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I’m the Messiah

Thursday, May 12, 2011 5:17
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                      I’m the Messiah



I, Geir Smith, am the Messiah because, despite all my tries to convince people to do this in my place, I’ve never found one single person to do it: spread on TV, radio, Internet, in the media, newspapers etc… the fact that, on the day of Obama’s victory newspaper issue, on Page 2, the lottery drew 666 – which is the Antichrist’s number. I’m alone. Find me one person who’s doing it and he’ll be the messiah. You can’t find even one.

Signs of the Apocalypse are quickly manifesting: 1. War in North Africa and the Middle East 2. Threat of generalized nuclear radiation by thicker and thicker smoke rising from Fukushima – and a predictable explosion and general contamination of the planet; 3. the Closure for Obama (the Antichrist) of all hope of reelection, by the pressure put on him, which requires him to produce his birth certificate; 4. the Clear Proof that this new certificate is a fake, tested by experts.

The 4 Forerunning Signs of the Revelation of the Antichrist, which I alone am carrying out, – with no one helping me – are thus clear to be seen by each and all. This revelation of the mark of the Beast of the Antichrist, 666, is thus under way of being carried out by this article, presently.

You as well, become a messenger of the Truth too, fast.

Link to Harold Camping who announces the Apocalypse on May 21, 2011 (next week):

and to the Westboro Baptist Church who say Obama’s the Antichrist also:

Link to Franklin Graham who says Obama’s the Antichrist:

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  • Anonymous

    “I, Geir Smith, am the Messiah because, despite all my tries to convince people to do this in my place, I’ve never found one single person to do it.”

    You’re the Messiah because you lack interpersonal skills? (The last time I talked to you you were telling everyone they were going to burn in hell because they were Obama spies and faggots.) I don’t think that’s how it works. You’ve failed because you hate people too much, not because you are secretly Jesus.

  • Wyt Raven

    Oh no, not another messiah! That makes seven I have come across in the past five years!
    What is it with you Christian fruitcakes???

  • King of Shambhala

    I’m not Christian, I follow Kalachakra, the world’s highest form of culture: Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, because it has sexual yoga in it’s Tantrism

  • King of Shambhala

    Interpersonal skills?
    You mean lying?
    I’m a failure at lying.

    Obama demons and faggots?
    Is there anything you’re trying to tell me?
    I’m sure you’re that a crap-smeared-dick and deny you’re an Obama demon that’ll burn in the lake of fire and brimstone of the Bible.
    Or you have miracle-powers that can preserve you from cause and effect feedback.
    I’d say supporting Satan Obama will land you in hell for all eternity.

    You “don’t think that’s how it works”. That makes you a false christ. No one knows how the truth works it hits like lightning and thos claiming they know are false christs.

    So shut up just shut up.

    You didn’t find that one person who’s spreading the news of 666 I speak about and who’s the messiah.

    You failed.

    I’m the sole person spreading the news in the world and not you.

    You are not the messiah you’re the false christ.

    I’m not messiah because of being it, but because there’s no default messiah doping my work for me.

    The Obama demons here are not the messiah no fukking way. They’re pieces of trash Royale.

    Jesus? I’m the King of Shambhala, get your damned head around that u fukker, and that’s Kalachakra to you.

    Go back your cave you moronic asshole and the rock you crawled out from under is calling you batcrap.

  • Anonymous

    So, uh, yeah, that’s what I mean about lacking “interpersonal skills”. The reason nobody is spreading your word is because you are aggressively rude to everybody.

    Here are 17 million Google results for other people spreading the word of Obama/666: – happy now?

  • King of Shambhala

    Go burn in hell demon

    Fukushima is smoking

    The Apocalypse is coming for Obama

  • alexk

    hi geir was just talking to you on blogtv and asked if you wanted me to forward your chain mail but you shut down and said “no one is here” what did you mean

  • King of Shambhala

    i don’t speak to demons bec u’reheaded for hell

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha, wow, someone tries to help you out, takes the time to leave you a message here, and you tell them to go to hell?

    This is why nobody is interested in helping you, Geir. I guess if you’re now operating on the heuristic of “if nobody helps me then I am the Messiah, therefore I will tell everybody in the world to go to hell, therefore nobody will help me, therefore I can keep telling myself I’m the Messiah” then you’ll be happy, though, right?

  • King of Shambhala

    go to hell and burn a long time false christ

  • King of Shambhala

    Franklin Graham, WBC and Harold Camping’ll all go straight to hell like arrows

    They don’t spread the news Obama’s the Antichrist BECAUSE OF 666

    They’ve forgotten what the BIBLE SAYS “666 announces the Revelation and Apocalypse”

    Everybody who doesn’t listen and spread the same message as me will go to hell like arrows

  • Anonymous

    Arrows don’t have souls.

