice is for all Jurisdictions and that this declaration of rights and all related communication is Executed Outside the Republic for Use Within the Republic in accordance with rule 63 of the HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA rules.

I, Yahshuah, on behalf of the undersigned,


Do hereby state under Oath as follows:



My name is Yahshuah. I am acting agent on behalf of the Trust of ANDRE MARTIN SLADE. I am a 54 year old Hebrew Man who resides at Emoyeni, Sodwana Bay Main Road, Mbazwana, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Post: P. O. Box 1596, Mbazwana, 3974. Cell: 082 444 5841. E-mail:


I represent the applicant in this matter and all facts herein contained and stated are within My personal knowledge and are both true and correct unless otherwise indicated. I am competent to depose to this affidavit.


I am a Laser Electronics Specialist by trade (Military). I have been awarded an SABS Design Award for Mechanical Design Exellence. I am also an Internationally Awarded Wildlife Photographer and the Author of the Book of Revelation 10 by the name of Where to from Here: Cognition. I have no Attorney as, according to Rule 38 of the Constitution of South Africa, I am allowed to defend Myself, My spouse and the Inhabitants of this country.


According to Rule 38. (a.)(b.)(d.) of the Constitution I am exercising the right to challenge the legal system of South Africa on the following grounds:

  1. That the Republic of South Africa is not democratic.

  2. That the governing body is illegal.

  3. That the Legal system is perjurious.

  4. That the Constitution is not honored by government or the legal system.

  5. That Our environment is not safe.

  6. That the government is purposefully withholding information vital to the inhabitants.


Sapa: On 1 September 2014, the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, made the following statements at an ambassadors and commissioners meeting in Pretoria:

  • “I know they say Jesus will return to fetch us. But I don’t know how many will stay behind. Maybe the majority”.

  • “But this time not to fetch us, but just to come and cleanse us of our sins, because we have caused more damage than before”.

  • “He must just come for a few years to help us so that we are ready for when he finally comes”.

What damage was Mr Zuma referring to?


The etymology of the following words in The Constitution of South Africa of 1996, renders it invalid. I quote from and Black’s Law Dictionary.

  1. Democracy (Rule 7. 1.): (Etymology: government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system). The etymology of key words in the legal system employed by the “South African Government” connects its set of Laws to the Holy See (Jesuit, Vatican, Roman Catholic Church). They are rules/laws of corporation conduct, based on shipping trade, known as Admiralty or Maritime Law. In order for South Africa to be registered with the UN Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as a corporation (CIK # 0000932419), its governing body also had to be a corporation management body. That made Jacob Zuma the CEO of the Corporation of South Africa. As a CEO, he represents his company on the international trade platform. These rules/laws are only legal on the ocean/sea and cannot be applied on Land. It is therefore impossible to associate them with any form of democracy whatsoever! Democracy originally meant “Demographically ruled by Wisdom (cracy: wisdom/power/knowledge) with the people”; only God is Wisdom and Power and He gave us His set of rules. South Africa is an employer, not a government; no corporation is democratic.

  2. Human/Person/Man/People refers to Homo sapient (etymology: wise), the ones described in the Bible as being made in the image of God. Amongst other requirements, to qualify as a Homo sapient, your brain has to weigh about 1.4kg. A standard set by a specific feature. When Jan van Riebeeck set foot in Africa, that was already his classification. However; the tribes they met here were never classified and slotted directly into the the Homo sapiens category; it was never protested or disputed, simply just neglected and now it has become a moral issue. Legal dictionaries do not specify what pertains to humanity as they were written for Admiralty law only; corporation law only deals with subjects/citizens of corporation so you will not find common law descriptions there. The fact of the matter is though; the undefiled/pure/virgin Black’s brain measures an average of 1.2kg. This means that pure Blacks are not Homo sapient but rather Homo erect. It also means that they are not included in the Bill of Rights of South Africa.

  3. Citizen: (etymology: a native or naturalized member of a state or nation who owes allegiance to its government and is entitled to its protection). The word originally meant city dweller but was applied for the first time in 1941. It was adopted by Admiralty Law to describe the inhabitants loyal to that system of governance. This is in contrast to Natural inhabitants who have the right to be free just as God made them to be. The “right” to be a citizen (Rule 20) of a corporation is a choice; it cannot be forced upon ignorant inhabitants without their consent.


