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Just Released! ‘Executions By Guillotine’ Finally Passed In USA, and Government Is Pushing For Nationwide Use! (Shocking Video)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 17:03
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They passed laws in Georgia to allow for the use of the guillotine on death row. But were you also aware a federal judge has now joined the ranks of those pushing for the use of guillotines nationwide? Now do you see why they “botch” executions? They need to make the people demand a better way to kill. PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED!  (From the video commentary)


Just as is predicted in the end times—death by beheading!  And this seems to be the way in which they are bringing this primitive form of punishment back to the present!  Of course, we can’t dismiss that this form of punishment has been taking place by sword in other parts of the world, such as the Middle East, for quite some time now. But the fact that this is now being pushed in a place where such punishment has been unheard of is BIG news!


Revelation 20:4 And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. ThenI saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received hismark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.


We are very close! All of the cards are being put into place right now for the final events that are before us—the events spoken of in the book of Daniel, and the book of Revelation.  



They passed laws in Georgia to allow for the use of the guillotine on death row. But were you also aware a federal judge has now joined the ranks of those pushing for the use of guillotines nationwide? Now do you see why they “botch” executions? They need to make the people demand a better way to kill. PROPHECY WILL BE FULFILLED!



Guillotine, firing squads better than lethal injection, says prominent federal judge

Appeals Judge Says Guillotine ‘Probably Best’ for Executions…

Witnesses to a Botched Execution…


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  • Болеслава

    The guillotine was made legal in the USA in the 90′s.
    But the law has been dormant while the apparatus was being imported from China in the thousands.
    This is well documented from eyewitness testimony.
    Its use is Satanic in origin, predicted in the Bible and will be common in America against those who defy the NWO in the near future.
    Resistance has failed big time in the USA and throughout most of the Western world.
    Soon the borders will jammed shut to prevent a mass exudus in panic. Satan, who is the tangible power behind the NWO does not want that. The apparatus is already in place to achieve this.
    The response to date to the NWO in America has been fear not resistance. you have been defeated from within, fallen to the occult and only God can save you. Be watchful for his intervention, or better still, leave the country.

    • Болеслава

      The “wise virgins” of the gospel now inhabit much of the upper north west of Sydney Australia.
      Its impossible to not recognize their accents.

    • TIME

      Dear xvieo,

      Ok lets say you leave the country, where is it that you can go to out run the world order again? Note the KEY word, “WORLD.”

      Even Russia, China India, South America, Canada, are all part of the plan, note whom they are using to set up their banking with again, can you say the “Bank of London.”
      AKA the Rothschild’s, the face of the NWO…

      Also, not to insult you, but really: the word “Occult” only means { Hidden } thus within the context of your post it has no meaning.

      ** People you all need to get you heads screwed on straight, There is no place safe on this planet, you can’t out run what is about to unfold.
      What you can do is just get straight with whom ever your Holy One may be.
      A word to the wise: To you that think that for some odd reason your life will be spared by these people, get over it. If you don’t belong to the Billion dollar club, your toast. As in even if you have $500 Million you still toast, and by the way, those that aided in what is coming, YOUR reward will be the same as everyone else, why? Never trust a traitor.

      Also to make note of: we have all been lied to, we have all been used to kill each other, and do nasty things to people we don’t even know, as in every person on this planet has been involved in this plot, rather you know it or not.

      Peace Shalom

      • Болеслава

        You do realize the “wise virgins” I am talking about are USA refugees?

        I have had a little to do with them, (Middle class USA refugees and their facilitators) so I know what I am talking about. You have not, obviously, taken all my comments on face value. Your loss.

        What is it with Americans who think the USA’s future (and current if you are already aware even though it hasn’t affected you personally yet) could not be any worse than other countries? You are victims of the invisible net being spun around your mind, perhaps..

      • blue heron

        Amen. I thought of going to South America then remembered the Bush’s bought land there and thought where could one go?

        Then this one thought keep repeating itself ” Hell is empty and all the devils are here”.

      • kev

        I agree. There is nowhere to run. Pray for protection and read your bible.

      • Ozzie_Thinker

        There are plenty of places to hide in plain sight. Understanding leads to comprehension and this alone determines survival; with “mother luck” on side, naturally.

        Big changes are coming and that’s why the machine is ramping things up at a rapid rate. A bit on “comprehension”:


    • GuitarLots

      Sleepy Hollow rides again

      • Donovan

        AreyouSerious? Lol.
        I won’t beheading to this thread again!

    • larry

      What about the 350 million guns we have n America? Do you really believe these people are going to turn over their guns and go to the guiillotine? No way….. How many of these NWO idiots are willing to give their lives for the cause? Including politicians because you can bet their names will be on a list. It’s going to be a blood bath…..

      • Болеслава

        Only if you are united and you are kept divided deliberately.

        Just look at the division on this board. There is no consensus to fight the NWO. Just squabbling, bickering, backstabbing. It will be like taking candy from a baby to take your guns. Only a few will resist.

      • Pure Energy

        Larry, 350 million guns mean NOTHING!
        They will not get up and shoot themselves.

        The very people who were stupid enough to ‘register” their guns with the “government”, and “get a paycheck” and/or “own property” will get a notice in the mail.
        That notice will say
        “You have X firearms in your house.
        Respond by turning in your guns at your local “Gun Turn In center” by the appropriate date, and nothing happens.

        If you do NOT comply within 7 days, your property will be seized, and your employer notified, and wages garnished to the appropriate FINE amount”!
        You will also be a convicted felon if you do NOT comply with this legal order to DISARM!”

        I predict that you big, brave, judeo-christo-CREEP type of ‘repugnant-can” WILL FLOCK DOWN TO THE state run center and TUN IN YOUR GUNS IN MASS, :shock: :shock: :shock: because you could NEVER BEAR to lose all of your STUFF!

        The majority of disarming of the populace in the united Fascist states of MILITARY TERROR will take place without the “state” ever FIRING A SHOT to accomplish the goal!

      • Damien

        These ‘people’ are constitutionally incapable (sic) of going within a 1 mile radius of each other. Why? Because the meltin’pot remnants of souls have them FOR their federal patriot status longing. Their conformist greed. Their corruptibility.


  • Homeowner Of Record

    And so it goes: Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!

    Readers need to understand that many of us writing about the many atrocities and abuses by government, whether at county, state or federal levels puts us writers at great risk. We risk everything to bring REAL NEWS & THE TRUTH. Please actually read these stories like Lyn’s with more than a grain of salt. They come to you at great price and are done out of love and compassion for others who need to be awakened for their own safety today and in the not too distant future.

    If not stopped there is no end to how far the powers-that-be will go to turn the public into cattle.