  • King of Shambhala

    straight to hell with no error

  • Anonymous

    I thought Westboro were your friends? Have you abandoned them according to your “if everyone hates me and I hate everyone, I must be the Messiah” plan?

  • King of Shambhala

    everybody who says the lottery is not heaven’s sign will burn the whole 7 billion people on earth says Bible

  • Anonymous

    Everyone except you, huh. Is this “Bible” of yours written in crayon, maybe?

  • King of Shambhala

    yes, only me, I’m spreading the news of 666 no one is doing it in the world or that person would be the messiah

  • King of Shambhala

    wbc, graham, camping better get on the 666 message or burn fast now

  • Anonymous

    But if anybody “gets on the message”, you’ll stop being the Messiah, Geir, and you wouldn’t want that.

    Perhaps you could rant impotently about how they should “get on the message”, on a blog news site that none of them are reading, instead of contacting them directly. Or, wait, is that what you’re doing?

  • King of Shambhala

    >But if anybody “gets on the message”, you’ll stop being the Messiah, Geir, and you wouldn’t want that.>

    And that’s a sad thing for you you idiot?

    Well like usual you’re stupid and ugly.

    For them to become the messiah and out me, they’d have to have been carrying this burden like me, for three and half years of Obama’s rise to power.

    YOU can’t find fault in me.

    Yes, I welcome anyone taking this burden on themselves because I’m, as is true, a reluctant messenger of this crap, which is Christian and I don’t give a basic fig about. I follow Kalachakra of TIBET, not Jesus.



    But the hanger-ons who join up in this late hour are NOT THE MESSIAH, I AM.

    I’ve nurtured my pain for three and a half painful years of looking at this fraud and liar Obama, the Antichrist-Satan.

    No one has suffered like me. They’d croak immediately if they did.

    They’re now constituting the Army of Truth of the Apocalypse.

  • Anonymous

    It makes no difference to me whether or not you think you are the Messiah, it just seems odd that you are gleefully happy about being the Messiah, but also very keen to find the *real* Messiah so that you can stop being him.

    On a different note, I find your use of the term “Messiah” offensive.

  • King of Shambhala

    stupîd ugly did i tell you you’re stupid and ugly

    I search for some real messiah because i know there is none

    I’m not stupid I’ve been searching for anyone to carry this christian crap message for three and a half years

    I’m the messiah by DEFAULT

    No one is OUT THERE

    FInd him assholes!

    I didn’t find him and searched for three and a half years

    People dissolved like sand between my fingers whenever I showed them the pics of the 666 lottery draw in the newspaper

    they just clammed up for good

  • Anonymous

    I am taking it as read that everyone in the world is stupid and ugly, except for Geir Smith who is clever and handsome. Is that how it works?

    Did you find the Tooth Fairy? If not, I guess you are the Tooth Fairy.

  • King of Shambhala

    whatever now burn crap-smeardick ok

  • FouGeir

    If Geir didn’t post about Obama and 666 three and a half years Obama would not fall and the world would fall into the Antichrist power

  • Anonymous

    God help us if the picture at the top of this article is the only clever and handsome man in the world.

  • King of Shambhala

    you’re ugly and stupid because you’re part of the incredible Obama Death-Cult

    You’re the zombies of the world

    7 billion of you will all be thrown into the hell of the Antichrist says the Bible

  • Anonymous

    You know, you really aren’t coming across as “clever” when you make little ad hominem rants like that. If you’re the most intelligent man in the world, you should try a little harder to put that across. I’d maybe start by not commenting on the physical appearance of people you haven’t met or seen pictures of?

  • King of Shambhala

    7 billion people on earth are stupid ugly and evil because they’re satan’s hordes

  • King of Shambhala

    Only those who spread the message of the Apocalypse will be saved and they’re few and far between; only 144 000 people.

  • Pix

    You’ve lost your true calling King of Shambolox. You should have been a comedian… “I’m Jesus”… pahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    7 billion – 144,000 = 6,856,000. How do you know your readers aren’t among that 144,000?

  • King of Shambhala

    They’ll know if them readers are part of the chosen, because they’ll heed the Bible that says “Run! when you hear the news”

    They’ll be out there doing what the Bible says which is “be a messenger of the Apocalypse,….those 144 000 messengers are those who will be saved in the EndTimes.”

  • Anonymous

    But you’ve said “Find me one person who’s doing it and he’ll be the messiah.” – you’re also saying there are 144,000 people who will do this for you? Your logic makes no sense, Geir. Think about it.

  • King of Shambhala

    No one is doing what I’m doing:

    I’m spreading this non-stop since 3 years and a half, that’s the person I’ve searched for, not someone who starts from today.

    I’m searching for someone doing what I’m doing.

    I’ve been searching to offload this burden for three and half years because I’ve got no karma with this Apocalypse Revelation. I’ve already got a day-job. I’m in Tiebtan Tantric Buddhism.

