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EMP Attack Imminent, Warns Former Federal Agent–and DHS Admits It Is NOT Prepared! (Stunning Videos)

Saturday, June 28, 2014 17:15
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Former federal agent warns an EMP attack is imminent and would affect everyone around the world. The recovery time could take, at the minimum, possibly ten years, if ever. 


Prepare For EMP Attack Now, Warns Former Fed Agent



What’s even worse is that our government is doing absolutely nothing to prepare for such an event!


In testimony delivered on September 12, Brandon Wales, director of the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Infrastructure Threat and Risk Analysis Center, admitted that DHS remains unprepared for the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event or attack.


Wales testified that the nation’s power grid is more vulnerable now than it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, he could not provide Congress with an estimate for how much it would cost to combat such vulnerabilities.


An EMP attack could bring this country to a screeching halt by permanently disabling electronic devices. ATMs would stop dispensing money. Water and sewage systems would fail. Even planes and automobiles would stop working. Imagine living in the Dark Ages: This is what it would be like to live through an EMP attack.  The Daily Signal


Full Feature Video: Prepare Now For EMP Attack, Warns Former Federal Agent (PART TWO)


Prepare Now For EMP Attack, Warns Former Federal Agent from Lyn Leahz on Vimeo.



An EMP is a high intensity burst of electromagnetic energy either caused naturally or caused intentionally through a high altitude nuclear explosion (EMP). The pulse is so damaging that it could knock out any unprotected electronics, automated control systems, our electrical grid (which is very vulnerable), and more.


Coincidentally, we have three grids today in the USA: eastern grid, western grid, and Texas grid.  None of them are protected! If one of those grids went down, it would have a great impact on all the grids.  Even if the eastern grid alone was taken down, it would affect 70% of the US population! That is how dependent we are on the grid system.

The results of an EMP attack would be catastrophic!  Listen to the below video for more shocking information about the real threat that hovers over us.



Former Federal Agent Reveals the Real Threat of EMP and Possibility of Russian Invasion-Including Martial Law (Part One)

Former Federal Agent Reveals the Real Threat of EMP and Possibility of Russian Invasion-Including Martial Law (Part One) from Lyn Leahz on Vimeo.


DHS Admits It Is Unprepared for EMP Threat





Our grid is very vulnerable in the United States. We have three grids in the United States: the eastern grid, the western grid, and the Texas grid. And, none of them are protected. If one of those grids goes down, it affects all of them.

-Michael Maloof


Taking down the eastern grid alone would affect 70% of the population. -Michael Maloof


It used to be that we feared countries. Now terrorism is more terrorizing than other countries. -Pastor Jim Bakker


Even though I have been out of service since 2004, people are telling me the agencies are getting back into the habit of not talking to each other. This is seriously dangerous. -Michael Maloof


We have some big potholes in our country. We need to fix our grid. -Pastor Jim Bakker


Let’s look at it this way: The bridge is broken. The bridge needs to be fixed. Let’s fix the bridge. -Pastor Jim Bakker


The USA Would Be A Sitting Duck For Disaster!


Jim Bakker Website



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Total 63 comments
  • YellowRoseTx51

    Thanks for the update.
    Word is, too little & too late. The Elect say “No”.
    This is done to create fear, and it will not stop the exodus. All good is law’d up.

    • get real

      who’s word rose.? salvation is certainly not going to be a mothership, star-gate or portal

  • Anonymous

    I have always wondered whether a parking garage would offer protection to vehicles under ground.

  • Harley

    How bout we get off the fear mongering? I am so sick of the BS about the New World Order and the police state crap.

    I know it’s all coming but, I am not subscribing to your BS channel nor am I ever going to make a donation. Get a real life job…..

    • weis

      You no worry!!!!……
      You watch old movies, like Death Valley Days, Rifle Man, and the Lone ranger..You Be Macho Grande OK!!!

      In Lankshire, we make old time Jerky, and stock the root cellar…….We practice, run jump Dive into the fox hole.
      Number One do not wave at planes, they shoot you after the Blastoids Emp Devices, they have special Planes, vehicles that will work after the emp blastoids, we learn this in school…What school you go tooo?

      Our school teach us this, plus we watch death Valley Days, 20 mule team, etc, and know what roots good to eat..YOU?

    • weis

      Also you watch Hogans Hero’s, this way you know all the tricks for when you go to the FEMA camp.

      You always keep some beans in your pockets, and when it is time to vote, you act dumb, and keep on voting.