    It goes hand-in-hand with the current administration asking all of our soldiers if they will fire upon American Citizens if ordered to do so. I confirmed that for myself last year…it is true!

    The goal is to turn the U.S. into less than a third world country. Read your Constitution and be prepared to do whatever it takes to stand firm when the time comes to protect your family. It is coming FAST!!! 1984 was nothing. Technology has made the nightmare much worse and none will be spared. Look up Night Of The Long Knives. Perpetrators at the highest levels will not be trusted for they know too much and have influence on the population when things really heat up as in 1939/1940 Germany.

    History is repeating itself with a vengeance & the police state will be much worse than your worst imagining due to drones and technology in both your home and in your pocket. It is not tool late yet to turn this around…in a few months it may be! AWARENESS IS THE FIRST STEP.

    ====Thanks Lyn for having the courage to cover this story.====

    • Anonymous

      People always cite (Absolute power corrupts absolutely).
      But they forget that blind obedience also corrupts absolutely. This have being proven on many occasions, both by history and scientific experimentation.

      The key for people to accept its slavery is to do it on small increments and convince them that the chances are for their own good.

      Tyrants are nothing without the useful idiots and the people that blindly obey.

      • The Real Deal

        I agree with you, however the power that is corrupting is doing so holding the barrel of a gun to our heads. Go ahead and not pay taxes (taxes is just paying for your own slavery) and see what happens. But if you have an answer for this nation’s Cognitive Dissonance, please…I’m all ears.

    • Busta Myth

      The Nazis used to also used Guillotines

      America HIRED tens of thousands of Nazi scum bag war criminals AFTER WW2…and gave them jobs in Science, the Military and Intelligence

      America also hired Adolf Hitlers Arab Nazis aka The Muslim Brotherhood AFTER WW2 and they sent them to live in Saudi Arabia, they taught Osama Bin Laden and the cia hired Osama Bin Laden and the other Arab Nazis to fight the first war in Afghanistan against the Commie Russians.

      It was the Vatican, Prescott Bush and Wallstreet Banksters who put Adolf Hitler in to Power

      So yeah, History is repeating ….but the Nazi’s flag has changed !

      As they said in Nazi Germany, DO NOT get on the Trains!

      • Kona

        I hate to admit it but you have a few good points…… country is going to hell in a hand basket.

      • Ryan

        ‘Operation Paperclip’

    • Donovan

      I have a gauranteed plan! All Americans Pilgrim and Native: receive or return to Jesus Christ, repent of sins and make a stand like one people. No division of religion, just one faith in Jesus Christ without the theological diatribe. No Jew or Gentile, just pure people of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
      Start an army of prayer warriors, but unlike the king of shame bashing Obama, instead pray for Obama that God will work in his heart and guide him. If he goes against God then his actions will be on his own head and then he will be revealed. Bashing Obama will only make it worse on the American people if it hasn’t already! It will only get worse if you fight evil with evil, but if you fight evil with good than you will have a fighting chance.

      I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior…” -1 Timothy 2:1-3

  • am123

    Is the so-called Church ready for martyrdom today? No, they are not. They are not ready to stand in their faith against the ravages of the Beast. Read the Book of Revelation and you’ll see that Jesus calls us to a patient and enduring faith during the time of the antichrist.

    I know I am hard on Lyn sometimes for some of her articles and tactics, and I wish she would point the way home for the lost instead of scaring them and leaving them high and dry without hope, but in this article, she is correct in her assertion that death by beheading is indeed coming to our modern world.

    So if you don’t know Jesus, now would be a good time to get to know Him. If you expect to endure until the end, whether the end for you is martyrdom or the Second Coming, you need to run for cover in the shadow of His wings. To see how, read:

    • ExposingTheEnemy

      You are a catholic using witchcraft to invoke angels, and a so called picture of “JESUS” which is really Caesera Borgia son, and is the same image used by the UN for their MATREYA “Christ”. You don’t know who the REAL Jesus is if you are not born again according to John 3:3-5 and still involved in ‘another’ Gospel (Galations 1:8). It was clear Jesus wasn’t a goodlooking man;

      Isaieh 53:2 For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness (glory, splendor, majesty); and when we shall see him, there is NO BEAUTY that we should desire him. (Makes sense, if he wasn’t goodlooking, then that would be one real test to see if others LOVED YOU because they actually LOVED YOU regardless of your LOOKS to appease their flesh to forgo abandoning you).

      REPENT and BELIEVE! That’s what Jesus commanded, NOT “invoke angels”.. which is what witches do believing they are ‘good angels’ when really it’s calling on devils. How dare you leave a link to call on angels instead of JESUS of Nazareth! JESUS IS HIS NAME! Ye must be born again! Only a FEW will make it through the gate;

      Mat_7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for WIDE is the gate, and BROAD is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
      Mat_7:14 Because STRAIT is the gate, and NARROW is the way, which leadeth unto life, and FEW there be that find it. (if only a ‘few’ out of 7billion+ people will make it through the gate/door (Christ Jesus), then obviously if one is not truly BORN AGAIN, they will perish. That’s what Jesus declared, not Rome, not anyone.. JESUS THE CHRIST.).

      REPENT (Change your mind and TURN 180 from your wicked ways of ‘religion’ and living in sin to now face Christ Jesus of the Scriptures!), and BELIEVE (Believe what Jesus FINISHED at the cross and that He is GOD who became a man to save us from our sins, that He was crucified for the sins of the world, that He died, and rose, spent 40 days on earth, then ascended into Heaven and is seated ON HIS THRONE while we await in our time dimension, His 2nd coming, where “believe” in their time was an ACTION WORD, a VERB, which means to WALK the WALK, not TALK THE TALK!)

      Jesus rebuke you for leading others to links that are an affront unto Christ Jesus.


      • am123

        I am not a Catholic. :wink:

        And did you even read my article?

        If you did, you would see what I meant by the title was when you come before the Father in prayer and worship, and confess with your mouth the promises in the Word, angels are released to alter the physical world to line up with your prayers in the spiritual world.

        Surely a Christian must agree with that, unless of course they deny the power of faith in the name of Jesus and their prayers are spiritually impotent.

      • ExposingTheEnemy


        I read your long article. Sure you may state any things concerning Scripture that are born again bible believing fact, but you have a cartload of others that is catholicsm/newage/prosperity gospel which is another Gospel (Galations 1:8). What union does Christ have with Belial? Your article is obviously treating God like a heavenly bell hop that without even one mention of having to be born again (John 3:3-5), somehow people can have all these things even though they are not actually in Christ Jesus as born again believers. Seems like you use God like a credit card, much like expecting full time benefits with a part time work contract.