    The 144 000 are the soldiers who will join me in the EndTimes, which are now. They’ll be saved but I’m the Messiah unless someone shows me they’ve been doing my job – in parallel unbeknown to us – for three and half years, like I have been doing.

    The Messiah’s not a fly-by-night fraud who rants on Internet “Lookie at meee! I’m spreadiing the news! I’m the Messiah!”

    He’s NOT SPREADING THE NEWS bec it’s just his rant as often as not. I know no one can find that person who’s sincere and been doing this constantly and patiently like me.

    • Bill Lyle

      “No one is doing what I’m doing:”
      Maybe because you’re a special kind of stupid. No one else wants to stoop to your level of idiocy.

  • Pix

    Buddhists don’t have ‘messiahs’, they have buddhas. The buddhas don’t ‘save’ others, but themselves. But if you were a buddhist you’d know that. Your name is partly right, a ‘sham’ for sure, which is why I’m calling you Shambolox from now on, that is what you are. The King of Shambolox. lol

  • King of Shambhala

    Beware of false christs who claim they’re the way and can explain why the Antichrist is someone or another.

    Only those who rely upon the sign of heaven of 666 are like me, the true mesengers of Truth.

    Those will be known among themselves by the key-message: “666 is no coincidence….” and others will be put to the test by that message. They can’t repeat it because it destroys their lord the Antichrist-Satan…Obama.

  • King of Shambhala

    Pix rote:

    >Buddhists don’t have ‘messiahs’, they have buddhas. The buddhas don’t ‘save’ others, but themselves. But if you were a buddhist you’d know that. Your name is partly right, a ‘sham’ for sure, which is why I’m calling you Shambolox from now on, that is what you are. The King of Shambolox. lol>

    Obviously unschooled do you actually have reading skills? can you read a full page yet kid?

    Buddhas only save themselves? hahahaha

    You should dial Mahayana and Tantrayana Buddhism

    You’re too stupid to talk to even.

    I give up, you’re a Cult from Obama.

  • King of Shambhala

    >Your name is partly right, a ‘sham’ for sure, which is why I’m calling you Shambolox from now on, that is what you are. The King of Shambolox. lol>

    The King of Shambhala is the Messiah of all faiths and religions the Bible says “the Church” (that means Christianity) will be totally destroyed in the Apocalypse due to fraudulent false christs and false prophets rotting it from inside”.

    Kalachakra’s Apocalypse mythology says Buddhism also will be rotted and destroyed from it’s own people,inside.

    All religions’ Apocalypses’ say the same thing over and over.

    We will be saved from the Age of Evil by the Revelation.

    But the baby will be thrown down the drain with the bathwater hook, line and sinker.

    Only 144 000 will be saved.

    WBC, Camping, and Graham will be the first to go bec they don’t spread the full message including the Mark ofthe Beat.

  • Anonymous

    You say “Beware of false christs who claim they’re the way and can explain why the Antichrist is someone or another.”

    YES. You are a textbook false christ, Smith, you’re claiming you’re the way, you think you can explain why the antichrist is someone or other, and you are even self-identifying as “the messiah”! The true messiah would not be this arrogant, he would be quietly changing the world. He would not be dicking around on 4chan and B4IN calling people names, he would be working hard to contact the press and the police and actually change something.

  • King of Shambhala

    >The true messiah would not be this arrogant, he would be quietly changing the world. He would not be dicking around on 4chan and B4IN calling people names, he would be working hard to contact the press and the police and actually change something.>

    false christs say they know. Bible says no one knows when the truth falls from heaven like lightning.

    You say: “The messiah would do like this and like that and he’d also be doing this and that…”

    I’m the messiah because I’m not doing everything you say.

    I can’t say Obama’s the Antichrist or not seeing he’s deceiving everyone by making as if he was he’s good.

    I just have seen the Mark of the Beast of 666 upon him.

    I’m the messiah because no one is spreading this message.

    I’ve been searching for three and half years for someone to dump this work of revelation upon.

    Haven’t found it and i’m now certain by 150% there is no one out there doing this precious work of saving the planet.

    I’m taking back the world from Satan.

    I’m going on vacation now that it’s done. I’m preparing to go vacation in Thailand. I like sex.
    Puritans who condemn sex are perverts.

  • King of Shambhala

    Christian Puritans who condemn sex are perverts. I wrote that but it didn’t print out. Bizarre.

  • King of Shambhala

    >you are even self-identifying as “the messiah”!>

    Yes, but I say it’s pushed upon me by the people who refuse to spread this proof that Obama’s the Antichrist by his mark of the Beast of 666.

    It’s all these people serving their lord, the messiah Satan, who’re propulsing me, “reluctantly” on my part, into this Messiah-hood.

