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(Video) Richard Dawkins: Breaking! Obama Antichrist

Friday, June 14, 2013 7:49
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Is Obama the Antichrist?

Added: Wednesday, 19 November 2008 at 1:00 AM

Thanks to Caudimordax for the link.

Reposted from:

The winning lottery number in Illinois was 666, which, as everyone knows, is the sign of the Beast.

On Nov. 5, Todd Strandberg was at his desk, fielding E-mails from around the world. As the editor and founder of, his job is to track current events and link them to biblical prophecy in hopes of maintaining his status as “the eBay of prophecy,” the best source online for predictions and calculations concerning the end of the world. Already Barack Obama had drawn the attention of apocalypse watchers after an anonymous e-mail circulated among conservative Christians in October implying that he was the Antichrist. Former “Saturday Night Live” ingénue Victoria Jackson fueled the fire when, according to news reports, she wrote on her Web site that Obama “bears traits that resemble the anti-Christ.” Now Strandberg was receiving up-to-the-minute news from his constituents in Illinois. One of the winning lottery numbers in the president-elect’s home state was 666— which, as everyone knows, is the sign of the Beast (also known as the Antichrist). “It is very eerie, and I take it for a sign as to who he really is,” wrote one of Strandberg’s correspondents….

A scientist like Dawkins has seen the proof:

God’s Lotto Numbers.

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  • Geeper

    Uh, that’s not Richard Dawkins.

    But still. Breaking news! A 2008 Newsweek article! A YouTube video from 2010! HOLD THE FRONT PAGE EVERYONE!

    • King of Shambhala

      Hard taking the facts, right? Dawkins is a scientist. The facts can’t lie and 666 was drawn on that day in that place, so that’s tough, right?

      • Geeper

        But the man in the video is not Richard Da–

        Oh, okay, you’re just trolling BIN.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s suspicious how you monitor everything I write post by post.

        Are you paid?

        I’m just a bit nervous with the NSA now and think you’re weird posting to each and every article I write as if you are scared of what I’m saying.

        Am I on your watch-list, paid by the NSA?

      • Geeper

        No, I’m not scared of you making up bizarre lies like “Richard Dawkins thinks Obama is the Antichrist! Video!”, and I’m not being paid by the NSA. Hope this helps.

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re leeching on all my articles.

        NSA act like you.

        Why are you leeching all my articles?

      • Geeper

        I’m not? I ignore most of your articles, I just get fooled by intriguing lies like “(Video) Richard Dawkins: Breaking! Obama Antichrist” sometimes.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s so supicious to have people leeching each article I make for five years.

        The NSA would do that.

        The false christs announced in the Bible would do that to me the Messiah, that’s exactly what’s announced to happen.

      • Geeper

        Except I’m not commenting on most of your articles, and haven’t been at BIN for that long?

      • King of Shambhala

        Spies post the same crap all the time while they monitor and cover the base they want to keep under surveillance: me.

        Over and over they post nothing, no content.

        Look at the useless crap they post.

      • AxisOfEvil

        There are no facts you dumba*s.

        We all know you like to take it hard KOS.

      • King of Shambhala

        Useless shill doesn’t bring any facts.

        Just spin.

        Spinning away.

      • Geeper

        You’re calling out others for “spin” after posting the outright trolling lie of “Richard Dawkins: Breaking! Obama Antichrist” about an article that has nothing to do with Dawkins? Good work Shambhala.

      • King of Shambhala

        There are trolls which line up post upon post upon post on all my articles.

        Just look at the threads and you see the icons lined up like street lights or fence posts.

        I’m not answering to heckling done by paid posters.

        I’m targeted because I’m saying Obama’s the Antichrist.

        They get paid post to my articles because Obama fears me.

        Every post they make here earns them money.

        I’m a money-getting target.

        If I was a rabbit they could sell my meat.

        They make money on each post here.

      • Geeper

        How exactly is “READ THIS BREAKING ARTICLE, IT’S SOMETHING ABOUT RICHARD DAWKINS AND THE ANTICHRIST — ha ha, only kidding, it’s a 2008 Newsweek article and a 2010 YouTube video by some guy, it’s nothing to do with Dawkins and it’s not a breaking story” not a brazen act of trolling?

        Don’t say “NSA alert, ignore the troll”, just explain how you aren’t a troll yourself here. If you fluffed the copy-and-paste and meant to include an extra paragraph, cool beans, but as it stands right now it’s a great big steaming pile of trollage.

