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Do These 17 Things if You Want to Live- America Is Dead, You Don’t Have to Die too- Last Warning!

Saturday, July 16, 2016 13:08
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Serial criminal Hillary Clinton walks free. There is no justice in America.

MS-13 is here to kill police officers. 

We allow George Soros’ terorrist organizations like BLM to walk free and spew their hatred whille they glorify the murder of police officers. 

The FBI director oversaw money laundering operations from the cartels and terrorist groups while serving on the board of HSBC bank. 

Trump appointed a globalist to be his VP. Pence has supported every trade agreement.

These are just a few of the calamties that have taken place within the past week.

Make America great again? We should be asking if can even save America and is it worth saving. 

Well, you are worth saving. While your country is dying, you do not have to be. Circle the wagons it is time to think about number one, that would be you.  How are you going to survive these calamities? There are 17 things you should be doing right now to stem the tide of your demise.  

Do These 17 Things Now

1. Create a Fake-Identity

It may be necessary to become invisible in the event you think you believe that your name could be on a (Red) list because roundups will usually occur in dire situations. Therefore, the creation of a pseudo-identity could become very important.

2. It Takes Money to Prepare

I have committed much effort, time and resources illustrating how a coming economic collapse is unavoidable and how the elite have conspired to steal as many of your assets as possible prior to the collapse. There are some common sense things one can do which could increase the chances of surviving a major societal meltdown resulting from an economic collapse. If you have any doubts as to what is coming, I strongly encourage you to read what I have written about on this topic over the past several months. Ray Charles could see that our economy will not be around much longer in its present form. Your can read these stories hereherehere, here, herehere, herehere, here, here, here,herehere and here.

If you have read the articles at the above links, you should have concluded that it is the height of stupidity to leave your life savings in an institution that is planning to steal from you. You need to divert your cash, other than the ability to pay basic bills, in preparation for what is coming.

Getting your money out of the bank has become an art form and you need to be careful.  In a future article, I will be revealing steps you can take in order secure your money from the institutions that are presently holding you hostage.  I cannot promise you that you will be able to retrieve all of yourassets. However, I can promise you that if you do not act, you will lose everything and you will lack needed supplies to weather what is coming.

I would strongly suggest that you keep your gas tank filled and you have plenty of cash, food and ammunition on hand. It is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Make a List and Check It Twice

Buy a good prepper book. Holly Deyo is an excellent source for this information ( In the interim, procure your food, water, guns, ammo and home security adjustments.  If you do not have a big dog, consider obtaining a pair. These animals will be your companion, home security system and ally if someone attempts to breach your home with bad intent. Of course, you will have to store dog food as well.

Sit down and construct a list of what you will make a complete list after reading a good prepper book.

Make all of your purchases in cash! You do not want to let the wrong people know what you are up to.

4. Rural Vs. Urban

We have to live our lives for today and it may not be possible to move to a rural area because of your job. However, one survivalist that I was speaking with estimates that the rate of survival for a country in economic chaos would be 10 times higher for rural residents as opposed to urban residents. Consider buying a place in an isolated area and commuting to work in the interim.

5. Pay Off Your Mortgage

If you have a CD, a 401k or any other long-term investment, you might want to consider taking the penalty and executing a withdrawal and apply what’s left of the principal, usually about 50% of the original value, and paying down your major debts.The key word here is “consider”. Because nobody can accurately predict the time frames of these kinds of events, one has to judiciously decide for themselves what is the best course of action.

After an economic collapse, you most likely will not have a job and your retirement and savings will likely be wiped out and confiscated. That is why it would be wise to pay down your debt while you can afford to do so because after the collapse, there will still be foreclosures and repossessions and if you and your family survive, you could be on the street if you cannot pay your bills.

6. Buy Gold and Silver While You Can Afford It
Goldman Sachs has been shorting gold. By his actions, George Soros has been telling you to get out of the markets, cash and the American banks. Soros and the rest of the criminal elite have been hording gold as have the BRICS. These entities are telling you, by action, what medium of exchange is going to be of value following the collapse that is coming.

Storing gold and silver is an economic survival strategy which will pay dividends after the smoke begins to clear in the post-collapse era.