    I want to practise my own faith of Kalachakra not this Christian Apocalypse trash.

  • Pix

    King of Shambolox

    “(that means Christianity) will be totally destroyed in the Apocalypse due to fraudulent false christs and false prophets rotting it from inside”.”

    Actually its the fundamental and ridiculous oxymoron of stating there is an ‘all knowing’ deity plus we have freewill, that is destroying Christianity and all such beliefs.

    You cannot change the known. ‘All knowing’ and freewill are opposing absolutes that cannot coexit.

    The upshot being… you will be tortured for all eternity for being unable to change your predetemind existence. ie utter codswallop.

  • King of Shambhala

    >King of Shambolox

    “(that means Christianity) will be totally destroyed in the Apocalypse due to fraudulent false christs and false prophets rotting it from inside”.”

    Actually its the fundamental and ridiculous oxymoron of stating there is an ‘all knowing’ deity plus we have freewill, that is destroying Christianity and all such beliefs.

    You cannot change the known. ‘All knowing’ and freewill are opposing absolutes that cannot coexit.

    The upshot being… you will be tortured for all eternity for being unable to change your predetemind existence. ie utter codswallop.>

    Crapola actually speaks.

  • Pix

    Now there’s a revalation for you. You can’t change the known. ;)

  • King of Shambhala

    U’re too stupid and ugly in your mind

    now go back to the rock you crawled out from under

    I’m not speaking to a total moron

  • King of Shambhala

    beforeitsnews’ panicked

    they’ve blocked the counter at 840 per hour since ten hours and the total doesn’t vary

    How can a total not vary while the hourly rate is at 840?


    Morons b4in

  • King of Shambhala

    b4in’s stuck between a rock and a hard place

    Obama’s tanking and b4in’s taken side with obama

    camping’s announcing the apocalypse for next weekend

    I’m declaring the apocalypse this week already and b4in’s sitting on a volcano with war-unrest in the whole arab world, radiations blowing down on the US in massive cloud-bursts, Trump mountinghis second onslaught on Obama and the GOP this week, Obama’s fake certificate torn down on the net.

  • Pix

    King of Shambolox

    “U’re too stupid and ugly in your mind

    now go back to the rock you crawled out from under

    I’m not speaking to a total moron”

    Then please enlighten us morons on how it is at all possible to change the future if it’s known.

  • Anonymous

    You’re “declaring the apocalypse this week” yet you’re also “preparing to go vacation in Thailand”? You talk in riddles and metaphors and don’t really mean a goddamn word of these revelations, do you? You’re just a sex tourist who hates Obama. There isn’t a shred of mysticism or religious belief here.

  • King of Shambhala

    you’re a sex tourist

    you’re a puritan christian pervert

  • King of Shambhala

    >Then please enlighten us morons on how it is at all possible to change the future if it’s known.>

    Your future is known

    It’s hell

    that’ll be a big change for you moron

    it’ll be hotter than me in thailand

    I’ll go to tibet in summer to get cold

  • King of Shambhala

    b4in brokenclock still stuck on 840 and total doesn’t vary

    this news was the straw that broke it’s brokenback mountain


  • Pix

    King of Shambolox

    Then if my future is known and I’m going to hell, that’s good news. At least Lucifer can be reasoned with, some even come out smelling of roses by all accounts. :D

    You like the sound of your own voice, especially the word faggot. I think you are one yourself you like it so much. That’s who you’re going with in Thailand isn’t it. You’re a closet faggot. lolz

  • King of Shambhala

    ok so you’re a faggot

    at least we know that now

    wash well BEFORE you have sex with your faggot friends

    it says otherwise you faggot get messed up in crap

    Crap splashes all over you if not



    so was that why you defend Obama so much?

    he’s a faggot too

  • King of Shambhala

    b4in faggots

    counter’s blocked at 840 how faggot is that?

    freaked out much b4in? faggots

  • King of Shambhala

    why’s counter blocked at 840/day?

  • King of Shambhala

    Pix, Obama’s a crap-smeared-dick


    is ur dick smeared with crap like Obama’s? (He’s the Abomination of the Bible)

  • Anonymous

    So what can you get in Thailand that you can’t get at home, Geir?

  • King of Shambhala

    just mind ur own business christian pervert

    don’t go looking at what others do

    mind your own business asshole

  • King of Shambhala

    christian perverts are freaks

    Go purify your mind freak

    Don’t go criticizing others before yourself

  • Pix

    King of Shambolox

    “is ur dick smeared with crap”

    Nope, squeeky clean. But I bet yours won’t be after your whoring in Thailand, you crazy fagot bashing troll. lolz

  • King of Shambhala

    Pix, you perverted puritan christian

  • King of Shambhala

    Jimalbi, a clue, learn English.

    Canada’s under the radiation cloud hit three days ago.

    I feel for you. Too bad. Better luck next time, in next life.

