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Denise Matteau And Her New Youtube Channel -Truth Convoy. She’s At It Again. Her targets are LTC Roy Potter, Dr. Corsi, Unirock and Nathan Stolpman

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 0:03
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Transcript of video:

0:11 – Hello, Denise Matteau here for Truth Convoy 
0:21 – I’ve been poking around the internet trying to get to the bottom of something I’ve got some more disgusting emails…um.
0:31 – Jerome Corsi is running a filthy scam with the help of Nathan Stolpman (Lift The Veil), Unirock and a few other people.
0:47 – He’s now got somebody sending emails to people claiming – the guy that’s sending the emails, claims he’s Jesus….okay? 
1:00 – Q-tubers are supposed to be that mentally unstable, that they are gonna to accept this crap. 
1:08 – And the reason I am connecting this with Corsi is it’s got the entire narrative that is in the Reddit troll Q-hijack.
1:23 – The mess of Christian Zionists idiots.
1:32 – And somehow, somehow, my name was put into their mess. I never had anything to do with them.
1:43 – Natha Stolpman a lying – complete lying Creep and with Unirock on his show not too long ago they both told the lie that I had some kind of conversation, some kind of evangelical crap!
2:07 – Evangelicals are the worst scum of the Earth! They don’t have anything to do with Christianity, especially the ones that are sticking the Zionist flag on their altars, the Lubavitcher pieces of crap. 
2:35 – Now you’ve got this whole movement being run by Steve Bannon’s people. When Steve Bannon was fired from the White House, and yeah I know Trump and Bannon made a little “make nice” show because they didn’t want to divide the community but Steve Bannon, his people are the ones that are running with Corsi.
2:58 – Now you do the research, start by looking, you’re only going to discover Bannon in the background peripherally…okay?
3:08 – The guys a left winger masquerading as a right-winger. When you get as far right as he’s supposed to be you’re in the left. And look at the way, look at his hair, look at the way he tries to look like Michael Moore of all slobs – seriously. 
3:28 – Trump played a game with him because he wanted the votes and he knows most American Conservatives are so damn stupid they fall for that stuff.
3:45 – Corsi, Jerome Corsi is a Wall Street Financial Scam Charlatan who stole over a million dollars, close to two million dollars from about 20 Minnesota investors, did something in Poland just after the fall of the Communist regime when Poland was trying to rebuild itself as a free Country.
4:16 – Corsi, because of his connections in the Catholic Fraternity Fraternal groups the Knights of Malta, the Council For National Policy, you’ll find their idiotic website at CFNP.ORG and if you go there hit the about link and notice that most of the big publications that are giving them praise blurbs for their website are CNN, New York Times, ABC.
5:03 – Do you think for one minute those organizations are gonna praise a genuine conservative organization, or do you think they’re gonna pump a fake puppet organization one that’s designed to embarrass and discredit and exploit the truther movement? Think about it. That’s what Corsi is.
5:32 – Corsi was positioned in Poland to steal all that money and was allowed to get away with it because he was sued by the investors and he lost the lawsuit which means they proved he wrongfully took their money and then he avoided the order from the court to pay it back by moving into his wife’s name and when they tried to get him for criminal level instead of civil after he did that he was let off, he was allowed to keep the money. He was allowed to continue his career as a financial marketer while writing books about John Kerry and Barack Obama on the side and now lately he’s got Killing The Deep State and these books are pretty much designed, I think in Kerry’s case, it was to warn Kerry that if he didn’t toe the line like the good little left-wing slave that he is, they had people who could speak about him.
6:49 – I mean these books that Corsi writes, fine, wonderful, they’re great books, how come he doesn’t do what other writers do and just live off his books? Give lectures and and meetings having to do with his books? Why does he have to go to Alex Jones and work on in the amateur hour of Q tube and reading Q posts?
7:21 – And people I’ve never bothered to follow him. I certainly never had any correspondence with him. I was sent hacked emails. Which Defango proved were hacked and so did Unirock except that Unirock lied afterward. Unirock changed his story and he devoted a whole live stream to slandering and smearing me afterward and he did it for a reason – he’s a suck-up, he’s a lying piece of crap. And the reason he’s doing is they need people like him in position to get all the little trolls in line so that all the gullible’s will think that this is really cool. 
