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Carnival or Corral?

Thursday, November 10, 2016 3:01
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“..Lord, don’t stop the carnival…” – (S. Rollins)

When the carnival passes through town, it’s a holiday, a socially acceptable reason to be legitimately distracted for a couple days.
Then the carnival leaves, there’s a residual sense of excitement or more likely dissatisfaction for a couple more days, then the weight of previously established habitual behaviour once more sets the vibrational tone of the town.

We don’t need carnivals.
Carnivals are those steam-relieving devices that wrongly suggest to folk that they are free, those devices beloved of the Robber Baron – Psycho-Bullies who need things to stay ‘quiet’ so they can take money. – That’s “take”, not ‘earn’ – just like the clever, selfish gangsters they are.

When I say “quiet”, I mean “running along the tracks laid down that offer us the greatest opportunities to control the tracks even more closely and take ever more money”.

The “tracks” of course are only there to move commodities from A to B for material gain and are such that they do not allow for the majority to travel anywhere off-track without a lot more effort and trouble. – This is the key.
How it is done is to create a less uncomfortable way to get to somewhere that people might not have even wanted to go, but you make the journey comfortable with little need for thought or discomfort and once they get there, your victims “make the best of it”.

This is the way the Robber Baron-Psycho-Bullies get sheep to go to those places or along those routes, which allow them to be fleeced most easily. A co-operative sheep means easier profits and a constant source of meat and wool – but only for the farmer and his customers.

Looks like a farm, smells like a farm…

The human population, it must by now be clear to see for anyone who bothers to look, has become a sheep farm.
I used to run a sheep farm on 500 acres and I can categorically state that the above analogy is sound.

Sheep & Humans
By way of clarification –

  1. Sheep are not informed that they are being looked after in order, at a future date, to be slaughtered for the material benefit of the farmer and his/her customers.
  2. They have no idea at all; they are completely in the dark about that.
  3. The farmer needs to own or control a certain minimum amount of land and water – actually the more the better, in order to farm the sheep.
  4. The sheep, although they live on the land all their brief lives, never actually own it.
  5. Sheep are generally permitted to experience relatively safe, free access to open grazing – but actually they are always penned in and always have a farmer-determined shelf-life.
  6. Sheep are given enough food and drink. In Winter, perhaps a salt-block supplement and access to shelter in extreme weather, perhaps just enough warmth from a heat lamp, but only enough so that the cash-flock is not lost.
  7. Breeding is controlled. Most of the male young are gelded.
  8. Euthanasia is practiced in all animal farming. Old breeding ewes are slaughtered for mutton. Old breeding rams are also killed when they begin to represent a negative equity or create trouble by fighting with a younger brood ram. All rams outlive their usefulness, as soon as they do, they are slaughtered.
  9. Sheep are only allowed to exist in such large numbers, so long as they are useful in large numbers to their farmers and their customers.
  10. When large numbers of sheep are no longer needed by the farmer and his customers, the excess sheep representing negative equity (a drain on resources – time, money, effort) are slaughtered.

Why has the human species become a sheep farm?
It is not an adaptation. It has not simply “become” a sheep farm.
There exist certain types of ‘humans’ – selfish and absent empathy – who regard human beings as essentially no different than sheep, so why not?

The Robber Barons behind the farming agenda, function not according to compassion or Conscience, but as a result of compulsions. Ipso facto, there is no possibility for a reasoned discussion around the relative negatives and positives of an initiative to farm human beings. Compulsion is by its nature, non-reflective, non-discursive.
This compulsion is a perversion (an extreme manifestation) of the very necessary, very fast pre-conscious mechanism identified over twenty years ago – the Discomfort Avoidance Imperative, which is the #1, pre-eminent adaptive mechanism developed to optimise aversions to any and all forms of harm and the subsequent increased chance for avoidance of physical destruction.

Humans, like sheep, are susceptible to being used as farm produce, due to their similarly ignorant (not stupidity, just a lack of information) levels of understanding around life and death, more of which later.
Also, due to similar levels of attachment to, or identification with their physical forms, namely, their bodies.
Sheep have no access to this information because they are sheep and do not possess the biology necessary  to meaningfully process that information.

Humans, however, are in a more interesting situation.
Humans have the possibility to process more and different information, but – like sheep (which believe they have free access to open grazing, whereas they are constantly penned-in and controlled) – Robber Barons have conspired, like good farmers, to keep humans in the dark regarding certain of their possibilities; which, should humans choose to act on the same, would make it impossible for the Robber Baron farmers to continue to use human efforts and lives as a cash crop.