        I will respond to you on your article page, and address the many things that clearly indicate you preach ‘another Gospel’, along with how you have misunderstood what the whole ‘angel’ thing and you are actually performing the practices of Catholicism in your ‘worship of angels’, an affront unto Christ Jesus.


      • ExposingTheEnemy

        Lyn… why do you keep removing certain comments that expose you for your false teachings when it’s not given for women to teach Scripture? Do you claim to know more than Jesus and the Apostles?

        The user on this page called “COMMON SENSE” actually has the Scriptural passage correct from a born again bible believing viewpoint, and your usage of the Revelation verses is being twisted to read as though it’s only happening now.

        The one who cries “FREE SPEECH” should be allowed, is removing comments! OH THE HYPOCRISY! You lose any right to judge! Typical of the feminist women claiming to be under Christ and too naive to see they are not fully submitting to Christ Jesus when they behave in devil-feminist ways unable to take correction from a born again bible believing sold out blood bought disciple of Jesus.

      • HumanBeing

        How does anyone remove comments? I’ve never seen any such option on articles I’ve written. Doesn’t that have to be done by a moderator?

      • ExposingTheEnemy


        Explain how then my comments keep getting removed? Why would the moderator remove comments testing the metal of the supposed article author? Are we not to challenge and test the information we receive especially in the time and day where goverment paid agents are descending upon social networks to confuse, divert, distract and LIE via articles they make pretending to be born again believers, but really just helping the believers feel there’s no solution in Christ Jesus truly?

        By the way, “Hue-Man” is an evolutionary term, it means you come from apes.. It’s why it’s not in the original Hebrew/Greek/English bibles, and why instead MAN and WOMAN is used along with MANKIND not “HUMANITY”.

        Here’s some help;


      • HumanBeing


        I was not trying to insinuate that your comments weren’t deleted. I was asking an honest question about how authors can delete comments, since none of my articles gives me that ability. A more likely possibility is that those who have this ability are in fact moderators or the site owner. That’s all I was saying.

        So no need to get bent about my username. I chose it along the lines of saying that there’s a real person, a human being, behind this computer. That’s all.

      • am123

        “somehow people can have all these things even though they are not actually in Christ Jesus as born again believers”

        Being born again is a pre-requisite for my article, as that is the audience I assumed would be interested, but it’s a good idea to call that out up front, so I’ll add that. Thanks.

        And there is no worship of angels in my article. The outline for prayer I use is the Lord’s prayer.

      • am123

        “I’ve never seen any such option on articles I’ve written.”

        Neither do I have any such option. So it must be a moderator, or perhaps Featured writers have that ability, who knows.

      • ExposingTheEnemy


        You can add the pre-requisite, but it’s like putting lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig.

        You don’t seem to grasp how you’ve misunderstood the Gospel, which will be addressed on your own page of that article.

      • am123

        “You don’t seem to grasp how you’ve misunderstood the Gospel, which will be addressed on your own page of that article”

        Go right ahead. And spew all the nonsense you want.

      • patriotacts

        @humanbeing You must be Lyn the fraud herself. We have all witnessed her remove comments from the readers. Even alter the words they wrote. Just to satisfy her multi personality perspective.

      • HumanBeing


        @humanbeing You must be Lyn the fraud herself. We have all witnessed her remove comments from the readers. Even alter the words they wrote. Just to satisfy her multi personality perspective.”

        What the… ?


        Got that?

        Now pay attention, this is where it gets complicated:


        That’s my question I was hoping someone could answer. Instead, people are jumping on my back for no reason. Maybe I should accuse you of being Lyn, it would make as much sense.

        Sheesh! :eek:

      • ExposingTheEnemy


        I’m not getting upset, you can’t hear me or see me, but read my words. If i was upset, i would state it, stop believing you can perceived someone’s emotions online via their words. Also, you should care about vocabulary and what it means in the courts of law and how the synagogue of satan has trained english speaking people for generations to speak a form of english that automatically puts them under the jurisdiction of the state, so if you really did know about this ‘stuff’ as you claim, you wouldn’t be engaging in it, because if you remain in the slave vocabulary, then you shall be treated as such with no one else to blame but yourself.

      • am123


        It looks like you’re nothing more than a Jew-hating, un-Biblical, White Supremacist who does the Devil’s work :twisted: .

      • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

        Oh, ye of great delusions … the letter “J” didn’t even exist until 1349 AD and still doesn’t in any of the Biblical Era languages. Therefore, the ‘name’ of “Jesus” didn’t either. Immanuel NEVER heard it during His Reign as Anointed and still DOES NOT answer to it today.

      • TRUTHY1

        People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones !! You are also at fault for using Pagan names and words some of which were invented after the English language was put into use. May Our Father in Heaven forgive you for your Blasphemy against the most high and His only begotten son. Repent and turn from your sins and seek forgiveness. You have awakened 2a DARK truth. May Ehyeh have mercy on your soul

    • ExposingTheEnemy


      “I was not trying to insinuate that your comments weren’t deleted. I was asking an honest question about how authors can delete comments, since none of my articles gives me that ability.”

      I am aware of that since i considered that’s why you were stating what you were, in other words, i comprehended your words.

      “A more likely possibility is that those who have this ability are in fact moderators or the site owner. That’s all I was saying.”

      So my question remains, why remove such comments that challenge the metal of the article writer if it’s being done in an justified way without profanities, obscenities, vulgarities, insults etc?

      “So no need to get bent about my username.”

      Get bent? Sorry, i do not comprehend how you mean that. Go here;

      …and tell me which definition you are referring to, so i can comprehend your sentence as you meant it.

      “I chose it along the lines of saying that there’s a real person, a human being, behind this computer. That’s all.”

      Ok.. but know this… if you knew anything about English, Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, Roman Civil Law, Common Law, Civil Law etc… “Human Being” well… you should look that up in Blacks Law Dictionary Edition I & II to see what it really means to the crooked gov’t lawyers before they started to realize the people were learning about the enslavement since 1913/1933. Same goes for ‘person’, look that up in the that same dictionary, and see that once you admit to a gov’t freemason authority that you are a ‘person’, you have just shown them how much you don’t know and have come under their jurisdiction and therefore can be treated and abused any way they see fit because of one’s own ignorance of what they are actually calling themselves in the courts of law (crooked law) that is.

      • HumanBeing

        I know all about that, and how the Act of 1871 betrayed the whole country etc. But I don’t let them dictate to me what my vocabulary should include. I’m not making any legal documents here, just posting opinions. You’re getting too upset about my username.

        Anyway, does anyone else know whether non-moderators can delete comments? That’s all I wanted to know.