7. Practice Austerity Before the Banks Impost Austerity On You

It is critical to immediately eliminate all unnecessary expenses. Give yourself some operating capital. You may be able to purchase a bug-out residence in a rural area. You will certainly be able to afford more survival gear.

In order to increase your immediate cash flow, start an at-home business. Start a business which has virtually no upfront and startup costs.  Even if you are not able to generate much income, you will create a legal tax evasion strategy in which you can legally deduct many of your present activities and expenses (e.g. mileage, the purchase of any office supply, etc.) including survival gear.

8. Create and Store Your Own Food

 With regard to storing food, you need to do so immediately. I recommend storing two years worth of food. However, you need to master the art of growing food inside your home. There are plenty of resources which can teach you how to do that. However, you would be wise if you would create a hiding place in which you can store food and water safely in a hidden location.  If you are ever robbed, you will not have exhausted your food supplies.  You are most likely to be robbed by FEMA or one of their mercenary groups (e.g. Academia) during the beginning of the crisis because food and water will be used as weapons to control you. I am personally aware of FEMA going to selected homeowners in order to track a family’s reserve food and water supplies. Remember, water is sunlight and temperature sensitive. There are plenty of prepper manuals that you can consult for instructions on how to meet these needs.

The biggest threat to survival is death due to dehydration and starving to death.  Contaminated water will also pose a threat. There are plenty of places to purchase large drums and obtain water tablets for water purification purposes.  Obtain a pair of water filters in case you have to go mobile to survive.

Finally, learn to grow your own food within your residence. Your garden will likely be raided by humans and hungry animals alike. There are plenty of prepper manuals which can teach you how to accomplish this task.

9. Personal Supplies

Of course you will need toothpaste, toiletries, eating utensils, etc. For a complete list of personal items see Steve Quayle’s list on his website.

10. Stockpile Medicines and Medical Supplies

 If you or your family has a chronic health condition, it is critical that you have 6 months to a year in medicine. Also, you should research natural alternatives to treatment for health conditions in case you are not able to meet this goal due to the inability to obtain prescriptions. Don’t forget to obtain some pain medication and antibiotics in case of unforeseen emergencies.  Make a trip to Mexico and sneak across medication in old pill bottles in order to escape detection by the Border Patrol who will ask you if you obtained medication in Mexico when you come back across the border.

If you can safely ration your existing medication doses, do so and store the excesses. Make sure you also have a first aid kit. Take a First Aid class including CPR at your local fire station. Do not forget your hygiene supplies.

Some are thinking that this is a lot of work. My response would be, how bad do you want you and your family to survive?

11. Guns and Ammunition

darpa gun behind grass Yamamoto-Japanese-AdmiralRegardless of your moral convictions, ask yourself if you want your family to survive.

Buy your guns off the books from private parties and at gun shows.

“Keep guns for show and guns for go”. In other words, have a safe location that you can bury guns so that when gun confiscation begins, you will not be left totally defenseless.

America needs to not only create safe and secure homes, but to create as many Warsaw ghettos as possible (look it up). We need to make ourselves a hard country to conquer and occupy. We cannot  stop a treasonous leader from handing off the country to some foreign entity (e.g. the UN). However, occupation of America should be problematic for the blue-helmet wearing Russians, Chinese and other proxy forces training on our soil to occupy us.

It is recommended that you have 3 types of weapons: (1) pistols for close in fighting; (2) shotguns for defense of the entrance to your home; and, (3) a rifle with a scope in order to fight back against long-range snipers that do not want to storm your home because you appear to be prepared. Immediately, obtain weapons instruction for you and your family, firearms training and then practice!  Conduct mock raids on your residence so that you can see your vulnerabilities. An armed populace makes a people more feared by an abusive government. If I had not gun training at all, I would opt for a shotgun with regard to home defense.

Do not forget about gas masks for each member of your family and make sure to store extras. If you have the means to obtain body armor, do so now, because Congress is preparing to outlaw the private use of body armor.


 12. Obtain Night Vision Equipment

If your family is located in a fixed location, the challenges of defending your property go up exponentially at night because you cannot see
where the threat is coming from. Night vision equipment is not cheap, but your family is literally defenseless without it after the sun goes down.


