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Strange Human-Like Species Confirmed in USA Stun the Experts! Shocking New DNA Results Change History! (Video)

Thursday, September 29, 2016 21:41
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Wait until you hear what is revealed in this video-it is absolutely amazing, and then some!

“If these results hold,” writes Brien Foerster on his website Hidden Inca Tours, “the history of the migration of people to the Americas is far more complex than we have been told previously.”

If these results are confirmed through further tests, it means that peoples from Europe and the Middle East migrated to the Americas long before it is conventionally believed.


Shocking New DNA Results Stun Experts & Forever Change History!


Marzulli said that mainstream academics will probably attack these results by pointing to the fact that he is not a scientist, but he urges any skeptic to replicate the study. “Attack the evidence folks. Go down and get your own samples, pay for a DNA lab and then come back to me with your science… do some science like we’ve done,” he said. The full lab reports of the DNA tests are available in LA Marzulli’s book Nephilim Hybrids.


When This Man Performs, Supernatural Events Erupt!

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  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#2,

    Charlie here. That is a CUTE picture of you Angle#2 but when you morphed into that scary guy (I now realize your guest) you gave Charlie a BIG SCARE!!! But’ it’s OK. it’s almost Halloween, but please be careful next time Angle#2.

    I never believed the Mayans built those structures. It is just too complicated for them. And there is some theory that Job was the builder of the pyramids. But who actually built these structures then Charlie? Easy, the people that build structures today. The white men or their offspring and that would include the descendants of the Ten Tribes.

    Also on the elongated skulls don’t you think the Bible would have mention that? I mean, it mentions height, six fingers and what not, so certainly it would have said something about their inherited elongated heads don’t you think?

    But he mentioned Catholics loving Jesus. They love THEIR JESUS but not the Yahusha of the Bible. Catholic is a MAN’S religion and they fall in love with man, not Yahuah or His firstborn Yahusha. They are that false religion Yahuah talked about in BOTH the OT and NT. Beware of the Catholics. That is the religion that will align itself with the Beast, proclaim himself to be God and put all others in subjugation. A bad habit of theirs. What a better way to keep you from the true God?

    And is this is the one the LORD speaks about destroying with the brightness of His coming? I would hate to be the deluded Pope in these times. :twisted:

    She also had MANY daughters of which I know you associated with them. Yes, the SHOCKER that nearly all modern Christian churches are descended from Catholics! If you look closely they very much resemble their MOTHER – the Bible calls a whore!


    Charlie (doesn’t bother me as long as they don’t become anti-doughnut) :lol: :lol:

    • deano

      Well Done Slime!…..Those “Smartie” donuts are working well. Good Points!

      Sth America? The Easter Island, most remote place on the planet, and as well as those giant stone Moai statues, the platforms & walls they are on, have the same POLYAGONAL masonry techniques as found in Peru/Bolivia. When found by a Dutchman in the 1700s, the Polynesians talk of an original race of people called the LONG EARS!…..elongated skulls anyone?

      Exactly slime, the Catholics….its all about Jesus. But what they DONT tell us, is that Biblical or Paleo Hebrew is identical to PHONECIAN.

      YHWH = Yi He Sh eH…..(Yiesh’eh, Yaa sh uh, Yasher) Transliterated in Greek as yI Eh Ss u ~ Ihesu

      Thats why they keep us confused on this name of God = Jesus. Yahuah? Yeshuah? Yahusha?

      ## Like Phonecian, in MODERN Hebrew, the letter for “shin” is a “W”. The semetic “ss” a “Sh” sound.

      Asher? The Tribe of Asher?…….funny their was a god Called ASHUR. the very name of >>>>

      YHWH = YiHeSheH/Yasher. Ashur ~ Assur> Assyr > Assyria > Syria. ; like Israel = YISHRAEL

      Keep up that Brain Food slime, u r getting close…… :lol:

      YES CHRISTIANS! The Catholics infiltrated all churches in the 1800s. Even setting up new ones like the JWs. Losing commune numbers…..they statrted the “Sacred Name Movements(Jehovah)” or Evangelical Pentecostal sing songs of praise churches.

      like OBAMA.s “Endoscope & Colonoscopy” church…. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • Pink Slime

        Thanks! Interestingly Catholics came up with the name of Jehovah. JW get pissed when you tell them that.

  • 4Truth

    The Nephilim are the TARES in the Wheat Field Jesus spoke about!

    They are satan’s children starting with the fallen angels having sex with the human women! Their DNA has 3 strands unlike humans of which have 2 DNA strands.

    Most people will never see this truth because they are of this world and the veil of deception is over their eyes!

    Pretty straight forward once you see it!

    Love 4truth!

    • smfresh82

      I have nephilim DNA and I’m no devil or satanist. Your religious brainwashing has made you stupid. Too stupid to see the truth. you will find out soon enough how WRONG you are about us.

      • maxwell

        …smfresh…Any Kenite, can accept Jesus and become a part of the body of Christ…the same as any other. Some could have souls, dark as night, but, conversion requires only, honest repentance…and love of God.
        …I would think that particular ‘soul’ would be an awesome Christian. Kind of like a “sleeper” agent. Real inside information about our common enemy. Genetic information.

