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The Sarah Hoffman Prophecy

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 21:37
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This prophecy lines up with scripture perfectly.  I didn’t correct the typos.  I present it to you as I found it.

Sarah Hoffman Prophecy – 1979
“This panoramic view of the earth came into view and then came closer and closer
like I had been out into space and was flying towards it. I knew that this was to help me
make my decision to go back to earth, to my terrible life, because part of me wanted to
go back to the beautiful spirit world or paradise and part of me felt the need to go back
into my body and change my life. It was kind of a tug of war and what I was going to see
was to help me understand what I would go through if I went back into my clay body.

It played out again just like a video tape in fast forward motion and yet again I
could assimilate and see everything clearly and perfectly. As the world zoomed up 
to me I saw the whole world and then the various countries. I don ́t know the countries 
of the world very well, but as I looked at these lands I instinctively knew what 
countries they were. I was looking at the Middle East and watched as a missile flew 
from Libya and hit Israel with a big mushroom cloud. I knew that the missile was 
actually from Iran but people from Iran had been hiding it in Libya and fired it. I 
knew that it was a nuclear bomb. Almost immediately missiles started flying from one 
country to another, quickly spreading to all over the world. I also saw that many 
nuclear explosions did not come from missiles but from ground bombs of some kind. I 
knew that in the future there would be a nuclear war throughout the world and this 
is how it would start.

Then, my focus changed from the Middle East to America. I understood that I
was about to see some of the things that would lead up to the nuclear holocaust I had
just witnessed. As I looked upon the continent of North America, I zeroed in on the
east coast and then to New York. I saw New York with all of its buildings and people.
Then I saw some tall buildings crashing to the earth with tremendous smoke, debris and
dust everywhere. I saw a woman holding a little girl’s hand running from the crashing
buildings. The lady had long dark hair past her shoulders curled inward a little. She had
on a beige business suit, heels of a slightly darker color, perhaps a tan color. No glasses.

The little girl appeared to be about 6-7 yrs old with short brown hair, below the chin, in
a sort of a pageboy haircut. They were running together, holding hands running from the
falling buildings in the heavy smoke and dust and they were forced to let go of hands and
thereby they got separated. The little girl was terrified and I could hear the little girl
screaming mommy, mommy over again and again. I don ́t know if they lived or died. I can
still see the face of the lady clearly and could identify her if I saw a picture . . . or could
describe her to an artist to draw her. I asked if an earthquake caused the buildings to
fall down and the impression was no, but I don ́t know what caused them to fall.

The next thing that I felt more than I saw was that shortly after this there was
no commerce, no shopping, buying, and was impressed that there was no economy. The
economy had almost failed completely and no one had any money. The next thing I saw
was people being sick and dying. I saw this particularly in four cities, New York, Los
Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake. The disease started by having white blisters,
some the size of dimes, appear on their hands, arms and face. This quickly developed into
white puffy sores and blisters. They would stumble about and fall and then many died
within a short time, maybe 24 hours.

I also saw other people with blood coming from their nose, mouth, eyes and ears. 
It started like a flu virus and it spread very quickly, faster than the other white blister disease. 
The people who had this disease died even aster. This was more widespread across 
faster. This was more widespread across the entire United States. There were
hundreds of thousands of people stricken with these two diseases. I knew that the
diseases, and there were several different kinds, but at first primarily these two, came
from small containers that had been brought into the United States. These containers
were like quart jars and I was impressed that the people carrying them would just drop
them on the ground in large crowds of people and the people would become infected
without realizing it.

In these cities as the disease spread, the people tried to flee from the cities out
to the countryside. There was complete chaos in these cities and a breakdown of normal
society. There was no electricity in them either, but I don ́t know why or how that came
to be. There were cars piled up everywhere, blocking roadways and most people then
had to walk out with nothing. The disease started to spread beyond these initial cities.

As these people were fleeing the cities, there were gangs attacking them and killing
them. In the cities that were struck with the disease, there was complete chaos,
looting, rioting, murdering, a complete breakdown. Many people seemed to go absolutely
crazy. I sensed that the electricity had failed everywhere now and that nothing was
running, there was no communication or anything anywhere in the country. Nothing
worked, no radios or TV ́s. I watched people throw rocks and break windows to steal
TV ́s which I thought was really crazy because they wouldn ́t work.