13. Prepare to Survive in the Raw Elements and Build a New Culture for Your Family

It is possible that you can learn to survive in the raw elements without heating and central air conditioning. You may not have lights. Obtain flashlights, many batteries and a hand crank radio. Make sure you have clothes befitting all weather that you may encounter because a crisis that begins in January, may not be over by August.

Take a weekend and pretend the grid is down. This will allow you to see firsthand what supplies you will need. When should you perform this drill? There is no time like the present. Also, take a camping weekend where you simulate having to “bug out”.

To people with generators, congratulations on your foresight. However, if you are the only house on the block with lights, how long do you think it will be until you have unwanted visitors with bad intent?

Don’t forget about procuring non-electronic forms of entertainment. This should include board games and educational materials for your children. You will want to establish some normalcy for the sake of your children. You are preparing to adopt a new way of life. Make the new life worth living.

I would also recommend that every personal library contain The Constitution of the United States. After the chaos subsides, we will need to rebuild. You will not want to live in a “might makes right” society.

14.  Prepare Yourself Physically

If you are on the run, you may have to travel up to 20 miles per day. Get in shape, begin to walk, jog or run. The better shape you are in, the better.

Take self-defense classes. Many of these classes are offered free of charge at churches and community centers.

Practice shooting on a regular basis. If you can afford it, take gun safety and shooting lessons.

15. Do Not Tell Anyone

enemy of the state preppersIf your four adjacent neighbors broach the topic of preparedness, gauge the situation and then make an informed decision. If your neighbors are on board with preparing, that will help you form a defensive perimeter and a mutual alliance pact. Otherwise, tell nobody of your preparation plans. Do not tell your friends, family members, and co-workers. Make your preparations in cash or cashier’s checks as much as possible. Limit the paper trail to you. You do not want the government to know that you are prepared because you could be the first one on your block that is visited at 3AM. You and your mate should prepare in stealth. Kids talk and so do their friends.

Once you have your allies established, begin to trade and barter because the existing system may not be available for much longer.

16.  You Need to Become the Neighborhood Nut Because There is Safety In Numbers

conspiracy theory alert Never offer what you are doing to prepare or how far along you are with your preparations. However, you will need allies because you cannot guard your property 24/7/365.  So, how do  you recruit neighbors to become your allies without telling them what you are up to? Simple, with each neighbor that is convinced and understands what is at stake, you should feign ignorance and act as if you and your neighbor are learning prepping together. Teach your awake neighbor how to prepare. You will need allies to help protect your family and resources and it is not likely that you can do this alone.


Survival is never guaranteed, salvation is! And do not forget one of your most important resources, your Bible.


There is a time to stop talking and to start doing. That time would be now. The economy is going to collapse, the only question is when. Of course if fail to prepare, this administration will be all to happy to lend you a helping hand.

 On March 27, under the auspices of DHS, Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I took this as a personal declaration of war against the American people.

On March 27, 2015, under the auspices of DHS, Special Operations forces practiced political dissident extraction drills in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I took this as a personal declaration of war against the American people. This image should motivate you to prepare.

May good fortune and God’s blessings follow all with regard to what is coming. Please prepare while you still have time.

 Three hots and a cot.

Three hots and a cot await those who do not prepare.



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  • Pink Slime

    Let US pray this all happens after the negro is gone and not BEFORE. If it happens before then you have no government, you will only have a negro-in-control when we need someone QUALIFIED and LEGAL to believe in.

    • The Real Deal

      He’s not a negro you ignoramus. He’s Mulatto… Half white and half black. You could just as easily call him white, but then that wouldn’t fit in with your racism towards black people. Your name fits you well.



        Is that like a Mud Duck? Or is a Mud Duck like a pure Moulinyan? And while we’re at it, is a Mamaluke also a Mulatto? Or is that a Malamute. And is Mayate Spanish for Mulatto, or is Mulatto already Spanish?

        Ooof Madon. This racism thing sure gets confusing.

    • PeoplePower



      7/21/16: ORDO AB CHAO
      •2+0+16=18=”666″& 9 =”CHAOS”
      •(21)=”777″ number of destruction & deception.

