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Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up? An Analysis of Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview

Monday, November 14, 2016 6:03
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Peace is possible if Trump is elected.

Despite their best efforts, the media could not derail the Trump Train, although the 60 minutes tell us that they are still trying.


I had the misfortune of first recording, then having to watch the CBS-60 minutes interview with Donald Trump. I loathe CBS and am disgusted by the show 60 Minutes. The show used to be a credible and respectable example of TV investigative journalism. However, the show, like the rest of the mainstream media has degenerated into being a propaganda entity for the globalists. The handling of the Donald Trump interview on 60 Minutes was just another example of that fact.

I was so disgusted by the yellow journalism tactics of interviewer, I refuse to even use her name. I am just going to refer to her as the interviewing entity.

Here is a summary of the 60 Minutes interview of Donald Trump and the Trump family.

Composition of Cabinet

Trump was asked if he had made progress in assembling his cabinet and he answered in the affirmative. However, and despite the childish badgering on the part of the interviewing entity, he refused to offer up any names and positions because it is a work in progress.

The Anti-Trump Protests

When Trump was elected, as most people know, PLANNED protests broke out in a dozen large cities across the nation.

The interviewing entity interrogating Donald Trump quickly shape-shifted into Hillary Clinton and type-casted all Trump supporters as racially motivated bigots, a bunch of “deplorables”, if you will. Watching this yellow journalism and the unfounded accusations spewing from the lying lips of the interviewing entity made me quickly remember why I don’t watch Mainstream Media news or news shows because they are pure propaganda BS.

The 60 Minutes interview of Trump reminded me of when Ron Paul was being interviewed by CNN, on the Hill, he was so disgusted with the nonsensical and biased question that he terminated the interview. Trump needs to forget about being politically correct and he should have done the same thing with 60 Minutes that Ron Paul did with CNN.

The Independent Media, including myself, have offered up proof that George Soros is behind the protests and many are being paid to stir up mayhem and violence. Trump missed a golden opportunity to point that fact out. These rioters support Clinton, not Trump, and they are burning cars, buildings and are attacking innocent people and they are not being held accountable. I would have told 60 minutes that George Soros should be arrested for domestic terrorism. But instead, Trump backed down on all points and looked weak and indecisive on this point.

The Soros inspired riots are a case of blaming the victim. There was an election and Clinton lost, and it is Trump’s fault that there are protests?

Trump was told, by the interviewing entity, that his supporters were harassing Latinos, Blacks and Muslims in the streets. Funny, the only ones I have seen in the street, from live reports I have seen, are anti-Trump rioters. The operative letters in CBS are the last two letters.

I don’t think the American people elected Trump to go silent on the issues of radical and violent left.

Trump was criticized for using twitter, Facebook and other social media to communicate with the people. He indicated that he will continue to do so. You see, what 60 Minutes was unhappy about is the fact that the MSM cannot control the flow of information when social media is employed. And trump noted that media bias can change the true nature of an act or statement. The entity interviewing Donald Trump was outraged that he would continue to use social media as a President and Trump told her this was his answer to proven media antics.

As of last Friday, Trump is connected to 28 million Americans on social media and it picking up 100,000 per day. That fact takes away the stranglehold the MSM has enjoyed on the flow of information. Trump said ” I have a way of fighting back”.  That was the Trump that we all know and love. Score one for Trump as he left the interviewing entity whining about the process and crying in her yellow journalistic beer.


Trump was asked if he was going to build the wall and he answered in the affirmative. He said the Congressionally suggested fence, as opposed to a wall, might be appropriate in some areas, but not in others where a wall will be needed.

For the first time, Trump offered up real numbers. When asked if he was going to deport all illegal immigrants, he deflected the question and said we will have to first secure our borders and then make a determination. This tells me that who goes and who stays is negotiable. He did mention that as many as two to three million would eventually be deported. It was apparent that Trump is intent on deporting all criminals, which most Americans would agree with. Trump did not specify the detailed criteria that would qualify one for deportation.

Will Trump Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Crimes of Hillary Clinton?

To this question, Trump waffled badly. He said “I am going to first focus on jobs, health care, immigration and the border”.

Trump was reminded by the interviewing entity that his crowds chanted “lock her up”. Trump said “I don’t want to hurt them, they (the Clintons) are good people.

I have a lot of adjectives to describe Bill and Hillary Clinton, but “good people” would not be descriptors that I would use. I think I would be hard-pressed to find a Trump supporter that does not want Hillary and Bill indicted for the several crimes that they have so obviously committed.

Trump was asked if he will ask for the resignation of FBI Director Comey. To that point Trump wisely stated that he wanted to speak with him first. However, Trump’s body language confirmed what we already know, Comey is history.

Are You Going to Release Your Tax Returns?

Continuing on the media habit of continuing to belittle and attack Trump, the interviewing entity asked if he was going to release his tax returns. And appropriately, Trump answered “at the proper time, when my audit is complete”. This question is only important because it represents the fact that the media bias against him is not going anywhere. It is clear to see why he feels he must use social media because he cannot trust the MSM to tell the truth.

Are Elections Rigged?

The question focused on the electoral college. However, Trump’s answer indicated corruption, although he expressed this subtly, across the board in the election process. Trump did an outstanding job in how handled the question. Further, he did say he favored a popular vote system versus the system we have today.