    • RompingWillyBilly

      All death beheads people. Beheading is a ceremonial terror tactic. Still, in the end, you aren’t any deader than the other dead. Crucifixion was also a terror tactic. The process wasn’t just an execution, but a form of public torture. The Romans were experts at keeping a person alive to have to endure the worst of it. Literally, the judgement passed down on Jesus was that He be scourged to within an inch of his life. Figure He was totally emasculated in the process. As the leading false prophet of many followers, He would have been scourged, whipped, and beaten to the point that He was unrecognizable. It was normal for one to have their legs broken so that they weren’t able to run away. But Jesus didn’t die a natural death but delivered Himself after saying that “It is finished.” As He had already passed away, they just pierced His side with a spear.

  • MSG Chicken

    Is there any Kevin McCarthy out there? We need him right now not to find out about Pods or iPods but about guillotines.

    Opening up some crates and seeing some nice stainless steel blades and jumping back in horror and warning the rest of us.

    Until then it is just hearsay…..

  • Anon

    I am a Nurse Practitioner, I have practiced for 20 years, I have worked ER and ICU and cannot understand how they are botching executions. Drug addicts, suicidal people and health care providers accidentally kill with drug overdoses, but the government can’t get it right????? Weird!!!
    Potassium, Propofol, and a paralytic drug IV in a large dose and it is done. NO drama.

    • Anonymous


    • WeBeDoomed

      Carbon monoxide – thousands of people use it every year to end their lives

      • JustAComment

        A Lyn Leahz website – thousands of people hang themselves.

      • WeBeDoomed

        @JustAComment: That is inhuman :shock: what kind of a monster are you :?: :lol:

    • WhereAmI

      How about a baseball bat? Cheap, effective and fun. But then, so is a guillotine. Also, with the bat or the blade he ain’t gonna be flopping around for over two hours. Unless you want him to.

  • TruthandFreedom

    The same guillotines they have denied to be on American soil, on American bases, for the last 10 years!

  • bozzchem

    The answer to 1984 is 1776.

    We can get off our butts and do something to change things or we can sit back and wait until our number is called and our neck loses 10lbs.

    Christians have become complacent, castrated, docile and scared.

    What happened to men of God like this?

  • ThatsIt!!!

    I’ll tell you what, it would be a lot more humane then lethal injection> this poor guy gasped for air for more then an 1-1/2!

  • onlythetruth

    The NOAHIDE LAW Isn’t It GRAND? YOU CHRISTIANS ALL WORSHIP THE ZIONIST PLAN Or Should I just say The SYNAGOGUE of SATAN PLAN! OH But Their YOUR Chosen !As YOUR god says In The Bible ,god only blesses them that serve IS-RA-EL= ISIS-HORUS-SET= IHS =VATICAN RULE! Oh how You all Have Been Lied To! No Surprise As SATAN DECEIVES the WHOLE WORLD by False RELIGIONS. And YES THE BIBLE was put out From KING JAMES= FREEMASON Not all is Tampered with but rewritten by MEN. CONSTANTINE & VATICAN banned all Bibles 325 AD??? ReWRITTEN again in 1611? hmmm? THE NEPHILIM Jews still Rule This EARTH..CANNINITES . BOLSHEVIKS from the ASIATIC TRIBE.—- GOOGLE BOLSHEVISM???? Jewish Finance and BOLSHEVISM! This IS WHAT YOU CHRISTIANS WORSHIP! So NO WONDER HERE WHY YOU ALL HAVE BEEN HANDED OVER To The The ONES WHOM YOU ALL TRULY WORSHIP! AHHHHHHH?? ZIONISM ISN’T IT GRAND NOW?? :lol: :eek: :razz:

    • Damien

      Nope. Christians are not bound to the Mosaic law or Abrahamic covenenant.

      • Pix

        Matthew 5:17-20King James Version (KJV)
        17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.

        18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.

        19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.

        20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.


      • StraightDopes

        pix – way to completely wrench a verse out of context in order to prove a specious point. i believe Satan did the same exact thing during the temptation of Jesus.

        in the verses you cite, Jesus is saying that HE was the FULFILLMENT of the Law – in other words, the Law IN ITS ENTIRETY pointed to HIM. the Law passing away – or any ‘jot or tittle’ of it – was as much as impossibility as He Himself ceasing to exist. the Law was ALL ABOUT HIM.

        if you doubt me, try to square what you are asserting with the places where Jesus “made all foods clean,” for just one example.

      • StraightDopes

        moreover, pix, the SECOND part of the quote you are referencing – about “unless your righteousness exceeds the scribes and pharisees” – is referring to the degree of PERSONAL RIGHTEOUSNESS REQUIRED by a person to earn their way to Heaven – which is nothing short of PERFECTION. those who belong to Christ have HIS IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is perfect indeed – and DOES therefore “exceed the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees”

        the proofs of this from Scripture are MANY and MANIFEST, but of course you have to do a bit more reading than cherry picking verses and wrenching them out of context. there are nuances in the Bible that don’t lend themselves to such a hermeneutic.

      • Damien

        He was mostly speaking to Jews.

      • Болеслава

        wrt Pixeled quotations from the bible.

        2 Peter 3: 16

        and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation; just as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given him, wrote to you, 16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction. 17 You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard so that you are not carried away by the error of unprincipled men and fall from your own steadfastness,…

        Cross References

        Psalm 56:5

        All day long they twist my words; all their schemes are for my ruin.

        Jeremiah 23:36

        But you must not mention ‘a message from the LORD’ again, because each one’s word becomes their own message. So you distort the words of the living God, the LORD Almighty, our God.

        Hebrews 5:11

        We have much to say about this, but it is hard to make it clear to you because you no longer try to understand.

        Funny how Pix thinks the Bible was written as a source for its own refutation. A very foolish belief and one certain to be undone when exposed to the light of day. :roll:

        A message here also for did you get it? Here it is again. Just as a reminder it is Peter speaking

        just as also our beloved brother PAUL, according to the wisdom GIVEN HIM, wrote to you, 16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction.

    • Pix

      Loved your rant, but it’s; osirIS + RA + EL = ISRAEL 3 gods in 1 god solar trinity, the 3 aspects of solar activity. Isis is the suns consort and Set is the god of the underworld.


      • Betty Liberty

        Isis Ra El


      @onlythetruth: What are you talking about and why are you so angry? Why do you HATE the Jews and why do you use language like ‘you Christians’. BTW: God IS grand and Jesus is LORD. No one is forcing you to believe anything but by the looks of your rant you do need counseling because you are way too angry.

      • ExposingTheEnemy

        You obviously don’t know lexically, historically, properly, who ‘jews’ are. They are not 12 tribes. Here’s some help that you’ve been fooled by the synagogue of satan; Synagogue of satan has taught you that “Jews” are from “Judah”, this is the massive lie for a few thousand years. The HISTORICAL TRUTH is that “Jews are from Judea, and Judahites are from JUDAH”. Here’s some help;

        The man who wrote that is a born again believer. Learn REAL HISTORY of the BIBLE instead of proving how well programmed and uninformed you are in factual historical terms/meanings/definitions deliberately changed more than ever, in the last few hundred years.