  • Anonymous

    “Canada’s under the radiation cloud hit three days ago.” is not a grammatical English sentence. Maybe you’ve been stuck in France too long, Geir Smith.

  • Anonymous

    Hey! What happenned with all the cold war nukes exploded in Nevada desert and Pacific atolls??
    Did we all died?

    So why should the world die because of a little nuke plant in Japan?

  • King of Shambhala

    Blagojevich’s squealing at his trial about Obama’s gay life in Chicago.

  • Pix

    King of Shambolox

    “Pix, you perverted puritan christian”

    I’m not a Christian. :D

  • King of Shambhala

    Washington Insider: Obama Member of Chicago Gay Man’s Club

    Currently running for Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat now occupied by Roland Burris, Giannoulias successfully ran for Illinois Treasurer in 2006 after being drafted for the run by Chicago’s Democratic machine.

    The Blagojevich trial: “Sex, Lies, and Audio tapes” — Fitzgerald’s US Attorney’s Office part of White House cover-up of gay sex in the Second City

    Giannoulias was a vice president and senior loan officer for his father’s bank, Broadway Bank, from 2002 to 2006. Broadway Bank made real estate loans to Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the chief of Rezmar Corporation. On May 13, 2008, Rezko was found guilty, after being indicted by a grand jury at the behest of the U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois Patrick J. Fitzgerald, of six counts of wire fraud, six counts of mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation, and two counts of money laundering. Rezko has been in solitary confinement at the Metropolitan Detention Center at Van Buren and Clark in Chicago since June 2008. However, Rezko has not yet been officially sentenced to a federal prison. A Syrian-American, Rezko is considered to be a flight risk, even though his one-time fortune of $50 million has been reduced to zero.

    One Republican politician in Chicago told WMR that Rezko will be a prime witness for Blagojevich’s defense. “Figure it this way, Rezko’s been in solitary confinement in the city jail since June 0f 2008 . . . if he is released to appear at Blagojevich’s trial as the primary witness, everyone expects him to squeal like a pig,” said the Republican politico.

    In 2005, Rezko reportedly engaged in a complicated real estate “flip” through which his wife Rita and Obama agreed to split an empty lot adjoining a home that Obama bought in Chicago’s Kenwood district. The deal saw Obama buy the home for $1.65 million, which was $300,00 below market value. Obama then bought a strip of the adjoining property from Mrs. Rezko, a speculative deal that stood to make Obama a handsome profit. Since Rezko’s conviction, the property has has reportedly gone into bankruptcy. Giannoulias’s Broadway Bank was seized by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation on April 23, 2010, reportedly as Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner was on his way to Chicago to present the bank with a bailout check. Geithner quickly changed his plans.

    Giannoulias, Broadway’s then-senior loan officer, has denied being involved in the decision to loan money to Rezko.

    Last month, Blagojevich’s trial judge, U.S. District Court judge James Zagel, a crony of former Illinois Republican Governor Jim Thompson, ruled that all 500 hours of phone calls intercepted and taped by Fitzgerald could not be played during Blagojevich’s trial as demanded by Blagojevich and his defense lawyers. Blagojevich demanded that Fitzgerald “show up in court and explain to everybody . . . why you don’t want those tapes that you made played in court.”

    WMR has learned that the tapes may contain salty references Obama’s and Emanuel’s private lives.

    WMR attempted to interview Blagojevich’s senior defense lawyer Sam Adam to no avail but other informed sources told us that the tapes, if played, would highlight the corruption of not only Obama, Emanuel, and other member of Obama’s Chicago “brain trust” but also Fitzgerald himself. WMR was told that Fitzgerald’s tactics have included providing sex and drugs to imprisoned felons to get them to provide perjured testimony at federal trials.

    It is exactly the type of federal prosecutorial misconduct by Fitzgerald that former Republican Governor said was used by state prosecutors when he commuted the death sentences of Illinois’s death row population. Ryan was indicted by Fitzgerald for fraud and he is currently serving out a federal prison sentence.

    Blagojevich’s trial is scheduled to begin on June 3 and Fitzgerald’s main interest is to keep the trial focused on Blagojevich, especially after he managed to “flip” Blagojevich’s former chief of staff John Harris to testify against the impeached and ousted governor. WMR learned from informed sources that one lawyer on Harris’s defense team is involved in a gay partner scandal that was discovered by the attorney’s wife.

    Some of the wiretaps may reveal that it was not Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s longtime friend and current White House policy adviser who was Obama’s top candidate to fill his U.S. Senate seat, but the young 32-year old “pick up basketball” friend of Obama, Giannoulias, then serving his second year as state Treasurer. However, Obama has avoided campaigning for Giannoulias in Illinois and there are indications that the president has “thrown Giannoulias under the bus,” according to some Democratic political circles in Chicago.

