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Can We Defeat Ourselves?

Friday, June 23, 2017 11:42
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I can’t get this topic off my mind. It has dominated the last two years. I’m frustrated that it seems like every time we take a step forward we take a step back.

Oddly enough, I am giving this speech at a time when there is more unity and cooperation in our movement than at any point in memory. The League has never worked so closely with other groups. Maybe that is why it seems like we are butting heads more often. It does seem though like one hand gives while the other takes away. We bring new people into our organization, but we lose others who were already involved. The overall effect is that we stay stuck in the same place.

In my experience, this is rarely due to any change of heart. We’re succeeding in converting new people to Southern Nationalism. The problem is keeping them in the fold, motivated and working together over an extended period of time. Even when a group of people share a common ideology, interpersonal conflicts inevitably arise. These feuds typically start on social media over minor points of contention, devolve into flame wars and engulf our network. They always leave us weaker and divided.

This isn’t a problem unique to the League of the South. It is a common feature of all rightwing groups that I am involved with. We invest our time and money to hold rallies, protests and conferences. These events bring new people into the fold, foster solidarity and make us stronger. Later, interpersonal conflicts on Facebook create ill will and undo the fellowship we have created. The cycle invariably repeats itself as we convert new people with our articles, blog posts and activity on social media.

I don’t think this is due to any failure of our ideas. When our members part ways, we tend to still agree on the big themes like being pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian. Instead, it is due to the extreme individualism and inflexible temperament which attracted so many of us to the movement in the first place. If we valued authority and conformity to social norms, very few of us would have ever found our way to such a marginalized community. This has been a blessing and a curse.

I see the curse of extreme individualism in so many areas. There is the fact that so many people who have been converted to our ideas prefer to remain anonymous, disorganized and inactive. There is the fact that the overwhelming majority of our people are so sunk in extreme individualism that they don’t care about our heritage or the fate of future generations – the most extreme example being the millions of women who have aborted their own children. There is the fact that more people are involved in our movement than ever before, but we have simultaneously grown more disorganized. There is the spirit of rivalry which inspires us to air our dirty laundry in public and which gives all us a black eye. There are all the Facebook groups we have had to shutdown because of the division fostered in those spaces. There are the lone wolves who lash out and commit violent acts because our individualism prevents us from moving forward. More broadly, the American family and civic organizations in general have crumbled as a result of the triumph of expressive individualism in our culture since the 1960s.

Alexis de Tocqueville, the author of Democracy in America, once observed that the extreme individualism fostered by liberal democracy leads to extreme conformity. In liberal democracies, the common man doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of Public Opinion, which is his Almighty God. This is why we see the associations game on the Right. Since the Liberal Center controls all the key institutions of our culture and holds the keys to status and respectability, we see this virtue signaling race where this rightwing group doesn’t want to be associated with that rightwing group. It has always been like that all the way down the rightwing food chain from the most the moderate to extreme groups.

Tocqueville also keenly observed that the democratic man lives in the moment. Liberal democracy, which is based on the false assumption that the individual is the fundamental unit of society, tends to isolate people from their contemporaries and hides them from their ancestors and descendants. It robs our lives of meaning by taking away the sense that we are all part of a larger story. George Fitzhugh observed that the yearning to overcome this unnatural state of social alienation and economic exploitation and return to a more social and humane form of existence is the wellspring of all leftwing social movements. It is the source of much of our own alienation and discontent within the United States.

Romantic nationalism is a solution to this crisis of liberalism. Southern Nationalists want to rebuild the social fabric which has been unraveled under liberal democracy. Instead of the empty vessel of American civic nationalism, we offer our people a richer sense of identity and community at the expense of liberty and equality. As a people, we share a common race, ethnicity, culture, religion, history and destiny and we emphasize that these things are important. These are the bonds which connect people in traditional societies and make them feel like they are a part of a greater whole, not the extreme individualism and market relationships which characterize modern commercial societies.

We shouldn’t, however, ever let our embrace of Romantic nationalism blind us to the truth. This is our imagined solution to the present crisis. It doesn’t reflect our present circumstances. Insofar as White identity is felt at all in the South, it takes the form of White guilt or is weakly felt or absent. Southern identity has been weakened to the point where it is expressed in the delusions of Rainbow Confederates. Christianity has been so corrupted and diluted that the Southern Baptist Convention recently passed a resolution denouncing the Alt-Right and “all forms of racism” and adopted a gender neutral Bible. We’re not engaged in a project of preservation so much as restoration.

I try to keep this in mind while interacting with my peers on social media. There are people in our circles who I am not in 100% agreement with on race, religion, ideology and other important issues, but who see the world much the same way that I do. Fundamentally, they see a fallen world which is degenerating by the day. We see decline called progress. We tend to look back to the past and see “the debris of paradise” floating before our eyes. We’re nostalgic for a time and place that is far superior to the present day and reminds us on a daily basis of the depths to which we have descended.

If this is the way you see the world, you are a reactionary. I’ve often found that I can talk to many foreigners who are reactionaries and get along with them better than most of my fellow Southerners. I have more in common with them than Rainbow Confederates crippled by White guilt who boast to passing motorists that they aren’t “racists” because they have non-White grandchildren. We can relate because we are all people who perceive the same crisis of the liberal order, feel nostalgic about the past and who have arrived at slightly different solutions. We’re all looking for a way out … of this.