      • Geeper

        Or do you genuinely believe that Richard Dawkins is an American guy with a beard and a baseball cap?

      • King of Shambhala

        Supicious how some people will post tons of posts contributing nothing of interest to the topic at all.

        How can they do this and be paid?

        Why is this their interest?

      • Geeper

        And you still can’t even explain your own topic. “Richard Dawkins: Breaking! Obama Antichrist”. What does it mean? What does Dawkins have to do with anything?

      • King of Shambhala

        >I know a lot of Buddhists, and I don’t know even ONE OF THEM that understands the texts you are referencing as anything other than allegorical….

        ….I wish more people would understand their own spiritual texts allegorically…

        EDIT: Considering that everyone on here that is familiar with Buddhism agrees with me, and NONE agree with you, it seems to me you’re the one lacking education about the philosophy….where do you get your info from? – Bigots anonymous?

        And I doubt you even understand what the word “allegorical” means…good thing Einstein did…>

        What he says is false. The miracles and powers of Buddhism are not allegorical, they’re seen as real.

      • Gay Smith

        I’m going to bring this up to the REAL Richard Dawkins.

        Let’s see for how much you’ll be sued then.

        Richard Dawkins is a famous atheist activist and he won’t allow you to use his name for your filthy ignorant hateful propaganda.

        You are DONE.

      • King of Shambhala

        Dawkins asked the question on his website:

        Is Obama the Antichrist?

        Rationalists think “time travel” is possible and happens.

        Einstein said so.

  • romeoZx

    man, that thing about the 666 lotto numbers is ridiculous. What type of logic is that? It never happens to you, when you go to the supermarket and the total comes up to to 26.66 or 6.66? It never happens to you? If so, why would that make you the antichrist? I personally don’t care about Obama, I’m Canadian. But, honestly, making the logical conclusion because he drew 666, he’s the antichrist, is so erroneous.

    • King of Shambhala

      romeo, when you get 666 at the supermarket, the magazine Newsweek doesn’t make headline news like in the article here.

      Why did Newsweek write the article about Obama and 666?

      Because it was 1. Obama’s the world’s most powerful man (the Antichrist must rule the world like Obama does) 2. it was the day after Obama’s election and 3. it happened that 666 appeared (in the lottery but it could have been in any other place or thing) in his hometown of Chicago.

      The lottery was so powerful because it’s seen by over 50 million people in Chicago’s area adn surrounding states, when it’s drawn live broadcast on TV and radio…. and then in all the media, Internet newswpapers etrc… during the next few hours.

      Nobody could have ignored it and Newsweek had to remark about it in an article.

      That’s why it’s powerful and a message sent by heaven.

      The chances for that all to happen, all at once, are very thin and it’s truely a miraculous event that 666 was drawn at that time and that place,and went to curse Obama with 666 which makes him the Antichrist.

      Reveal this and become a Messenger of the Apocalypse and yoiu’ll be saved too. But spread it worldwide even to Asia or else no heaven for you.

      • Anonymous

        Hey there, Chief! How’s it going today?

      • Anonymous

        “A scientist like Richard Dawkins”? What does THAT even mean?

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m not answering backward mentally idiotic and ugly comments.

        If morons post they’ll not be getting answers.

        Tough huh.

  • King of Shambhala

    No interesting comments as of yet I see.

    I give all the ideas in my article.

    All discussion which isn’t trolling is accepted.

    • Geeper

      No response to “uh, that’s not Richard Dawkins” yet, I see.

      • Anonymous

        And his reply to my question was obviously blown-off. I merely asked a question. I think he’s trying to say that because the guy in the video is a scientist that all scientists are equivalent. That would be akin to saying that the guy flipping burgers at McD’s is the same as Chef Ramsey. Could you clarify this for me, king?

      • Anonymous

        Unless you can explain this for me, I cannot give credibility to your post. That’s the way it would work in a court of law. If you make a statement, you have to be able to back it up with verifiable information, or else it’s just hot air.

      • Anonymous

        I only want to know so I can verify this scientist’s credentials so I can truly understand your article. It’s very important to me and your loyal readers and followers that we can understand your reasoning. After that, we would love to spread your message. Much love, chief!

      • King of Shambhala

        Note that not one single comment has addressed the topic.

        Obvious panic mode in the paid posting shills on this article.

        Stay targeted ion the topic of this article and avoid the hecklers paid by the White House who are trolling here, trying to distract from the issue.

        Don’t give in to the shills paid by the feds.