      Yes, act very dumb, Put some voter bumper-stickers on your Auto, and keep Voting, and also give donations to your politicians, this will give you some time to watch more Lone Ranger movies, and old re-runs of Death Valley Days to prepare yourself. Bonanza is ok, but Marshal Dillion is better.
      If you got some old movies, they no longer show them, flying carpets”UFO’S” because hidden messages…….
      Best to watch the Old Wild Wild West movies, not the new one………
      You keep voting like you know nothing, act stupy, very stupy, you be ok.

    • DUMB BOW

      Oh but its just sooo STUNNING ! I just had to go change my pantties ! I’m STILL just so STUNNED :lol:

  • CrowPie

    I would venture to say that 1/2 of the people represented within the area depicted…..still know how to survive WITHOUT electricity.

    You must also remember…most of that area regularly goes without power for long periods of time due to major storm systems. These people know how to survive.

    EMP not withstanding….the old ways can easily be reapplied to daily life.

    Do YOU know how to plant by the light of the full moon? :wink:

    • WeBeDoomed

      Well said CrowPie. I mean people living without electricity, smartphones and (dare I even say it?) the internet :shock: . Of course if an EMP did occur (which I strongly believe is NOT going to happen any time soon) then how would the fear mongers on here make a living, whilst the rest of us are scratching around in the ruins of civilisation just trying to find our next mea :?: :???:

      Probably doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a long stretch without electricity and I have a garage full of camping gear (enough for 6). You’re welcome to join the WeBeDoomed household should the apocalypse/tribulation/rapture occur :wink:

      • tracehdridefree

        Research Google Barges…in my research I think they’re for Continuation of Government..,.and with Government they have sooo much equipment that is ran off computers…satellites, data, nukes, power plants ect. Also research under ground bases and cities….

        An EMP attack is coming….by your lovely Government and Military that the American people refuse to kick off this planet! That way…we can’t communicate and plan a counter attack. They’ll be able to control us better, kill us easier….

        I just hope cities, towns, villages…haven’t forgotten how to work together.

      • CrowPie

        The radical conservative is always complaining that the government is too much in our business.

        The electric grid is owned and maintained by the ELECTRIC CO., not the government.

        Why is it that conservatives want their ideals to apply to everyone but themselves.

        (Don’t help or protect the disabled, poor, women, children or regulate any business………………………Unless The Republicans Need it.)

    • Lilsy

      Here’s the problem.
      If you have yr act together then the hundreds of thousands that don’t will be knocking at your door.

    • weis

      Yes, and also to not wave at passing aircraft………store your beans in a hole in the ground, and when it grows-eat it……..Dig a deep fox hole, hope for the best, and have plenty of magnets on hand to reverse the polarity of the emp blasteroids, Yes blasteroids will come in waves.
      The device is already abouve your heads…In Lankshire we practice diving in the fox hole daily…….Now we very good at it, and we bury roots……you should too.
      If you need detail on Lanskshire ways to survive Blastoid type EMP devices, you let me know.

  • MSG Chicken

    It’s been foretold in the Bible 2000 years ago.

    It is called the TRIBULATION and it says a “NATION”. Like none before, or never been a nation like America EVER in the world.

    That tribulation is meant for U.S. That is also the reason why Israel (Middle East) one gets ravished on one half. That can only occur if America is OUT of the picture – due to an EMP strike???

    After an EMP strike there will be MASS starvation, outbreak of disease, INVASION and the rest killed of by chem and bio weapons and finished off with hammered NUKE strikes, however, not necessarily in that order.

    I know this is coming because we NEVER EVER had an illegal leader before. And God sent you a negro one to dumb down this nation to a negro level. Look around this country is becoming NEGROTIZED!

    Dumb white kids who think it is cool to braid their hair, and blast degrading RAP music through their ears, and worship Negroes who are never known for any inventions, except starvation and poverty.

    The women think it is cool to be treated like dogs as Moslem converts or get infected with jungle fever, but that’s OK because now they don’t have to deal with white male chauvinist pigs as husbands.

    • BooBoo

      no, msg idiot, your the only one being Negroidized, all that crap you say is nonsense, your just a pathetic racist who thinks his views is the only one!

      and btw, your interpretation of the bible and tribulation is just your stupid opinion, with your hate injected into it, ha, aint it cool ?

      • MSG Chicken

        What do you think you are doing? LOL!

