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An Open Letter to the President of “the Greatest Nation on Earth”.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 23:04
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Dear President Trump,

Circumstance prevents me from communicating with you more directly and so I am forced to take this approach. So please forgive me, sir.

Now first off, I have to tell you that I have a great deal of admiration for you. Oh, no sir, nothing like the American hero/idol worship that is one of the great sins your nation is so steeped in. But more like the admiration one workman feels for the other when the other is doing a great job.

For a number of years now, I have been following you and your rise to power. As far as I can tell, without meeting you personally, you are a truly remarkable man. A very successfull businessman, a skilled leader and with more courage than a thousand average men combined. Highly intelligent, but also an apparent lack of statesmanship.

You see, sir, an IQ that is likely to test off the scale and knowledge of how to do business are not all your present job requires. As I can detect neither in your face nor in your biography much trace of sorrow and suffering, there may not be too much wisdom in you. Because as one should know, all wisdom is distilled through sorrow and suffering. This and the conflicting statements you have made untill now, have led me to the conclusion that like so many of your countrymen, you also might be lacking in the knowledge of history. Maybe you have been soaked in the history of the American Nation. But how about the history of the rest of the world, and most important, biblical history? It worries me to no end, sir, these signs. Because as history shows, those who do not know and heed her lessons are doomed to repeat the mistakes man made in his past.

But why should all of this be of concern to me, as I am not even an American but a Dutchman?  Well sir, as I am living in one of the countries of this world that have effectively been enslaved by the Evil American Empire of the Dark, it is of great concern to me. You see, once you set out to free the enslaved people of America, our freedom looms on the horizon too. So your success or failure is what determines our future too.

Therefore, please sir, listen to what I have to say.

On the campaign trail you made many promises to the American people and the world at large. The greatest one of them was that you would drain ‘the swamp’. And ever since, you have shown that you are hell-bent on doing just that. And yet your words and actions make one fear that you will, in the end, not be able to fullfill your promises.

Now you might know sir, that the Dutch do have some 2000 years of accumulated experience and knowledge of draining swamps. Even at the time you and I went to school, Dutch kids learned that a swamp was drained by building a dyke and a canal all around. Then one starts to pump and all the water and monsters will come out. Then one can best catch the monsters and beat them. But you sir, waded right into the middle of it and started slaying the monsters. Granted, sir, judging by what I see, you are the greatest Dragonslayer ever to have lived. But working from the middle to drain the swamp?

For all I know, you might even succeed. Although to me, it seems a very hard if not impossible way. Most people who tried it that way got sucked in and drowned. Draining swamps, sir, is traditionally and by necessity a greater communal effort. What history teaches is this: All of your voters  all who stand with you, have to take up their tools (arms) and march to the swamp. Encircle it, be the dyke and the canal around DC, and then start draining it. Hell, Washington D.C., is not even part of nor one of your great Union States. Still, for ages now, you have let yourself be ruled by that den of vipers from London.

Now bear with me a little longer, sir, there is one more parallel from history coming up.  When, like you nowadays, Moshe went up to Pharaoh the ruler of Darkness, it was a Pharaoh who had not known Joseph and did not know about him. This pharaoh was negligent of the history of the high culture, the greatness and the light unto the nations that Egypt once was. And so he had not only enslaved the Abramites but he also refused when Moshe told him: Let my people GO!  Yes this was some 3600 years ago. Right at the time when the first written recorded passing of Nibiru was happening. As it is happening now, because once more humanity has angered its Creator with their iniquity.

Moshe, on his way to Pharaoh, met his brother Aron who was sent to help him confront Pharaoh. But you, sir, had to pick your helper (administration) all by yourself. And that, sir, is where you made a cardinal mistake. Not from among your brothers but from among the generals of Pharaoh’s army, you picked your Aron. They are, sir, if not psycopaths themselves, at least heavily ponerized by the psycho’s. But then again, sir, how far have you yourself been ponerized? Some of your statements make me fear the worst.

Listen, sir, your real Aron is among your voters, the patriots, constitutionalists, bikers, oathkeepers and so on. But then again, sir, do the real Aron and you have what it takes to free the slaves?  By this I mean: Your opponents break each and every law that stands in their way. You, by strictly adhering to the law, will try to reach your goal. Being civilized, fair play and so on. Your opponents are hell-bent on making America’s streets run red with blood. They not only call for this, they also practice it.

Dear sir, I beg you and your followers: Come to your senses!!  There are fires that can only be fought by fire. And this is one of them!

If not you, and your voters decide very very fast, as one man, that even if that is what it takes, you will wade knee-deep through the blood and guts of your opponents. And do exactly and literally that. Then, dear sir, as soon as your opponents succeed in terminating your presidency, and that will be sooner than anyone thinks, then, sir, the greatest slaughter in the history of the world will start. All who dared vote for you will be slaughtered. That dear sir is what history teaches!!!

Written by Philo

Just one who read a few books of history.

No copyrights attached.

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