      • Geeper

        Your topic is “Video! Dawkins! Antichrist! Something! Breaking!” and we told you it wasn’t actually Dawkins in the video, and you panicked and went very quiet. ?

      • King of Shambhala

        “I like Buddhism. It’s cute. However, it is still an Old Aeon religion. There will be a New Religion.”

        That’s incorrect. Buddhism is faultless. It’s scientifically correct, not like Modern Science’s fallacies.

      • Geeper

        You’re… you’re giving me a rebuttal to some random Yahoo Answers comment from 2008 now? Uh, okay.

      • King of Shambhala

        Read my last four comments here.

        Einstein said miracles existed.

        I made four comments.

        Modern Science accepts miracles.

        Einstein says no one can disprove his Relativity.

        “Time travel” can exist.

  • Anonymax

    King Of Shambala

    Ive never commented on one of your articles before.

    But i want to know where in this Richard Dawkin’s says Obama is the antichrist?

    • King of Shambhala

      Anonymax is a new alias for the NSA/CIA shills.

      Anonymax, address the issue if you want answers.

      Answer the question.

      • Anonymax

        What question?!

  • King of Shambhala

    The f*ggot false christs can’t take it that Richard Dawkins put up the Newsweek article asking “Is Obama the Antichrist?” on his website.

    But he did so, because Newsweek is an important, widely published magazine and that article is an important historical article they needed to publish on their website, it was their duty to report that news.

    I like to watch the Obots wriggle around in their discomfort, because Obama truely, indeed, IS THE ANTICHRIST, they just have to live with it.

    • Geeper

      Oh, right, finally you explain. Whoever runs Dawkins website posted the newsweek story to its blog, way way back, in 2008, with zero commentary ( and you just found it. BREAKING BOMBSHELL NEWS!?

      I think… I think they posted it because they thought it was funny? Richard Dawkins is… an atheist?

      • King of Shambhala

        Einstein said that miracles can happen. 666 is a miracle.

        One of the greatest minds on earth accepted that only Buddhism has charasteristics of a cosmic religion.

  • Tor_Hershman

    This parody video tells all about Hay Zeus & The Anti-Hay-Zeus
    :arrow: :grin:

    • King of Shambhala

      “When Einstein called Buddhism the best future religion, did the Buddhists tell him they think men can fly?
      and walk through walls, and live underneath water for days- all by meditative power?

      What would any intelligent scientist say if they knew a religion taught such things?”

      My answer: Einstein said you could live at the same time as your grandmother like in Back to the Future.

  • King of Shambhala

    What about Christianity’s claims about healing the sick and even resurrecting the dead? If it were for claims of supernatural deeds Christianity would top the list. Einstein most certainly was impressed by Buddhism’s peaceful history and philosophy unlike the bloody history of Christianity and other so called ‘true religions’.

    Einstein claimed miraculous events can happen with no problem. One can live at the same time as one’s grandparents like in “Back to the Future” or the “Time Machine”

    Tourism in time

    Stephen Hawking has suggested that the absence of tourists from the future is an argument against the existence of time travel—a variant of the Fermi paradox. Of course this would not prove that time travel is physically impossible, since it might be that time travel is physically possible but that it is never developed (or is cautiously never used); and even if it is developed, Hawking notes elsewhere that time travel might only be possible in a region of spacetime that is warped in the correct way, and that if we cannot create such a region until the future, then time travelers would not be able to travel back before that date, so “This picture would explain why we haven’t been over run [sic] by tourists from the future.”[19] Carl Sagan also once suggested the possibility that time travelers could be here, but are disguising their existence or are not recognized as time travelers.[20]
    General relativity

    However, the theory of general relativity does suggest a scientific basis for the possibility of backwards time travel in certain unusual scenarios, although arguments from semiclassical gravity suggest that when quantum effects are incorporated into general relativity, these loopholes may be closed.[21] These semiclassical arguments led Hawking to formulate the chronology protection conjecture, suggesting that the fundamental laws of nature prevent time travel,[22] but physicists cannot come to a definite judgment on the issue without a theory of quantum gravity to join quantum mechanics and general relativity into a completely unified theory.[23]

    • King of Shambhala

      The possibility of the Bible prophecy of 666 coming about in our time and reality and realizing out of thin air, like a magical show, a trick of a magician and a propechy come true….

      …was a thing a guy like Dick Hawkins…. who’s rubbed shoulders with greats like Einstein..

      …. was something he coudldn’t let go….

      He had to remark upon it.

      Especially as it was brought to his attention by the respected source Newsweek and non other than it’s Senior Editor for Faith, Lisa Miller who is a weathered reporter from both Newsweek and a veteran with also a long WSJ experience.