      • weis

        Ah, De Boo Booo Got all worky up again….he must be off the wagon. Hope he get da prozac scriptoids filled soon………Oh my he is off the rocker again………last time took 2 months to calm em down………started seeing flyin saucers in da basement, and spirits in the attic, vice de versa, alto putademaniaco

    • BooBoo

      hey lyn, did you miss me, even after you disabled your comments on youtube and vimeo and B4IN, im still here, oh, btw i did find Jesus, on nov 30, 1992, so when are you going to disable comments again here on B4IN, your book soul receiver is not doing to good, oh well, better luck next time!

      • MSG Chicken

        Gosh, so much hate for this lady with your words -> stupid opinion, crap nonsense, hate, pathetic mysogynist, ain’t it cruel?

      • BooBoo

        hate, thats your words not mine, are you trying to say something i didnt say, where did i say the word hate, stupid?

        crap nonsense, hate, pathetic mysogynist, ain’t it cruel? i never said any of those words on this post, so why are you saying i said those untruthful words, stop being a american hater, were not all bad dude, ive seen all your other post, try to bring in a reality to life and stop the negro crap!

      • MSG Chicken

        I meant to split the comments up but you can’t edit on BIN.

        But you said “hate” earlier about me. …”with your hate injected into it”…..

        Yes, you are full of hate here, but you like the negro who also hates ….. AMERICA!

      • Lyn Leahz

        Of course I miss you BooBoo when you’re not around. Of course, I can’t really remember a time when you weren’t around… but I am just positive that if you weren’t, I’d miss you terribly.

    • CrowPie

      I think it’s the Aryan Nation the bible is referring too.

      • CrowPie

        you know….the hate group you love so much…..(this message is for MSG)

      • MSG Chicken

        No, the Aryan nation is the German nation.

        The Bible is mainly concerned with the “lost sheep” or the Ten lost tribes. NEVER lost, of course, but they were forgotten by themselves, actually.

        Today these Ten Tribes are easily identified but these people cannot know it even though the evidence is plainly in front of them. Just like with evolution. It is obvious God designed and made everything because there is no other purpose for them, but that’s another story.

        These people will VERY soon get punished for forgetting their God, AGAIN! Then God will go after the world in which He will cut the days short, because of the ELECT’S sake otherwise NO FLESH would survive. So we owe our gratitude to these “elect” whoever or wherever they are.

        But that does not mean a great majority of humans will suffer horrendous violence and evil in a short time. When people see all these things happen a large amount of them will get on their hands and knees and learn to prey……

      • CrowPie

        I think you meant PRAY

        They already know how to prey. And your wrong again…..the Aryan Nation….as you well know, is alive and well….right here in the U.S.

        Your little history lesson was not new information…nor did it add to or detract from my point.

        You are a lost man…with a hateful mindset. It’s obvious where you learned it. Thanks for proving me right with your last post.

      • MSG Chicken

        Hahaha, you’re a laffable nitwit!

        Germany started the first two world wars, it is said she will start the 3rd world war. Hard to believe right now, but it was hard to believe an illegal skinny mongrel sodomite negro from Kenya would be a phony president of the USA one day.

        But there you have it, not only once but twice, and now some say, just like a welfare negro we might never be able to get him out.

      • CrowPie

        There is no point in engaging with you. You cannot stay on topic, provide relevant information or even manage to be interesting.

    • BooBoo

      msg chickennnnnn: good title for you

      you do realize that all that crap you said is going to affect you also, that is if you live in the usa, aint it cool? ha ha ha

      • BooBoo

        msg chickennnnnn: good title for you

        i bet you can not make one post without the word negro in it, your as bad as king bubblehead with your hate!!

      • BooBoo

        nice picture lyn leahz, its better than the other one! :grin:

    • Bossmanrocks

      When the crap hits the fan I want to be at ground zero. To quote a few lines from the movie The Day after Wife – “We’re lucky to be alive.” Husband – We’ll see how lucky that is!”

  • untoro

    thanks for sharing
    Desain rumah Minimalis

  • Anonymous

    Just a little note, no one on this planet is prepared for an EMP attack, not the Russians, Iran, the US, the EU, or the Chongs. No one has let that genie out of the bottle for a vary good reason.

  • Pix

    “Our grid is very vulnerable in the United States. We have three grids in the United States: the eastern grid, the western grid, and the Texas grid. And, none of them are protected.”

    No electricity supplies are protected from EMP’s, because you can’t protect something from itself. EMP = ElectroMagnetic Pulse. But some communications will remain operative, because they are now fiber optic, rather than copper wire.