Courts in South Africa use the oath as a mechanism for revoking the whole truth. It is taken in the name of God. All legal practitioners i.e. judges, attorneys, lawyers, sheriffs etc are sworn in to uphold and maintain a moral loyalty to the legal system. If a legal system does not represent God’s laws at all as in the case of Maritime Law or abide by the Laws of God then the oath has no validity and its use is blasphemous. This offense at common law is defined to be a willful false oath know as Perjury. My common law wife and I are currently being persecuted by this system for Her being an “illegal (meaning: forbidden by official rules) Immigrant (meaning: an organism found in a new habitat)”, a rule of maritime law only. She is being sent for psyciatric evaluation at the end of January for stating that She follows God’s laws to the utmost and God is the only Judge. The mere mention of the word God in court revoked laughter from both the state prosecutor and the “judge”. God appoints Judges, not corporations (Judges 2:18). In common law there are no judges as those who follow God’s law judge themselves all the time. Further proof of this disrespect was also displayed by the sheriff of the Ubombo court who signed an affidavit stating that I received a summons to appear in court (Case# 10121/2011). I was liquidated as result and faced high legal fees to clear my name. The case of perjury against the sheriff with the Sheriffs Board (K11/1.UBOMBO/01/NS) was never resolved. Perjury is a criminal offense which makes the legal system criminal.


The Constitution of South Africa binds all law including God’s. It is the highest authority and is accepted by all Juristic inhabitants and citizens as their rules of conduct. According the Constitution, we the people, have freedom of belief, association, expression and to defend Ourselves. It is a constitutional right to defend oneself, one’s spouse and fellow man. On 19/8/2016 on My wife’s first hearing, I presented Myself as Her representative; My fluencey in English and My comprehension of Our Constitutional rights is superior to Hers. I was immediately shunned and told to sit down as I am in contempt of court and not a registered legal practitioner. She did not know how to defend Herself and spoke the truth according to God’s law as that is all She knows. We speak as one, as according to God, We became one flesh on Our engagement on 31/3/2014 (Mark 10: 8-9, Gen 2: 24). She questioned the lawfulness of Her arrest as We are common law people (Rule 35. 2. b.) but was not allowed to state Her case. She was sent to a putrid holding cell (Rule 35. 2. c.) in Emanguzi where She has been ever since. I have supplied cleaning materials to make the place a bit more livable while She’s awaiting an appointment at Fort Napier on 24/01/2017. Not fair detention as She cannot leave SA without Her passport and her “offense” is minor (Rule 35. 3. e.), contrary to some of the 700 offenses Jacob Zuma is accused of. The Slovac Embassy wanted to remove her from South Africa but was denied. The Law applies to everyone equally.


The bill of rights 39. (2.) states: When interpreting any legislation, and when developing the common law or customary law, every court, tribunal or forum must promote the spirit, purport and objects of the Bill of Rights. This is not the case.


Rule 24. of the Constitution is there to protect what we have. The issue of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is one of great concern to the world; many countries have banned them. In South Africa however there is nothing or very little else planted because Monsanto seed has the market. Big corporation has control of this; they are part of the same corporation structure as your governing body. Through your loyalty to the United Nations you have allowed South Africa to become a model country in this regard. The problem We face as Free Beings on the land is that We are not able to plant genetically normal plants for fear of cross pollination. If God did not make it, We cannot eat it; it is not natural. That makes the environment harmful to Our well being. Also harmful to the environment in that large quantities of glyphosate, a weed killer, is poisoning water resources and farming land. A second concern is that GMO affects honey bees and their honey. Without bees there will be no farming and GMO’s have built-in pesticide which affects bees as well. America is already experiencing this problem. These plants are excessively bad for the environment which the Constitution aims to protect for the future. We live in a rural area and We see the effects this “food” has on the inhabitants of the neighborhood.