        Jesus IS GOD! (1Timothy 3:16 and the MANY MANY verses that prove this over and over. Trinity is NOT what God is, this is satanic philosophy being sold as Scriptural doctrine since Jesus ascended, and those fully uneducated in such matters continue this lie unabated and in full willful ignorance). Omnipresence is what JESUS is… Jesus is GOD wrapped in the garment of FLESH, JESUS is God’s name when He allowed Himself to incarnate into the FLESH of man, He can operate in multiple roles (quite an uncountable number more than just 3 if He wanted to).. remember King David;

        Psa 139:7 Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence?
        Psa 139:8 If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.
        Psa 139:9 If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;

        These verses are just some of the MANY that inculcate that Christ Jesus is God, ONE SPIRIT, the Spirit of ALL spirits;

        Deuteronomy 6:4 Hear, O Israel: The I AM our God is one I AM: (The name “Jesus” means “I AM saves” or “I AM is salvation” in P-Hebrew).

        Lastly “Christian” is not what The Apostles commanded ANYONE to call themselves, it’s an insult meaning ‘little god’ not ‘followers of Jesus’. It was satanic men who started this nomenclature to fool naive young believers it was what to call themselves after the Apostles were killed. The 2 times it’s used by the Apostles in the Scriptures is to indicate what OTHERS called the Disciples of Jesus.. not what they called themselves, learn some greek, you’d be surprised the truths you find out that are deliberately not told to the english world and the world at large, especially when it’s the Jesuits controlling all world education.


      • patriotacts

        How do you know he is angry? His/her facial expression? Body movements? Or did the words offend you and you are angry?

    • inyour4head


      onlythetruth = Edoms Thorn ?

      If not you sure sound like the same person I used to debate on Infowars years ago…

    • TRUTHY1

      Finally,Someone who speaks the truth in spite of the common delusion. You,my Brother,are doing a great service trying to bring the truth to the uninformed,blind and deaf. Proceed with my prayers for protection and guidance from the Almighty and His Angels. Yehoshuwa shall richly reward you.

  • Pix

    Since when have those convicted of murder etc, on death row, been a “witness to Jesus and for the word of God” :?:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • StraightDopes

      there’s no possible way that a person who can assemble grammatically correct sentences – even eloquently, at times – does not understand the concept and reality of PERSECUTION.

      this is how trolls behave.

      • Pix

        Religious persecution is just whining, usually right after being caught red handed doing some persecuting of their own.


  • fly soup

    Guess no one heard they have a new execution machine in just rips your head off.

  • carsonking

    Why bother to round people up, just bomb them, it’s cheaper and easier and gets rid of houses that will be standing and not being used, that would have to be demolished anyway. I’d shoot them where they stood, the logistics of gathering people up isn’t cost effective and it has to be.

    • carsonking

      I forgot to mention than Lynn is scaremongering, as per fkg normal, how low will you go satans whore?

  • Real American Hero

    Big deal…..why the bible crap though? I was raised catholic, but my beliefs are in God and not a book of unknown authors compiled by a king some centuries ago…..and no more damn videos.

  • komotion

    lyn, I will give you this one. This is straight-up and isn’t fear porn; it is very real. I usually chastise your posts as fear mongering but I will pull my “big boy” britches up on this one and actually applaud. Good “Story” with facts.

  • pigsdofly

    I am sorry but I want to know WHOM transcribed the Bible?? This is looking more and more like a “play by play” that they call prophecy. I did not say I don’t believe in GOD! I am saying EVERYTHING that man’s touched has been corrupted. The plan for the NEW world order has been in the making for hundred’s of years. Changing a sentence here or there -PLEASE! Still some passages are OK. I no longer “buy the lie!” NO matter who on this earth states it. This goes for those who don’t THINK their precious choice of BIBLE has not been changed or infiltrated. WAKE UP! YOUR MAN MADE RELIGION AND BIBLE is corrupted.

  • tex

    I can see another sinister reason to use the guillotine, it doesn’t contaminate the body.
    Thus leaving the organs ready for harvest. People will pay a lot of money for fresh, healthy organs.

    • Damien

      Can cut off American’s tail, but he is still monkey.

      • StraightDopes

        Meidan – this is totally out of left field, so to speak, but i’ve been wondering – did you name yourself in honor of the Ukrainian Fascists?

        i’m not at all intending to be accusatory or derogatory – just asking

      • Damien

        No. It’s not Maiden. I’m male.

        That was a Jackie Chan type joke. As the Chinese are rumored to do get organs in this way. I was just stoking mass hysteria a little bit.

  • End of Empire News

    i think that was some time ago.
    Georgia House of Representatives – 1995/1996 Sessions

    I’m not sure how accurate this is really.

  • 0773H

    In 2005, under George Bush, an order for 30,000 guillotines was made and now stored in the U.S. They have always been getting ready and fulfilling biblical prophecy. This will be done for several reasons. One is spare body parts to sell and the other, like the 60 million people who have disappeared without a trace since the sixties is for Alien consumption. Everything in the universe is food for something else. What a market they will have.

    • iamamerican

      47,000 people go missing in the US every year, and that is just in America, makes me wonder how many go missing worldwide every year.

      • Болеслава

        probably 47,000.

        america is “exceptional” didn’t you know that. :roll:

  • justiceday

    The US military will love this it saves them ammunition!

  • Anonymous

    I can find nothing about guillotine laws being recently passed. There were however references to using the guillotine as it would be less cruel than the botched lethal injections. A further search shows that beheadings of any type were banned by the federal government years ago, and by most states in the USA. So this is another BS article by someone who is either very disturbed, and looking for attention.

  • Arte Vespule

    Probably just an excuse to move the Guillotines around the country without anyone asking what is up….

  • catsend

    Okay, M Guillotin invented the guillotine as a more humane method of execution than what was then available, including the usual methods of beheading, axe and sword. He was not Satan, and it wasn’t satanic. Its use afterwards could be considered evil, though I imagine it was used against real evil-doers as well, as executions have always managed to kill some murderers, rapists, etc.

    If they’re going to die anyway, I really don’t see why using the guillotine is necessarily a bad idea. It’s swift, impossible to botch, and probably fairly cheap. It won’t take the condemned two hours to die, like in Arizona this week, or even 43 minutes, like in Oklahoma in April. Dead is dead, a guillotine is more merciful as a means of execution once again.

  • Common Sense

    History tells us that beheadings have never stopped – been on-going since, well at least we can take it back to “John the Baptist”.