As can be easily seen with the sheep, if those sheep were aware that they were being bred, fed and sheltered ONLY to be slaughtered at a time and place of convenience for the farmer and his customers, those same sheep would very immediately begin to escape their pens and distance themselves from the farmer and his evil influence.
This would be bad for the farmer. What would he do? What would he next vampirise with the sheep all gone?

Only if the farmer diversified into other or more subtle kinds of “farming technology “ (i.e. cash crops) would it make some sense to allow the sheep to find their individual and collective fates away from his control. (Of course they might also think it easier simply to butcher the flock and cold-storage the resulting material)

If the farmer has no such alternative technology, he needs to make sure that the sheep at all costs do not ever wake up to the reality of their fate at his hands.
With sheep, this is very easily achievable, even for the most stupid sheep farmer.

With humans, consistently greater and more intelligently diverse efforts must always be made in order to maintain control not only over the physical bodies of the humans, but, more importantly, over the information to which they have access.

Sheep are easily distracted and easily mollified.

Humans, sadly, are also currently easily distracted.
The root mechanism underpinning and informing any and all efforts consciously made by Robber Barons in order to distract humans from engaging with information which would change understanding and de-rail their human farming industry, is the aforementioned Discomfort Avoidance Imperative.

The previously mentioned relationship between a) the farming of human efforts and lives and b) information around life and death is due to this: that Robber Barons, being able to employ, coerce or bully more intelligent people than they to analyse their evil ‘business model’, have taken advice and subsequently arrived at an understanding that in order to maintain human ignorance and compliance with their fleecing organization, then humans – their cash-flock – must have their thoughts controlled in much the same manner as sheep-thoughts are in their own manner similarly organically limited.

Now, this does not mean that humans be allowed to think anything they like and then later, those thoughts are arranged for them to arrive at a certain perception helpful to the fleecing process – No. This will not work.
No – what needs to be done is that certain thoughts and processes of analysis must be made literally un-thinkable for the vast majority of the cash-flock. Just like for sheep.

This is easier than one might initially imagine.
So long as Discomfort Avoidance – as the #1, pre-eminent adaptive mechanism developed to optimise aversions to any and all forms of harm and the subsequent increased likelihood for avoidance of physical destruction – remains as an unidentified, pre-conscious compulsion and so long as humans’ experience and understanding of their greater spiritual possibilities is kept from them, the Robber Barons farming can continue.
Put simply, when humans begin to understand and embody (N.B. Without action, faith is useless) the information that their physical bodies and the Discomfort-Avoidance-driven compulsion to identify with and invest in their physical world (although wholly necessary up to a point) is a red herring, if it is not tempered with more complete information about their more subtle possibilities regarding their true nature and innate, developmental birthright.

When they begin to understand and practice the reality that what we are, has a more subtle and separate existence from the physical body, which exceeds and progresses on at the point when the physical body ceases to function; when this is an embodied understanding, then the “death” meme begins to be recognised for the misinformation it is and all the many and various forms of fear-based distraction (all based upon Discomfort Avoidance, chiefly due to the misleading “death” meme) no longer hold such a powerful, compulsive influence over what is comfortably thinkable or uncomfortably un-thinkable.

So far as reducing bio-physiological possibilities for analytical thought, as things are now, it is relatively easy to maintain conditions of fear through the creation and mainstreaming of various kinds of physical threat – war, violence, environmental disaster, immigration, hostile occupation, food shortage, health anxieties, employment & financial worries, ET invasion.

Fear = heightened suggestibility = reduced analytical capability.

This is why soldiers all get shouted at in “training” (AKA mind-controlling).

This is why a whole field of sheep can be controlled by one man and a trained dog.

Imagine for a moment, what would happen if the sheep were all sat down and appraised of the analytical method of the Trivium. Imagine if they all became proficient in its application…

[1] General Grammar

(Answers the question of the Who, What, Where, and the When of a subject.) Discovering and ordering relevant facts comprises basic, systematic Knowledge.

[2] Formal Logic

(Answers the Why of a subject.) Developing the faculty of reason in establishing valid [i.e., non-contradictory] relationships among & between facts; systematic Understanding.

[3] Classical Rhetoric

(Provides the How of a subject.) Applying knowledge and understanding expressively comprises Wisdom or, in other words, it is systematically useable knowledge and understanding.

The Trivium is virtually unknown today. School curricula go nowhere near it.
I wonder why?

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