Jacob Zuma claims to believe in God. If so, then he will be aware of a pending disaster of which The Bible speaks and the coming of The Prince of Peace. It has been in the news of late; various countries leaders around the world have told their inhabitants to prepare for a disaster of some sort at any given time. That they should be able to survive for a period of ten days at least. What disaster are they expecting? Perhaps it is the fact that Earth is about to cross the Equatorial plane of the Sun again. This is part of a 12960 year cycle which happens without fail and what The Bible speaks of. Jacob Zuma has said nothing, so I take it that he is unaware. If God promised a disaster, there will be a disaster. It is time to explain to the inhabitants of South Africa what is going to happen. He is also aware of My presence yet he does not challenge or announce Me to the World. He is withholding information, and according to Rule 37 of the Constitution he is not allowed. If God promised his Son, He will be there. That is withholding vital information relevant to all of humanity, not just South Africans. Everyone has the right of access to any information the Government has (Rule 32. 1. a. b).


Based on Rule 7. 2. of The Constitution, the corporate Governing body presently in power is illegal and has to be replaced in respect of the rights of the inhabitants according to the Bill of Rights for two reasons:

  1. It does not bear the interests of the inhabitants of South Africa in mind. They have been hijacked and lied to through the use of maritime law and illegal corporations. The law of the people which is common Law/tribal Law is the only law that applies to Juristic inhabitants who by their God given freedom are allowed to roam this planet at will, free as God made Us.

  2. As the Bill of Rights clearly only caters for Humans, it means that Blacks have no right to be in government (Proverbs 19: 10). The Bible states in Proverbs 1: “a man of understanding shall attain to wise council”; it is obvious that Jacob Zuma does not have that understanding. It is proven that Black Africans have an average intelligence quotient (IQ) of 70. The minimal IQ required by the Homo genus to independently run a civilization is 90. Africa had no cities, history records, dictionaries or even an alphabet on record in 1652 when Jan van Riebeeck landed in the Cape, contrary to Europe; proving that the statement is correct and accurate. It is also proven that Blacks have impaired cognitive ability. This means that it is impossible for the Homo erect to fully grasp or gain complete understanding of life. This is the reason for all the inequity taking place here right now and why South Africa has 0% industrial growth. God designed humanity to have a very specific hierarchy; it is time to make peace with that and restore God’s place amongst the Inhabitants.


To date We have been violated by the Police and the Court on a minimum of 12 rules of the Constitution of South Africa. That being as follows:

1. Rule 7. (1.) (2.)

2. Rule 8.

3. Rule 9.

4. Rule 10.

5. Rule 12. 1. (d.) (e.)

6. Rule 14. (d.)

7. Rule 15. (1)

8. Rule 18.

9. Rule 24. (a.) (b.)

10. Rule 33. (1)

11. Rule 35. 2. (b.) (c.)

12. Rule 38. (a.) (b.)


Jacob Zuma said; “the ANC will rule until Jesus comes”. Well Jacob, God has heard your plea. There is one mistake however. The name “Jesus” was created by the Roman Catholic Church, My opposition (Satan etymology: “In biblical sources the Hebrew term the satan describes an adversarial role”) as you may have noticed. The fact that courts use the phrase; “So help me God” is undeniable proof that there is no separation of Bible and state”!

I am known as Yahshuah Ha Mashiach; I am the Son of God Almighty and the King of the Tribe of Judah, the family root of Seth. To explain Myself to the world, My partner and witness, Ruach ha Kodesh, and I have published a Book. It is the book described in Revelation 10. It is the book of ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The book is published under the name Where to from Here: Cognition and was released in October 2014. It serves to validate Our Identity. A free copy may be downloaded at under E-book. The information it bears comes directly from My Father. It is therefore imperative that you step down and for the corporate governmental body to be dissolved immediately. All ties with the United Nations, BRICKS and the Roman Catholic Church have to be broken. South Africa was founded and built on Biblical principals; one cannot be loyal to two kings at the same time.


(Signed) Andre M. Slade



I certify that the deponent has acknowledged that He understands the contents of this affidavit which was sworn to before me at Mbazwana on this the 9th day of November 2016. That the same are true and correct to the best of His knowledge. That He has no objection to taking this oath which He also considers binding on His conscience and uttering the words “So help me God”



Full names:________________________________



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