Immediately, as I watched this happen in the United States, I jumped back to the
Middle East and saw the same thing in Israel, the same sores and I realized that it was
the same types of disease or sickness happening there. I knew somehow that whatever
diseases had been used in the United States was also being used in Israel. This lasted
for only an instant and I was back in the United States.

There was a tremendously long winter that lasted into summer. It caught everyone
by surprise and started the full famine. Actually, I realized that the long winter actually
just increased the famine greatly to its full measure, because the famine had already
been in progress because of the storms, droughts, floods and other plagues that had
been happening over the few years leading up to the long winter. It seemed then that
the year following the long winter was when everything started to go down hill very
quickly or things piled up one on top of the other without any breaks. The sense of time
though was not very clear because I was seeing several things that seemed to happen all
at the same time or very close together. During and after the long winter, the disease
spread everywhere and increased in severity. The economy was completely gone and the
electricity was also gone. There was complete chaos and anarchy all over the United
States. There was no government, just a total breakdown. There was no food at all . . . I
saw people trying to get food and were completely panicked because there was no food.
I saw people digging in the ground for worms and eating them because they were so

Also, during this time I became aware that there was very little water and that
almost all of the water had become poisoned so that if a person drank the water they
would get the disease and die. Many did even knowing that they would die, because they
were so thirsty. Some of the people seemed to go crazy and went around in gangs killing
people just for the sake of killing. Others killed for food or for things but the people
who killed just to kill were absolutely terrible. They seemed like beasts, animals
completely out of control as they raped, looted, burned and butchered people. I saw
them go into people ́s homes and drag families out who were hiding there and rape them
and butcher them. There was such a fear and hatred that came upon the people . . .
families, wives, husbands . . . loving ties no longer mattered . . . it became survival only.
Husbands would kill their wives and children for food or water. Mothers would kill their
children. It was absolutely horrible beyond description. The air seemed to be filled
with smoke as many buildings and cities burned and no one put them out.

As I looked upon the scene of chaos, destruction and smoke, I noticed that there
were these little pockets of light scattered all over the United States. There were, I
would guess, about twenty or thirty of them. I noticed that most of these places of light
were in the Western part of the United States, with only three or four in the East.
These places of light seemed to shine through the darkness and caught my attention and
so I concentrated on them, asking, “what are these things?” I could then see that they
were people who had gathered together and they were on their knees and they were
praying. The light was coming from them and I understood that it represented their
goodness and love. I understood that they had gathered together for safety and that
they cared more for each other than for themselves. Some of the groups were small,
with only a hundred people or so, but in other groups there were what seemed several

I realized that somehow many, if not most of these cities of light had been established 
just before the disease attack and that they were very organized. It was like they had
known what was coming and had prepared for it. I didn ́t see who or what had 
organized them, but I saw many people struggling to get to them with nothing but
what they could carry. These cities of light had food and were sharing their food with
those who joined them in their groups. There was peace and safety in the groups. They
were living in tents, all kinds of tents, many of which were just blankets, covering poles.

I noticed that the gangs left these groups alone, choosing to pick on easier targets and
unprotected people. They also preyed on the people who were trying to get to the cities
of light. Many people in these cities of light had guns to defend themselves with and so
the gangs left them alone but it seemed that the gangs just didn ́t want to come against
them. I realized that these cities of light, which is what I began to think of them, were
only for a short time and then the people in them would go somewhere else, however, I
don ́t know where they went but I seem to think that they gathered to the mountains, to
the high places.

As I was looking at the cities of light, I then saw missiles coming and hitting some
cities and mushroom clouds started happening all over the United States. Some were
from missiles that I knew came from Russia and others were not from missiles, but were
from bombs that were already in the United States. They were hidden in trucks and in
cars and were exploded. I specifically saw Los Angeles, Las Vegas and New York hit with
bombs. New York was hit with a missile, but I think that Los Angeles was hit by a truck
bomb or actually several, because I didn ́t see any missile. I also saw north of Salt Lake
City have a mushroom cloud, a small one, but no missile. In the darkness I also saw little

I don ́t know if this happened just before or during the mushroom clouds, but there were 
millions falling everywhere. They were very hot, of different sizes with most about the 
size of golf balls. As they fell from the sky they left a streak of flame and smoke behind 
them. Whatever they touched they started on fire, people, buildings, trees, grass, 
it didn ́t matter. I didn ́t ask what they were or where they came from, because by this time 
I was getting sick of the whole scene and so I just observed and didn ́t ask many questions.