    Mutiple Chicago sources report that Republicans who see Giannoulias’s Obama connections as providing an edge in his Senate race this year should not celebrate prematurely. Giannoulias’s GOP opponent, U.S. Representative Mark Kirk, a Naval Reserve intelligence officer, has also been identified as a closeted gay man. Kirk divorced his wife last year after an eight-year marriage. They had no children.

    In addition, U.S. Representative Aaron Shock, who took over the House seat vacated by Obama’s Republican Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, is, according to Chicago Boy’s Town sources, a habitué of Minibar, a noted gay bar in Chicago’s gay district. For an extremely young first term member of the House, observers were surprised when GOP Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia named Shock as a Deputy Minority Whip.

    Man’s Country, one of Chicago’s “grand old bathhouses” and located at 5015 North Clark Street in Chicago’s “Boystown,” was a frequent hangout for State Senator Obama and Rahm Emanuel

    Sources in Chicago’s gay community report that Obama was attracted to Man’s Country’s older white clientele because he generally enjoys being fellated by older white men. Obama would regularly be seen at Man’s Country on Wednesdays.


  • King of Shambhala

    I’m going to put the photos in the article of Obama’s head-wound

  • King of Shambhala

    cont…article about (above) Washington Insider … Obama’s Gay

    Obama reportedly has never engaged in reciprocal activity. The sources also confirm the allegations made during the 2008 campaign by Larry Sinclair, a Chicago visitor who revealed that in 1999 he engaged in such oral sex activity and crack cocaine use with then-State senator Obama on two occasions, once in the back of a Chicago limousine operated by Five Star Limousine Service, and the other at a Chicago area motel, the Comfort Suites in Gurnee, Illinois.

    After revealing details of the encounter at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Sinclair was arrested by Washington Metropolitan Police on a fugitive warrant issued by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, the son of Obama’s vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden. Sinclair was charged with a misdemeanor count of theft of money orders, however, the state of Delaware declined prosecution. Beau Biden later declined to run for his father’s old Senate seat because of his duties to prosecute a major pedophilia case involving Lewes, Delaware pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley. There are reports that Biden’s office helped to cover up Bradley’s activities, including failing to authorize search warants for Bradley’s office and computer.

    Chicago’s “DLC” — not the Democratic Leadership Council but the “Down Low Club” — a gay matchmaking service

    WMR spoke to several well-placed sources in Chicago who reported that Jeremiah Wright, the pastor of Obama’s former church of 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ (TUCC) on Chicago’s south side, ran what was essentially a matchmaking service for gay married black professional members of the church, including lawyers and businessmen, particularly those with children. The matchmaking club was called the “Down Low Club” but references to it over the phone and email simply referred to the group with the code phrase “DLC.” The ruse, according to our sources, was to make anyone who was eavesdropping on the communications believe that the references were to the Democratic Leadership Council, also known as the DLC.

    The gay DLC’s services were intended to keep ensure TUCC’s gay members avoided posting solicitations on web services like Craig’s List and refrain from cruising gay bars. The strategy was to protect them from getting busted and being “outed.”

    Among the members of the gay “DLC” were Obama and TUCC’s choir director, Donald Young, an openly gay man who reportedly had a sexual relationship with Obama. Two other gay members of the church were Larry Bland and Nate Spencer. Young and Bland were brutally murdered, execution style, in late 2007. Bland was murdered on November 17, 2007 and Young on December 24, 2007. The latter was killed by multiple gunshot wounds. Spencer reportedly died on December 26, 2007, official cause of death: “septicemia, pneumonia, and HIV.”

    “DLC” members often went on camping trips arranged by TUCC. Wright reportedly was the head of the “DLC” matchmaking services and ensured that its members protected each other.

    The “DLC’s” clientele included Obama and other gay members of TUCC, including, reportedly Young, Bland, and Spencer. Fox 32 Chicago reported that Bland’s mother, Josephine Bland, was so upset at her son inviting men into their home as a result of contacting them through gay web sites like “Adam4Adam,” she moved out.

    The gay community in Chicago knows to keep away from the TUCC and “DLC” stories because of the “creepiness” of the operation and the suspicious deaths of the three TUCC gay black men.

    Although Obama protected his alternate life style through the secretiveness of the “DLC,” he was not so careful when he proclaimed he was a state senator while frolicking at Man’s Country in uptown Chicago.

    Love: Obama’s personal trainer

    Reggie Love, a former Duke basketball and football player and unsuccessful National Basketball hopeful, currently serves as Obama’s personal trainer and White House “special assistant” — he has been called Obama’s “body man” — who receives a salary of $104,000 a year. Love is also reportedly one of Obama’s regular gay sex partners. Love joined Obama’s Senate staff in a senior staff position in 2006.