      For Dawkins this wasn’t just some conspiracy theory.

      This was real-time reality.

      A scientist such as he is one, had to look at the miracle dead in the eye. Mano a mano.

      • AxisOfEvil

        “was a thing a guy like Dick Hawkins”

        Dick Hawkins? That sounds like your saturday night tranny name: Dick Throating.

        Any relationship between you two?

      • King of Shambhala

        Answer the question.

        Are miracles possible?

        Can MODERN Science accept them?

        Einstein does.

      • Geeper

        Which do you think is more plausible?

        1. Famous rationalist and atheist Richard Dawkins posted the 666 lottery story to his blog (or a member of his staff posted it on his behalf) without comment because it was funny.
        2. Famous rationalist and atheist Richard Dawkins posted the 666 lottery story to his blog (or a member of his staff posted it on his behalf) without comment because it was an informative example of irrational religious thought.
        3. Famous rationalist and atheist Richard Dawkins posted the 666 lottery story to his blog (or a member of his staff posted it on his behalf) without comment because he is secretly not an atheist and believes that Obama is a Biblical character here to destroy the world, but he is too afraid to say anything direct so only dared to copy-and-paste one Newsweek article, four years ago, and never mention the story again.

        What do you think? Maybe we could take a straw poll to help you.

      • Geeper

        Come on, drink some coffee, read those options a few times and see if you can work it out.

      • Geeper

        If you’re having trouble, maybe ask a friend or family member to talk the three options through with you.

  • King of Shambhala

    ‘The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will have to transcend a personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Encompassing both the natural and the spiritual, it will have to be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, considered as a meaningful unity. . . . Buddhism answers this description. . . . If there is any religion that could respond to the needs of modern scientific, it would be Buddhism.’”


    The needs of “modern scienitific” would include relativity (time travel) and other miraculous events.

  • Geeper

    So you made a confused guess as to why a 2008 Newsweek story was posted to the Dawkins blog in 2008, and were knowingly lying when you claimed to have a “Video” or that this was “Breaking”.

    Okay! Good luck with that Buddhist precept about not giving false speech.

    • King of Shambhala

      Not intelligent enough to answer about Einstein’s Time travel Geeper?

      You’e a very ugly person you know.

      Why don’t you admit Einstein accepted miracle do exist?

      • Geeper

        Because you’re confused, and lying, and half of these discussion threads have ended with you responding to a random Yahoo Answers thread from four years ago, instead of the person you’re talking to. So a thoughtful discussion about Einstein’s use of metaphor is probably going to be a bit one-sided, and end with you calling me an NSA shill or something. I think I’ll take a rain check.

      • King of Shambhala

        Einstein says miracles exist.

        You can’t say 666 isn’t a heaven-sent miracle.

        Einstein proves you wrong, you loser, and Einstein opens to the possiblity Obama’s the Antichrist. So give it up already. You lose.

      • Geeper

        666 isn’t a heaven-sent miracle. It’s a 1-in-1000 lottery result whose odds of falling on a “significant” date in a “significant” place are about 1-in-83.

      • Geeper

        Here is Dawkins himself demolishing your silly “I am really quite surprised by this event, but not sure how to calculate the odds, but it’s really surprising, so I guess it must be impossible – A MIRACLE!”

        A well-known “psychic” goes on television, a lucrative engagement fixed up over lunch by his publicity agent. Staring hypnotically out of 10 million screens, our imaginary seer intones that he feels a strange, spiritual rapport, a vibrating resonance of cosmic energy, with certain members of his audience. They will be able to tell who they are because, even as he utters his mystic incantation, their watches will stop. After only a brief pause, a telephone on his table rings and an amplified voice in awed tones announces that its owner’s watch stopped dead within seconds of the seer’s words. The caller adds that she had a premonition that this was going to happen even before she looked down at her watch, for something in her hero’s burning eyes seemed to speak directly to her soul. She felt the “vibrations” of “energy”. Even as she is speaking, a second telephone rings. Yet another watch has stopped.

        A third call comes through, one more watch has been susceptible to occult forces. It stopped a whole day before, at the very moment when its owner looked at the mystic’s photograph in the newspaper. The studio audience gasps its appreciation. This, surely, is psychic power beyond all scepticism, for it happened a whole day early! “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio … ”

        What we need is less gasping and more thinking and to take the sting out of coincidence by calculating the likelihood that it would have happened anyway. In the course of which, we shall discover that to disarm apparently uncanny coincidences is more interesting than gasping over them anyway.