8:09 – And will attack anyone who speaks the truth, that’s why Unirock works with Roy Potter.
8:16 – Now Roy Potter is very interesting because among the things that Roy Potter has done is talk about DNA of Jesus. Roy Potter is teaching his followers that the DNA of Jesus is in certain people in the United States. Corsi is doing the same thing. And what this harkens back to is the massacre the burning alive of 83 women and children in Waco Texas. Roy Potter has put out the claim that David Koresh had the DNA of Jesus. That is a claim designed to attract brainwashed idiots, the kind of people who believe in flat Earth, psyops.
9:23 – The Bible says if you see your brother sin and you keep your mouth shut the sin is on you. I’m not keeping my mouth shut about what’s going on.
9:35 – Now I sent those emails that were sent to me to Defano and Unirock. Defango did a couple of interesting exposes of the emails showing that they’re real, that I could not have faked them because they looked at the code that showed how they were mailed, you can do that you know. There’s a little thing you can click in your Gmail account or in any email account that shows all the code, that’s what IT specialists like Defango look at when they’re trying to decide how vulnerable a system is to what kind what what’s going on is this just a hacking or a phishing thing or spoof. He proved the email was real, it really came from Jerome Corsi’s account. Unirock did the same thing, they were even together in a live dive on it, except that Unirock then went off on his own to slander me try to discredit and twist and spin because Unirock is now in the business of stepping-up as Corsi steps down from being a Q tube cult leader, Unirock is stepping forward and he’s running the same troll gang Roy Potter that’s designed to do two things, not only to discourage people from having an independent look at this stuff but to punish, track down and eliminate the oppostion.
11:14 – And Unirock being the kind of coward he is I mean he spends half his video…disclalimer, apology, nobody who is anywhere near honest spends as much time telling people they’re as honest as he does…okay?
11:33 – I’m distracting from getting to the real meat of this because it’s so disgusting, it’s disgusting, it’s blasphemous, it’s it’s it’s dirty. And it’s not gonna end we have to look at okay, but getting back to those emails, which I was not part of, I received a set of hacked emails. I did not participate in the conversation, Nathan Stolpman (Lift The Veil) is a liar who deliberately told that story which is a lie and Unirock was on there supporting him and smearing me, they are liars, absolute liars and they’re doing it for a reason.
12:30 – They have nothing more, no more no more to do with the truth movement or with truth of any kind! Listen to Unirock try to position himself as somebody who’s gonna be able to proof, he’s trying to be the next Snopes, and the guy is so ignorant, stupid, so absolutely stupid that when he starts going on about Jesuits he actually comes out and says he does not know what a Jesuit is, he thinks it’s somebody who believes in Jesus, he doesn’t even know that the word Jesuit refers to a specific order of Catholic Priests. He probably doesn’t even know that a Catholic Priest is someone who has gone through a certain education and been ordained in a certain kind of ceremony. It’s not just anybody who walks around calling himself a Priest. He probably doesn’t even know that.
13:30 – I’m not defending Jesuits I’m just pointing out when you listen to that guy – don’t listen to him. 
13:37 – The reason he lied about the emails though is that he’s in on the Corsi scam. And don’t go judging people by how friendly they are, he’s got all kinds of people coming in on his shows, these guys are trying to develop channels, they’re going to go in on each other’s shows. Judge the material that comes out for what it is in and of itself and never mind who is presenting it to you, look at what the material is. 
14:13 – Unirock couldn’t lie completely about the emails and when Defango did his shows on those emails he wasn’t talking about me, he talked about the emails and the fact and this is now going to get to the meat of what I’m talking about here with Bannon, Steve Bannon and Jerome Corsi and the scam cult crap that’s going on.