    Truth is – the victim if a guillotine execution dies instantly and does not suffer.

    Point is this is not a prophetic fulfillment in these times. It’s been on-going prophecy since the time of Christ.

    • ExposingTheEnemy

      Finally some Scriptural evident sense about this prophecy, thank you. Lyn Leahz likes removing my comments, seems she can’t handle all that well when she’s wrong, and go figure, since pride is involved, then one shouldn’t be teaching Scripture since they are opposites.


  • Mike Clinton

    Georgia has no such bill. Sharon Gilbert’s article on this:

  • Rexx

    If this is true you can give me the Georgia Bill number, if not a link to it.

  • Anonymous

    To hell with the guillotine! I’m going out in a blaze of gunfire!

  • Anonymous

    The guillotine is an Evil contraption that should have been outlawed a hundred years ago, Georgia is an evil state, the Georgia Guide Stones just epitomizes the core make up of the state.

  • Anonymous

    Grinding a corrupt politician and feeding him to hungry dogs is legal in my book bur only on sunday

  • Anonymous

    Uh, they’re talking about society disposing of convicted murderers — NOT Christians who won’t change faiths.

  • Ideas Time

    The elite must have forgotten what happened to the aristocrats in France. At least they know they will be facing a rope or a guillotine when they are all arrested and convected of treason.

    • patriotacts

      I am afraid your view of France and the beheading is out of the jew doctrine of understanding.
      France competed with the crown power for authority. France financed our original southern states. When the crown landed and said this land belonged to them, there was more of a fight. Our ancestors received their money from France , as did mexico. France sent reinforcements and money to stop the crown powered north and it’s lies. The crown power now calling itself by our name told mexico to stop them on their shores. If they did then they would owe France nothing and begin a new loan program through the crown powered north. They call that day Cinco De Mayo. Then the crown power financed a revolt of France the same as here. With lies turning brother against brother.

      The French held %60 of the worlds power. Till the beheading. After that All loan programs for the world then went through the crown power. Every nation is financed through the crown. Every leader is authorized through the crown. Every lie that ever led to war was started by the crown. Who is the Jew/Hebrew of old.
      Their powers were also taken from an invader that has no name. It became them in ancient times. Holds power still in their names. No it was not an alien or demon. Just an educated race that found out how to truly win. And Lie. The jew act in it’s name and know of the heritage they have. At least the small true jew clan.

  • francis2862

    I believe that in the last days if you don’t accept the anti-Christ you’ll have your head chopped off. just another cog in the development of the world stage.

  • Fillipper

    Well lets see. They used the Guillotine during the french Revolution elite = royals ( Marie and Louie ) when the peasants got fed up. Maybe we are heading in right direction. The ELITE will be shocked when the US citizens (Americans and or peasants as the elite call us ) turn tables and really test it out. Louis XVI lost his head to the instrument he had approved for use on January 21, 1793. His widow Marie Antoinette followed him to the guillotine on October 16, 1793. By these dates, if history repeats itself, we will see the first beheading in about 10 months. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!!!

    • carsonking

      With the real rich bstds, start at the other end, whoomp, there it is, is far too quick.

  • doomswoman1

    I think you’re all bats#$* crazy. Why is beheading so much worse than, oh, say, dousing somebody with oil and setting them on fire? Because its mentioned in the bible? How about stoning? Drawing and quartering? Impalement? Vlad the Impaler impaled allegedly over 200,000 people, in a manner which enabled them to stay alive for over a week after having a pole forced through their bodies. There are so many ways people can be killed, I can’t imagine
    why this is a big deal. Guillotines? Really? The way science is going, there will soon be much more effective ways to kill people. Probably why they haven’t used guillotining already. Besides, guillotining has historically been used as a weapon ‘against’ the elite, so its not something they’d want to bring back. Too many bad memories. Oh well, last week it was drones, this week, guillotines.

  • bella

    You people cannot see the real problem. You cannot unite over a damn thing. Too much division and it is our undoing. Forget beliefs, they are just that…beliefs. Prophecies are much the same. they give you a common focus, a disaster for example. The only reason for them to come true is your belief in them. Stop it.

    • iamamerican

      That’s right a divided nation CANNOT stand!

      • Ryan

        That is why Barry is known as ‘The GREAT DIVIDER’

  • Doggoneit!

    Are these going to be televised? Wouldn’t be surprised taking the Americans’ love for anything gory.

  • WeBeDoomed

    Well it’s got to be quicker than the 2 hours it took that guy to die from lethal injection

  • WhatMeWorry?

    This was passed in the 1995/96 Georgia House of Representatives. This is nothing new. As far as the rest of the article:

    However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that many will indeed lose their heads in the future. It is happening now in Iraq on a large scale with hundreds of thousands of Christians being executed with Obama’s blessing.

  • Ian Williams

    Lyn and all who name the name of Jesus – I asked Jesus a few years ago to show me how I would be offered up, as I had a district sense that my life would be ended about 2022, (perhaps in the “real” Purge?).

    I immediately had a living vision where I was being be-headed by guillotine – it was sudden and absolutely painless, but the rush of joy as I left my body and went to be with my Lord was indescribable.

    (That movie came out after the vision, and of course 3 sets of 7yrs from 2001 is 2022. The irony is that due to the actions of the Zionazis, the real Jews will be rounded up and shipped back to the Canaan land Concentration Camp, aka Israel, for the final holocaust…the movie is 85 mins long and was released 6:7:13 – the film grossed $89,328,627 (adds to 9), budget 3 million, which is .335838% of the gross – as in 33-58-11 – who makes this stuff up?).

    When telling my son of my vision, he told me of having a vision that he and his four boys and all our immediate family will be terminated around 2022…my body may lose its head, but my inner man will never lose its Head. Do not fear those who can kill the body, but rather fear Him, who after He has killed, has the power to cast into Gehenna…

    BTW, all those nations who consented to the division of the Land in 1947 will be judged especially harshly when it all goes down, and England even more so, for birthing the nephil monster in the Middle East, and the seat of the Beast. Sorry Lyn, I am no Zionist, as are many, many Jews too. It is Jesus who will come back and establish HIS Govt and then call HIS ELECT from the four winds. In Christ there is neither Jew nor Goy, bond or free, male or female…

    Those of us who are true Jews of the Spirit are not ashamed by the Power nor are we afraid of those who might kill the body but who cannot harm the Spirit, no matter what Dr Phil says… :cool:

    • Donovan

      You are a real Jew, because you are professing Jesus Christ’ name and not yeshu. God Bless You! You are doing exactly what the Apostle Paul preached that there is no difference between Jew and Gentile. You are not talking circumcision or talmudic doctrine. You are talking Jesus Christ and the sweet Apostle Paul’s words, Hallelujah! You are the first Jew that I heard profess Jesus, usually they will go on about yeshua and how that’s His real name, and how we are to join hebroots because we Christians were wrong all along yadi yadi yada.

