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Chilling! Hear Satan Mock Me Through My iPhone While Recording This Video About Obama’s New Mind Control Executive Order! This Will Give You Chills! (Video)

Thursday, October 8, 2015 12:17
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While making a video on Obama’s Executive “Mind Control” order last night, a strange thing happened.  I was going to edit it out, but decided to leave it in for you to hear. The message of this video was quite powerful, so it does not surprise me that Satan would try to mock what I was saying. In a sense, it was comical; yet in another sense, it was quite creepy! You can hear the interruption by SIRI toward the end of the video. What was strange is that I said no key words. My phone was asleep and sitting slightly away from me. And, after I was done, I replayed the part over and over from right before you hear SIRI kick on (you can hear the beep) to after SIRI responds to what I’m saying, and I could not get it to happen again. Again, it was quite creepy!



Regarding Obama’s Executive Order that would mandate Feds to engage in sickening mind control practices, Rick Wells of Constitution Rising News website writes:

It sounds incredible, even given the devolution of the United States presidency into a pseudo-dictatorship under Hussein Obama. A new executive order issued by the occupier of the White House on Tuesday directs federal agencies to conduct behavioral experiments on US citizens as a means of advancing “government initiatives.” WND put it simply, “Federal agencies have been directed to hire psychologists to experiment and find ways to better manipulate the American people to the federal government’s will.”

The Executive Order reads, “A growing body of evidence demonstrates that behavioral science insights — research findings from fields such as behavioral economics and psychology about how people make decisions and act on them — can be used to design government policies to better serve the American people.” Guess it’s all in how one defines “better service.”

The new program is based, according to a report in the Daily Caller, upon a 2013 proposal which was titled, “Strengthening Federal Capacity for Behavioral Insights.” The federal capacity for control is enhanced through a better understanding of how people respond to various stimuli. That’s not necessarily a good thing; in fact, it’s probably a very bad thing or could at a minimum be converted or distorted into many very bad things.

Like it or not, sickening mind control methods have been going on in our government for quite some time. However, many people have written it off as ‘conspiracy’ and simply ‘not true’. But now it is all laid out for you clearly in our media, that these type of sickening practices do indeed go on within our government and are imposed upon innocent people (victims).  

Who are the victims?  You, me, and even worse, our children…

Other disturbing “Obama” news you might have missed…..

One More Nail In America’s Coffin-USA Officially Worships Satan & Detests God!


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  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#2,

    Charlie here. Many people do not realize you have a radical communist coup of your government taking place. This is incredible and a MAJOR victory for them without even firing a shot!

    Many things are responsible for our demise. Most of it can be traced to the fact that Americans and Brits do not know their true identity even though the evidence is as plain as the nose in front of them.

    You abandon Christianity, threw God out the door and embraced liberalism and I hope you like death and sorrow because that is what is coming next.

    Everywhere you are being invaded and you stand by and just gawk. You have an illegal foreign sodomite king tearing down everything you built up for ages and you just stand there; because you don’t know who you are.

    Even God is leaving. Soon you will be destitute and naked.


    Charlie (when you die Charlie gets your doughnuts) :lol:

    • ghostlea

      Why don’t you two get a room stay off this site

      • Pink Slime

        Sorry, my ex-wife. Grrrr…… :twisted: Reminder, don’t let her in the house.

  • VomitO

    You people need to eleminate those muslims. if you don’t

    • Lyn Leahz

      No..we need to love and witness to them. Jesus did not go around ‘eliminating’ people..nor should we! If we suffer for the truth…so be it. He told us to “love” and “Pray” for our enemies. We do not have to love what the enemy does..but we must love the person. God bless.

      • santiago

        Finally hasth thou spoken,Lyn :wink: A great comment,although I don’t understand why you put the words love and pray in quotes.
        If we love the person,we also love what he/she does,that’s the principle of love.And he/she’s never an enemy,that’s how we get out of the win-lose,good-bad,white-black way of thinking.
        Jesus might be teaching us a lot of things,but it is US to figure out what we really care for and what are our priorities.

        • Equalizer

          SIRI and Amazon’s new Echo

          is a blatant hardware/software program to monitor and document personal information to convert into store-able data for NSA and the liberal fascist o-vomit/soros NAZI police regime.

          • Anonymous

            It was reported a year or so ago that the CIA was working with Amazon on their cloud service which the Echo is plugged into so..yeah…

          • Bill Lyle

            So I take it you’re an Android kinda guy, EQ?

        • Ephraim

          The principle of love is NOT loving what that person does. One can love an alcoholic but hate alcoholism. Or love a whore but despise prostitution. You hopefully get the drift. One can love the Muslim or Jew as a person to be led to the God and Messiah of the Bible but hate their actions and viewpoints.

      • Pink Slime

        Hello Angle#2,

        I think you misinterpreted “prey”. :lol:

        You must understand you cannot REASON with Muslims or any sinful person. You only can “witness” to them to prove your love of God which means you will have your head silced off, but your soul will still be intact because you PROVED to God you would do HIS will.