14:42 – The fact is the cult level of that email was this guy trying to talk to me directly, he sent this man – a total stranger sent me the emails originally as Jack and he used a Reddit code of Stonehenge, it’s called Stonehenge – go into Reddit look up Stonehenge and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He used the address that was associated with that account.
15:09 – Defango having been a member of the Cicada group recognized what he was looking at when he saw the Reddit code and I did a video in my main channel called code games, look it up, it’s about the whole thing.
15:29 – The Cicada Q Anon Puzzles was started by a group of programmers that included people who hung around in Reddit and that means it included some bad actors, real bad actors – okay?
15:52 – So I received this email from this guy named Jack trying to sucker me into some kind of conversation and I ignored it and the next thing I knew I received another email that was forwarded to me from Jerome Corsi that had Jack’s same address, the Reddit address in the carbon copy part, or courtesy copy whatever you call it, the cc, the same address instead of calling himself Jack he was now calling himself Q
16:26 – And I was supposed to be suckered into this conversation between other people which was an ignorant parody of what to, the lowest common denominator of evangelical idiots and the kind of of pulp crap that they put out in Christian bookstores okay?
17:00 – The real dumb stuff and they’re having a conversation about it and the guy named Jack, also known as Q is supposed to be talking from his position in Croatia as a diplomat and he’s right up there with President Trump and of course Corsi is always telling people he’s right up there with President Trump.
17:22 – He’s an embarrassment, in fact, I heard he was not even allowed into some kind of public meeting with Trump and he had a hissy fit because apparently, Tracy Beanz got herself some kind of invitation into a meeting and he didn’t he was stopped at the door. 
17:40 – Well I don’t blame them, they probably have his name on a list of people to be stopped because this Steve Bannon movement is the movement that’s trying to tear support away from Trump if Trump doesn’t toe the line and stick with Israel. 
18:00 – The Christian Zionist movement is the Breitbart Steve Bannon movement. It’s a genocidal anti-American movement and they got Trump elected with their efforts so they claim, they feel they did because they thought they could control him and they are finding out they cant. People are thinking he’s under control because the Embassy is now in Jerusalem, but the Democrats wanted the Embassy in Jerusalem they set it up but they didn’t follow through and Trump basically said Ok, I’m going to call your bluff, I’m going to put it there, let’s see what happens next. 
18:44 – And now you’ve got Israel putting up billboards, you’re gonna start seeing them in a lot of youtubes, I just saw a youtube on it. Just put Trump Embassy Jerusalem and you will find them. 
18:56 – Trump make Israel Great and I thought that’s interesting because it looks like it was an order. The way the whole thing is structured is not a celebration of Trump, it’s a warning to Trump. That he’d better toe their line, They’re not controlling him and they know it, they’re scared. The fact that the Embassy has been moved into Jerusalem does not guarantee anything except trouble.
19:32 – But that’s international stuff and I leave that to the people we elect to handle it. I’m just pointing out what’s going on here, the civil war that we face because of the Jewish Community here.
19:47 – The Jewish Community that supports things like the massacre at Waco, okay?
19:57 – You look at Corsi and his Zionism, The American Jewish Community pays for and supports organizations like the that run by Richard Alan Ross.
20:15 – Richard Alan Ross is a Jew, he’s a felon, he got out of jail and his whole history is out there, he tells it himself.
20:26 – He was in jail and the Rabbi, The family’s rabbi came and said how could you end up here? He had actually tried to do some kind of bomb scare on his own family’s jewelry store because they wouldn’t give him what he wanted he was a spoiled brat. And they got him to decide that he saw, and they saw he’s good at trying to scare people coerce people, so they set him up as a professional stalker to go after the little Christian groups that were all over college campuses, The Jews for Jesus the Campus Crusade, all these little cult organizations that go after street converts and he started making a living for himself. All supported with donations from the Jewish community and then they got the big job, they got hired by the Clinton Administration to organize, shoving the Branch Davidians in Waco into their compound and it took weeks of organization, he had to organize bad publicity, he had to troll them, this was before the internet. They were trolling people in person in those days, they still do it in person when they can.