    You seem to be mistaking America for the world, Central America is a tiny part of the world, not where it begins and ends.

    :wink: :lol:

    • weis

      Really, You should take into account the other grid

      • Pix

        “No electricity supplies are protected from EMP’s, because you can’t protect something from itself. EMP.= ElectroMagnetic Pulse”

        Do try to keep up. :wink:

  • Lord Humongous!

    The grid has been this way for the past 40+ years! The has been known since the early 70′s! Nothing new here.The only thing new is the publicity of it. The worse thing that will happen is we go back to the 1850′s…We start over. The weak will die and the strong will live. No big deal… :wink:

  • get real

    won’t be any emp, it would render the military useless…then the NWO could lose it’s grip.

  • Lilsy

    We have worse problems than this.
    Just wait and see what climate change is going to bring to your neighborhood in the next 10 years.

    • Working the Beat

      If you believe that con then your are gullible to believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.
      Take note: there is NO empirical evidence of global warming.

  • Working the Beat

    wow complete cut and paste from 3 articles done by real journalists. More doom porn from the lizard shapeshifter to keep you on your toes.

  • Zuuumie

    Regardless of whether this story is not believed or is, EMP’s are a potential relatively Low-Cost reality today and has been for many decades. Like the possibility of Global Warming or such an event here or anywhere, it’s been time for many decades that Protection Systems be put in place.

    One cannot always put some things off, where the potential “Unknowns” would be astronomical just because of reduced Profits where profitability would still in fact exist or someone’s fear and dislike of seeing their Name on the List of the World’s Richest drop down a number of notches.

    Just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, and every other President, Congressman, current and past Governors, other elected Office Holders in the U.S. for decades and decades, and millions of everyday “informed”, educated or self-educated U.S. Citizens know where and how the needed “$” is to pay for the necessary Protective Enhancements in this Era of America, instead of waiting till something takes place or unfolds, sitting back as though it’s dumbfounding that such a thing or things could possible take place in the U.S. (……or anywhere for that matter.).

    This like other crucial Preparedness that should be taken, just these two Subjects alone are quire obviously “In Plain Site.”

    Since we spent Trillions on Conflict and undeclared Wars on bad, altered, and for less than truthful and accurate reasons, or the Trillions accumulatively (Making Recipients subject to Audit, the same as must be done for the U.S. as spelled out in our “USC”) FOR Funds $pent on Dictators, Despots, and criminal-type Kings w/o any reasonable expected
    *** Accountability,
    *** Expectations,
    *** Conditions,
    *** Sanity, and
    *** Logical,
    *** Fairness in order to
    Search and Detect Misuse or Skimming of Funding rather than ignoring or pretending any longer what we’ve known for Decades, contrary to what What and How $ was tb used for in the 1st Place;.

    The Funding Source has that absolute Right. Become better Negotiators or find someone who can get this done if ‘Ya can’t do it yourself; “Step and Find someone else who can get the Job done in the manner that is better for all involved;

    Besides, it is no more obvious than anything gets, that U.S. Citizens are more important ahead of ALL OTHERS, and it is reasonable and logical to unquestionably expect tb protected @ all times and ahead of time in anticipation of any and all other Unknowns that can take place w/ somethings that are not a question of “IF”, but “WHEN.”

  • GearHead

    OK, I want someone, ANYONE to tell me even just one single thing that can be done to “harden” an electronic device against an EMP attack of any kind. I don’t care if it’s done with a nuke or two, a solar flare or a flux compression generator device at street level, it just CANNOT be protected against in any meaningful way.
    The wiring (antenna) going into the front end of a radio or TV or computer is a perfect conduit for the high voltage to flood in and burn out all of the diodes and transistors, be they discrete components or integrated circuits. Boom, they’re all wiped out in an instant. Transistor run on about 5 Volts and they will be fried at about 20 Volts or even less. How can you “harden” against that??
    The ONLY thing that you can do is to have a back up part for every vulnerable electrical item in your system, and store it locked up in a Faraday cage to protect it. Then, install it after the blast and PRAY that in a week or two someone doesn’t kick you in the teeth again, thus wiping out your back up parts and you for good!!
    But how many back up parts would be needed for a nation of 300 million legal people?? Where could they be safely stored? WHO will install them when and where they are needed? HOW will they do so when the wife and kids are at home crying in the dark?
    If a few things can be “hardened” to survive an EMP of any kind, that doesn’t mean by ANY stretch of the imagination that all things can be protected. Once the power goes off, it will STAY off for a very long time indeed.