  • Grover

    FBI will pay the price.

  • fish

    Not sure this is something. I tend to think that if Islam is to be the fore most religion during the tribulation period, than it wont be a guillotine, but a sword. That is their method of chopping heads with centuries of practice! The sword is also more mobile…Kind of hard to carry around a guillotine!Using a sword makes it more personal, any one can use the other method. Satan has made it a personal quest to destroy us and a guillotine would not do!

    • Ian Williams

      Nah, this is all about the final solution – kill the Christians and Jews – but the real master plan is to offer up Creation as a sacrifice to Satan. Why do you think “they” built all those bombs? Its not the Jews, it’s the Assyrians, the Germans, aka the Holy Roman Empire of Prince Charles, The Man…

  • Behead Despots & Tyrants

    I would LOVE to personally behead the traitors in the federal-mafia criminal godvernment. I have no qualms. When the day of their reckoning comes, if We The Severely Victimized Sheeple have no one drop the blade, I’ ll do it.

    After treason lovers lose their stinking heads, I’ll have one 10′ pike for each despicable, filthy, disgusting head. I’ll spike the traitors’ heads atop their own private pike; non-godvernment issued, one pike per thug-in-suit.

    Then, I need volunteers to help me parade the heads in whichever city or town they were guillotined. I’m deadly serious. When we arrive at the scene where a head did most of its treasons, I’ll gleefully spike the head to the wall next to the main door, or the door itself. Envision if you will the ornate decor of the feral Fed Reserve den of iniquity. Righteous & Just beautification. Comeuppance.

    Criminal godvernment thugs amassed 30,000 guillotines and allegedly stashed the majority at Leavenworth, KS. With these and their billions of hollow-point bullets, who do these monsters scheme to genocide? (rhetorical query) Us. You, me, and everyone we know.

    The monstrous traitors are now fully prepared to escalate their attacks on We The Extremely Victimized People. Life or death war to the grave. Kill, or be killed. They set the game & rules.

    Let’s make Cesspool, DC, the district of heads.

    There are 666 for the taking; elected/black-box selected, appointed, anointed. Then there are their lobbyist owners. Plus bloated bureaucracies. I’ll behead 24/7 to rid the vermin. They’re deadly parasites, anyway.

    Exterminate to extinction.

    • WeBeDoomed

      Much anger in this one I sense :shock:

  • TrinityTheDove

    Very good and scary video.. It’s here folks THE END OF DAYS spoken of in the word of God. Beheadings in REV.. Dying for your faith in JESUS CHRIST.. The line has been drawn in the sand you are either on the side of GOD or SATAN . If you choose SATAN you will bow down to the NWO and take HIS DEMONIC MARK so you can buy or sell so you can so call live for now but in the end you will see HELL God’s word is sure on it.. If you choose GOD you will be hunted like ANIMALS and maybe killed or put in the FEMA CAMPS we don’t know our fate only God knows it. If we turn our backs on him he will turn his back on us.. Its time to pray and seek him and repent of your sins against him and get right before him… Pray for strength, boldness, patience’s , and to INDURE TO THE END or until JESUS COMES TO GET US.. It time to let your LIGHT SHINE in this EVIL DEMONIC WOLRD of DARKNESS that covers the whole peoples and earth… GOD IS FAITHFUL he will protect us pray you be counted worthy to excape what is coming on this earth no one is ready for it NO ONE it will be HELL ON EARTH.. I pray for you all that GOD will protect you and keep you safe and you will not give in to this evil but over come it in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  • JC

    Well we have a Muslim president who supports Islam, so why not use their practices here in the great ole USA??

    • Ryan

      We actually have a Satanic Soulless Bio-bot who uses Islam/Christianity and any other means to attain his End Game results of Total Destruction and World Domination

  • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

    You’re all neck deep in it, can you SMELL it yet?

    You can inject all the ‘religion’ you want, but the fact is: success of any subject requires something that works! Neither hallelujah, “praise Jesus,” “hail Mary,” “Allahu Akbar,” nor “nam myoho renge kyo,” qualify in any category! They are all equally worthless – except to the plate-passers.

    Therefore, our Republic, Constitution and Bill of Rights will be restored the same way they were established. The only differences will be quality of powder, caliber of shot, and numbers of dead and injured. This will not be a Civil War, it will be a war of Citizen Restorers overthrowing corrupt, murderous politicians, bureaucrats, educators, courts, police and as many media liars as necessary …

    Those 30,000 guillotines I reported nearly two years ago is but one sign on the highway to The Grand Plant of TOTAL Global Enslavement given in “The ANOINTED, The ELECT, and The DAMNED!” … free to read on line.

  • Lord Humongous!

    ” beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands.” Big difference than being executed for murder, rape or anything else…STUPID ARTICLE!

  • GabrielKing

    And there goes the 8th Amendment…. :cool:

  • okieshowedem

    What does the Scriptures say about astronomy?”

    Answer: Astronomy is the science which studies the properties of the heavens and the objects therein and, as such, is devoted to the analysis of a portion of Yahweh’s creation. Genesis 1:1 declares that “In the beginning, Yahweh created the heavens” and that on the fourth day of His creative acts, “Yahweh made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars” (Genesis 1:16). The Scripture therefore teaches that the origin of the heavens and all astronomical bodies contained in them is Yahweh Himself, the Creator of all things.

    The Scripture portrays Father Yahweh not only as Creator of the heavens, but as their Ruler and sustainer as well, “sustaining all things by His powerful word” (Hebrews 1:3). Psalm 102:25-26 reminds us that “the heavens are the work of Your hands. They will perish but You O Yahweh will remain…Like clothing you will change them and they will be discarded.” Isayah tells us that Yahweh “stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in,” and the use of the present tense implies that even to this day, Yahweh continues to interact with and sustain His heavenly creation (Isayah 40:22). Again, we see that “He who made the Pleiades and Orion, who turns blackness into dawn and darkens day into night…Yahweh is His Name” (Amosyah 5:8). This verse refers to Yahweh as Creator of the constellations and the One who orchestrates the transitions between day and night. Yahweh thus maintains complete control over the heavens and sustains them by His power in their daily and yearly rhythms.

    Moreover, the heavens are a medium which Yahweh uses to clearly and unmistakably communicate His existence, power, and glory. David tells us that “the heavens declare the glory of Yahweh; the skies proclaim the work of His hands” (Psalm 19:1). The apostle Shaul is emphatic on this point; although he does not explicitly mention the heavens, he makes it clear that “since the creation of the world Yahweh’s invisible qualities—His eternal power and nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (Romans 1:20). The heavens therefore leave humanity without excuse for any disbelief in Yahweh’s existence and power, for “Yahweh has made it plain to them” (Romans 1:19).