Almost right on top of these mushroom clouds I saw Russian troops invading the
United States. I saw them parachuting in to a lot of places, primarily from the East
Coast. I saw them parachute into Salt Lake City. I also saw Chinese troops invade from
the West Coast, near Los Angeles. The people who were still alive started fighting them
with their own guns. I didn ́t see any military. This was the nuclear war that I had seen
earlier and I knew that it was also happening all over the world like I had seen previously.
I did not see much of this war, but I was impressed that it was not very long and the
Russians and Chinese lose, but I don ́t know how exactly.

Now the smoke turned to a very thick, heavy dark smoke. Just as things appeared
to be as bad as it could get, then the earthquakes happened. This happened during a
winter. It seemed that this was the winter following the very long one and so the chaos
had been almost for a full year. The earthquakes seemed to start in the West, around
Idaho and Wyoming and then quickly spread everywhere. I saw a huge earthquake strike
Utah and then California. There were earthquakes all over California, but were
especially devastating in Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

These earthquakes triggered volcanoes all over the West. They started spewing a 
tremendous amount of ash and smoke into the air and the air became very dark and 
dirty. The sun was darkened even more because of the smoke and the ash that stared 
raining down everywhere. I also saw huge waves of water sweep over the West Coast 
and then I realized that it was happening all over the coastal cities of the entire world. 
Los Angeles was almost swept completely away. The waves were huge. I saw a big wall 
of water, taller than many of the buildings, perhaps as high as 20 feet, sweep over Salt Lake City.

I thought this was strange because it was so far from the ocean and I thought how could
a wave from the ocean travel all the way to Salt Lake City. I was impressed that it was
not from the ocean but from the ground. I quickly saw great cracks in the earth around
Salt Lake City open up and water just shot out of the ground. I felt that under the
ground, very deep, there was a tremendous amount of water in the ground and the
earthquakes forced it up to the surface. When the water swept over the city, there
weren ́t very many buildings left, in fact there was a tremendous destruction with hardly
anything left at all, just a few buildings. The water went from Idaho down to near Cedar
City and was very bad.

In the cities there was great destruction, and most of the buildings had been
destroyed and there was a lot of rubble. Though the earthquakes, disease, floods,
volcanos, tidal waves killed a lot of people, most people died because of the gangs and
everyone killing each other . . . not from the terrible devastations. As I thought a
moment about the It seemed that the earth itself had become sickened at the terrible
things that were happening upon it and was finally reacting. I was impressed that the
earth wanted to cleanse itself of the terrible chaos and evil that had engulfed the

Because of the volcanoes erupting everywhere, there was now ash mixed with
the heavy smoke. Ash was falling and it was almost complete darkness everywhere. The
diseases had become very bad . . . I saw people literally die on their feet. There was
another disease I saw. They had these red blotches on them and then they quickly
started bleeding everywhere, from every opening. Then, they literally disintegrated or
melted into unrecognizable masses of flesh and bone. I cannot even begin to describe
what I saw. The dead were everywhere.

After this terrible winter, I saw the survivors pile up the dead into huge piles and
burn them. The smell was absolutely terrible. I could smell it just a little and the smell
itself would make you sick. This burning of bodies had happened a little during the
chaos, but not much because people were so worried about surviving that they just
ignored the dead.

I then saw four more things. I saw a huge earthquake in the middle of the United
States. It was tremendous and seemed to split the United States in half about where
the Mississippi River is. The crack in the earth that resulted was huge and that area
totally sinks. It is miles wide and it opens up and the earth falls down. It seemed to
swallow everything. Then water flowed in from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the
Great Lakes, only they weren ́t lakes anymore, they became all part of a big inland sea.

I then saw a series of tremendous earthquakes all over the world. But it wasn ́t
lots of separate earthquakes, it was all part of one huge, gigantic earthquake that shakes
the entire earth. Because of this earthquake, waters come upon the land all over the
world. Huge walls of water along all of the coasts. This earthquake and the walls of
water make the earlier ones seem small by comparison. I don ́t know if the earthquake
that split the United States into two parts was part of this worldwide quake or not.