      • Tempus Fugit

        How in the world would you know that? Have you had your DJA analysed? Has it produced some non-human anomalies? Any proof you can provide? Did your daddy fly down on your birthday?

        What evidence can you show us?

        • Morgana Le Fay

          They cannot show you any proof because there is none. They can only postulate based on their delusional beliefs–which is ALL they are: BELIEFS based on blind-faith and ignorance.

          • Morgana Le Fay

            It’s actually quite comical to see the great-lengths they go to in order to try to twist scientific facts to conform to their bastardized religious views, even in cases where it’s clear science does not support their conclusions.

    • maxwell

      …4what?…It doesn’t matter if they have 12 strands or 34…Each has a soul..that belongs to our Lord.
      …soon alll blood ceases to exist…bloodlines are irrelevant. The bride of Christ is inclusive; whomsoever will…spiritual identification trumps this earthly realm, en toto.

  • welovetheUSA

    This is why scientists have been killed or threatened, our DNA is not what they say it is…all the bones dug up are hidden by the Smithsonian institution owned by Rothchilds….

    • deano

      The IRONY? Science in the USA was infiltrated from the VERY START!

      The Acadamey of Sciences, was set up by the “SCIENTIFIC LAZZARONI”, Catholic Emeritus Theologians & Philosophers….that was established to cope with the new threats……Darwinism & Archaeology.

      Ridicule, censorship, personal defamation the Tools to push their “FIT BIBLICAL TIMELINE” agenda….

      The Smithsonian to COLLECT all the evidence. It too, flies the JESUIT SUN logo……like Washingtons Chair
      :sad: :sad:

      • maxwell

        …Deano…EVERYTHING on this corrupt planet is corrupt…one tiny measure of leavening…and all is affected. There is nothing, holy.

  • patrick9710

    Great research except for one terrible flaw and therefore the whole thing is mistaken. Several caves in Chile, Brazil and Ecuador have been dated back to 75,000 years. The eye pyramid found in Ecuador may be dated even longer than that. Cities not yet found in bahia de caraquez, Brazil, and Peru will demostrate that men. nephilin, giants were in the Americas Long before any other race. The cities of Puma Punku. Tihuanaaco are screaming with history. Sorry but It is wrong

  • Godzilla

    So the point is that reptillian males mated with homo sapien females and these are the nephelim? A human-reptillian hybrid race which resembles the pharaohs of ancient egypt. No wonder the pyramids point towards the orion constellation, which is where all the negative entities originate from.

    But what about the giants that some people associate with the nephelim? I don’t think it has anything to do with that. I found pictures of 50 foot giants circulating on the internet. No human could mate with a reptillian and produce such offspring. It just doesn’t make sense! Maybe they were genetically enginered from scratch here on earth or came from another planet. No way could any human or super-human build most of the megalithic structures, either 5,000 years ago or today with modern machinery. 50 or 100 foot giants could!

    Others call the nephelim as pure reptillians, and associate nothing with the bible(book of genesis). Maybe they didn’t mate with humans and thus no hybrids.

    Any way you cut it, christopher columbus did not discover the america’s first. For thousands or tens of thousands of years people have been crossing the seas and oceans. The pyramids of mexico, central america, bosnia, china, egypt, proposed underwater pyramids of the bermuda and devil’s triangle, antartica, even mars were enginered by sophisticated entities and built by giants.

    It goes way beyond the bible!

    • maxwell

      …History is written by those that survive…whatever trials they had to weather. We humans tend to try to bury the past as fast as we can…each successive generation not only builds upon what exists, but also tries to make exclusive claim on the results, except when it backfires…then they dig into the freshly buried past to point the finger. The influence the Kenites have wielded in the 20th century, using the four ‘hidden dynasties’, is being proven to be an obvious comedy of errors, that is looking more murderously suicidal, as time passes.
      …When the modern world decided that ‘politically correct’ was more desirable than the ‘unvarnished truth’, the condemned, among us, had the perfect opportunity to “profit” from the misery of mankind…
      …As it turns out, profit, alone, just was not enough to quench the thirst for iniquity, these, ‘walking dead’ have developed…as their time here on this planet is, showing to be, drawing to a close.
      …picture an untended litter box in a multi cat house…You are not going to be able to
      cover up any more crap…more sooner than later.

  • unidentified

    many people have written about this planet being used many times different civilizations they always came to an end and much later another civilization appears sometimes brief others lasted longer now they are called ancient aliens

  • Godzilla

    I just found a video from a giant discovered in india that is about 50 foot tall. Think its fake with the two archeologists standing next to it?

    Tell me this isn’t the cranium of a 150 foot tall giant sitting next to an excavator machine somewhere. Think its fake?

    :cool: :mrgreen:

  • marquise

    so tight Lyn mmmmmm

  • marquise

    so tight Lyn mmm tasty

  • 2QIK4U

    First clickbait headline didn’t work huh :?:

  • truck driver

    I have had people freak out saying I can’t be around him, he’s a Christian. Sometimes they claim they see an angle with him . And I don’t say or do anything.

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