    What, then, is the proper response to what astronomy tells us about the universe? We find an exemplary response to Yahweh’s heavenly creation in Psalm 8: “When we consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers framed, the work of moon and the stars, which by You were ordained, what is man that You are mindful of him, the Son of man that you care for him?… how excellent is Your Great Name in all the earth!” (Psalm 8:3-4, 9). The universe reminds us of how very small we are in comparison to Yahweh’s greatness, yet it also declares His great love for us the humbling and astonishing truth that He cares for us. A proper understanding of astronomy therefore displays the glory and mercy of the Yahweh who created, sustains, and rules the universe. It is the gravity of this realization which moves us to worship. How can we not stand in awe of Who our Father really is? Remember Acts 17:28 In Him we live and move and have our being. P.Y.

    • Ryan

      You Spelled Isaiah wrong………

  • Anonymous

    My friend was a secret service agent. He told me in the early 1980″s there was thousands of the guilitines already in government warehouses.

    Also a Col. that had been in the Pentagon for 12 years told me that when the stock market goes over 15,000 the elites will drop it to 1500 so they can break everyone that is in the markets. He was also told they may drop it to 1,000. Kiss your wealth goodbye.

    • Болеслава

      Thats because they were expecting their NWO by 2000. The internet delayed their plans. That and prayer. :wink: …. and the fight continues.

  • Adonis King

    I am a stickler for TRUTH and especially by those claiming to hold a faith that values TRUTH..thus I am a bit perplexed since i can find nothing to validate that Georgia (or any other state) has yet approved any bill that has made guillotines a legal form of fulfilling the death penalty. The ONLY Bill I could locate in GA is “Ga HB1274″ which was only “read” to the Georgia Senate twice in 1996 and never passed. I can find no other information that in any way confirms any state has as yet passed this or any other Bill into law.. thus the premise of this “Christian” article is a LIE… amazing how many Christians participate in such fraud (talk about Using The name of God in vain..sheesh).. anyway, I realize you dispensational literalists want to see this prophecy come true “literally” for some odd reason..but I see no reason to believe the person submitting this understands TRUTH since they provide no substantive evidence as to what the Bill number was that passed into law, when, where and by whom. I call Bullshizzle and a “Christian” should know better than to spread lies..smh…

    • CrowPie

      Your in the wrong place if your a stickler for truth……you need to develop a sense of humor and a tolerance for wild imaginings real fast if your going to hang out here……..

      • WeBeDoomed

        Yeah, he’s not going to last long around here :sad: Can’t wait until he comes across King of Shambhala :eek: :grin:

      • CrowPie

        I’ll just pull up a chair, turn down “8 Mile” and make myself a Bloody Mary. :grin:

    • Болеслава

      Guillotining hands for theft is st practise in Arabia. You can leave your front door open and the keys in your car all day. I think thats why they have introduced it into america. naturally the fed and wall street will be immune from punishment – too big to fail and all that.

  • anonymous7

    There is a promised place of protection in these last days for the remnant…learn more at

  • Dale Longwood

    This is awesome!!! I sure hope we can use it against the christians who molest children, which is pretty much all of them.

  • janetspillows

    Sorry, but this isn’t true. Check out Snopes:

  • lisalake

    Well…. there is a medical billing code for that… put in place before oBozo… E978 Legal execution….

  • Rico Millan


  • Colonel Robert F. Cunningham

    The world is headed for an all-out TRIBULATION (trouble) with unspeakable horrors. 30,000 guillotines bought, paid for and ready for use is a HUGE block abomination on the USA blotter. 50 Death Chambers – one each in every state – has proven to be a nothing deterrent to crime, especially by those on government payroll. Pray tell then, WHERE will 30,000 guillotines be emplaced when there are only 3,144 counties, including 137 county-equivalents in the entire nation? Does each county need TEN+/- units to fulfill their must-murder requirements?

    Those who intend to PREVENT it need workable FirePower, not mishmash poppycock. They need ORGANIZATION, accurate INFORMATION, workable WHAT-TO-DO-ABOUT-IT handled by True Patriots from the Leadership to the boots on the ground. We all prefer a civilized solution other than surrender to the OWG Grand Plan of TOTAL Global Enslavement as presented by Sheriff Joseph M. Arpaio and Company and Orly Taitz, Esquire to name two. That both are going to fail due to the Black Robed Bastards on the Bench is beside the point; at least they give government, law and civility the chance to prove itself and show its true colors.

  • Bossmanrocks

    None of this is true. It is true that in 1996 a bill was introduced in the Georgia Senate to allow guillotines for executions but it never passed. As a matter of fact the bill was never even allowed to come up for a vote because most of the Georgia Senators thought it was ridiculous and gruesome.

  • Donovan

    I have a gauranteed plan! All Americans Pilgrim and Native: receive or return to Jesus Christ, repent of sins and make a stand like one people. No division of religion, just one faith in Jesus Christ without the theological diatribe. No Jew or Gentile, just pure people of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Start an army of prayer warriors, but unlike the king of shame bashing Obama, instead pray for Obama that God will work in his heart and guide him. If he goes against God then his actions will be on his own head and then he will be revealed. Bashing Obama will only make it worse on the American people if it hasn’t already! It will only get worse if you fight evil with evil, but if you fight evil with good than you will have a fighting chance.

    I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people— 2 for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. 3 This is good, and pleases God our Savior…” -1 Timothy 2:1-3

  • Anonymous

    This is what comes from following Israel instead of following CHRIST.

  • sherrillface

    Why are we christians so hard on each other its very sad and thus is regarding the comments not the excellent post by Lynn

  • Look up...Wake up





  • 10000rpm

    The Georgia bill never came up to vote. It is not law in Georgia and when will you silly xtians ever do any real research??

  • Working the Beat

    Now she’s getting money for signups to another icelandic facebook site she is advertising – is there no end to the greed of this so called christian hypocrite.

    • Doggoneit!

      Hey anything to make a buck!

  • Hayduke

    When are all you people gonna figure out that Lyn Leahz is nothing but a FEEEEER POOOOOOORN© click whore? AAAARRRGHHHHHHHH! AGGGGEEEEGGGH! LOLOLOLOLOL! She so scary!

    • carsonking

      I think most of us are aware.

  • Doggoneit!

    The use of the guillotine is barbaric.

  • oldfatguy

    Hate to say this Lyn, but the prisoner referenced in the beginning of the video who had a dry sponge placed upon his head prior to electrocution is from a movie called “The Green Mile”, adapted from a novel written by Stephen King. You can read about it at

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