“Muslims, Black and Latinos Are Afraid of You”

To this point, Trump was the strongest that he appeared in the entire interview. To Trump’s credit he said “I think it is terrible if it is true.if people are picking on Muslims, Blacks and Latinos. But I have to blame the media for creating this impression”.

Amen to that comment and that effectively deflated the balloons of false allegations against Trump for being a bigot and his supporters of being no more than a bunch of Duck Dynasty types who burp and fart too much while we plan to attack people of color.

Not to be deterred, the interviewing entity accused Trump of being being biased against the LGBTQ. Trump quickly fired back and said he supported them at the Republican National Convention, thus making the point that this fear is a media creation.

Using The Trump Children Against Trump

The Trump children were asked if their father’s “volatile” temperament will hurt him as President. The children were magnificent and said that my father can be a fighter when needed and that is what the people elected.

To that question, Trump said “Madison Avenue and Clintons tried to make that an issue, but failed because I am here and they are not”. And he went on to say that his temperament is his strongest virtue because America is going to start winning again because of his temperament. Score another major point for Donald Trump.


The interviewing entity sarcastically said “You say you are going to destroy ISIS. Now how (sarcastic and demeaning tone) are going to do that?

Trump stated that he was not going to telegraph his strategy so the enemy can prepare. Score another point for Trump. Where was this Trump in the debates?


Despite the attempts to criticize Trump on wanting to repeal and replace Obamacare, he stated that he would retain the prohibition against pre-existing conditions and the fact that adult children can be insured by their parents until age 26. Amen to that. Beyond that, Obamacare is trash and needs to blown up. It was clear that Trump understands that fact.

The Trump Business vs. the Trump Presidency

The interviewing entity tried to pit the Trump business against his role as President. It was made clear that the Trump children will run the business. Then the interviewing entity tried to insinuate that there are priorities to consider. Trump interjected that the country was far more important and that the welfare of the country was far ahead of hotel occupancies. Score another point for Donald Trump.


If Donald Trump were to solely use social media to communicate with the people, I would be fine with that fact. The people need to boycott all of the MSM and their sponsors.

Donald Trump waffled about the Clintons and that disturbs me greatly. The rumors regarding a back room deal in exchange for releasing the vote count totals in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Arizona which put Trump over the top.

All things considered, the proof in the pudding will not be his performance on 60 Minutes, it will be the type of people he appoints to his administration. That fact is still unfolding.


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  • my2pesos

    Despite ~ De Spite…….(7)
    Despite ~ DT ‘IP’ See
    Despite ~ Deep Tis
    Tis — The syllable for the seventh tone of a diatonic scale.
    Diatonic ~ Don ‘CIA’ IT ~ DT ‘AI’ Icon

    • PaulTarsuss

      You tell ‘em dos pesos….

      Quick question:

      What do you get when you vote for a man that claims to be a Christian, yet when asked during a TV interview, if he had ever asked God for forgiveness….squirmed, hesitated, and finally stated that he had NEVER done so? Going on to state that loves the rare occasion of drinking wine and having a cracker because it makes him feel cleansed?

      We’re all going to find out.

      A Sad Roman Circus our nation has become.

      • redroksaz

        “…I have given you a title of honor, though you have not known Me….Besides Me there is no God. I will gird you though you have not known Me; That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun, there is no one besides Me. I Am the Lord and there is no other.”
        (Isaiah 45: 4-6)

        King Cyrus named in Isaiah chapter 45…Donald Trump the 45th President…just a coincidence? There is no word for coincidence in the Hebrew language.

        Instead of stumbling over irrelevant details as far as God’s plans are concerned, learn why Cyrus was raised up by God.

  • Thegreatdivide

    Will Trump Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Crimes of Hillary Clinton?

    To this question, Trump waffled badly. He said “I am going to first focus on jobs, health care, immigration and the border”.

    Trump was reminded by the interviewing entity that his crowds chanted “lock her up”. Trump said “I don’t want to hurt them, they (the Clintons) are good people.
    He is another shill he used the alternative media through Alex Jones et al … to stiff Clinton [ cos she thought he was going to loose and bow out a while back but he stiffed her when he knew and thought he could win it ] now he is riding on a trump look at me how wonderful i am trip and the little people who put him their in office are going to be stiffed just like he did with Clinton, they are best of mates and have known each other for a long time they even share the same peodo friend and ride on the same lollita express together…mark my words, he is NOT going to lock her up and he is not going to indict her and perhaps he regale on his other promises too as he is a known liar and has been proven so in many videos of him if you care to research them they are all their in plain site on the internet which tracks his lies though many years, he also has had dealings with the mafia through convicted felon Friends of his so the vids show, so there you go, another bullshitter to the whitehouse

  • hungry4food

    Awake FREE PEOPLE before its to late and secure your Homeland and DEMAND THOSE who want to take over the world STAY in their homelands !!!!

    You know the Dominate Species are aware of this Phenomenon and will rise to their inspiration if we do nothing to resist this invasion of our homeland !!!!!

  • Nancy Owens, The Obama Forger

    It’s a timing issue. Russia had the numbers with the infiltrating Hispanic New World Order and it was just simply time for America to fall via a Civil War. Russia is behind Obama’s faked birth certificate and they now have their King on the American throne. The Clintons were supposed to be a follow-up on that agenda. Instead, if I’m understanding this correctly, the Clintons will be facing financial ruin once again.

    :lol: They are all being haunted by this ghost:


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