      MDC=1600, CLX=160, XVI=16;
      •The 16′s above added & multiplied together =”777″ & “666″.
      •1+7+7+6=21=3 &”777″

      “1776 is the Beginning year in which man is placed above God through exceeding sinfulness of sin.” -Illuminati

      “777″ is important b/c the Antichrist will use this number to deceive nonbelievers into thinking he is the messiah.

      Seven is also used w/ respect to judgment from the book of Revelation. The sequence of the 7 seals, the 7 trumps and the 7 bowl judgments.

      “3″ representing the Holy Trinity. Number 3 associated w/ the triangle by its geometrical form & perceived as the Eye of God in the center of pyramid on the fiat dollar.

      These luciferian psychopaths make a mockery of everything. The world is their STAGE. They’re “Free” & we’re their “Mason’s”.

  • Lucy

    You’re talking to wealthy people. As for the rest of us the best we can hope for is our animal instinct to return to us. See if mother nature will take us in.
    For me it is better to die on my feet than crawling around trying to hang on to the fringes of a defunct system.

  • fubo

    What differencedoes it make if you pay your house off if you can’t pay the fucking taxes?

    • Bradley Dueringer

      Your rent to the government is benignly called “property tax”. Some areas of the country have the property tax as high as your mortgage payment (the Latin for Mortgage means “death agreement”).

      The constitution says we have the right to life, liberty and property… The founding fathers must have had shoes, clothing, tools and nick nacks in mind, because you don’t own your land or your house…..those we must rent from government.

      This is a issue the patriot community needs to remedy.

      I have a friend from Syria. He came to America for education about 15 years ago. I asked him how much his dad payed in property tax on his olive farm……I was shocked when he said there was no property tax….”we actually own our land”

      Land of the free ….my a__!…..we have 5% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s prisoners and we don’t even own our land and homes… a lot more …..

      • Jacko

        “your” house isn’t even yours but the banks.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    Frankly, if things actually end up getting that bad, I for one have no desire to live in such a cesspool of a world. Things already suck bad enough now, so if they truly get that unbearable I have some razor blades, a bottle of barbs, and some Jack Daniels with my name on it.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      (…ofcourse, with my luck someone would end up breaking into my apartment and stealing them before I had a chance to put them to good use).

      • Morgana Le Fay

        There, I found another thing you can add to your list: If you plan on killing yourself during such an event, HIDE YOUR SUICIDE STASH if it involves pills, liquor, and anything else of that nature looters might want.

      • Morgana Le Fay

        Also, just a thought…in the event of a full-blown economic collapse, I don’t think you’re going to have to worry about the banks being able to repo your house or take you to court over unpaid bills. You’re more likely to have to worry about defending your house from brigands.

        • deano

          Im hearing ya sister….its depressing….with the hope of eventually dying & get to sing with all the Pedo priests & miracle saints for all eternity…..
          You & the sisters are our only HOPE. This is why there are NO women in the Vatican Heirarchy…..they are scared of you Lot

          A sinful woman that ate a bad apple?..A mother(virgin?) that sheds tears of Blood?
          A woman that is turned to salt?….An Arab women gets kicked out of Ibrums tent?
          Prostitutes & Whores?

          It seems women arent portrayed that well in the good book…Chrestus doesnt have a wife & neither does god(apparently their celibate too)
          To have a giggle and cheer yourself up , take a few mins & Look @ old images/photos pre-1970 at Catholic NUNs

          Is this what Transfiguration, Transcendence, Transform,or Transgression is :wink:

  • Jango

    Yes, these things will prolong our life here on earth for a short time longer, but the Most Important thing to do to Live is this: Get down on your knees and ask Jesus to forgive your sins and invite him into your life. Then begin to live for him by reading your Bible, praying, and going to a good church. You will need all this to survive. Then, even if you are killed, you will still go to be with the Lord. Otherwise, you will not. This is not my opinion, this is what Jesus told us. More at

    • plsnogod

      listen you jesus-impersonator,i think you are also ‘concious soul’, because you both keep copy-pasting the same crap that we have to scroll through.

      you are a very weak human being. most people face up to the realities of the world,and do their best for their loved ones.

      you just loll back in an armchair and piously pout that the ‘lord’ will solve all your problems. just ‘trust in him’ LOL.

      best of luck with that buddy…

    • Madtingo

      In the meantime give yourself a good chuckle by watching Monty Python’s “The Life Of Brian” movie. It’ll get me through the Apocalypse for sure (God’s a funny guy!).