        Are you willing to do that kind of witness, Angle#2?? Remember you cannot change them, only witness which means you will have your head cutoff.

        I think you do not understand what you are saying, or either that you have been eating moldy doughnuts! :grin:


        Charllie (using Direct Doughnut Talk).

      • Mighty Mouse

        I am all for the teachings of Jesus… but I don’t believe he would just stand idle as some evil vile POS was going to behead 4 children in plain site of him ! believe me, I would do as I believe he would do ! and take them out of the equation ! those demons would be dispatched to hell in an instant !

      • Three69ingSquirrels

        People like you are what is wrong with Humanity.

        You can fool mentally challenged people all you want, but you can’t fool anyone that has an IQ higher than their shoe size.

        • Scanner Darko

          What about Mike Savage?

          I picture him as a rather short, hunched-back man with large feet and a parcel to carry his Jehovah’s Witness brochures.

          As such, I’d place his IQ right on the fence. And it’s usually dead even but Savage just stubbed his toe on the sidewalk so his IQ is temporarily on top. But it’s still low and bordering on mentally challenged nonetheless.

          • Bill Lyle

            “You can fool mentally challenged people all you want, but you can’t fool anyone that has an IQ higher than their shoe size.”

            “What about Mike Savage?”

            BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love how that’s the first thing that pops into your head, Scanner…… :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • _2Lolo

        Watch what Jesus Christ does to His enemies when He descends down from Heaven, seated on a white horse with fire in His eyes. He has now dispensed with all previous concepts of meekness, gentleness of a lamb, sheperd, carpenter. The time of His Mercy is OVER, and He is now the warrior – His ultimate justice now prevails.

      • VomitO

        Before Jesus was crucified his instructions were to Buy a Sword. Meanwhile Satan has you on Speed Dial.

    • Anonymous

      Sand monkeys? Kill them. You’re finished. Peace on earth.

  • The Clucker

    LOL even SIRI mocks you. That’s how you know it’s time to stop.

    • Anonymous

      “put on the power”

      See how that works?


    • Bill Lyle

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even SIRI thinks you’re full of it! Priceless. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Mike

    The frantic pursuit of your immortal soul … is F U L L Y operative > > >

  • xenoverse

    What in the heck is this article about?? A 22 minute video and I’m supposed to look for after a beep? Really? Ever heard of a timestamp?

    So SIRI is Satan and it’s in your iPhone? Is that what I’m supposed to be learning here?

    It sounds to me like you may be straining the gnat just a tad. But I ain’t mad at you – you do what you do.

  • igot1thatcansee

    Ugh, people get stupider by the day.

  • cyberkahuna

    Ya lyn considering the FACT that you constantly bash other religions, write fear porn, constantly and unashamedly write lies and to top it all off you claim you do it all to “glorify Jesus” Now you wonder why you have satan himself following you as your new sidekick? Keep it up. Enjoy your preview!! :lol:

  • Hayduke

    I have been mocking you since I very first read your FEEEEEER POOOOOORN@ crap. Although my name isn’t SIRI.

    • Equalizer

      yea…your name is “biach 1/5″ even less than a 1/2 wit, pathetic.

      • The Clucker

        You should find a mirror and look in it for making such a statement.

      • Hayduke

        Ever since I found out that you were married to Lyn Lheaz and in a three-way relationship with Dave Hoggs, I have lost a little respect for you, Mr. Clapper.

        • The Clucker

          Exactly. Clappy Clownboy is a homo.

          • Three69ingSquirrels

            Clappy clownboy is actually a drag queen who goes by the name Connie Lingus.

          • Bill Lyle

            Does that make Lyn a master debater?

          • Three69ingSquirrels

            Well, i wouldn’t call her a master debater. She baits people to click on her articles by using sensationalism.

            So she’s actually a master baiter

          • Bill Lyle

            Well, that clears it up. Thanks, Squirrels.
            P.S. How’s those jackets coming along? You know, I’ll settle for a T-shirt.

        • SuperMario

          So that is why he is called “Equallizer;” he is into both men and woman equally.

      • Mayhem

        You seem to be a popular guy, Clappy, and how does that make you feel?

        “Everybody understands the blues. Are you listening? Yeah: I say everybody understands the blues” Albert King

        The sorta blues like when there’s just no love to be found.

        • Bill Lyle

          Haven’t listened to Albert King in a dog’s age. Thanks for the reminder, Mayhem. I think I’m gonna go put some on. Cheers.

  • The Real Strategy

    Timestamp would be nice.

  • Luxx

    So umm…. where’s this “creepy” part?? Time stamp would be professional.

  • Luxx

    Timestamp 21:08

  • nomorelabels

    Self importance is a terrible thing to see. Lyn, those you listen to and follow have deluded you.
    You can turn away from them and stop allowing them to toy with your mind.