    Media General’s tabloid, the National Enquirer, proffered a story last year about Michelle Obama being furious about the relationship between her husband and his “body man.” TheEnquirer’s sister tabloid, The Globe, later floated a story about Obama having a relationship with a Democratic campaign official named Vera Baker. WMR has been told that this relationship was a clever ruse to throw off speculation about Obama’s actual past sex partners. Baker has apparently left the United States for relatively more obscurity in Martinique. Media General’s tabloids have scooped the mainstream media on sex scandals involving Bill Clinton and Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky, Tiger Woods, and John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

    WMR’s Chicago sources believe the Secret Service records of presidential candidate Obama’s activities in Chicago would show that Obama regularly arrived at Love’s Chicago residence at 9:00 am and departed at 9:15 am. Sources told WMR that while 15 minutes is much too short for a personal training exercise, it is ample time for fellatio.

    Bill Frist, “Brokeback Mountain,” and Obama

    In 2006, after Obama became the junior senator from Illinois, WMR’s sources in the Congressional Black Caucus reported that there were persistent rumors of gay trysts between Obama and then-GOP Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee. The allegations at the time seemed unbelievable.

    However, based on Obama’s penchant for receiving fellatio from older white men, a column written by The Washington Post’s “In the Loop” columnist Al Kamen on April 7, 2006, some four months into Obama’s Senate term, may have expanded relevance. Kamen reported he received an invitation to attend Frist’s “5th Annual VOLPAC ’06 Weekend” in Nashville from April 21st to 23rd and that the invitation card required one to “unbuckle the cowboy’s pants and look inside to see what this was all about.” Kamen opined that the invitation seemed “a bit too ‘Brokeback Mountain.’”

    The invitation advertised that the shindig would feature “one-of-a-kind music and special friends,” although Kamen said there was no indication what made the “friends” so “special.” Kamen then wrote, “The back of the card shows the cowboy from behind with a red flowered handkerchief sticking out of his right pocket. Wait a minute — wasn’t there something about how this used to be some kind of code in the gay community years ago? A way to signal each other in crowded, noisy bars? So we checked the’s Hanky Codes. Sure enough, there it was in the chart explaining what they mean: red hanky in right pocket. Oh, dear.”

    Rumors about Obama and Frist ran amok in Congressional Black Caucus circles in 2006.

    Although Frist ran on the pledge of only serving two terms, he became Senate Majority Leader with all the perks of the office. WMR’s sources in Chicago’s gay community revealed that Frist’s Majority Leader predecessor, Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi, was also known to seek the services of male prostitutes. Frist, who said he planned to run for President in 2006, decided against a run for the White House and also declined a run for Tennessee governor in 2010.

    With the rumor mill running at full speed in 2006, it is obvious why Frist abandoned politics so quickly for the medical business. Frist later endorsed Obama’s health care proposals. A year later, when GOP Senator Larry Craig was arrested while soliciting for sex in a men’s toilet stall at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, he changed his mind about immediately resigning his Senate seat. Knowing about his colleagues’ behavior, he dug in his heels and completed his term in January 2009.

    Rahm the “Sugar Daddy”

    Obama’s chief of staff Emanuel, who won a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet but turned it down to attend college, is married and, like Obama, has children, in Emanuel’s case, a son and two daughters.

    However, Emanuel, who is 50, also travel frequently with a male companion, a wealthy Chicago real estate developer, some five to six years his senior. WMR has learned from Chicago’s gay community as well as political sources that Emanuel and his friend have gone together on a trip to India, skiing vacations, and soon plan a vacation in Florida, sans Mrs. Emanuel and the kids.

    In Chicago’s gay community, Emanuel is known as “sugar daddy,” promising young men with perks and lucrative positions if they sleep with him. On occasion, Emanuel has been with older men, such as his travel companion, but his preference is young, according to WMR’s sources. Emanuel also often uses bicycling and basketball venues to make his approaches. Being an Emanuel “basketball buddy” is a key to professional success.

    WMR spoke to one member of the gay community in Chicago who had first hand knowledge of one of Emanuel’s bed partners, an older man who runs a non-profit symphony organization.

    Obama’s other sex partners

    WMR has previously reported on Obama’s past trysts with Alabama Democratic U.S. Representative Artur Davis, a current primary candidate for governor of Alabama. Although not in the same class, Obama and Davis attended Harvard Law School during an overlap of their attendance at the law school.

    The information on Davis and Obama was gathered by opposition researchers for former Alabama Representative Earl Hilliard, who Davis defeated in the 2002 Democratic primary. Recently, WMR was informed by sources in Alabama that Attorney General Eric Holder traveled three days ago to Alabama to inform Davis that if he loses his primary race, he would be nominated by Obama to fill the job of U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, a position still held by Bush-appointee Leura Canary, one of the main prosecutors of convicted and jailed former Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.