        Any given watch has a certain low probability of stopping at any moment. I don’t know what this probability is, but here’s the kind of way in which we could come to an estimate. If we take just digital watches, their battery typically runs out within a year. Approximately, then, a digital watch stops once per year. Presumably clockwork watches stop more often because people forget to wind them and presumably digital watches stop less often because people sometimes remember to renew the battery ahead of time. But both kinds of watches probably stop as often again because they develop faults of one kind or another. So, let our estimate be that any given watch is likely to stop about once a year. It doesn’t matter too much how accurate our estimate is. The principle will remain.

        If somebody’s watch stopped three weeks after the spell was cast, even the most credulous would prefer to put it down to chance. We need to decide how large a delay would have been judged by the audience as sufficiently simultaneous with the psychic’s announcement to impress. About five minutes is certainly safe, especially since he can keep talking to each caller for a few minutes before the next call. There are about 100,000 five-minute periods in a year. The probability that any given watch, say mine, will stop in a designated five-minute period is about one in 100,000. Low odds, but there are 10 million people watching the show. If only half of them are wearing watches, we could expect about 25 of those watches to stop in any given minute. If only a quarter of these ring in to the studio, that is six calls, more than enough to dumbfound a naive audience. Especially when you add in the calls from people whose watches stopped the day before, people whose watches didn’t stop but whose grandfather clocks did, people who died of heart attacks and their bereaved relatives phoned in to say that their “ticker” gave out, and so on.

        At this point, I want to invent a technical term, and I hope you’ll forgive an acronym. “Petwhac” stands for Population of Events That Would Have Appeared Coincidental. Population may seem an odd word, but it is the correct statistical term. Somebody’s watch stopping within 10 seconds of the psychic’s incantation obviously belongs within the petwhac, but so do many other events. The psychic said nothing about watches stopping the day before or grandfathers’ tickers suffering cardiac arrests.

        People feel that such unanticipated events belong in the petwhac. It looks to them as though occult forces must have been at work. But when you start to think like this, the petwhac becomes really quite large, and therein lies the catch. If your watch stopped exactly 24 hours earlier, you would not have to be unduly gullible to embrace this event within the petwhac. The larger the petwhac, the less we ought to be impressed by the coincidence when it comes. One of the devices of an effective trickster is to make people think exactly the opposite.

      • King of Shambhala

        Geeper, Newsweek asked “Is Obama the Antichrist?”.

        So, don’t go to all this trouble of bending over backwards to prove your point, you’re fighting against bigger than you i.e. Einstein and Richard Dawkins.

        Everybody knows Obama’s the Antichrist and Einstein accepts this is possible as does Dawkins too, so accept it you f*ggot.

      • AxisOfEvil

        It’s about time that you accept that you are a social pariah, a useless stain on society’s underwear. I really pity your poor wife, and can barely understand how she can out up with your mental retardation. Don’t you understand that you are only humiliating yourself? If heaven accepts someone like you, then i am very happy to not go there.

  • Don't be hating!

    Like the Lottery is not fixed..You all think these numbers are a sign..Fools they want you to believe this fear mongering number…Numbers are all fixed in the Lottery Scam… Have a nice day.

    • King of Shambhala

      No one’s reported the Illinois Lottery is fixed.

      Only you.

      You’re a tin-foil loon.

      • Geeper

        I thought being the only person to doggedly believe in something after everyone else had dismissed it made them the Messiah? Or are you using “tin-foil loon” as a term of high praise, from one to another?

      • King of Shambhala

        Einstein accepts miracles.

        Dawkins asks whether Obama’s the Antichrist and he’s like Einstein.

        Dawkins accepts that the Bible prophecy of the Antichrist and Obama is possible and will happen.

      • Geeper

        It’s funny how nobody else has called out the famous atheist Richard Dawkins on his acceptance of Biblical prophecy. It’s almost like you’re unable to understand what you’re reading, or that you’re trolling BIN, or something!

  • StraightDopes

    i LOVED this guy back during the original “Family Feud.”

    he had a habit of kissing all the ladies

    • King of Shambhala

      Why do you retards back Obama?

      Is it about colour?

      You’re just racists and like blacks, is that all it is about because Obama’s a dork, stupid and an ugly, dishonest, rotted dude and you know it perfectly well?

      • Anonymous

        just because someone is against stupid – that would be you stupid – doesnt mean they are pro obama..

        only a stupid person believes that.. why are you so stupid? stupid.

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