I then saw a tremendous wind come upon the earth. As the wind hit I saw people
go into caves and into the cracks of rocks to escape it. It was tremendous and it blew
trees and everything away. It appeared to be stronger than any hurricane or tornado.
It seemed like everything was blown away. I understood, without asking, that the great
worldwide earthquake and the wind were somehow caused by a huge object, like a planet
or something, that had come very close by the earth and disrupted everything and that it
was near the end that this happened.

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  • Blue_Star


    • Recent

      Chop suey

  • Telchar

    I’ve had a similar experience except I was a doctor in the downtown of a desolate city with tons of penniless patients. They had white sores/blisters and I thought to myself it must be a new form of Pox. I had a feeling that it was all because of an oppressive world government.

  • 2QIK4U

    Are astral travelling projection’s considered prophecy? I didn’t know that?

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  • King of Shambhala

    We have the chance to save ourselves.
    Reveal Obama’s the Antichrist fast;
    Do it!

  • Pink Slime

    Hmmm… I’m disappointed nothing happens in Washington. Can she make another one that says Washington gets fried to a crisp and all the Congogressmen died, a negro and 2 appointed Supreme Court members? :cool:

    • charlie2dogs

      did you forget the judges and lawyers who caused the mess we have?

    • Josie

      They will be in their bunkers underground for several years, the rich, the Elites and politicians…

  • Icecharge

    The prophecy describes exactly but much more in detail, although without scientific grounds, what I have predicted in my semi-scientific book “Ice-Shedding of Ages” that can be found on the net, for example at Amazon and my website

    The book pertains to a huge global disaster caused by a coming discharge of the continental glaciers, beginning with the glacier of Greenland that is melting fast along with the entire Arctic.

    The melting of the glacier of Greenland will not take place peacefully, meaning that it would only raise the sea level by 7 to 8 meters as the scientists say, but extremely violently. The glacier will burst due to an Arctic phenomenon called ICE-SHEDDING that takes place in the Arctic rivers every spring. However, the physical principle of the ice-shedding is always the same: ice and snow on the ground, water under the ice-cover, a height difference, a potential energy load, warming of the snow and ice, and a discharging factor like breaking the ice-cover somewhere. A strong earthquake. an astray moon or planet coming too close to the Earth would surely trigger the the glacier of Greenland to burst out. So, an ice-shedding could happen in a mega-scale also, not only on rivers, and I expect it to take place first in Greenland.

    The potential energy of the glacier of Greenland is about 900.000 times the energy that the scientists had calculated the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2005 having discharged into the ocean. The burst of Greenland would cause an unimaginable strong series of earthquakes and sky-high tsunamis rushing all over the globe, concentrating at the Antarctic and causing its rim glaciers to discharge also. The world will get a double whammy with consequences that have been depicted in the prophecy of Sara Hoffman.

    I have done many physical calculations and conclusions that I depict in my book, with generally accepted physical formulas that I have used. My calculations prove that the ice-shedding of the continental glaciers is not only possible but probable, maybe unavoidable, considering the reckless behavior of the humankind. All the coastlands, lowlands and islands will drown under tsunamis and surges kilometers high and all the “dumbs” will be filled by water.

    Jesus Christ, Yeshua be blessed!


    Psalm: 118:6-9
    The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do
    unto me?

    The LORD taketh my part with them that help me:
    therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me.

    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in

    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in

  • AlmostThere

    She saw the future and there is no mention of computers and cellphones….only radio and TV?!!??

  • truthseeker4809

    Looks like it was a vision of many different chronological events at the same time that may or may not happen. I’m surprised to see that there is a snap shot like from 911 scene in New York. The story of the Great Lakes becoming a part of ocean sounds like confirming Michael Gordon Scallion’s map and the Edgar Casey prophecy. The whole thing cause by the Planet X. And the virus patented by the devils. etc etc… Sounds very very interesting.

  • chefjim

    Sorry, this does NOT line up with biblical prophecy as you say. The world will not be destroyed by nuclear war.

    According to the book of Revelation, “a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters;” Revelation 8:10

    This happens after hail mingled with fire and blood (?) falls to the earth and a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea. The bible clearly states that GOD is going to pour out HIS wrath on the earth for the world’s rejection of Jesus Christ as Savior.