    You are in this not for truth, but for the money and clicks, please stop playing the game
    and deceiving yourself and others with lies and hype.

    Have you taken time to see how all of your articles have been lies, with NO discernible outcome
    for good? Those who you listen to have made a joke out of you, they have lied to you and you
    continue to allow them into your life. God is not a monster, but the one you follow IS. You spread
    fear and lies, and they have proven to be exactly THAT. Please stop for your own sanity.

  • Hidden Truth

    Indeed Satan through SIRI was mocking you because you are totaly deceived by Satan. SIRI intervened precisely when you were telling that you don’t like Muhammad, you don’t like the Quran, you don’t like their God …. You are a stupid dumb sectarian cattle because precisely the God of Muhammad is the true God and is the God of Jesus, Moses and Abraham … and of all beings. The Quran is the truth from God but instead you stupid dumb cattle prefer to believe in a forged corrupted book written by the demons of the vatican: the Bible. Satan is mocking you christians because you are so dumb and stupid …. once he makes you believe you are true prophets, once giving you false visions … etc you are a toy in the hands of Satan … and you cattle won’t realize the truth until the punishment of God falls on you and that you face hell for real. Why? Because not only you are worshipping a man, Jesus, as God, but you’ve denied God’s ultimate prophet, Muhammad, and God’s ultimate book, the Quran … Once you’ve turned your back to the truth what else can you expect except to be deceived and mocked by Satan? Jesus will be the FIRST man to deny the cattle idolworshipers like you, Jesus has never said that he was the son of God or God himself, Jesus just said that he was a man and a prophet like all the other prophets, and commanded the people to worship Godm his Creator and ours (and absolutely not our father) Now continue in your stupid dumb path … and be prepared to receive what you deserve you vile dumb people

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      Moo Cow Hammad is the only real god, out of hundreds and hundreds of man-made godz. His only commandment is for you to be a good slave and EAT MORE GMO.

      • Hidden Truth

        do you realize how vile and despicable you are?

        Whether Muhammad is true prophet or a false prophet, mocking him like you are doing only shows that you are a disrespectful moron. How do you want to be guided by God if you are such a moron?

        God is real, God has sent genuine prophets and books … but people like you are like cattle, they do not hear, they do not understand anything, you are the worst of the the whole creation of God…. and fortunately, there is a place which is very appropriated for the people like you and the author of this article: the eternal flames of hell!

        That’s all what you deserve

        • CrowPie

          God is no respecter of persons.

          Acts 10:34Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: 35But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him. 36The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ: (he is Lord of all:)

        • Bill Lyle

          Methinks you missed the point.

  • SuperMario

    It took Satan long enough to start using technology. That whispering in people’s ear thing is so old-school. Where’s he been the last 20 years?

    • Three69ingSquirrels

      Once people stopped playing records backwards to hear him, he got lost in all the new CD technology, and by the time he understood how to get his message out through them, people were on MP3s. So he just decided to forgo getting his messages heard through music, and signed an exclusive contract with Apple.

      On a side note, Satan is the only being to know the location of the long-lost Leahz schlong.




  • Central Scrutinizer

    22+ minutes of you droning on and on and on and on……. And then 1 second of SIRI voice-over does not exactly qualify in my book as creepy.

    MORONIC, but not creepy.

    FAIL. :mrgreen:

  • The Real Deal

    You’re an idiot. You make a mockery of yourself everyday.

  • VomitO

    You and Satan are on good speaking terms now.

  • Haystack_Needle

    Ah, that exact moment when you witness someone “jump the shark”. Maybe I should say “jump the cross”. I’ve so missed chiming in this last year even though I’ve been watching. Perfect time and article to come back.

    Wait…are those groans I hear from the BJLA? JK Missed ya’ll!
    Especially talking to you Crow, I hope things have been good. I look forward to being on here a little more often :smile:

    • CrowPie

      Great to see you! Hope you’ve been well, too.

      Speak up more often. :smile:

      • Haystack_Needle

        Really, LL was just some good ol’ lighthearted fun for me much like Happy Days was. Then she went Full Fonzie (you never go Full Fonzie) and did this. I’m now asking myself if this show is still worth watching.

        Good to see ya!

      • Haystack_Needle

        I will say this for the sake of the joke regardig LL – Could this be a prime example of too much of a good thing being bad for you?

        • CrowPie

          Even if LL gets to be ‘too’ much, it’s worth a ‘stick around. Real talent around here just in the comment section.

          Watch for my great friend Bill Lyle, a truly funny man that reminds me of Robin, Mork from Ork, Williams.

          He has been busy lately…….but he is likely to show at any time.

          Have fun and see you around. :smile:

  • An Observer

    Hey Lyn, what happened to the 2.5 mile asteroid with hellish screaming that you said was confirmed to wipe us out?

    Did you give up on that one? Even though you CONFIRMED it??

  • b4Idie

    I do not recall ever seeing this “author” before, nor do I wish to waste anymore time or clicks on it.

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