21:47 – Sending people into where they worked and talking to their bosses, warning their neighbors is they weren’t living in a compound but were still out in town, warning their neighbors that this was a dangerous cult person.
21:59 – And of course they are going to move into their compound when that starts up. Lose your job, lose your paycheck and the church says we got a house here our people are moving in together and then you’re hearing horror stories from your colleagues that are in the same org same church group, you begin to develop a siege mentality, it’s all professionally designed.
22:25 – It’s what people like Richard Alan Ross do and they never leave a family alone and they work for politicians like the Clintons. They work for organizations like Scientology.
22:41 – Richard Alan Ross is real big with the Anonymous Collective – OK? 
22:46 – So let’s go back to the Q history, Cicada came out of the Anonymous collective, then it was hijacked. There are different factions in the anonymous collective and a big faction of the anonymous collective is Scientology.
23:03 – It started out claiming it had to use the masks because Scientology stalks people so badly, but that’s not why it uses the masks today.
23:16 – The Anonymous collective is stalking every single truther, it’s a left-wing organization.
23:27 – Now Degango prooved that those Corsi scam emails were coming, that that was a Reddit account in it, that that was a number, it was an AOL account but that that number came out of the Reddit thing.
23:44 – And he’s doing his own thing, he’s exposing the Cicada scam that was going on behind the Q game, which there were two factions and it got took over by was a good bunch that put it together and a bad bunch that took it over Defango got caught in the middle. 
24:03 – So he’s not interested in me, he’s doing his thing about the truth that that’s a scam.
24:09 – Unirock on the other hand, he’s trying to build himself a career, he doesn’t have a real job. Playing games, video games and talking trash that’s his whole job, so he’s building a career and he takes the same email and gets together with Nathan Stolpman to lie to try to discredit me. Well, the emails speak for themselves and they, I didn’t know anything about the history of Reddit, I only knew that it was a place with a bad rep for getting yourself in trouble with with trolls and whatnot and I know I glanced at any of those and it was nothing but filthy trolls, that’s all they are.
24:57 – So, Corsi however, his specialty he’s in the Christian Zionist movement, he’s a fanatic for Zionism. He’s been running Catholic money through scams his whole thing in Poland was stealing money and you know something you don’t steal from a population you support, you steal from a population you’re attacking – Okay? 
25:28 – Corsi is now running the scam on the truther community and the way it’s run is just the same way his colleague, the one that’s in the, see the whole thing the Reddit stuff and the Scientology and the anonymous collective that’s what they do is they run places like like Reddit, the run the 4chan and the 8chan.
25:54 – They run Scientology propaganda, Reptilians and all this other crap, you that coming up out of Anonymous collective direction all the time because Scientology is very good at taking over the opposition. It was founded by a CIA operative. Elron Hubbard was a CIA agent at one point in his life. That’s what it is, it’s open, it’s out there, it’s not even a secret.
26:33 – Now you people think Anonymous is so good, oh they call themselves Anons they must be something, yeah I’ll tell you what they are, they’re jackbooted Nazi’s, they’re trolls and they’ve got the brains of trolls.
25:50 – So Corsi is very successfully running financial scams on Wall Street through Poland through the East Bloc Countries and we’ve got President Trump whose path to the White House was not unexpected, Okay? 
27:10 – President Trump’s Uncle John Trump was up there in the inner circles around Presidents of past generations working on high tech stuff and little Donald Trump growing-up in that family with his father being the builder that he was and you’re talking, know building sky scrappers is not the same thing as the contractor you hire to put an addition on your bungalow, you’re dealing with high tech technology and physics and everything else besides the politics with dealing with different Countries and Cities, so Donald Trump’s father was just as much of a high tech political insider as his Uncle who worked with Tesla.