  • tonyw

    i think you have all “lost it” , silver , cash may have some very limited use in the end term…if you are still able to get to it..I you do not have it in your hand or buried somewhere..forget you even have some.. WE talk like it is going to be tough for a few months then things will suddenly spring back to normal (sort of)..I do not think this will happen…it will be dog eat dog because the government will be hidden deep in its bunkers while we on top are trying to survive raids, rape, pillage, death, and any other word you can fit in…….no..look to …food, warmth and a roof over your head is all that matters…you cannot eat gold.or silver (although colloidal silver may be useful)…In the end producing food and shelter will be the only important thing …all this gold and silver bull*hit will not keep you alive.. this is just the rich thinking they can maintain their position in the food chain by lording over the survivors with these riches trying to get your food from you…you will end up with all their gold and silver if you can supply food, shelter and the basics (toilet paper sanitaries)…this is called prepping. Things will not be ok in the future if you expect to return to today’s lifestyle. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

  • tatsmaki

    General cleaning by the Creators of Earth under evil plutocratic slave rule is imminent
    ―NY, Washington DC and CA State sink into the sea as well as British islans, Japanese islands, Moscow, S.Petersburg, Chinese East and South
    July 11, 2016
    The Creators gave everything gratuitously. However, the Earth turned into the planet of evil, corrupt, frequent crimes, frequent endless wars under the tyrannical plutocratic slave rule civilization of capitalist system, which is hostile to the Creators. In result the general cleaning of the Earth is staged near.
    The US East including NY, Washington DC and CA State sink into the sea in the first half of September, 2016, then, Britain island of GB and Japanese islands sink into the sea in the second half of September, 2016. EU cocuntries suffer the annihilative hits by the 100m tsunami from British islands sinking into the sea. The East and the West of China also sink into the sea. And Moscow, under which exists the large sea, and S.Peterburg of Russia also sink into the sea.
    These depend on realization of sweeping remained evil conservative reactional beings and ditto-8 (8 is being in charge of Earth) after the evil force in the countless upper rank control world of the Creators’ Space blocks control world was swept by the higher rank Creators.
    The measures on their sweep have been delayed due to their furious resistance. It was seen that their sweep will be realized on July 11, 2016, but it didn’t be realized due to their furious resistance. It will be realized by enhancement of abilities of the high rank Creators.
    This article was published on the basis of the approval by the Creators with the aim to inform Earthlings above written information on general cleaning of Earth.

    • James Phoenix

      So many words and so little meaning…

  • Eggzactly

    Pay off my mortgage? When SHTF that will probably be the last thing anyone worries about.

  • Anonymous

    No one is going to live anywhere on this earth when this is over. Why do you think you are special and will survive/ Why would you want to survive, the true believer knows he does not belong here.

  • Mosely

    Full coverage of the RNC – Republican National Convention

  • Pepper22

    ……or you can just forget about your list completely, and get saved by the Lord Jesus Christ. He was crucified on the cross for you. Anyone and everyone!

  • Mica Molecule

    There’s a contradiction – #17 Prepare spiritually and pray! #11 Buy guns to defend yourself! If you really are living by God’s Spirit you will find out exactly where, how, who and when to escape the coming destruction. But if you don’t apply the Key of Knowledge to discover the secret strategy, hidden in the Scriptures, like treasure buried in a field, than you will not survive even with 100 of the best guns. These are the secrets of the Kingdom and only the wise will understand.

  • Pinto Beans

    The first and most important item you must have to make your ideas work is money. That alone with eliminate most likely 99% of your readers leaving just 1%. OH WAIT!

  • Armed&Friendly

    The Russians and Chinese don’t want to “occupy” the USA. they just want to defend themselves from the NATO/ jew-bankster warmongers. figure it out…

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