This is why I tend to get along with the Alt-Right and White Nationalists. I’m fully aware of the differences, but I also see the things we have in common. We’re responding to the same problems. We’re just as quarrelsome. We’re all reactionaries set adrift in the same world which has been destroyed by liberal democracy. I don’t believe in the bond of universal whiteness so much as I see the existence of universal problems. If I moved from Dixie to the UK, Australia or Canada, I would be confronted with the same problems because what George Fitzhugh called “Free Society” generates the same cultural degeneracy and widespread feeling of alienation everywhere it has been tried.

The American South differs from the rest of the West because plantation slavery made us a more conservative culture. Liberal democracy had more difficulty taking root here, but we are only a few decades behind our friends in the North and the UK. Eventually, we will catch up as we are now seeing with the removal of Confederate monuments and the proliferation of LGBTQ events in Dixie. There will come a day when we have “conservatives” in elected office as bad as the UK, Ireland or Canada.

As much as I love the South, I can’t look at our political leadership and say with a clear conscience that all the cucks we have in elected office are any better than the general run of cowardly democratic politicians. I doubt you could find a single one in the entire South, including Michael Peroutka, who would be willing to stand at this podium and say with any conviction that he or she is proud to be White, proud to be Southern and proud to be a Christian. They wouldn’t be willing to risk their own individual careers to break the dominant racial etiquette and say a positive word about their own ethnic group.

If we are ever going to dig ourselves out of this hole, arrest our decline and leave behind something resembling a normal and stable society to our descendants, then at some point we are going to have to rise up against this system in sufficient numbers. I would say that on that point all reactionaries no matter what their differences are in agreement. This system is killing us and erasing us in our own lands and our survival as a people is more important than the “American experiment.”

You may have noticed that I haven’t said a word about other races or ethnic groups. I haven’t brought up the Jews or the Yankees. I have no doubt that other racial and ethnic groups will oppose us. They don’t want us organize and assert our identity and interests. Instead, they would prefer to keep us in our present degraded condition, demoralized, warring against ourselves and sidetracked by false messiahs. This speech isn’t really about them though. It is about us and what we ought to be doing in response.

Here are a few suggestions:

1.) It would be really useful if we could implement Christianity and practice sound advice like Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, Love Your Enemies and Turn The Other Cheek. The Gospels were talking about the private enemies we deal with in our everyday lives. The feuds that routinely arise among our brothers on social media are an example of this type of destructive interpersonal conflict.

2.) We need to become more conscious of our own individualism. Instead of emphasizing our differences in order to express our own individual identity, it would be wise to look for the things we have in common and the points on which we can agree and move forward together.

3.) We need to realize that sometimes our own pride creates the obstacles in our path that prevent us from achieving our common goals. We should be willing to let beefs go.

4.) In my experience, it is more important to build human relationships than to emphasize ideological agreement. Ideologies are more fluid than social bonds. That’s why you see so many people migrating from one group to another in our circles. If you want to convert someone to your ideology, the most effective way to do so is to establish a rapport with them. Once you have built that relationship and established trust, you will find that they are much more willing to listen to you.

5.) We need to cultivate personal virtues like courage, humility, honesty, integrity, perseverance and patience. These are the elements of character that really make an individual a good person or a bad person, not the laundry list of -isms and -phobias which are sins against the mainstream media. Correspondingly, we’re held back by our vices like wrath, pride and cowardice.

We’re living through the last days of liberal democracy.

Liberal democracy has been turned the natural order upside down in a modern day Saturnalia. Masters bow to their slaves. Husbands are ruled by their wives. Children wield authority over their fathers. Homosexuality is celebrated as a positive good. Just as Plato said, everything around you is bursting with the spirit of liberty and equality which are taken to greater and greater extremes.

The age we live in has rubbed off on us too. A state of excessive liberty has made us soft, weak and quarrelsome. It has made us cowardly, apathetic and disorganized. Even bedrock traditional institutions like marriage and the family feel like a burden and splinter apart because our culture celebrates self expression and personal choice above all else. We don’t care about honor so much as living a comfortable middle class lifestyle and dying in our beds in a comfortable Florida retirement home.

Can we defeat ourselves?

I think many of us sense deep down in our bones that we need a religious and ideological awakening to throw off this decadence and move beyond the system we have now and this terrible point in our history, not just in the American South, in the United States, but across the entire West. We need to reject the extreme individualism and materialism which are the siren song of liberal democracy. We need to get beyond this idea that liberty and equality and tolerance are the solution to all of our problems. We need to think more about the collective whole. We need remember our ancestors and fight for the future of our descendants. This fight won’t be won in any election, but in our souls.

If we are to survive the 21st century, I really believe that our whole orientation toward life will have to radically change. We will have to become a counter-culture that prizes the collective over the individual and duties and responsibilities to the group above rights. We will have to become far more cohesive, networked, organized and assertive in order to initiate this cultural change. This means going against the current of “mainstream” American culture and the modern world.

I don’t know if this is even possible. I understand that it has to be done because otherwise we will continue to fragment, grow weaker and lose even more control over our lives. Thank you.


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