    “Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.” Isaiah 24:1

    This is going to be the work of God, not man so you better get yourself ready. You will suffer in the “Time of Jacob’s trouble” in which God will do all this and worse and it will be a time of the greatest “trouble” the earth has ever seen!

    However, if you are saved by believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in which God sent His Only Begotten Son to the world to willingly give up His life in the Flesh and spill His precious Blood for the purpose of paying the penalty for your sins you’ll miss this 7 year period.

    If you believe this and that He is God in the Flesh, (not just a prophet but GOD HIMSELF) and that He rose from the grave and ascended into heaven where He is seated at the Right Hand of God The Father in Glory and will come again (very soon) and you have TRUSTED that this is the ONLY way to the Father then you are SAVED and will be taken from this earth very very soon and THEN the antichrist will be revealed and God will begin to pour out His Wrath.

    IF you are not saved by believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the subsequent repentance of your sins, you will be left behind when Jesus Christ comes for His Bride, the TRUE CHURCH (all born again believers, dead and alive) to live (if you survive) in a world of incredible horrors including giant locusts that seek out and sting men with a stinger that inflicts such pain that it will be more desirable to be DEAD but the bible says that those stung won’t be able to die! (Revelation 9:3)

    UNTOLD TERROR Period. Why not just get saved? You WILL meet Jesus Christ sooner (as your Lord) or later (as your Judge and Executioner)…take your pick. Those who reject the Greatest Gift ever given to mankind will suffer eternally. I don’t want ANYONE to suffer eternally, that is why I write these comments. Please, time is running out quickly, no kidding. He will be here at any minute!


    GOD’S Judgement Day

    BEHOLD, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.

    2 And it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress; as with the buyer, so with the seller; as
    with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him.

    3 The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken this word.

    4 The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish.

    5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.

    6 Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left. Isaiah 24:1-6

    • ELI YAH

      Due to the HOLY BIBLES manifold dates, the Bible facilitates the creation of a gapless chronology from the creation of Adam to the millennial Sabbath of Yahshua Messiah in the Biblical Calendar year 6001 BK5 (2017 CE).

      When you add the numbers from the Bible:
      Years between the creation of Adam and the end of the Flood (1657) + years passed between the Flood and the death of Terah (427) + years between Abraham left Haran, and the everlasting Covenant (24) + years between the covenant and the Exodus (430) + years between the Exodus and the construction of Solomon’s Temple (480) + year of the Construction start of Solomon’s Temple (965 BCE) you will obtain the calendar year 3983 BCE as the year of Adam’s creation.

      Add to the calendar year 3983 BCE the calendar year 2015 CE and you will discover, that 5998 years have already elapsed since the creation of Adam.

      Consequently, in 2017 CE 6000 years will pass since the Creation of Adam and the 1000 year reign of Yahshua Ha Mashiach will be initiated. (Revelation 20:6)


      Take your Bible and check it… :idea:

      • wiseoldlady

        No the thousand year reign will not begin in 2017. First off there are too many scriptures telling you that mankind will take the mark of the beast….that no one can buy or sell…that man will be throwing his worthless gold in the streets….that the oceans will turn red…the seven year reign of antichrist…the temple rebuilt…man would turn against man, son against son…
        These things must happen and Christians will experience/see the wrath. God is not a respector of persons he will not give favoritism to Christians and rapture them away to protect them. They will stay in faith knowing what must happen until the end of seven years those few remaining alive will be joined with God in his 1000 year reign. As for two in the field and one will be taken is still a mystery….will it be the good one or the atheist.

  • lucid_ity

    “I understood, without asking, that the great
    worldwide earthquake and the wind were somehow caused by a huge object, like a planet
    or something, that had come very close by the earth and disrupted everything and that it
    was near the end that this happened.”

    She wrote this prophecy in 1979 and likely had never heard of Planet X. Also note that it makes its flyby near the end (of the tribulation?)

    Also another NDE prophecy probably referring to this same object:
    “A large mass passed me, larger than any of the planets known to me; and as it passes, I see the Earth wobble wildly as would a top toward the end of its spin. ”
    -Lou Famoso, 1963

  • JKnTX

    “I saw a huge earthquake in the middle of the United
    States. It was tremendous and seemed to split the United States in half about where
    the Mississippi River is. The crack in the earth that resulted was huge and that area
    totally sinks. It is miles wide and it opens up and the earth falls down. It seemed to
    swallow everything. Then water flowed in from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the
    Great Lakes, only they weren ́t lakes anymore, they became all part of a big inland sea”.