28:12 – The American Elite is so snobbish and stupid that they attack Trump as being practically the son of a construction worker.
28:24 – What’s very interesting is Steve Bannon was like this with Jared Kushner the Zionist connection. Scratch those words into your search engines scratch Bannon and Kushner, scratch Corsi, Bannon and Kushner. Start looking at what comes up. And then put CNP or CFNP because they use both abbreviations for the same organization, Council for National Policy also look at The Nights of Malta and now let’s look at some timelines.
29:05 – The emails that Defango exposed and Unirock spun came between St. Patrick’s day and March 20th, when I started receiving the Corsi end which was March 20th because the St. Patrick’s Day was the Reddit guy and I looked – what is this Corsi crap is about? I don’t even know really anything about the guy except he is promoted by a lot of people I don’t respect. And I see a March 3rd blurb from Jason Goodman a two-minute interview in which Corsi is just telling people that oh, by the way my email my Gmail accounts there is some kind of fraud activity on it, they don’t say what kind of fraud and they don’t do anything about it. 
30:00 – And Defango notices that’s a very strange…he said even when he saw it without…before I contacted him with my emails he thought, there’s no there, there…I mean this is a two-minute bulletin alert type of video that doesn’t really say anything, but what it was doing was setting people up for the fact that Corsi was going to try to set-up a truther, try to frame at least one truther and there’s probably a few others as well if he could with his own fraud emails. Defango proved that they really did come from him and nobody else and they included conversations that are designed to lead into this crap that I have right here…this guy that’s trying to tell me he is Jesus with ten years military intelligence blah blah blah.
30:56 – He’s referring to the conversations in the emails as if I were a willing participant in any of this. Well, let me tell you something buddy if you were Jesus you’d know that. 
31:10 – And this could be just some damn fool that that listened to Unirock lie about me and listen to Nathan Stolpman put the emails up and then whip’em right right back down after making a complete false statement about what they actually contained knowing that only a tiny minority of people are actually going to go through the links and look at the emails and understand that they are not what Stolpman so skillfully lied, he’s a very skillful liar.
31:41 – Every single one of his that I’ve ever listened to and I don’t go out of my way to listen to any of them but they pop up here and there. You can always tell, anyway…
31:52 – What they’re doing is they’re promoting this idea that and this is something that Roy Potter is in on, Roy Potter is on the Steve Bannon and I was trying to figure out where Roy Potter’s military crap was coming from that he’s got this movement Army fantasy thing on…Steve Bannon, it’s the Steve Bannon Zionist movement that is providing the military the meat for the military fantasies of people like Potter, Motley, Unirock.
32:35 – They’re all running off the same fantasy movement which is run by Breitbart run by Steve Bannon and I’m not criticizing the factual stories that Breitbart has broken over the years or the importance of a voice like Steve Bannon’s actually but the movement of Zionism that Bannon actually did and there’s videos in which he speaks he’s giving speeches shortly after Trump fired him, which he varied with a smile on his face and a lot of compliments for wonderful President Trump he gives veiled warnings that his movement which is highly military is out there and that’s what we face now
33:29 – That’s what we face in the Q takeover, the Truther takeover or the takeover of the Truthers by these charlatans and shills that’s what we’re facing uhm, you’ve gotta go back, search on Bannon and Corsi, search on Corsi and CNP and throw Kushner’s name in there too and you’ll start seeing the articles. I’m not going to spoon fed anybody with the research. 
34:08 – Unirock wants people to get used to the idea that people spoonfeed you, and that way you can be led, instead of recognizing that you need to go to the original and make up your own mind. 
34:27 – Uhm, your gonna start seeing this DNA stuff coming out more and more there are people who are going to be pulling together as they lose their homes for various reasons because you know things like California is going belly up and there’s lots of people that are finding themselves in the street a lot of people are going to be coming over from the mainland from Hawaii because it’s a mess over there right now, and when they’re running around and desperate and getting offers, they’re gonna be getting offers from cult builders