    Chicago sources also informed WMR of another past gay partner of Obama, Massachusetts Democratic Governor Deval Patrick.
    Men who have reportedly had sexual relations with Barack Obama

    Donald Young, TUCC Choir director
    Larry Sinclair, gay escort
    Reggie Love, White House presidential assistant and Obama’s “body man”
    Artur Davis, US Representative from Alabama and gubernatorial candidate
    Bill Frist, former GOP Senate Majority Leader
    Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts

    The Clear and Present Blackmail Threat

    Leading secret alternate life styles, Obama and his chief of staff provide classic blackmail threats. Considering Obama’s choice for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, who is reputedly a semi-open lesbian, the question must be posed how much Obama’s and Emanuel’s own covert life styles led to the decision to nominate Kagan, someone with no experience on a judicial bench. Similarly, the fact that so much is known about Obama’s and Emanuel’s trysts in Chicago begs another important question. If politicians, gay community activists, and journalists in the Windy City are aware of Obama’s and Emanuel’s highly blackmailable gay life styles, the same can certainly hold true for the executives of one of Chicago’s corporate headquarters — that of BP America’s Production Operations.

    Throw in the intelligence agencies of America’s allies, friends, enemies, and the situation becomes a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.
    ***End of article from JagHunter blog***

    Obama is leaving today for an extended Memorial Day weekend vacation in Chicago, returning to Washington, D.C. on Monday. No doubt it is a mere coincidence that the Man’s Country club will have a special event during the weekend: an International Mr. Leather 2010 contest!

    If you live in Chicago and find yourself in Man’s Country this weekend, be sure to say “hi” to the Commander Teabagger-in-Chief!


  • Anonymous

    I thought you were being spammed there by “Eowyn”, but, uh, you’re doing your own comment spamming. Good work, Smith!

  • King of Shambhala

    faggots u be happy obama’s one of faggots just like u

    he likes crap just like u faggots

    u happy i bet

  • Anonymous

    Still excited about your Thailand trip, huh?

  • King of Shambhala

    does obama’s gay-life in chicago excite your crap-loving?

    Does crap smell like perfume?

    I’ll restructure that question: DOes crap smell like perfume?

    Did you get that? Does crap smell like perfume?

  • King of Shambhala

    Blagojevich’s squealing on Obama’s gay life in Chicago.


    You gays should be really happy the crap-loving gays are being broadcast mainstream now. Happy? Village People…

  • Anonymous

    The thought that Obama might have had gay sex clearly excites you an AWFUL lot, Geir Smith, given how much you mention it. You must think about it even more than you mention it. Are you going to hire a male prostitute who looks like Obama when you get to Thailand?

  • Anonymous

    Just remember your own sexy words, Geir:-

    “you’re a gay in a closet
    come out and feel free
    ok u’re into excrement but why hide it?
    sodomy’s cool
    excrement is clean now
    use gloves and condoms
    abomination’s cleaner than
    I don’t want to be homophobic
    the bible’s the one that says things about sodomand gomorrah not me”

    It’s all okay, it’s fine to be gay, it’s the 21st century now.

  • King of Shambhala

    OK it’s *fine* (sic!) (sick!) for you gays to be gay ok, and crap does still smell bad. If you gays do sex up the rear end, well you qualify for the Abomination of the Bible. Happy?

    Hey people! 2 thnigs proved Harold Camping absolutely right in his prophecy: the tornado did prove him right first and Iceland’s volcano has closed down Europe’s airspace AGAIN.

  • King of Shambhala

    Joseph farah wnd big media player says tornado in MO realizes Harold cmaping doomsday prophecy

    hurry end times is now

    I warned people here

  • King of Shambhala

    Gay’s good you say?

    So why does the Bible says “Gay’s the Abomination of the Bible”?

    I guess you’re an abomination for saying that then, yes you are.

  • Anonymous

    Pro-tip for soothsayers – if you say “hurry end times is now” in May, don’t come back to the same thread two months later to chip in with a bit more snarking.

  • King of Shambhala

    no one knows when the apocalypse happens and one can be wrong without not knowing Obama is indeed the real antichrist.

    Now get ready for the revelation it’s now

    Obama’s bombing on the debt ceiling

    people have gone wild now

  • King of Shambhala

    orly taitz court hearing in Hawii this wednesday
    spread the news and u’ll be saved
    if not u’ll not

  • King of Shambhala

    harold camping now says the final end of the world is on Oct. 18

  • King of Shambhala

    he says it’s on friday but apocalypse has already boken on sunday

  • Anonymous

    This thread is such a great archive of how wrong you are. Keep digging, little Smith!

  • King of Shambhala

    orly taitz taking ballot challenge of obama to nh supreme court
    he’ll be executed by supreme court for treason

  • King of Shambhala

    things are organizing in nh and obama was there today
    birthers organized proptests that day in nh

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