    If they blow the New Madrid, that may well come to pass.

  • Jacko

    “The next thing that I felt more than I saw was that shortly after this there was
    no commerce, no shopping, buying, and was impressed that there was no economy. ”

    My BS detector went screaming at this part. When did this happen “shortly” after 9/11? Reality check: almost 15 years later: where is it? This economic collaps? I’m still working my job and I get cash for it as well. Supermarket are open and still sell everything they have for the last 15 years. So this prediction is clearly false

    • antijazzabuse

      She said, “the sense of time though was not very clear . . . “

    • randy2

      Oh My Gosh! God forgot to consult you on your timeline!?!?!

      You’re right. This is a farce…

      “Your ways are not my ways, thus sayeth the Lord”, comes to mind. Also, a little bit of 2nd Peter might be good for you to read Jacko (2 Pet 3:4); “Where is the promise of his coming? for since our fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation…”.

      The third seal in Revelation clearly indicates financial collapse and ruin. Scarily, or otherwise, Sarah’s prophecy seems to be spot on and consistent with biblical prophecy in many regards. Or at least it seems to confirm many biblicaal attributes of God’s Word and His judgement of end times.

      God clearly told Daniel and John not to mention what they saw in certain visions. That info was to be revealed in later times (as knowledge increased…) and on God’s time schedule. Any research on Nibiru, Hercolubus, Planet X, Nemisis, The Red Dragon, etc will reveal that the effects of that planet on earth will cause EXACTLY the kind of devastation and destruction that is mentioned in Sarah Hoffman’s vision. It is also EXACTLY the kind of devastation and destruction caused throughout revelation (Massive Earthquakes, Islands Fleeing, Mountains moving / flattening, fire from heaven (mini meteors numbering in the millions that she calls golf balls on fire), Hail & Brimstone, tsunamies, volcanic destruction, the skies thick and black with smoke, etc).

      For your own benefit and fascination Jacko, Go to YouTube or and search:

      Gill Broussard (also on FaceBook),
      The Jupiter Incident – A 1 Year Advanced Warning, (This is Rev 12)
      Hercolubus (Carlos Munoz),
      The Winged Planet,
      Planet X
      The Red Dragon, etc.

      While there is a lot of “noise” and disinformation out there, you will be able to educate yourself on the topic.

      And one last thing.. ANYBODY that truly studies our current economic status and policies of the World/ Central Banks (and the FED), knows that our entire economic system and the entire economic systems of the East and the West are propped up. We are a house of cards getting ready to fall.

      I’m anticipating something after the US November elections – like next spring (unless Trump appears extremely likely to be our next President…, then perhaps sooner). If they can’t steal it from Trump (my opinion), then they’ll pull out all the ‘stops’ and let it all go to hell sooner. Either way, it is coming my friend…

      The Bailouts of 2008 prevented it seven years ago, but it wont last much longer. And it is extremely unlikely that American taxpayers will allow another Bailout like the 2008 event. A simple study of a few hours every night will reveal much to you Jacko. It’s going to happen alright.

      God will not be mocked.

      Get Ready.

      • maxwell

        …Randy2…totally correct…start to finish…
        …And…easily conforms to my spiritual, biblical analysis. been aware of congruence , across the board, for some time. The politics, the social dynamics, economics, even the weather, all seem to be bent on giving us hell…right here in our ‘home’.
        …Still very peaceful way out here in the country, but there are cities close by…every city is either boiling, or close to boil…
        …History can tell us a few things about what to expect, but I think we’re dealing with a brand new type of devil. Nobody has witnessed anything like what’s comin’ down….heaven is quiet.

      • lucid_ity

        Quite true.

        Jacko, Syco, Central Scrutinizer, etc. refuse to do any research or better themselves. Instead, they only ridicule based on their limited knowledge and belief that the physical is all there is. It can’t hurt, but your time would probably best be spent elsewhere on those who care to learn or can be swayed from their destructive paths.

  • Jacque Strappe

    Does Bath House Barry and The First SheMale survive?

  • Anonymous

    these visions serve no purpose unless you form a tight knit survival bunker community.

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