35:03 – And I am returning to my statement that I made before and I’ll make it again that Roy Potter is working on orchestrating a massacre a Waco style stand-off because he’s been promoting the DNA of Jesus crap, he’s been claiming that Dave Koresch was targeted by the government because the government knew he carried the DNA of Jesus, now this is the next psyops, the DNA of Jesus this guy here that is writing on behalf of the Corsi people trying to claim that he is a ten year military veteran, he’s really Jesus come back in that form.
35:50 – And he says, I was undercover as a crane operator, trust me, I only have 22 chromosomes I really am the return of Christ. Now this guy could be a psychopath whose actually been persuaded and don’t put it past a movement that’s as big as what Bannon controls that they don’t have somebody who can set themselves up as a health worker of some kind contacting veterans and finding out whose psychologically vulnerable to this suggestion that he only has 22 chromosomes and that makes him a direct descendant of Jesus mmm? 
36:36 – These people work off databases they’re part of Anonymous Collective, they run discord chats and they fill them with documents, enough real documents that get researchers to believe them and counterfeit documents thrown-in among them, spun documents and they do it entrap, corral, exploit or destroy every human being they come across. And they are paid for, bought and paid for by the American Jewish Community that pays for these people to go after religious collectives and that promotes this stuff, this cult stuff. 
37:36 – And the troll wars are coming out of Reddit, I mean the history is huge, it’s huge and I’m really frustrated that my internet problems and similar problems are just getting in my way of doing a good job on this but I’m gonna put the facts out there even if I’m doing it in a terrible amateur way. So better people than me can look into them and better people than me can do documentaries that don’t even have to refer to me, but start doing documentaries on the CNP history, the Kushner history, the Corsi, Bannon history.
38:23 – And all these people that are going on about Donald Trump being too close to Israel and I agree that that bothers me a lot, but I noticed something in one of the videos that’s now out there about the new Embassy that that’s going up in Jerusalem and there’s going to be some kind of ceremony sometime in the next week or so, the 14th I believe. 
38:45 – Israel has put up billboards that are basically ordering Donald Trump to toe the line. That’s what they’re doing. They’re scared because he’s not really under their control and god bless him I hope he shows us that very soon because what Israel is doing to the Palestinian children is horrific and what the American Jewish Community is doing to the rest of the American Community doing to all the people that it hates, mostly Christians but everyone but everyone else as well when it pays for these cult stalker rings and and thinks it’s a big joke to shove people into a siege mentality, shove us into a ghetto and burn us down because again you’re still angry about World War II.
39:43 – Well why did world war, II happen? Who set that up? Who built those death camps? 
39:52 – I want to tell you something, you scratch the surface and you find out the Jews killed the Jews, that’s what they did. They set it up, but that’s a whole different video. 
40:10 – What they’re doing to the United States today is disgusting and Steve Bannon and his Zionist army, Corsi and his Zionist jackbooted Zion Nazis.
40:30 – I’ve had it up to here, Denise Matteau, god bless you all and have mercy on some, over and out.





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  • Wynter Moon

    She accuses Roy Potter of planning to orchestrate a massacre a Waco style stand-off.

  • The Real Deal

    Royston Potter is a passive-aggressive bullshit artist. This idiot likes to make people think he’s in on some shit and that he works covert ops. He doesn’t. He’s an ex-cop from Utah who was fired for Polygamy, which was is against the law in Utah, and has tried to become internet famous for years.
    This skidmark was excommunicated from the Mormon church, kicked out of the police department, and embellishes his service record & his connections.

    F*ck Roy Potter.

    • Wynter Moon

      So? That’s no excuse to accuse him of planning a massacre. Denise Matteau is a menace to society.

  • The Real Deal

    Christian Zionists are the worst form of dupes on the planet.

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