  • weis

    This is not good……….best thing to do is dig a fox hole, and store some roots, beens, and water……It may pass soon…….

  • Upaces

    WE have had two warnings about this before. The Nuke/EMP attack didn’t come from another country. Obama initiated it both times.

    ​Ex-CIA Operative: Military Thwarted Obama’s Plans To Nuke/EMP… ​

  • Upaces

    This was the 2nd time Obama tried to Nuke the U.S.
    Three brave Americans stood up to Tyranny a few weeks ago and told Barack Hussein Obama, literally, to take a flying leap as they refused orders to illegally divert control of several nuclear weapons to agents of Barack Hussein Obama.
    Nobel Peace Prize nominee and former CIA spy Dr. Jim Garrow explains how the actions of these men – a Army General, an Air Force General, and a Navy Admiral – who were in charge of safeguarding the nation’s nuclear stockpile, saved the lives of 300 million Americans from the devastating effects of a planned EMP attack on the United States:

    Continue reading:

    • CrowPie

      Sorry…..the examiner and youtube are NOT reliable sources. I would suggest that you be able to PROVE undeniably and without question….such statements before posting them.

      I would also suggest that you take a flying leap out of your dream world into reality…..

      Someone should have told you a long time ago that just because it looks or sounds “good” doesn’t mean it’s true.

      Do you believe the movies actually happen, too? They are fiction, you know. Their are folks out there, and here who have an agenda….they want you to hate Dems and Obama…and will lie ‘really well’ so that you will hate them.

      Why? Cause they need your undying loyalty…..AND VOTES.

  • popeter

    If it’s this bad, then we need to die. That’s all there is to it. If you survive, you’ll wish you didn’t.

  • Upaces

    This is an evil false flag. This is just an excerpt.

    Meet the Man Who Will Be In Charge of the UN Takeover of America…
    In Part One, I detailed how the United Nations is posturing to seize American guns as a prelude to martial law. If you have not read Part One, it will be helpful to do so before reading the rest of this article.

    Any police detective will tell you that it is sometimes necessary to look at the facts of an old crime in order to solve a new crime. If one wants to understand the forces at work which are posturing to enslave America, one has to first take a summary look at the forces behind the so-called Gulf Oil Spill because many of the players, one in particular, will prominently figure in what is coming.

  • Upaces

    ​Ex-CIA Operative: Military Thwarted Obama’s Plans To Nuke/EMP… ​
    ​Even before it was announced that the second highest nuke commander in the United States was suspended on the same day of the secret nuke transfer just weeks later, it was Senator Lindsey Graham who went on record hours after our report in saying that a ‘nuclear attack’ could come to South Carolina in the event that we did not move militarily against Syria and Iran — pushing even harder to action against both Iran and Syria. This alone generated hundreds of thousands to view our video reports and millions to examine our reports, which had immediately gone from concerning high level military intelligence to an international topic.

    Continue Reading:
    ​Read more:… ​

  • Bossmanrocks

    Maybe Americans need something like this to happen to wake them the hell up. The majority have been so apathetic it’s frightening.

    • CrowPie

      You just gave yourself away. :wink:

      • carsonking

        I’ll entertain you crow, why?

      • CrowPie

        Just lean back in your chair….look at the name…..and look at what is said.

        It’ll come to you. :wink:

      • carsonking

        I’d say he was in uniform most of the time and because he’s here and welcomes a war, he’s a shill?



  • carsonking

    Lynn and Lisa sitting in a tree, k,I,s,s,I,n,g,,,, videos £20 each, email me. :grin:

  • diverdude

    Wow lots of comments but nobody understands the real danger of a grid collapse, wether from an EMP blast or a Carrington Event. If the grid goes, so does the cooling of spent-fuel pools. Much more than the inconvenience of being without power, pyrophoric fires of many many tons of high level waste would ensure the end of life. Unless these facilities have air-start old-school diesels turning cooling pumps (and not diesel generators for electric pumps) then the 20 or so GE MK1 reactors and their SFP’s are lost.

  • tracehdridefree

    “What’s worse is that our Government isn’t doing anything about it!”

    Research and educate yourself…they are the ones behind it.

    • CrowPie

      It’s not the governments place….the grid is owned and maintained by the Electric co.

      For once let your ‘fend for yourself’ ideals apply to everyone.

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